November 24, 2014

Never Too Late 16/17

Title: Never Too Late
Authors: Sxymami0909 & Xtremeroswelia
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Timeline: Set after 3.18 ‘Riddled’ AU from there.
Rating: R
Sequel To: Never Know What Hit You
Word Count: 155, 704
Pairings: Stiles/Lydia, Scott/Kira, Allison/Isaac, Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall, Derek Hale, Cora Hale, Peter Hale
Parts: 16/17
Summary: In the wake of the Nogitsune's distruction Stiles is attempting to put his life back together, but things are never as easy as they seem. Meanwhile Scott attemps to mend his fractured pack but is it too late to fix what's been broken? Or will the past few months strengthen the bond between them? Lydia's link with Stiles has only grown stronger since the death of the Nogitsune and now she can feel Scott too leading Lydia to seek out information about her banshee origins from an unlikely source. While new relationships form, others are tested. Can our favorite trio fix what's been broken or will Scott's pack be broken forever?
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Chapter Sixteen

Scott was startled awake by a sharp surge of fear. His eyes flew open and he stilled momentarily confusion crossing his face as he tried to get his bearings. He was warm and when he glanced down at his chest he spotted Kira curled up between him and the couch. His body relaxed and a light smile pulled at his lips. When he felt the familiar stirrings of fear again he frowned and shifted carefully to glance at Stiles, which was hard because his best friend was lying against his back.

Scott paused, took a deep breath and then shifted in one quick movement bringing a pillow beneath Kira’s head and Stiles body. He stood in front of the couch now, his feet just missing stepping on Allison and Isaac. Scott let out a breath and glanced at his best friend, but when he noticed Stiles sleeping peacefully he frowned. If the feeling wasn’t coming from him...Scott’s gaze shifted to Lydia and he saw her brow crease.

He moved back and then around the couch, briefly placing his hand gently on her arm even as Stiles shifted pulling her closer. He waited a minute and when the frown marring her face ebbed away and she sighed he pulled his hand back and glanced at the clock. He groaned, it was early. Just after seven and not even a school day.

Scott walked quietly out of the living room making sure not to wake anyone and moved down the hallway and into the kitchen. He was in the process of rubbing his sleep mussed hair when he spotted his Mom and the sheriff at the kitchen table. He let out a yawn and sent them half a smile. “You guys are up early,” he commented noticing something off in their expressions, “What’s up?”

“Hi, Sweetheart. Sit down,” Melissa said very softly, not wanting to wake the other sleeping teens. She motioned to the chair across from where she sat with Michael. “How did you sleep?” she asked gently.

Scott glanced between them hesitating for a minute before stepping forward and pulling out the chair across from them. He sat down and cocked his head to the side, “Uh, I slept okay...what’s going on?” He asked again.

Michael glanced at Melissa before looking at Scott. He swallowed hard, “We wanted to talk to you.” He said keeping his tone light.

Melissa reached out and laid a hand on Scott’s arm. “Scott, we found some videos on Stiles’ old phone that…” She glanced at Michael sideways and then back at her son. “Well they caused us some concern.”

Scott’s body tensed, his eyes flickering between them, “What kind of videos?” He asked hesitantly, although he was starting to think maybe he knew what kind.

Michael pursed his lips, his chest tightening, “Videos from when he was...inhabited by the Nogitsune that implied he wouldn’t be coming back,” he told Scott letting his voice trail off. He was silent for a minute as he studied Scott. “Did you know about them?” He asked quietly.

Scott shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “No,” he said immediately and that was the truth. He hadn’t known about any videos. But that didn’t mean he had forgotten what happened the night he and Derek found Stiles. Scott had just been hoping he’d never have to share that information with anyone, especially their parents.

Melissa sighed softly, nodding. “Okay, Sweetheart. We’re just...worried. How do you think Stiles is doing?”

“I think he’s doing a lot better than he was that night,” Scott said quietly. He hesitated, “Guys, Stiles is going to be okay now. I know it’s going to take time and everything isn’t back to normal and it probably won’t be again, but,” Scott paused glancing down at the table briefly, “you need to know he thought he was protecting us. Stiles doesn’t have some kind of…death wish.” He said his voice hushed.

“He thought it was the only way to protect us from that thing inside of him. That night,” a pained expression crossed Scott’s face, “That night all of us were prepared to do things we wouldn’t normally have done.” He let out a breath. “I probably owe Mr. Argent an apology for my behavior...for the things I said, what I could have done.” He whispered. His hands curled into fists against his pants.

“We were all a little out of our minds...I mean for god’s sake Lydia electrocuted herself and Stiles…” He shook his head still not sure how he hadn’t seen that coming until the last few seconds. “It wasn’t a good night for any of us, but we’re all going to be okay now...I promise.”

Melissa rose to her feet and moved around to where Scott was sitting, wrapping her arms around him. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “That you have to deal with so much.” She closed her eyes tightly.

The tension in Scott’s body drained and he wrapped his arms around his Mom. “It’s okay. We take care of each other Mom. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I’ve got people who would die for me watching my back...and vice versa,” he said as he felt a hand gripping his shoulder loosely. He tilted his head to the side catching sight of the sheriff beside him. He leaned into both adults taking one hand off of his Mom and placing it on the sheriffs back.

Michael’s chest was tight as he looked down at Scott. “You know we love you right? All of you...and we’ll always be here if you need anything.” He told Scott making sure he understood his words.

Scott could feel his eyes start to burn and he swallowed heavily nodding. “I know.”

“We’ll take care of you. We’ll all take care of each other.” She rubbed Scott’s back gently, looking at Michael with sad eyes. Because that was what family did. Always.

Scott stayed there with them for several minutes before shifting back and glancing up at them with half a smile. “You guys sure know how to throw a conversation at a person early in the morning,” he joked trying to lighten the mood.

Melissa smiled faintly, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. If they never had to repeat this kind of conversation again, she would be more than okay with that. She looked at the sheriff and exhaled. “Why don’t I start some breakfast for the very large pack of teenagers sleeping in the living room?” she suggested. “Honey, you can set the table,” she told Scott.

Scott stood and nodded, “Sure,” he smiled at the sheriff, “Want to help me?” He asked.

Michael nodded, “I’ll grab some glasses and forks, you get the plates and napkins,” he said with a smile as he moved around the kitchen, feeling slightly better than he had earlier, but still worried. Michael wasn’t sure the worry would ever go away with the life their kids lead.

It didn’t take long before Stiles began to wake up, the smell of pancakes rousing him from his slumber. He groaned slightly, burying his face in Lydia’s neck and wondering why his left arm was numb. Opening his eyes, he squinted against the sunlight filtering into the room and turned to see that Kira’s head was lying on his arm as she slept. He blinked a couple of times, confused at first and then spotted Allison and Isaac draped over his legs on the floor. But something was missing.

Scott. Scott wasn’t there.

He was instantly awake, sitting up as fear flashed through him. “Scott?”

Scott glanced over his shoulder at the sound of Stiles’ voice and elevated heartbeat. He moved out of the kitchen and down the hall poking his head into the living room. Half a smile pulled at his lips, “You rang?” He asked his tone calm.

He blew out a breath, relaxing instantly and nodding. “Just...checking. Sorry.” He watched as Kira began to stir beside him lifting her head up off the pillow and his arm.

“What time is it?” she mumbled sleepily, pushing some hair off her face.

Worry sparked inside of Scott, but he glanced away from Stiles and over at Kira his face softening as he stepped further into the room. “Early, just about eight,” he answered before pausing in front of Kira and Stiles.

“’s Saturday.” Kira frowned, looking totally disoriented. “Why am I awake?”

“Sorry. Sorry, my fault,” Stiles told her with a faint smile, voice hushed.

“Is everything okay?” She sat up a little more, raking a hand through her hair to try and make it less of a mess.

“Yeah. I think so. Everything’s fine, right?” Stiles looked up at Scott and then down at Lydia.

Scott nodded, “Everything’s fine. I just...woke up early and I went inside to help our parents with breakfast,” he said not wanting to bother Stiles with the details. He reached out to Kira and squeezed her arm gently. “You can go back to bed if you want. I’ll come get you when breakfast is ready,” he said softly before turning to Stiles and patted his friend’s leg in reassurance.

“No, I should get up. I mean if breakfast is...I should help.” She yawned and sat up the rest of the way, covering her mouth as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Scott chuckled. “Okay, let’s let Isaac, Allison and Lydia get some rest.” He said softly holding out a hand to Kira as he glanced over at Stiles’ watching his friend closely for a minute. “You okay, Dude?”

“Yeah.” Stiles yawned, too, rising to his feet after carefully shifting Lydia onto the pillow. “I’m okay.”

Scott nodded with a smile, his gaze shifting to Lydia briefly listening for her heartbeat and when he heard it was calm glancing back to Stiles. “We were just setting the table,” he explained, “I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving.” Which wasn’t unusual.

“When are you not starving, dude?” he joked, clapping his hand on Scott’s back as they made their way toward the kitchen.

Michael glanced up when his son, Scott and Kira entered the kitchen. He swallowed hard and smiled, “Morning kids,” he said while placing a carton of juice and milk on the table. “Did you sleep okay?” He asked.

“Yeah. Except now I have the world’s worst neck ache,” Stiles complained, picking up a glass of juice and taking a drink.

Scott patted Stiles’ back, “You’ll be okay,” he said with a grin before pulling out a chair and glancing at Kira, “Juice or milk?” He asked with a smile.

“Gee, thanks, friend,” Stiles said wryly, giving him a look before sitting down.

“Milk, please,” Kira requested with a soft smile.

Scott poured her some as Michael glanced at his son again not able to keep his eyes from straying to him. Not able to stop seeing the video he and Melissa watched last night. Michael held in a sigh and turned to Melissa walking over to the stove. He placed a hand at the small of her back, “Do you need help with anything?” He asked quietly.

Melissa looked back at him, concern in her eyes. “Why don’t you talk to Stiles?” she asked softly. “I’ve got breakfast covered.”

Michael hesitated and then nodded. He turned away from Melissa and walked back over to the table. He stood there for a moment before clearing his throat, “Stiles, can I talk to you for a minute son?”

Stiles glanced up. “Yeah, sure.” His eyebrows furrowed a little and he rose to his feet.

Michael motioned for Stiles to follow him as he headed for the stairs. Now that he knew the truth he knew he had to tell his son so they could talk. But he didn’t want to do it in front of everyone. Plus he wanted to give his son back his phone.

Stiles followed him up the stairs and into his dad’s bedroom, feeling a little uneasy. “Is everything okay?” he asked quietly.

Michael turned to face his son once they were in his room. “Yeah, everything’s okay now...At least I think it is.” He was quiet for a minute before turning to his dresser and lifting the phone off of it. He shifted back to Stiles and held out the phone. “I think you lost this…” he said letting his voice trail off.

Stiles stared at the phone for a moment, stomach tightening. “Oh.” He swallowed hard, reaching out and taking it from his dad. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Michael watched Stiles for a minute, “I saw it.” He said quietly, not entirely sure what else to say.

Stiles flinched involuntarily even though he’d half-suspected it was coming. His face paled and he looked up at his dad. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Michael took a step forward resting his hand on his son’s shoulder. “Stiles...Do you, I mean,” he swallowed hard, “Do you still feel that way?” He asked quietly, “Do I need to be worried?” Michael would worry regardless, but he and Melissa barely got any sleep last night after watching that video and even with Scott’s reassurances he needed to hear it from his son.

Guilt swept over him. “Dad. God. No. No, I don’t.” He dropped his phone down onto the bed and wrapped his arms around his dad as tightly as he could. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” He swallowed heavily.

Michael lifted his arms around his son and held onto him tightly. “We were just really worried.” he said quietly. “I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t tell me something. Or Melissa,” he added pulling back enough to grip his son’s face gently and meet his gaze. “We’re here always no matter how you’re feeling. We love you and we just want you to be okay.”

His eyes watered and he blinked rapidly, nodding. “Dad, I know. It’s not...I just -- I didn’t want to hurt anyone else and I didn’t know how to stop. It was the only thing I could think to do.”

Michael nodded. Scott had explained as much, but he needed to hear it from Stiles. “Okay,” he told his son quietly. “As long as you’re sure everything is okay now. I just...I needed to check in and make sure.” He added. Michael patted his son on the shoulder and sent him half a smile. “We’re gonna be okay.”

“I love you,” he said quietly. “You know that, right?” His expression was sad. “And the stuff that happened, Dad if...I had hurt you in any way, I wouldn’t have been able to live with that.”

Michael sighed, “I know you love me, but I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense about not living with things you hear me?” He asked not giving him a chance to answer, “You fought that thing and you’re okay now. You’re safe, we’re safe, and we’ve got your back.” He patted his son’s cheek. “Nothing else matters.”

Stiles swallowed hard, nodding. “Yeah. You’re right. That’s over now,” he said quietly.

Michael nodded, “It is. Now we just...pick up the pieces,” he said pulling Stiles into another hug. “Sorry to throw this on you so early,” he said keeping his voice light. “I don’t want there to be anymore secrets between us anymore. We’re family...all of us.”

“I know.” He hugged his dad again just as tightly as before.

Michael patted his son on the back, “Okay,” he pulled back and smiled, “That’s enough of that for the morning. We should go down and eat; Melissa made a whole bunch of food.” He said while guiding his son towards the door.

“And everything smells really good,” he answered as he let his dad lead him out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

Michael spotted Scott near the bottom of the steps and he arched an eyebrow. “Everything okay?” He asked as he stepped off the last stair.

Scott nodded as he glanced at Stiles, “Yeah, you guys good?” He asked pausing on his way to the living room and glancing between them. He’d felt some guilt coming from Stiles and another strange emotional flux, but he seemed okay at the moment.

Stiles draped his arm around Scott’s neck. “Get me pancakes, dude. I’m starving.”

Scott chuckled and patted his friend’s chest. “Will do, give me one sec okay? I’m just gonna go wake Lydia up real quick. Don’t start breakfast without me.” He said sternly to Stiles with a grin as he watched the sheriff smile at them and then head back into the kitchen.

“Hurry uppp,” Stiles whined dramatically as he followed his dad into the kitchen.

Scott grinned at his friend’s back shaking his head before moving into the living room. He stepped carefully around Isaac and Allison, not sure how those two were still sleeping. Scott could see the frown back on Lydia’s face and he reached out and shook her lightly. “Lydia wake up,” he whispered his voice firm.

When she didn’t right away he leaned forward, “Wake up,” he whispered loudly near her ear not wanting to wake up Allison or Isaac.

Lydia’s eyes popped open, her heartbeat slamming against her chest as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. “Scott?” She started to sit up, “What’s wrong?”

He arched an eyebrow, “I think you were having a nightmare or something,” he said confused by her confusion. He was pretty sure it was her jolt of fear that had woken him up that morning. He was feeling her more strongly now, which meant they needed to talk to Deaton soon so they could figure this whole thing out.

Lydia rubbed her face, “I don’t remember,” she said as she leaned forward. She glanced around, “Where’s-”

“Kitchen,” Scott said before she could finish her question. “Come on,” he held out a hand to her, “Breakfast is waiting.”

Lydia took his hand and let Scott pull her from the couch. He tugged her towards the kitchen, hoping they’d waited for him to eat.

Stiles looked up as soon as they entered the room, feeling Lydia’s confusion and fear and meeting her eyes. “Morning,” he greeted, holding his breath.

Melissa looked from Stiles to Scott and Lydia. “Morning, Lydia,” she greeted, as well, a soft smile on her face.

Lydia squeezed Scott’s hand lightly letting him know she was okay before releasing it. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t remember whatever nightmare she was apparently having, but Lydia was glad. She came over to the table and sat down on one side of Stiles as Scott sat on the other. “Morning,” she murmured before her gaze shifted to Scott’s Mom. “Morning Ms. McCall.”

Scott immediately reached for the pancakes sending half a grin to Kira and then Stiles. “Smells good.”

“Yeah it definitely does,” Stiles agreed, glancing at Melissa with a soft smile. Wordlessly, he reached out and slid his fingers through Lydia’s under the table. Then he glanced at Scott and his dad.

He could hear footsteps approaching and he realized that Allison and Isaac had also apparently woken up. He shot them a grin. “Good thing you woke up. There wasn’t going to be any left,” he joked.

Isaac lifted his head sniffing the air. “Ms. McCall makes the best food,” he said with a delighted grin. “I miss waking up to your food,” he admitted as he pulled out the chair next to Lydia for Allison.

Scott chuckled and Michael just grinned.

“Yeah, she does,” Stiles agreed, nodding. She’d also been the one to teach him a lot of what he knew about cooking. The things he’d been too young to pick up from his mom before she died.

“Well it definitely smells amazing,” Allison commented, tucking some hair behind her ear.

“I’ve gained so much weight since being here,” Lydia said with a sigh, but there was a grin on her face.

Isaac snorted. “Yes, you look incredibly huge,” he said with a playful roll of his eyes as he reached for the pancakes before they were all gone.

Scott smirked and patted his stomach, “I can eat as much as I want, werewolf metabolism.”

Michael shook his head, “I shouldn’t hear any complaining, until you get to be my age when metabolism is a thing of the past.”

Stiles rolled his eyes at all of them. “Metabolism isn’t ever a thing of the past or your body wouldn’t keep functioning, Dad,” he responded, giving him a look.

Allison chuckled lightly as she reached for the syrup and then scooted it over to Isaac.

Melissa glanced toward the stove. “I can always make more,” she told everyone.

Isaac and Scott grunted at the same time and then glanced at each other. Scott grinned, “You’re the best Mom.”

He lifted the last pancake and set it on Kira’s plate replacing the small one she’d just eaten. “You can have the last one,” he said softly with a small grin.

Lydia watched them and she had to bite back a smile. Scott had it bad and yeah okay, maybe it was kind of adorable. She squeezed Stiles hand gently before pulling a bite of pancake into her mouth.

“Thank you,” Kira told him, ducking her head a little as she smiled.

Even Stiles thought his best friend and Kira were adorable. He wanted to roll his eyes at himself but he glanced at Lydia sideways with a knowing look instead.

Michael leaned back in his seat watching as the kids talked and laughed. Seeing them all together like this eased the worry in his mind. He was pretty sure things were finally starting to calm down and really he couldn’t be happier about it. They all needed a break.


Lydia parked her car, pulled the keys out of the ignition and tossed them into her purse. She pulled her bag over her shoulder and pushed the car door open stepping out into the warm afternoon air. Lydia shut the door a light breeze blowing through material of her purple dress. She pushed her braided hair aside and started towards the building in front of her.

It didn’t take her long to make it up to Derek’s loft apartment and she wondered briefly if maybe she should have called. They had texted several times over the past week and half, but she hadn’t seen him since he helped Isaac and Scott move her stuff into the Stilinski house. Lydia figured since Scott and Stiles were spending some quality time together because he and Ms. McCall were heading back home later that night, she’d check in and see how Derek was doing.

Lydia paused in front of the loft door and reached out knocking lightly hoping Cora was out and about elsewhere.

Derek heard her footsteps and then the sound of her heartbeat before she ever knocked on the door, so when she did, he opened it almost immediately. “Lydia,” he greeted, stepping aside to let her in. “You’re here early today. Everything okay?” he asked, shutting the door behind her once she was inside. He turned to face her.

Lydia nodded, “Yeah,” she responded twisting her hands together as she glanced around, “I just wanted to see how you were. You know this is my second favorite place to be,” she teased lightly with a friendly smile. “I didn’t interrupt anything did I?” Lydia asked curiously her gaze drifting back to Derek.

Derek studied her for a moment, a faint smirk tugging at his mouth. “If that’s your way of asking if Cora’s here, the answer’s no. You’re in the clear.” He motioned her toward the sofa. “You want something to drink?” he offered.

Lydia grinned, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she told him, humor dancing in her eyes. “Sure, water would be good.” She turned and walked over to the couch setting her purse down beside her as she watched him from across the room. “Ms. McCall asked about you the other day,” she stated, “There’s been a lack of your presence around, not feeling sociable?” She inquired, “Or busy with that handful of a sister?” She asked with a smirk.

Derek shook his head as he moved toward the kitchen retrieving a bottle of water from the fridge for her. “Cora’s…a handful,” he admitted. “She’s also going to be in school with you as of next week, which she’s not very happy about.” He kind of doubted Lydia would be much happier about it than Cora, really. He handed her the bottle of water before sitting down beside her.

Lydia took the water he offered and sighed. “Why don’t you like me?” She asked dramatically. “Stiles is going to want her to sit with us at lunch.” She told him with a flutter of her eyes. “Have I mentioned that I’m not the best at sharing?” She asked, “Because I’m not.” Lydia reminded Derek as she opened the bottle of water and took a short sip. Lydia was mostly just giving Derek a hard time. Sure she didn’t exactly enjoy Cora’s company, but if she was going to be staying in town obviously school was important.

Derek arched an eyebrow. “Pretty sure you don’t have to worry about that. Because Stiles assured me that he and Cora were just friends. And it’s going to stay that way.”

Lydia arched an eyebrow, “Of course it is,” she said her eyes turning to slits, “Stiles is not on the market right now, he’s got other things going on.” She said simply as she picked at the label on the water bottle.

Derek suppressed a smirk. “Pretty sure Stiles is never going to be on the market at all.” He watched her pick at the label and arched an eyebrow. “So how are things going over at Casa Stilinski?”

Lydia shrugged. “They’re okay. Scott’s heading home today,” she said keeping her tone light. “So I thought I’d give the boys some time to themselves, you know how co-dependent they are” she joked, “It will probably be weird without him there...and Ms. McCall.” Her brows drew together. “Just me and the Stilinski’s…” Lydia pursed her lips. “Not that that’s bad.” She quickly added.

Derek watched her for a moment. “They’ve been there since you have so it’ll probably be an adjustment.” He wondered how she felt about being there without Scott or Melissa around, though. “Are you nervous?”

Lydia glanced up at Derek and made a noncommittal noise. She hesitated, “A little. Things are going to change now that Scott’s not going to be there. Plus,” she paused and straightened up. “Well,” she huffed at herself, “I’m going to be the only girl and while really it’s not that big of a deal it’s still a little odd to wrap my head around I suppose.”

Derek tried not to smile at her comment. “I’m sure it is,” he agreed, nodding.

Lydia arched an eyebrow, “Stop mocking me,” she said pointing at him. “You know maybe I’m just complaining because I don’t want to sleep all alone in the guest room.” She said with a grin as she tapped her nails against the water bottle. Lydia bit her bottom lip, glancing sideways at Derek. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” She said lightly as she angled her body in his direction.

Somehow he doubted she’d have to be using the guest room very much, but he didn’t say so. “You have the floor,” he informed her, raising his eyebrows with curiosity.

“Um,” Lydia paused practically rolling her eyes at herself. Since when was she so unsure and timid? She crossed her legs and rested her hands on her knee. “I was wondering if you’d be interested in teaching me some self-defense. You know so I can protect myself.” Lydia stated tilting her head to the side.

“I assumed that’s what you meant,” he said, mildly amused, but also slightly surprised that she’d come to him for that. “You want me to train you?”

Lydia heard the mild surprise in his voice and she smiled. “Yeah. I trust you.” She said simply, “Scott is still kind of trying to find his way around the whole Alpha thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came to you for help too,” she told him with a slight grin, “And Stiles...well I’m not actually sure he knows much about self-defense,” she said with an affectionate laugh. “Plus even if he did somehow I feel like that wouldn’t be a good idea. And,” Lydia hesitated and shrugged to make her words less of a big deal, “I feel safe with you.”

It was true, Lydia had trust issues, but really who could blame her? While she trusted all of her friends there were three people she trusted with her life above all else and that list consisted of Stiles, Derek, and Scott.

People trusting him and actually looking to him for help was still something kind of new for Derek. Yeah, he’d turned Erica and Boyd and Isaac and all of them had looked to him for help and he’d failed spectacularly. He knew his own shortcomings very well. And considering he’d once tried to have her killed, he felt both guilty and yet touched that she was reaching out for his help.

“Yeah. I don’t think Stiles will be much help in the self-defense department,” Derek said wryly. “But I can help you out.”

Lydia tilted her head catching a spark of guilt in his gaze, she was getting good at weeding out that particular emotion because of Stiles, it left quickly, but she’d still seen it. She reached out and rested a hand hesitantly on Derek’s arm knowing he wasn’t much for physical contact. “Thank you,” she said softly.

“You’re a hard guy to read,” Lydia commented casually, “But for what it’s worth we’ve all done some pretty shitty things, but you’ve come a long way and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me...Keeping me safe, but most of all for keeping Stiles safe because,” Lydia paused swallowing hard, “I’m not really sure what I would have done if things had turned out differently.” She admitted very quietly.

“Lydia.” He reached out and put a hand on her arm this time. “I know.”

Lydia sent him half a smile, “Yes...everyone seems to know,” she joked softly, “Well almost everyone.” She had pretty much stopped denying what she felt for Stiles, but she hadn’t actually come out and admitted them. Lydia wasn’t sure when or if she’d be ready to do that anytime soon.

Lydia took a deep breath. “This is good, I’m going to have to buy a workout outfit,” she commented bringing the conversation back to something a little more light. “What would you suggest maybe some yoga pants and a red sports bra, oh or possibly green. I look nice in green,” she added.

Derek laughed. “Lydia, this isn’t just an excuse for you to buy new clothes, is it? Because I don’t think you actually have to have an excuse for that. For the record.”

Lydia rolled her eyes, “No that’s just a perk. This is so I can stop being a liability to everyone I care about.” She said, “Plus I’m tired of people always thinking I’m some weak girl. Look at Allison, she’s a girl and she kicks ass.” Lydia motioned to herself, “I can kick ass too.” She explained. “Besides...I think it will help me,” she pursed her lips hating what she was about to admit, “Be a little less afraid.”

Derek sobered at that admission. “Then we’ll get started tomorrow,” he said sincerely.

Lydia smiled, “I knew you were the right guy for the job.” She told him lightly. “Let’s just keep the last part between us okay?” She asked. “Stiles has already paid your Uncle one visit, I’d like to keep him from going back.” Lydia explained with a sigh. Despite the fact that it meant the world to her that Stiles was looking out for her, she didn’t want to see him get hurt.

“Wait. What?” Derek frowned, cocking his head and staring at Lydia.

Lydia opened her mouth and closed it. She sighed, maybe that hadn’t been the best thing to mention, then again this sort of involved Derek too so she supposed he had a right to know. “Peter was in my head not long ago...I thought they were nightmares,” Lydia moistened her lips, “But Stiles was convinced it was more than that so, he went to go see Peter.” She explained. “Stiles is worried...He said Peter wants something from me, but he’s not sure what.” She told him choosing her words carefully.

“I think we have a pretty good idea of what it is that Peter wants from you.” He pursed his lips for a moment, then sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. “Still. Stiles wasn’t very smart going to Peter alone. He should have known better.”

“We do,” Lydia conceded. She watched Derek for a minute, “I told Stiles that...something’s different about him though,” she hesitated, “He’s not the same in certain ways. I made him promise not to do anything like that again.” She explained before reaching out and giving his knee a light squeeze.

“Hey, you know that Peter isn’t going to get what he wants right?” She angled her head to the side, “I won’t betray you. I know that in the past people have, but you can trust me Derek. I will guard this truth with my life.” She wouldn’t let Peter ruin the little bit of family he had left. Lydia might not like Cora, but no one deserved that kind of information.

“He is different,” Derek agreed quietly. And he wasn’t sure it was a good thing. What the Nogitsune had done to Stiles hadn’t been his fault. The deaths he’d caused couldn’t rationally be blamed on Stiles even if Stiles blamed himself. But having blood on your hands -- intentionally or not -- changed you in a way that nothing else could. So yes. Stiles had changed.

“I know, Lydia. I trust you.” His voice was quiet. “But if Peter’s trying to use his connection to you to get inside your head, we need to figure out how to stop that from happening.”

Lydia smiled, “Stiles actually kicked him out of my head somehow,” she said while shifting on the couch. “He seems pretty determined to break whatever weird connection I have with Peter. I trust him. We’ll figure it out and until then my awesome new trainer is going to teach me how to stave off some bad werewolves until my wolves come to kick their butts.” Lydia told him with a grin.

“Oh, your werewolves.” Derek smirked. “Got it.” He shook his head. “And Stiles kicked Peter out of your head? Does he have any idea how he managed to do that?” All of the emissary stuff was still somewhat foreign to Derek.

Lydia grinned and nodded before shaking her head at the second part of his question, “No. But we think it’s the connection between us so I told Stiles instead of fighting it we should embrace it and make a connection.” She explained with a slight shrug.

“And it’s helped.” It wasn’t a question.

Lydia sent Derek a thoughtful look as she uncrossed her legs and then recrossed them. “I think so I mean things seem clearer, like now for example” she was silent for a minute as she focused her thoughts and senses on Stiles, “He’s upset and amused.” Lydia said with a grin. “I can distinguish his emotions and sometimes I can actually feel him like his presence, but I feel like whatever connection we’re supposed to make isn’t finished yet. I know that sounds weird, but I still feel like he’s holding back.”

“He’s upset and amused? That’s kind of a strange combination of emotions to feel at the same time.” Then again, they were talking about Stiles so he probably shouldn’t have been surprised. “Have you talked to him about it?”

Lydia laughed softly, “He’s upset that Scott’s leaving,” She explained, “But I guess whatever they’re doing right now is fun?” She lifted a shoulder, “I don’t really know how it all works. I can’t tell what he’s doing.” Lydia considered Derek’s question, “No, honestly I’m not exactly sure how to bring it up without making it sound like some kind of accusation.”

Lydia knew there were things Stiles didn’t want her to feel and the truth was there were probably some things she wanted to keep private too, which was most likely why they were both lacking on complete follow through. But Lydia also wasn’t exactly sure how they went about completing that connection. Did it just happen once they both were no longer holding anything back? Did they have to do something to make it happen? She just didn’t know.

“I have a feeling you’ll figure it out,” he told her, patting her arm hesitantly.

Lydia grinned, “Branching out with the physical contact,” she teased easing the conversation into more familiar territory, “I approve. Soon you’ll be giving hugs like a pro.” Lydia told him matter-of-factly. “Okay so now that we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk about how we’re going to spend the afternoon.” Lydia fluttered her lashes and gave Derek a cheeky smile, “How do you feel about flat screen TV’s because I’m thinking one would fit nicely on the wall...maybe a radio too, I mean do you even own any electronics that don’t go in the kitchen?” Lydia asked with a grin.

“Electronics are overrated. I’m much more of a book kind of guy.” Derek pointed toward the bookshelves that he’d finished making that now sat in the corner of the room.

Lydia glanced over to where he pointed surprise crossing her face. “Wow, that’s really nice.” She said with a smile before glancing back at Derek, “But it’s not going to entertain your guest’s silly.” Lydia’s smile brightened as she uncrossed her legs and stood. “Let’s go shopping, come on. You can’t stay cooped up in the loft all day it’s not healthy. Fresh air does the body good.”

“I get plenty of fresh air,” he informed her even as he rose to his feet.

“Uh huh,” she said while lifting her purse over her shoulder. “I’m going to let you drive, unless you’d like me to.” Lydia said over her shoulder already walking towards the door knowing Derek would follow.

Derek simply shook his head in amusement.


Stiles helped Scott carry the last box of his stuff to the car and set it on top of the vehicle. It was kind of ridiculous for him to feel as anxious about Scott and Melissa returning to their home as he felt. They only lived a few blocks away. It wasn’t like they weren’t ever going to see each other again. But he’d gotten used to having them there and Stiles wasn’t a huge fan of change. Still. He was seventeen. He was going to have to deal with it, whether he wanted to or not. He turned to Scott, looking at him silently for a moment. “So I guess this is it.”

Scott sent Stiles half a smile despite the fact that he could feel not only his own anxiety, but his best friend’s. “I guess so,” he said quietly. He scratched the back of his neck, his chest tight. “You know you can always come over...and I can come here and if you need me all you have to do is call and I’ll be here in a couple of minutes,” he said moving his hands as he spoke.

“I’ll just run right over. Wolf speed.” Scott whooshed his hand by mimicking what it would be like, he ran quickly. But even as he said it, he knew it wasn’t the same thing and that only served to make him tenser.

“I know, Dude,” he said quietly, nodding. “Faster than a speeding bullet.” He smiled faintly even though it didn’t reach his eyes. He hesitated, watching Scott. “You’re picking up my whole...talking with your hands thing.” He wondered if that was part of the new connection they shared, or if it was something Scott had picked up before then and Stiles just hadn’t realized it until now.

Scott glanced down, “Dude,” he huffed, “that’s all your fault.” But he didn’t seem overly mad by in. He slipped his hands into his pockets and watched his friend. “I can stay if you want me to,” he offered softly. “I don’t have to go home with Mom. Or like I said any time you need me to come back you just call and I’ll come. This isn’t going to change anything,” he said reaching out and gripping his best friend’s shoulder. It was definitely going to change some things. He had gotten used to being around Stiles and the Sheriff and even Lydia.

Stiles grinned faintly at his accusation, knowing full well Scott wasn’t even really annoyed by the realization. “No. It’s okay. You and your mom probably need some time at your own house and everything. And like you said, you’re not that far away if something comes up.” He chewed his bottom lip for a minute. He hesitated a moment, then wrapped his arms around Scott tightly.

Scott hugged him back immediately wrapping his arms tightly around his friend. “Dude, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m really gonna miss you,” he said with a short laugh. “Maybe I can come back on weekends.” He offered as much for Stiles as for himself. It had been a really long time since Scott felt like he had this big full family until and the past couple of months...Well he’d gotten used to them being a family.

“Pretty sure that can’t be taken the wrong way.” He shut his eyes and let out a breath, nodding at Scott’s suggestion about weekends. “Weekends are good. We can manage weekends. And you know, maybe occasional Wednesday nights.” Okay, maybe they were slightly co-dependent and maybe Stiles should have been more worried about it. But this was Scott. The rest didn’t really matter that much to him.

“Some Tuesday’s too, you can’t leave Tuesday’s out they’ll feel bad,” Scott said patting his hand on Stiles back. “I’ll be over here all the time you know?” He asked, “Just cause I’m sleeping at home doesn’t mean I won’t be bugging you every day,” he told his best friend, the emotions swirling in his chest making it harder to be calm about everything. But Scott was going to have to learn how to not let the emotion get to him.

Stiles smiled at that, nodding. “Of course. Second home, dude.” He reluctantly let him go, stepping back to look at him. “And you know. If you can’t sleep.” He pointed to his window. “It’ll be unlocked as always.” His chest felt tight, too, like if Scott left now he wasn’t going to see him again and it was a ridiculous thought because of course he’d see him again. Tomorrow after school, no doubt.

Scott nodded as he stepped back and glanced down sliding his hands back into his pockets for a minute before taking them out and sighing. “I know and you keep it open. And if you can’t sleep you can let me know and I’ll come.” Scott reached out again and placed a hand on Stiles’ shoulder squeezing gently. “I love you, Dude.”

“Of course. What’s not to love?” he joked, trying to break the nervousness that had settled upon both of them. It took him a moment to realize why this was a lot more difficult than it should be. Because the last time they’d actually been apart for any real length of time -- Stiles had been possessed. He held his breath for a minute, then exhaled. “I love you too, Scott.”

Scot held Stiles’ gaze. “It’s going to be okay. You’re okay and I’m not far,” he said quietly. “Plus you’re not completely alone, you’ve got Lydia here. She’ll keep you in line for me,” he joked lightly trying to break the tension around them. Scott knew he and his Mom had to go home, he just wished it wasn’t so hard.

Stiles chuckled. “Yeah, but who’s gonna keep you in line for me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows and mock-punching him in the shoulder. He was quiet for a moment. “It’s not gonna happen again.”

Scott nodded, “I know. I’m not worried,” he added. “We’re good.” He told Stiles with half a smile. Scott tilted his head to the side, “I can hear my Mom coming,” he said quietly, which meant they were getting ready to head out and for some reason Scott wanted to grab onto the small railing by the stairs outside and tell his Mom he refused to leave. But that would probably be pretty childish.

Stiles relaxed a little at Scott’s quiet reassurance. “We could hide your shoes.” A smile tugged at his mouth at the memory of when he’d done that once, thinking that Scott wouldn’t have to leave if Stiles hid his shoes. Because he couldn’t leave without his shoes, right? They’d been six, and it had delayed Scott’s departure for about five minutes total until Scott’s dad had picked him up and declared that he had more shoes at home so it wasn’t a big deal.

Scott chuckled, “We could, though it would probably turn out like last time minus my Mom attempting to carry me out of your house like he did.” He said scratching the back of his head, the thought of his dad making his chest tighten slightly. They hadn’t heard from him since he took off not that Scott had expected to. “So...I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked as he heard the front door open hoping his Mom walked really really slow.

Stiles reached out and put a hand on Scott’s shoulder. “Only one losing out is him,” he said sincerely, voice growing quiet. Because sometimes he felt like he didn’t tell Scott enough just how great of a guy he was, and he really was. And screw his dad for not seeing it. “Yeah, definitely. You have to bring me my homework.” He smirked.

Scott sent him a grateful look before making a face. “Oh I see how it is, you only want to see me so you can get your homework,” he joked. “Thanks, I’m feeling the love.” He told his friend with a grin.

“Oh yes. I want you to bring me incredibly dull assignments,” he said solemnly, nodding. “It’s the highlight of my very existence.”

Scott rolled his eyes at patted Stiles back. He glanced over to the door and spotted his Mom and the sheriff. He sighed. “She’s going to make me get in the car in a minute.”

“Right. Okay. Well. Try not to have too much fun without me.” He smirked, but it was fainter this time.

Scott saw that Stiles’ smile didn’t reach his eyes and he suddenly felt guilt for having to leave. He didn’t want to upset his best friend. “Mom I don’t feel good!” He called out, “Maybe we should stay one more night.” He placed a hand on his head. “I think I have a fever.”

“Uh huh. I seem to remember this method in the past,” Melissa commented, draping an arm around her son’s shoulders. “Here’s your friendly mom reminder that werewolves A) don’t get sick and B) if you are, you wouldn’t want to get Stiles sick, right?” She gave him a knowing look.

Scott opened his mouth, “Would you believe I’m not a werewolf? I just get really cranky when I’m hungry?” He asked turning his puppy eyes on her.

Michael chuckled as he wrapped an arm around Stiles.

“If that was true, you’d always be cranky,” she pointed out, patting his arm. “And I’m immune to the puppy eyes.”

“No one is immune to the puppy eyes, Ms. M. Statistical fact,” Stiles informed her, leaning against his dad.

Scott huffed, “I think it’s supposed to rain...we probably shouldn’t be on the road,” he said despite the fact that the sun was just beginning to set and the sky was clear. Scott scratched the back of his neck. “Oh Lydia’s not back yet we can’t leave without saying goodbye, darn...I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to head home.” He said in mock sadness. Okay, so he was reaching, but his best friend looked sad and anxious and Scott didn’t want to leave him like that even though he knew he needed to.

Melissa kissed Scott’s head and patted his back. “I’ll be in the car.” She stepped forward, gathering Stiles in a hug. “We really don’t have to go if you’re not ready,” she whispered. “You know that, right?”

He closed his eyes, hugging her back. “I know. Thanks. For everything.”

Melissa pressed a kiss to the side of his head and then stepped back glancing at Michael and resting her hand on his arm squeezing it gently before walking around them to the car.

Scott watched her go and his shoulders slumped. “ I’ll stop by tomorrow after school,” he said even though he knew he already told Stiles that.

Michael reached out and pulled Scott into a quick hug patting him on the back. “We’ll be fine,” he said, “See you tomorrow,” he said with a smile.

Scott stepped back and nodded glancing back at Stiles. “I’ll text you when I get home.”

“It’s gonna be fine,” Stiles said quietly, meeting Scott’s eyes and then hugging him quickly. “I’ll be fine.”

Scott nodded, “What about me?” He joked though he wasn’t exactly joking. He shook his head. “I know,” he said again before reaching out and squeezing Stiles’ shoulder one last time before getting in the car. Scott buckled up, swallowed hard, and let out a short breath trying to release some of the anxiety he was feeling as his Mom started the car.

Stiles’ chest tightened at Scott’s words and he turned, watching him climb into the passenger seat of Ms. McCall’s car. He lifted his hand in a wave, then chewing on his thumbnail as they drove away. He forced himself to take a deep breath and look up at his dad, who was watching him with easily read worry in his eyes. “I’m okay, Dad.”

He wrapped his arm around his son and stood there quietly for a minute, “I was thinking of inviting Melissa and Scott over on Friday for a family good with that?” he asked keeping his tone light. He was worried about his son, but he was also going to miss having them around. He was going to miss a lot of things.

“Yeah, definitely. I’ll even cook.” Stiles exhaled. “Thanks for letting Lydia stay.”

Michael glanced at his son and nodded. “Well we can’t very well leave her all alone, can we?” He asked guiding his son back towards the house.

“No,” he agreed, following his dad back inside, and glancing back over his shoulder toward the direction the McCall’s car had vanished from sight. I really am codependent, he thought with a soft sigh.

Michael patted his son’s shoulder. “It will be okay.” He said again, “Come on, want to watch something with me while I wait up for Lydia?” He asked with half a smile.

“Yeah, sounds good.” His phone dinged, signaling he had a text message and Stiles pulled it out of his pocket. [You have (3) new text messages.] He smirked at the sight of Scott’s name on the return address. He might be codependent, but at least he wasn’t alone.


Lydia shifted on the mattress rolling from her stomach onto her back. She stared at the ceiling and huffed. Her head dropped to the side at the red numbers on the alarm clock. It was one thirty in the morning and she’d been trying to sleep for the past hour. Lydia moved again this time tossing the covers off herself. She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of Stiles’ boxers that she might have borrowed...and not given back.

The room was dark and quiet and for some reason something kept drawing her gaze to the closet. What are you afraid of a boogeyman popping out in the middle of the night?, she thought. This was ridiculous. She couldn’t sleep all alone in this scary, dark guestroom all by herself.

Lydia got up, her bare feet hitting the floor. She hesitated for a second and then opened the guestroom door. She walked quietly towards Stiles’ bedroom. She noticed the door was partially open. Lydia bit her lower lip, pressed her palm flat against it and pushed it open. She stepped inside and closed it all the way softly behind her not sure if Stiles was asleep or not.

Lydia walked across the room quickly and lifted the edge of the covers, crawling into Stiles’ bed a few seconds later attempting to be as quiet as she could.

He lay awake in bed staring up at his ceiling blankly. He wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular like he did most nights. Tonight he just lay there quietly, mind tired but body not the least bit relaxed. He glanced at his nightstand where the alarm clock was, sighing when he realized there was still a long night ahead.

He heard the floorboard creek and he propped himself up on his elbows, peering into the darkness. “Hey,” he whispered, shifting over so she could crawl under the blankets easier.

Lydia sent him half a smile, “Hey...I couldn’t sleep.” She said softly. “Is it okay that I’m here?” She asked as she slid closer to his body reaching out for him.

“Yeah, of course,” he assured her. His dad might not agree, but if neither of them was sleeping, he didn’t see the point of trying.

Lydia curled against his side and rested her head against his chest. “It’s kind of scary in the guest room,” she whispered, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip to keep from smiling. Okay, so it wasn’t so much scary as she couldn’t seem to sleep without Stiles by her side.

Stiles gently smoothed her hair down and out of her face, shifting over just a little closer to her. “It was scary in here, too.” He could also sense that Scott wasn’t having any better luck sleeping and that made him uneasy. He was pretty sure alpha werewolves needed a lot of sleep.

Lydia leaned into his touch, “You could have come in the guest room,” she told him lightly not wanting him to think she was trying to distance herself from him. Lydia danced her fingers over his chest making small shapes there. “Can I tell you a secret?” She inquired eyebrow arched slightly.

“Glad to know that’s an option.” He smiled faintly, thinking how strange it was that just a few months ago it was a miracle if she came by his house. Now she was actually living there. “Yeah of course.” He cocked his head to look at her as best as he could, studying her in the semi-darkness.

Lydia jammed him gently in the chest with her finger. “You’ve ruined my love of sleeping alone,” she told him sternly, but her voice was low and soft. “I used to love having my big bed all to myself and now,” she paused, “I can’t fall asleep without knowing you’re here.” Lydia admitted quietly. “And...I miss Scott.” she whispered.

Stiles frowned a little, but then sighed. “Yeah, well. You’re not alone with that issue.” He rubbed his hand over her back, chest tightening with acknowledgment at her own sense of loss. Then he shifted, a tiny smile touching his mouth. “But the second problem is solved.” He glanced over toward the window right before Scott slid it open. He grinned.

Scott grinned hearing them from outside the window. “I’m here,” he grunted as he climbed into Stiles’ room leaving the window open behind him. He kicked off his shoes before pulling off his t-shirt and tossing it on the floor leaving him in his undershirt. “I couldn’t sleep and I have school tomorrow.” He explained.

He moved onto the bed and plopped down on his back next to Stiles. “Hey Dude,” he tilted his head, “Lydia,” he grinned.

Lydia smirked. “You two are so co-dependent,” she said lightly even though she was a lot more relaxed now that Scott was back. He grounded Stiles and Stiles grounded her. At least that’s what it felt like.

Stiles grinned back at his best friend, relaxing almost immediately between them. “I’m sorry, I think there are three of us here,” he corrected Lydia. “And I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t sleeping.” He poked her lightly in the shoulder blade.

Lydia huffed, but there was a smile on her lips. “Fine, I might be marginally attached.”

Scott snorted, “You adore me. I’m the alpha,” he joked as she shifted and patted his hand against Stiles’ arm before reaching beneath the blanket so he could slid under it pausing when his hand hit a leg. “Dude, you’ve got some soft legs.”

Lydia sighed, “That would be my leg,” she said amused, “But it’s good to know where you meant your hand to land,” she shook her head.

Scott pinched her lightly pulling his hand back when she yelped. “It was an accident, I was trying to grab the covers and hit your leg. For a minute I thought I was going to have ask Stiles if he was playing truth or dare again, but without me this time,” referring to a time there might have been a dare to shave legs.

“Marginally,” Stiles echoed, suppressing a laugh. Then he narrowed his eyes at Scott. “You really want to go there, dude? Considering the retaliatory dare I gave you that night?” He arched his eyebrows, smirking. “Let’s be honest, you just wanted to get away with copping a cheap feel because you missed us.” He paused. “Not that you’re a cheap feel.” He winced, glancing at Lydia. “I meant me. Definitely not you. I’m a cheap feel.” And he was babbling.

Lydia arched an eyebrow and Scott was doing his best not to laugh at his best friend. “Lydia if it makes you feel any better I don’t think you’re a cheap feel,” He teased, “It’s actually really difficult to reach over Stiles to get to you, his body sort of forms this protective shield around you.”

Lydia snorted. “You’re a bad best friend; you’re supposed to be helping your friend who thinks I’m cheap,” she joked, “Not make him look worse.” Lydia glanced at Stiles out of the corner of her eye. “If you think it’s so easy to cop a feel maybe I should go lay next to Scott,” she joked, her thumb brushing against his chest reassuringly, wanting him to know she was only teasing.

Stiles resisted the urge to reach out and thump Scott in the arm. “The middle person forms the protective shield.” Actually he was pretty sure they were the ones who formed a protective shield around him as he slept because it seemed to be the only way that he could sleep well.

“Hey I’m not the one who was trying to cop a feel, it was Scott,” he protested even though he knew she was joking.

Scott chuckled and Lydia couldn’t help the grin that pulled at her lips. She was glad Scott was back and Stiles seemed a lot more relaxed, which she was also happy about. “Mmm are we all done copping feels? Or do you need another minute or two to do that before we attempt to get some rest?” She asked amused.

“Hey I’m not the one who was copping feels. I think we all need to cop feels just so this is an equal...partnership,” Stiles informed them, smirking.

Scott smirked, “Dude, if you wanted to touch my arms all you had to do was ask man, you don’t have to make up equal partnerships excuses. I’ve been working out.” He lifted his arm and flexed. “Go ahead, cop a feel,” he said with a grin.

Lydia reached over Stiles and poked Scott gently in the arm before shifting back against Stiles. “Eh, it’s okay.” She said biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing.

“Who said anything about your arms?” Stiles asked, arching his eyebrows and smirking at Lydia’s reaction. He reached out and squeezed Scott’s bicep. “Yep. You’re still totally the hot girl, Scott. Don’t worry.”

Scott grinned brightly. “Thanks man.” He glanced at his arms, “I did...I think they’re my best feature, don’t you?” He asked curiously as if they had this conversation every day.

Lydia sighed cutting off Stiles answer, “Why do you lie to him?” She asked lightly, “Scott I’m the hot girl considering I’m the only female here unless there’s something the two of you aren’t telling me,” she joked.

“You’re both hot girls,” Stiles said easily, brushing his fingers through Lydia’s hair and turning his head to look at Scott, amusement on his face. “No reason to be jealous of each other. I love you both.” He didn’t even think about what he said.

Lydia felt her heartbeat skip at Stiles’ admission realizing he probably hadn’t even realized he said it and if he did that it was most likely just the same way he loved Scott.

Scott reached out and squeezed Stiles’ shoulder, “I love you too man, also I totally just copped a feel so we’re even,” he joked before resting his hands behind his head. A slow smirk sliding on his face, “And since we’re all equal opportunity here once you cop a feel of Lydia we can all finally sleep.” He said letting his eyes close, while he continued to smirk.

Stiles snorted. “I have more respect for Lydia than I do for you,” he joked, smoothing his hand down her hair and letting his eyes drift shut.

Lydia grinned as she settled against him, content.

Scott rolled his eyes. “I’m going to bed,” he announced, “Some of us have school in the morning.” He said relaxing back against the bed and closing his eyes, a light smile on his face.

“You’re in bed, Dude,” Stiles said sleepily, laying his head against Lydia’s as he began to drift toward unconsciousness, more relaxed now that they were both there with him.

Scott sighed, “I meant I’m going to sleep...shh,” he said amused as she shifted again getting comfortable. Hopefully his Mom wouldn’t worry too much when she woke up without him there in the morning.

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