December 23, 2008

Quintessence Chapter (11/13)

Chapter 11

Chapter 10
Two weeks and three days later
(Clark POV)

It was dark and the air was thick around me as I walked the deserted streets I saw a woman with long blonde hair running. I went to call out to her but nothing came out…My body moved of it’s own accord like someone else was controlling it…I felt myself running to catch up with her and when I finally clasped my fingers around her arm and turned her to me her face went pale

Her eyes widened in panic. She was struggling to get away from me and frantically slapping at me screaming in a high-pitched tone. I finally heard my voice break through but it wasn’t me who spoke.

“Stop! What are you doing?”

The woman stopped her struggle and started dropping to the ground. I felt myself lift her back up before she hit the ground. When her eyes met mine there was resignation in them. Her voice was barely a whisper and it came out unsteady.

“Just do it…I will not beg for my life…”

I felt a grin form on my face as I squeezed her so tight bones cracked. She winced but didn’t make a sound. Oh god…what was I doing? My palm came out and there was a bright blue ball of light in the middle. My hand stretched out and I could hear myself chanting in a language I don’t remember ever knowing. The light was glowing brighter as my hand moved closer to her body. When my palm touched her chest her body stiffened, her head whipped back and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I could feel something filling up my body…it was warm…powerful…and intense. When my hand pulled away the girl fell to the ground lifeless. Oh my god…what have I done? The grin on my faced widened as I sped through the burning buildings and empty streets looking for more people…more prey…as I turned the corner I felt something sharp slide into my back, a burning sensation took over my body, I fell to my knees and howled…

My body propelled up and the sheets that were draped around me fell to my waist. I touched my back but there was nothing there. There was sweat dripping down my head. I felt the bed shift next to me as Chloe sat up. I watched her rub her eyes as she glanced at me. Her voice came out husky from sleep.

“What happened? You ok Clark?”

She must have felt me shiver next to her because she rubbed my arm and frowned. Her voice was low and I leaned back against the wall while I took deep breaths.

“Clark…what’s going on…did you have another dream?”

I nodded as I wiped my hand across my brow.

“It was me this time…”

She moved back next to me and took my hand in hers.

“What was you?”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know. It was like…I was in my body but something else was controlling it.”

I glanced in her direction and I was sure by the rhythmic stroking of her hand on mine that she could see the pain imbedded in my eyes. I hesitated before speaking again.

“I…I killed someone Chloe…”

She stopped rubbing my hand and turned her body toward me. I saw her swallow hard and take a moment to collect her thoughts. Her voice was inquisitive but not accusing.

“In your dream?”

I nodded. The room was thick with silence as she sat there holding my hand. These dreams were getting worse and worse…if they didn’t stop soon I’d definitely be paying a visit to Jor-el. Maybe he’d have some answers. I moved my head in Chloe’s direction and I brushed my hand through her short locks. I gave her half a smile and there was adoration in my voice when I spoke.

“You should go back to sleep Chlo…we have school in like,” I glanced at the clock, “three hours. I don’t want you to be tired.”

She shrugged and grinned in my direction as she coyly glided her hand down my arm to the waistband of my boxers.

“You know…since I’m up and all…”

I chuckled. I never realized how incredibly passionate Chloe was until we started dating. I love every second of it…I moved over and kissed the side of her neck as she groaned pulling me on top of her. I smiled and my right hand slid up her leg to her thigh. If anything could get my mind off of those dreams it was Chloe…

Her skin was silky smooth and when I glanced at it I could see the creamy white color in the dark. I gripped her thigh tightly, spread her leg and pulled it against my hip so I could fit myself in the v between her thighs.

I groaned when I felt the heat coming from her body. I was convinced that making love to Chloe was going to be the death of me. I rubbed my body slightly against her and I heard her breath catch as she called out my name.

She was wearing my shirt and it was getting in my way. I used my other hand to lift up her body and bring her on top of me as I quickly pulled the shirt off her and threw it on the floor.

I lifted her up in the air with one hand as I turned my body so I was leaning against the wall and then I placed her on top of me facing my direction. She tilted her head to the side and moaned. Her voice came out with a slight hitch to it.

“God you’re so sexy when you do stuff like that…”

I raised an eyebrow.

“What’d I do? That way I can do it again…”

She chuckled and shook her head as she leaned in and kissed my neck. She whispered in my ear as she kissed it.

“Your strength Clark…I’d love you if you didn’t have it…but knowing you do is such a turn on…god it’s like I weigh nothing to you…” She pulled back and looked at me as she raised her eyebrow, “imagine what we could do with that…”

Oh I was imagining it all right…and if she didn’t stop talking this would be over a lot sooner than I wanted it to be…her hands were clutching at my boxers and as she stuck her hand inside them my head hit the wall. Oh Jesus…my eyes were practically rolling in the back of my head when I heard something in the distance.

Is that…a car door shutting? I listened closer and just as Chloe was sliding down the front door opened. My eyes popped open and they widened. There was panic in my voice.


Chloe opened her eyes when my hands on her waist stilled her movements. Her voice sounded strangled.

“What are you doing Clark?”

Right then her head turned toward the door as we heard people coming up the stairs her face paled. And I moved her off me. I whispered frantically.

“My parents are home.”

“Clark! I thought they weren’t supposed to be home until tonight…”

I nodded and shrugged. I could hear them right outside my door. I was looking at Chloe lost and she frowned at me as she grabbed a sheet and ran over to the closet I went to protest when my bedroom door started to open. I was sitting against the headboard with the blanket pulled a little past my waist when they came fully into the room.

I smiled at them as my dad gave me a suspicious look and my mom gave me a look of confusion. She spoke in a calm voice.

“Clark…sweetheart, what are you doing awake sitting there like that?”

I opened my mouth and then closed it. Ok…I’m horrible at lying so how about a half-truth…that shouldn’t be to bad…I sighed.

“I had a nightmare…it was kinda bad this time…it woke me up…I…I can’t get back…. you know to sleep…”

My mom came over, sat down on my bed and placed her hand over mine while giving me a sympathetic look. This is incredibly awkward…I have my mom sitting here while I’m practically naked under this blanket with my naked girlfriend in the closet…I think I’m gonna throw up…

Before my mom could say another word my dad took a step in the room and his voice was gruff when he spoke.

“Son…what is Chloe’s car doing in the driveway?”

Oh crap…I forgot about the car…dammit…I opened my mouth and slammed it shut. I was quiet as they both watched my every move. I spoke hesitantly.

“Chloe’s car?”

He nodded.

“Yes, Clark…her car.”

What in the world do I say to that?


I saw my mom’s face change into a reprimanding look as I sat there quietly. Her voice was angry but tempered.

“While you think up a good lie why don’t you tell us where Chloe is…”

I had that deer caught in the headlights look on my face. I tried speaking with confusion in my voice.


Yeah by the looks on their faces I’d say they didn’t by it…oh man I could just picture the look on Chloe’s face right now. She’s probably shaking her head at me…I was startled out of my thoughts when my dad’s loud voice penetrated through them.


“Clark Jerome Kent…is Chloe here?”

My dad’s voice was angry and I gave him a guilty look. He frowned at me.


I was quiet but my eyes wandered around the room. He shrugged.

“Fine you won’t tell me…I’ll find her myself.”

He moved into my room more and started searching it. As he was going through everything he was getting closer and closer to the closet…this is not good…as he placed his hand on the closet door I reached out my hand.

“Dad…wait please…”

Yeah…it was to late. He ripped open the door and there was Chloe in all her glory with a sheet wrapped loosely around her body. My mom’s face was the picture of shock and my dad looked furious when he glanced over his shoulder at me then back at Chloe.

She gave a small wave.

“Umm…morning Mr. Kent…Mrs. Kent…”

I seriously needed to diffuse this situation…Chloe was gonna kill me…the good thing was she’d have to get in line and since I don’t think they’ll be anything left when my dad is done…


He shook his head and cut me off.

“I want the two of you dressed and downstairs in ten minutes do you hear me?”

We nodded and he stormed out my mother opening her arms in an I’ll talk to him gesture before she followed my dad out. I glanced at Chloe and she shook her head with an embarrassed look on her face as she walked back over to the bed clutching the sheet and sat near me.

“Your dad hates me.”

I gave her a small smile.

“He doesn’t hate you…he’s just mad…let’s go get this over with…I can’t believe we forgot about the car…”

I shook my head as I threw on sweats and a t-shirt. She laughed as she threw on some of my clothes.

“Well we were kind of busy…”

I grinned.


I kissed her forehead before starting downstairs with Chloe on my heel…it was gonna be a long morning…

(Chloe POV)

When we got into the kitchen Clark’s mom was making breakfast and his dad was standing by the counter waiting for us. Clark sat down on the stool and I followed suit. I still can’t believe we got caught by his parents…Clark’s voice broke my train of thought.

“Dad…it’s not what you think?”

His dad looked at him with a raised eyebrow, his mom did the same…hell I even I looked at him with my eyebrow raised. He glanced and me and blushed at the look I was giving him. He sighed.

“Ok…maybe it was what you’re thinking…but Chloe and I are a couple now…she knows the truth about me and…well…and we love each other…”

He trailed off and my mouth dropped open. His mom gave him a small smile but his dad just folded his arms across his chest and glared. Clark loves me?

“You love me?”

I didn’t even realize that I had spoken out loud until everyone’s head turned my way and Clark’s cheeks reddened. He turned his body to me and looked into my eyes.

“Chlo…of course I…we…I mean…I just thought you knew…you know?”

He kept looking back and forth between his parent’s and me. I could see that he was uncomfortable talking about this with them right there and I guess I couldn’t blame him. His mom’s grin widened at his embarrassment and she turned back to the stove. I spoke softly as I shrugged.

“You never told me…I just assumed…you weren’t ready to say it yet…”

There was a slight pained look in his eyes as he moved his chair closer to my body and placed an large hand gently on my arm. His voice was low as he moved his head nearer to me.

“Chloe…I’m so sorry…I never thought I’d have to say it in order for you to know…” he shook his head and gave me a small smile, “it must be that big dumb alien syndrome you keep telling me about…”

I gave him a small chuckle as he reached his hand up and brushed it against my cheek.

“I love you Chloe Sullivan…and I don’t think there’s a thing in this world or the next that can change that…”

There were tears in my eyes when he leaned in and placed a kiss on my forehead. He smiled.

“I’m sorry it took so long for me to realize it…”

I laughed and wiped my eyes.

“S’okay…I love you too you know…”

He nodded with a smirk on his face as he tilted his head.

“You don’t say?”

I grinned and leaned over to kiss him when Mr. Kent cleared his throat loudly. I froze and moved back as Mrs. Kent placed two plates in front of us. We glanced up as Mr. Kent spoke in an authoritative manner.

“Whether or not the two of you love each other isn’t the question here. What the two of you have done is irresponsible. Clark what have we always said about things like this? As much as we all don’t like to talk about it son…you’re different…we don’t know how the two of you being this close will effect Chloe…if it could harm her in any way.”

His voice trailed off and when I looked toward Clark he had a disturbed look on his face, which meant he was considering what his father said. I frowned. I really didn’t want to disrespect Mr. Kent but I spent a lot of time trying to get Clark comfortable with the idea of us being intimate. He was so scared that he was going to hurt me and I finally knocked that way of thinking out of him and his dad was bringing it back.

I took a deep breath and spoke in a light tone but a strong voice.

“I don’t mean any disrespect Mr. Kent but Clark has in no way hurt me. We made this decision together and we’ve been careful…with everything,” I could see Clarks face tint red and turn down as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Clark can control his powers…I know he can. I know who and what he is…and I’m willing to take the risk because I love him…and I trust him…”

I gazed over to Clark and aside from his embarrassment about discussing this with his parents he looked grateful for my speech. I heard Mr. Kent sigh as Mrs. Kent put a hand on his arm to stop whatever he was going to say. She spoke calmly with a warmth to her voice.

“Why don’t the two of you eat up and then you can take a quick shower before school.”

She paused.

“Separately…of course.”

I heard Clark groan.


Mr. Kent was still pacing around the kitchen as we ate. When I pushed my plate away Mr. Kent all but pounced. He glanced at me as he spoke.

“Chloe, this thing…it’s about a whole lot more than just you. So, if you don't mind, while you get ready for school I would like to speak to my son alone, please.

I sighed and nodded. Clark squeezed my hand as I got up and I gave him half a smile. I walked upstairs to take my shower. I don’t know why this is such a big deal…Clark and I are both adults…and we love each other…that should be all that matters.

(Clark POV)

Hmm maybe if I get up slowly and try to leave they won’t notice. I slowly pushed my chair back and went to get up when I felt my dad’s hand pushing on my shoulder and his voice in my ear.

“You, sit down.”

Damn…I was this close…I sat down and before he could say anything I spoke.

“Just remember I'll be eighteen if a few months…and I've known Chloe since I was thirteen, so it's not like we rushed into something here.”

I saw my mom sigh as she placed a hand on my dads arm to calm him. She glanced over me with a calculating look.

“Please tell me you were at least safe.”

I made a face. Of course we were…well not this morning but we were interrupted so I don’t think that counts…

“Yeah. Yeah, Mom.”

My dad’s face reddened a little and he spoke with frustration in his voice.
“Safe? Safe has got nothing to do with this. You shouldn't be doing anything like this, especially under our roof.”

I rolled my eyes at him and made a face at my dad. My voice came out with more sarcasm then I intended.

“Well, like you didn't do it?”

My mom’s eyes widened in shock and my dad shook his head.

“Clark! There were a lot of conversations I didn't have with you because I didn't think I needed to have them, but this…it’s just disrespectful to do in our home…”

I frowned. When I spoke next my voice had a slight whine to it.

“Not to get myself in more trouble here but what are you doing home early anyway? I thought you guys weren’t coming back until tonight…”

My mom grabbed the dishes from the counter as she spoke.

“Haven’t you watched the news at all Clark?”

She turned to face me and I gave her a look. She shook her head and spoke in a tired voice.

“No…I don’t suppose you have. There have been a few attacks on Metropolis. The police aren’t sure who or what it is but they evacuated our hotel last night do to what they said was a bomb threat. We had to go through a check point to get home.”

I winced. A bomb threat…in Metropolis…that’s crazy…I leaned my elbows on the table as I spoke to my mom.

“Was anyone hurt?”

My dad shook his head.

“No but two hotels went up in smoke before the end of the night. They’re scouring the city trying to find whose behind it. They aren’t letting anyone in or out of Metropolis as of four AM this morning.”

“If we didn’t leave then I’m not sure when we would have been able to get home…not that we should need to check with you in order to come home to our own house.”

I nodded and looked down. When I glanced back up my dad was eating breakfast.

“Maybe I should look into it…I mean if someone is terrorizing Metropolis maybe I could help. Do they…” I paused, “Lana…”

My parent’s quickly turned around to face the door in the kitchen as I stood up. She gave us a small smile as she opened the screen door.

“Morning Mr. And Mrs. Kent…Clark. Sorry to bother you guys so early in the morning.”

My mom smiled and motioned for her to come in.

“Not at all Lana it’s nice to see you. What brings you by?”

She hesitated before speaking.

“Well actually I was wondering…”

She was cut off by Chloe’s voice coming from the stairs.

“Oh boyfriend of mine shower is free…”

Chloe came around the bend and into the kitchen. She was wearing an incredibly nice pair of jeans and a tight white t-shirt. God she looks hot…her smile froze as she glanced across the kitchen at Lana. Oh boy…this was gonna be bad.

Lana and Chloe haven’t spoken since the whole Lex debacle…I’m pretty sure that Lana and Lex were an official item now, which I don’t think, bothered me as much as it did Chloe…Lana looked shocked to see Chloe here so early in the morning. She spoke with a confused tone.

“Chloe…what are you doing here?”

Chloe shrugged and moved next to me. I placed my hand on the small of her back to comfort her. She sighed and her voice seemed annoyed when she spoke.

“What are you doing here?”

Lana looked at the ground and then back up before she spoke.

“I came to speak with Mr. And Mrs. Kent,” She turned to face them and continued talking, “I know that you went to Metropolis yesterday for Lex’s presentation. I was wondering if you’ve seen him. I heard they weren’t letting anyone in or out of Metropolis as of this morning. I can’t get in touch with Lex…and I’m worried. I was watching the news a little while ago and they said the LuthorCorp building was one of the buildings that was bombed…”

My mom gasped as she moved over to Lana.

“I thought it was just a couple of hotels?”

Lana shook her head.

“They aren’t even sure it was bombs that did it. Apparently the buildings just went up in flames late last night…no warning. They found a woman’s body by one of the burning buildings. She was young, blonde hair and they have no clue what the cause of death was.”

I tensed…a young woman with blonde hair…buildings spontaneously combusting…something was definitely going on and I needed to find out what it was…I glanced between Chloe and Lana…man was the tension thick in this room.

Chloe caught my eye and I gave her a tight smile.

“I need to go get ready…I hope you left me some hot water Chlo…”

She smirked and when she spoke there was amusement in her voice.

“I thought a cold shower would be more suitable this morning.”

I snorted.

“Yeah maybe for you…I’m gonna get ready I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.”

I kissed Chloe before going upstairs. As I walked out of the kitchen I could see my mother trying to talk to both Lana and Chloe…good luck with that mom…

(Lana POV)

I can’t believe Chloe is here…it’s like seven in the morning…that means she must have been here all night long…oh my god…I wonder if she’s sleeping with Clark…I could hear Mrs. Kent asking me a question in the background so I turned my attention to her.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Kent…what did you say?”

“I was wondering how you found out all that information I just turned the news on and they aren’t releasing anything about that girl yet…”

I nodded.

“Lex called me last night. He was supposed to be on his way back from Metropolis but he never made it home. That’s why I was hoping you might know where he was.”

She shook her head with a worried expression on her face.

“I don’t I’m sorry Lana…”

I gave a tiny strained smile and nodded. It was a long shot but I needed to at least ask... Lex had said he was working on a dangerous project. Apparently there is someone in town with what his team thought was an extremely large Meteor power. He thinks it might have something to do with the odd things that have been going on lately.

There has been a lot of accidents in school and in town…fires…explosions…people turning up missing…robberies…the oddest things and Lex thinks there all connected. I glanced in Chloe’s direction and she was staring at me.

Chloe and I haven’t really been getting along recently. She’s upset that I slept with Lex while they were together…but she couldn’t have been that upset because she fell into Clarks arms pretty quickly…I still can’t believe they were together…I shook my head and she glared.

When Mrs. Kent went outside to bring Mr. Kent some coffee I broke the silence.

“You’re here kind of early Chloe…”

She shrugged and glanced up at the steps before turning back to me.

“I wasn’t aware that there were time limitations to when I can and can’t visit Clark…”

I sighed.

“I didn’t mean it like that Chloe…” I shook my head and made eye contact with her when I continued speaking, “I really wish we could move past this…you’re with Clark now…and I’m with Lex…if we’re both happy then why can’t we repair this between us?”

Her face looked tired as she spoke.

“It isn’t that you’re seeing Lex Lana…it’s the way you went about it. You didn’t know Lex and I were having problems…you just knew that you wanted him so you went and took him…best friends don’t do that to each other. The thing is…had you just told me that you had feelings for him I would have stepped aside because I had feelings for Clark…but you didn’t even do that…and that’s what I’m so mad about.”

I nodded. If she had done that to me I’d probably never speak to her again…so I see her point…just then Clark came pounding down the stairs. When he walked into the kitchen he was shaking his wet hair out with one hand. He smiled at Chloe and leaned in to give her a kiss before he went to the fridge and grabbed a drink.

He took a sip and then faced the two of us. He raised a brow and spoke lightly.

“So what are you two ladies doing?”

Before either of us could answer he glanced at his watch.

“It’s getting late we need to be at school in twenty minutes. Chlo you gonna leave your car here? I’ll drive us?”

She gave a small smile and nodded. I shuffled my feet and spoke.

“I guess I should get going then…sorry to bother you guys this early.”

Clark gave me a warm smile.

“It’s fine Lana…we’ll see you at school.”

Right as I was walking out Mr. And Mrs. Kent came bursting through the door. The looks on their faces were a bit frantic. His dads voice came off loud and clear.

“School’s been canceled until further notice. The sheriffs department has issued a warning to all Smallville citizens to remain in there homes until further notice. Three students were found dead on the fields of the school about twenty minutes ago.”

Chloe and I gasped and Clark’s face turned worried. His voice came out strong.

“Do they know how they dies or who’s doing this?”

His mother shook her head.

“No. The deputy just came by to let us know what was going on. Clark why don’t you help you’re father get some supplies from the cellar and Chloe, Lana, and I will make sure everything is locked up tight.”

He nodded and followed his father out of the house. Chloe glanced at them with worry but followed us around the house. We locked all the doors, windows, and everything else that could be a possible entryway for whoever was causing all this trouble.

This was bad…I needed to find Lex and now we couldn’t even leave the house…I hope he’s ok…and I hope that he found whatever he was looking for on his way home…whatever this thing was…if Lex was right it needed to be stopped or we’d all be in a lot more trouble then we are now…

(Clark POV)

I went outside with my dad and we got a whole bunch of water and things to bring inside. As we were walking back I spoke in a cautious voice.

“Dad…what do you think is going on? Do you think…maybe this has something to do with the dreams I’ve been having?”

He glanced in my direction briefly.

“I don’t know son…maybe it’s time you ask Jor-el if he knows anything about what’s been going on lately. You’ve been different son…more so than usual. Lately…your powers have been ruling you…and I can’t say I agree with the decisions you’ve been making. You have always been so careful when it came to using your powers…but recently it’s almost as if you’ve been…showing them off…”

He shook his head as my lips tightened. I felt something bubbling to the surface and my voice was nasty when it came out.

“Well why should I have to hide who I am from these humans? It’s ridiculous that I should feel ashamed of the gifts that have been bestowed upon me…if anything they should be the ones who should feel inferior to me…”

My dad stopped walking and looked at me with a mixture of shock and disappointment on his face as I frowned at my own words. What the hell was I saying…everyone I love is human…I shook my head and stumbled a bit. My dad put his arm up to steady me and I glanced at him. He gave me a concerned look.

“Clark…son…what is going on with you?”

There was pain on my face when I spoke to him.

“I don’t know dad but whatever it is I think it’s connected to what’s been going on here and in Metropolis. I think it’s time I go to Jor-el…see if he knows anything…”

My dad nodded as we made it into the house. As we walked in there was a loud banging on the front door. We all looked at my dad he motioned for us to move into the living room. He grabbed his shotgun and slowly moved the curtain away from the door when I his shoulders relax I knew everything was ok…until he opened the door.

I groaned. It was Lois.

“Hey guys, mind if I join you’re little party?”

She walked in and everyone went over to talk to her, no one was paying any attention to me so I figured this was the perfect time to take off. I sped to the kitchen jotted a note for Chloe sped by placed it in her hand and took off. I needed to get to the cave…Jor-el would know what was going on…he has too…I had a bad feeling and that was never a good thing…I just hope everyone will be ok until I come back…

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