December 23, 2008

Quintessence Chapter (12/13)


Chapter 11 Part A
Twenty Minutes Later
(Clark POV)

I quietly walked into the cave and went to the back chamber. I clutched at my stomach and bent over for a minute before continuing on my way. Half way here I started getting these intense pains running through my stomach. I really just can’t win…if it’s not one thing it’s the other…

I placed the key into the slot and everything started whirling around me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was standing in the mountains with snow all around me. I sped toward my fortrice and when I got inside I glanced around before calling out.

“Jor-el…Jor-el…I need help.”

After a few minutes of silence I shook my head and grabbed my stomach. The pains were getting worse and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was getting ready to turn around, give up and go home when I heard Jor-el speak.

“Kal-el…my son. What knowledge do you seek?”

I glanced around the ice castle and shifted my stance.

“I don’t know…I’ve been…I’ve been having these dreams…”

I trailed off and moved around. I hesitated before speaking again.

“Dreams that I think hold truth to them…in these dreams…something is inside me…controlling me…making me do things I wouldn’t normally do.”

I waited for a response and when none came I continued.

“It is almost like I can’t…I can’t control my own actions…”

I spent fifteen minutes explaining to Jor-el everything that’s been going on with me and with the town and still he said nothing. I had just turned my back to walk out when a loud booming voice sounded.

“Kal-el…you must not leave this fortrice. You are no longer safe on earth. You’re body has been invaded. You need to stay here and partake in the ridding.”

What’s a ridding…my bodies been invaded? What the hell does that mean?

“What do you mean?”

There was silence for a few seconds before I heard his voice again.

“A long time ago on our planet there was a man who tried to destroy our world long before Zod…he came very close closer than anyone before him. Although we couldn’t kill him we found a way to stop him. We separated him from his essence. His essence was placed in a prison zone while his body was kept on Krypton and imprisoned.”

I nodded to the air and spoke clearly.

“What does that have to do with me?”

“His essence has escaped from the prison zone that we trapped it in. I was unaware it had made it all the way to earth. The only way for this essence to be stabilized is by possessing a Kryptonian body. The pain you feel…the dreams…the change in attitude is the essence attempting to over take your body. If you leave here now Kal-el you will be a danger to yourself and those you love.”

It made sense I guess…thank god…the thing’s I’ve been doing…at least now I know for sure they aren’t me…

“I think I know who it is…”

Jor-el’s voice was calm but stern.

“He is no one…his essence might have taken over a body on earth but his form is not corporeal. If we do not begin the ridding immediately he will take over you’re body and destroy your world. Time is of the utmost importance my son…”

I nodded.

“Tell me what I need to do…”

I was giving in…it seems that Jor-el was the only one at the moment who knew what was going on, and although I haven’t always trusted him I don’t think he’s lying about this. I can’t let Phin hurt my family…my friends…I won’t…I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe…I won’t lose anyone else important to me…I’ve already lost to many as it is…

Two Days Later

(Chloe POV)

Getting off of the Kent farm was a project. Mr. and Mrs. Kent didn’t want me to go but I couldn’t stay here any more. Clark left two days ago…just up and left and he hasn’t been back since. Something was wrong I could feel it. As I ran to my car my mind drifted back to two days ago.

I was standing in the living room greeting Lois when I felt a breeze hit me. I glanced at my hand and there was a piece of paper there. I frowned and opened it up.


I need to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late. I’m going to the caves to talk to Jor-el. Stay at the farm and as soon as I know something I’ll come back for you. I love you…stay safe…and please Chlo don’t do anything stupid.


I glanced around to see if anyone else noticed what I was doing…they didn’t. I went into the kitchen ripped up the paper and threw it out. I can’t believe he went off without me…Clark was so gonna get his ass kicked I went to go back into the living room when..

“Hey Cuz…where do you think you’re going?”

Lois’s voice startled me out of my thoughts. I glanced up and frowned.

“Lois listen I need your help but you can’t ask any questions at least not yet…can you do that?”

The look on her face turned concerned and she nodded.

“Chloe what’s going on?”

“Clark’s in trouble and I need to get to him. Don’t ask how I know…I just do…”

She sighed and looked away for a second before looking back at me.

“Does this have anything to do with Phin?”

I frowned.

“What do you know about Phin Lo?”

She shrugged.

“Nothing. When he was in the hospital and I came to talk to Clark I realized that Phin’s story just didn’t match up and I knew you wouldn’t lie to me…so I looked into it…I just…I couldn’t find out anything though. His life…it’s all flawless…but it’s that kinda creepy flawless that says you’re hiding something on principal if you ask me…but anyway I’ve been trying to distance myself from him since then without making it to obvious.”

I nodded.

“That’s probably the best thing to do until we know what’s going on with him. I need you to keep Lana occupied while I try to find Clark…I can’t have anyone following me. Oh and help her find Lex…he’s the closest thing we have to figuring out who this person is that’s blowing up the town bit by bit.”

She nodded and grabbed my arm as I turned to go.

“Chloe…just be careful.”

I gave her a small smile and nodded. I got in my car and took off to the caves. When I got to the caves I went inside and saw that one of the walls had shifted. I walked into the small alcove and reached a table in the middle. I saw the key that Clark had been showing me a while ago. I picked it up and replaced it in the slot.

All of a sudden a bright light engulfed me and I closed my eyes. The wind was whirling around me and I was moving my head in every direction to try and get my face away from it. Then it all stopped. The air was calm and cold. My body started to shiver. I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around me in awe.

Holy crap…am I in the mountains? I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore Toto…I pulled my sweater closer to my body as I glanced up at the large tower of ice that was in the middle of the snow-covered mountain. What in gods name is that?

I moved closer and when I saw a strange blue light emanating from inside the walls. I carefully walked over blocks of ice and made my way inside. It’s freezing…it must be below thirty here jeez…oh my god…is that Clark?

I picked up my pace and ran toward Clark. He was lying on a large slab made of ice with a blue light shooting from his chest. It seems that’s all everything is made of…I shook him but he didn’t move. I glanced around to see if anyone else was there when I heard a large booming voice.

“Who are you and what do you seek in this fortress?”

I whipped my head around frantically. Oh boy…I’m hearing things…I started to try and pull Clark up but it was impossible…it was like someone was holding him down.

“I have asked you a question mortal.”

I glanced up. How could I be this stupid…this was the place Clark was telling me about…where his biological father was or something. Crap…what should I say? I moved away from Clark and spoke clearly and loudly into the air.

“My name is Chloe Sullivan. I am a friend of your sons. I came looking for him in the caves when I was transported…here.”

His voice was loud and thick.

“What do you want with Kal’ El?”

I just told him what I wanted! Is he deaf? I don’t have time for this…crazy thing’s are happening in Smallville…I need to bring Clark home.

“I came here looking for Clark and now that I found him I am bringing him home. He’s needed. Someone is slowly destroying Smallville and Clark’s the only one who can find it and stop it.”

“My son must not leave this fortress, it is imperative to his safety and earth’s that he remains here for the remainder of the ridding.”

What the hell is a ridding?

“What is a ridding? Hello….”

“Kal’El has not mentioned you to me mortal and therefore I must assume that you are an enemy.”

Uht oh…that really didn’t sound too good for me. The wind started picking up and snow twirled all around me. I fell to my knees grasping my sweater closely against my body…No…I can’t die like this…I need to help Clark…I felt myself getting colder and colder…I heard a loud crashing noise and as I lifted my head slowly I saw fire bursting out of parts of the fortress…the wind stopped and I opened my eyes.

Standing above me was Clark…his eyes gleamed red and he was missing his shirt. The air around me grew thick with fog and cold air. When I glanced into Clark’s eyes I shivered. My mouth opened and I went to scream but he knocked the wind out of me. He grabbed me and pulled me up next to him. He smirked. I could feel his tight grip bruising my flesh…His glare was hard and I turned away from him…

I should have known…it’s been happening slowly for weeks. Clark kept telling me he was feeling weird that something was going on. He told me about green and red kryptonite and how they both affect him. Then recently his attitude has been different…worse. For a while I thought he was infected with red k…but it went away and he went back to normal…or so I thought…

He kept telling me something bad was about to happen…like his dream but I told him he was over reacting, that we should research and take our time looking into things…I should have listened to him. I should have seen it from that very first moment nine weeks ago… this guy holding me tightly in his arms…he wasn’t Clark Kent…

I winced as his hold on me tightened. He grabbed my face and pulled it so I was facing the harsh glare on his face.

“Chloe…Chloe…Chloe…you’ll never learn. You should have listened to your boyfriend and stayed out of this.”

He lifted me up by my arms and tossed me across the room. I felt my body slam hard against one of the ice pillars. I winced and tried to get up but he was right there in front of me pushing me down again. He grinned and I wanted to cry…that was Clark’s grin…

“What’s the matter Chloe? I thought you liked it rough…”

He lifted me up and when he was about to throw me again Jor-el’s voice vibrated in the room.

“Let her go. This human is of no consequence to you.”

His grin turned feral and he dropped me to the ground as he glanced around the ice sculpture.

“At last he speaks! Jor-el…how are you dear old friend?”

His voice sounded angry when he spoke next.

“You will release my son Thor…or suffer the consequences.”

His laugh sounded foreign to my ears more like a cackle. He looked crazy or rather Clark’s body looked crazy with his eyes wide and his body flailing around. I moved myself so I was leaning against what looked like a rock made out of ice as I watched.

“Suffer what consequences old man? You aren’t even here. You cannot kill me…nor can you stop me. I will destroy earth just like I did Krypton except this time…you won’t be able to stop me…this time I will prevail.”

He spoke to Jor-el in a different language and then super sped out of the fortrice. I slowly got up which was a feat on it’s own and struggled to move into the middle of the room. My body hurt…I could feel the sprain in my ankle and I could swear something was broken…ok maybe I’m overreacting but you try having a large Kryptonian Clark’s size throwing you across a room.

As I was slowly making my way there I heard Jor-el’s voice again. It was clear but held no emotion.

“Chloe Sullivan…why did you not tell me that you are Kal-el’s Mate?”

I’m Clark’s what? His mate? Oh boy…someone has his wires crossed here.

“Umm…I’m not Clarks mate…I’m his girlfriend and I didn’t know I was supposed to tell you that.”

“Kal-el is in terrible danger. Thor is from Krypton and his essence has taken over my son’s body. The ridding was interrupted and now Kal-el is no longer in control of his body. We need to extract Thor’s essence in order to save your planet and the life of my son.”

I raised an eyebrow…did he just say we?


“Yes, but first you must be tested. There is much knowledge that you must know in order to face Thor in my son’s body. His powers are great and there aren’t many things now that will stop him. Before you can help you must participate in the Kryptonian Trials. Your heart must be pure in order to save my son.”

I could do this. Clark has saved me a million times…it was my turn to save him now and I wouldn’t give up just because this guy made it sound a little creepy. I nodded my head.

“What do I have to do?”

There was silence and I was beginning to wonder if maybe Jor-el up and disappeared.

“You have a great amount of courage within you Chloe Sullivan…I can see why my son has chosen you as his mate. But the decision to go threw these trials should not be taken lightly. For a Kryptonian it is nothing more then a mere school lesson but for a human it can be incredibly painful and sometimes even deadly.”

I squared my shoulders and held my head up high. I spoke in a strong and loud voice.

“I understand what the consequences are, but even worse things will happen if I don’t try. I love you’re son and I’d do anything to protect him. Now I’ll ask you again, what do I need to do?”

The chamber was quiet for a couple of seconds before I heard Jor-el’s voice again.

“Step forward, and grasp the crystal in your hand.”

I moved forward and glanced around. What crystal? When I looked in front of me I saw a long cylinder shaped crystal floating in mid air. Oh…I guess he means that one…My fingers slowly curved around it and I felt it pulse in my hand. Before I could speak his voice sounded again.

“Place the crystal inside the console and step into the light…but remember once you start this journey you can not go back.”

Breath Chloe…you can do this…I made my way to the console and inserted the crystal. A beam of light shot out into the middle of the room. I took a deep breath closed my eyes and walked into the light. As soon as got in the middle my eyes popped open and my head was thrown back from the force of the energy being thrown at my body.

I could feel it enveloping me and I screamed…

(Clark/Thor POV)

I sped out of Clark’s fortrice and headed straight to Smallville. Before I destroyed the town I was going to make sure I destroyed everyone Clark Kent holds dear. I’d save Chloe for last. When I finally reached the town I stopped for a quick bite to eat. Then moved along to the Kent farm.

My feet came to a stop at the kitchen door. I peered in threw the window and caught a glimpse of Lois walking by. Something has been different with her lately. She’s been pulling away from me recently…to bad she would have been the only mortal left standing…

I pushed open the door and walked in. Lois’s head turned in my direction and I saw her frown as she walked over to me.


I raised an eyebrow.

“Expecting someone else?”

Her voice sounded disturbed when she spoke.

“Chloe left about two and a half hours ago to find you. She said you were in trouble…where is she?”

I shrugged and walked around her. There was a sarcastic edge to my voice the next time I spoke.

“How am I supposed to know? Do I look like Chloe’s keeper?”

I opened the refrigerator door and stuck my head inside. Five…four…three…two…one… The door practically slammed on my head but I moved out of the way just in time. I glared at her as she stood furiously before me.

“Can I help you with something?”

“Dammit Clark! Where is Chloe?”

“I don’t know Lois and I don’t care.”

I walked away from her and into the living room where my mom was sitting with Lana. When she saw me she came running over and hugged me.

“Clark I was so worried,” she lowered her voice as she moved her head in closer to me, “did you bring Chloe back with you?”

I rolled my eyes and stepped away from her body.

“Martha…I mean mom…why is everyone so concerned with Chloe’s well being? She’s a big girl. She’ll get here when she gets here.”

I saw her frown at me as Lois walked up, grabbed my arm and tried to turn me toward her. I sighed and gripped her wrist tightly in my hand. When I sneered at her I saw her wince. I twisted it and tossed her across the room. She slammed into the wall and was knocked unconscious.

I heard gasps behind me and I grinned. Clark’s mom was the first to recover from the shock. She spoke with caution in her voice.

“Clark…sweetheart…are you feeling alright?”

I chuckled and faced them. Lana was standing slightly behind Martha. My grin widened.

“I am not your son Martha Kent…I am Thor of Krypton. Tell me…where can I find the man whose been tracking me.”

She gave me a confused look.

“Clark what’s going on?”

I shook my head. They were all starting to frustrate me rather quickly. I was going to kill the next person that called me Clark…

“Answer my question. Where can I find Lex Luthor?”

I saw Lana’s face harder as she spoke in a strong voice.

“I don’t care who you are, but you stay away from Lex.”

I laughed and moved closer to her.

“Are you going to stop me?”

She stood tall and held her head high.

“If I have to.”

I nodded. Before she could say anything else I sped over to her and had her crushed up against the wall. I held her by her neck and squeezed. Martha banged on my back and when Mr. Kent came inside he joined her. I just laughed at there insistent pounding. It’s not like it hurt. I whipped my other hand back and pushed them both aside before grabbing Lana’s arm and snapping the bone in her arm.

She screamed and I relished in the sound. I let her go and she dropped to the ground in pain. I turned to face everyone else and sighed as they came at me with a lead box. I stepped back and grimaced.

“I’ll be back…if I were you I’d have more on hand than a little Kryptonite…say your prayers now humans because you only have a few hours left on this earth. I took one more look around before speeding off to finish what I started. I’d destroy this world if it’s the last thing I do.

Chapter 11 Part B

(Lois POV)

I moved around a bit and slowly sat up. I rubbed my head and glanced around. Where the hell am I? It was dark but I took a better look at the room and noticed the rhythmic beeping next to me. I glanced to my left and there was a machine there. Ahh the hospital…my second home or so it seems to be lately…but how’d I get here? The last thing I remember is Clark throwing me across the room like I was a rag doll…

Talk about your crazy people. Clark was defiantly falling in that realm recently. I shifted my weight and sat up in the bed. I glanced toward the door and saw Mrs. Kent outside speaking closely with a doctor. When they finished up I saw her smile and nod then look in my direction.

She smiled and there was relief on her face when she saw me wave slightly. Mrs. Kent walked into the room and sat on the edge of my bed. I gave her a half smile.

“Lois…I’m so glad you’re alright. I was starting to get worried you were unconscious for quite some time.”

I nodded and tried to make my voice sound upbeat.

“You can’t keep a Lane down. Is everyone ok?”

She nodded slightly and sighed.

“Lana is getting patched up and Jonathan went to go pick up Lex. He called not to long ago to make sure Lana was ok and to let us know that on his way to Smallville there was an explosion that he got caught near and he’s been stuck there. That’s why Lana hadn’t heard from him. So they should be back soon.”

I nodded again. It felt like that was all I was doing…she still hadn’t said anything about Clark or Chloe…that worried me. I moved around in the bed some more and Mrs. Kent frowned.

“What’s the matter Lois?”

I grunted.

“I just…I hate hospitals. Any word from Chloe yet?”

She looked down and I saw he worry etched into her face deeper.

“No…I’m sure everything is ok Lois…”

She didn’t sound to convincing and that bothered me. Just then Mr. Kent and Lex darkened the doorway to my room. I looked up, he smiled.

“Good to see you up and alert Lois.”

I smiled at him.

“Thanks Mr. Kent. You ok their Lex…you’re looking a little…ragged.”

He gave me a sarcastic smirk from his perch in the doorway and spoke in a low voice.
“Thank you for that information Lois…I wasn’t aware of that…” He turned to Mrs. Kent, “Do you know were Lana is Mrs. Kent?”

She smiled.

“Martha please Lex…and yes she’s in room 215.”

He smiled his thanks and went to go find her. I glanced back and forth between Mr. and Mrs. Kent while they exchanged troubled looks. Ok I’ve had enough of all this angst crap. No one wanted to say anything but I needed to know what was going on. For one Chloe is missing…and Clark…who they hell knew what was wrong with that boy now?

It’s like he had split personalities…and where’d all that strength come from. I sat up straighter and cleared my throat. They looked at me and I took a deep breath.

“Ok…I know that everyone has to be thinking about this…even though no ones said anything. What is going on here? I mean guys…Clark ransacked the house. He knocked me out and from what I’ve gathered he hurt Lana too…and he was so…different when he came back. I mean he said he didn’t care about Chloe! That’s unusual…to say the least”

They were silent and I gave a frustrated sigh.

“If you guys know something…you have to tell me. Before Chloe left the only thing she would tell me was that Clark was in trouble and she needed to get to him…maybe…maybe this is what she was talking about.”

My voice was pleading now.

“What if she found him and he was like that…. what if he hurt her…”

My voice trailed off and I gathered myself…I wouldn’t cry…it’s just not something I do. Mr. Kent cleared his throat and spoke.

“Lois…no matter what’s going on with Clark right now…I’d doubt he’d hurt Chloe…”

His voice wavered and I got angry.

“With all do respect Mr. Kent I didn’t think Clark would hurt Lana…or throw me across the room either…but well…”

I motioned around me. They nodded and Mrs. Kent spoke next.

“We honestly don’t know what’s going on Lois…but we’ll find Chloe and well…we will figure things out.”

She gave me a small smile and I nodded as I leaned my head back onto the pillow. Right everything would be fine…like it always is…that was a load of crap…things are not always ok…and right now with everything going on the way it was…it didn’t seem like it’d be better any time soon…

(Lana POV)

I was lying in the hospital bed staring over my right shoulder at nothing. I closed my eyes. I could still see the look in his eyes…they were bright with uncaring and fury. I’ve never seen Clark look that angry before…
He grabbed me and I thought I was going to pass out…where did all that strength come from? I lifted up my left hand and slightly rubbed my neck. It was soar and bruised but thankfully not broken…I shook my head when there was a short knock on the door.

I glanced up and there stood and dirty and bruised Lex… oh my god…I sat up a little straighter and my eyes widened.

“Lex…what happened? Are you ok?”

My voice came out a bit more frantic then I intended. Lex hurried over, sat next to me and grasped my hand in his. He smiled slightly.

“Hey I’m fine. Don’t worry about me…you’re more important right now,” He glanced down at my cast, “how’s the arm?”

I shrugged with my good shoulder and let out a nervous sigh. Lex was quiet for a few minutes taking me in before breaking the silence.

“Listen Lana…what I’m about to ask you is extremely important. I need you to tell me exactly what happened starting the minute after I called you two days ago…don’t leave anything out.”

I frowned. Something must be going on…I was about to say something when he cut me off. He must have seen the look on my face. He shook his head.

“I’ll explain after you tell me. Please…”

I nodded and thought back to the past few days. I scrunched my brow.

“Umm after I got off the phone with you I stayed at the mansion for a while. Three hours later when you weren’t back yet I called you’re cell again but there was no answer.”

I took a breath and continued.

“When I tried a few more times and still got nothing I went to the Kent’s because I knew that they were supposed to be going to your thing in Metropolis and I thought maybe they had heard from you.”

He nodded and motioned for me to continue.

“Right so I went over there and found Chloe there…it was like seven in the morning and she had just gotten out of the shower…can you believe that? She must have spent the night…that’s ridiculous…you know…I mean I can’t believe…”

I glanced up and saw Lex sitting there with his eyebrow raised and a small smirk on his face. I groaned and my face tinged red.


He gave a soft chuckle.

“It’s alright. I suspect you and Chloe still aren’t getting along.”

I shook my head no and pouted.

“You know…you cheated too…and yet you guys are friends…I mean I know you still meet up occasionally for coffee and things. How come she forgave you?”

He shrugged.

“Because I wasn’t her best friend…and well as horrible as it sounds I guess somewhere deep down she expected me to mess up…but she didn’t expect you to betray her. Now I know this is bothering and we can talk about it…. but later because I need to hear the rest…we don’t have much time.”

I nodded and ran a hand through my hair.

“Right so anyway there were some awkward moments there then Mr. Kent came inside and told us school was canceled until further notice because the town was like spontaneously combusting or something. He and Clark went outside to get supplies and Mrs. Kent, Chloe, and I locked up the house to make sure no one could get in.”

I winced and Lex gave me a concerned look as he rubbed my hand.

“You ok?”

“I’ll live. My body just hurts a little. Ok…so after that they came back in with the supplies and Lois shows up. The next thing we know everyone is in the house but Clark. He’s gone and no one knows where he went. The next day or so we were pretty much holed up in the house. Lois was helping look for you we were calling everyone and then earlier today Chloe apparently snuck out to go find Clark and no one’s heard from her since.”

Lex frowned.

“How long ago was that?”

I tilted my head to the side.

“What time is it?”

He glanced at his watch and read off the time.

“Four pm.”

I calculated the time in my head. Chloe left early this morning at like eight I think…. so that’s…

“About eight hours or so.”

His eyes widened in what looked like alarm.

“She’s been gone for eight hours and no one’s looked for her?”

My voice came out with a small amount of frustration.

“Well sorry about that we had our hands kinda full. Almost three hours after she left Clark came home…alone and crazy where he decided to attack everyone in the damn house. He sped off after that…and when I say sped I mean he was there one minute and gone the next…or at least that’s what it looked like from my viewpoint on the floor.”

He rubbed my arm as a disturbed look crossed his face. He took a deep breath and his eyes met mine.

“I’m sorry…Ok…I was coming home when the scientist working on project Falcon called he said they had a lead as to wear the energy was coming from. To make a long story short I went there, we got a team together and followed the trail. We ended up at none other than Lois’s boyfriends house.”

I frowned.


He nodded and continued.

“When we got there we found Phin dead on the bathroom floor. It looked like something ripped out of his body. There was blood everywhere,” he shook his head, “it was horrible. My scientists think they know what happened though. We thought this energy signature was a person…well it looks like it might have just been inhabiting a person…namely Phin. It could be what’s causing all the trouble…but we aren’t sure how to get rid of it but they are working on a way to track it better…it wasn’t until our way back from there that an explosion stopped us…so that’s where we are with that…”

I was reeling…so basically he was saying that Phin wasn’t really Phin all this time it was the weird energy signature thing that took over his body and has been destroying the town little by little…what the hell does that mean….Oh boy…only in Smallville could something like this happen…my thoughts were interrupted by Lex. I blinked a few times and then concentrated on him.

I gave him a confused look.


He sighed.

“I said does anyone know where Clark is right now?”


He stood up and I heard him swear for a few minutes before turning back to me.

“How was Clark’s behavior up until this point?”

I sat up straighter and spoke in an irritated tone.

“Up until what point? The point where he attacked everyone? How am I supposed to know…He seemed fine Lex…but if you really want to know how his behavior has been I suggest you ask someone who’s with him a lot…like his parents…or Chloe…if anyone can find her…”

I mumbled the last part under my breath. Lex gave me a sharp look. His voice was calm when he spoke but I could tell different from his eyes.

“I understand you’ve been through a lot today Lana, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. But being bitter about Chloe isn’t going to get us anywhere. She is my friend…and once upon a time she was yours too. She could be hurt or worse…how about we lay off her for a while huh…”

I dropped my head back on the pillow and gave a short nod. Lex sighed, took out his phone and started making some phone calls. He glanced at me as he spoke for a few minutes and then shut the phone abruptly.

“The team will be ready to head out in about an hour. He said the signal is coming through loud and clear now. Whatever or wherever it is…it’s killing a lot of people…I want you to stay here out of harms way. I’ll call you when I have something solid to go on…ok?”

He came over and gave me a kiss when he went to pull away I brought my good hand up and stopped him from leaving. I deepened the kiss and a couple minutes later I let him go. He grinned at me and kissed my hand before he took off.

I really didn’t mean to come off like a bitch…Chloe is my friend…or at least I hope she will be again at some point…. everything will tern out all right…it has to. I just hoped wherever Chloe was that she was ok…

(Chloe POV)

I felt my body slam hard onto the cold ice as the light that surrounded me faded out. My body ached and my head was pounding. I rolled myself so I was lying on my back staring up at the ceiling of the ice castle. I took a few deep breaths and tried to get my thoughts straight. I reached my hand up and gently placed my fingers against my temple.

I groaned. God that sucked…I could barely wrap my hand around anything going through my head right now. There was so much information tossed in there it felt like my head was going to explode. I tried to sit up but only made it halfway before my body started to protest.

“Chloe Sullivan you must stand up. We need to continue with the trials. Time is running out.”

I finally managed to sit up and I winced as I used part of an ice rock to stand up. My body was shaky but I moved forward.

“Give me a minute…I feel sick…”

I was dizzy and I felt extremely nauseas. Jor-el’s voice boomed loudly.

“Chloe Sullivan…now is the time do you accept the next task in the trials or are you giving up?”

I shook my head frantically, which only served to increase my dizziness.

“No…I’m here…what…what do I have to do…”

It was quiet for a few minutes before his voice echoed around me again.

“Step up to the console.”

I did what he asked and stiffly moved directly in front of it. I waited for him to give me further directions but none came. Ok…I’ve just had my brain fried and now I’m standing in front of some glowy rock waiting for Clark’s stupid biological father to get on with it so that I can save Clark…if he moved any slower he’d be molasses…I thought we were on a time table here…

“I don’t think it is possible to move slower than molasses.”

I was startled and my head shot up with a confused look on it.

“Did I say that out loud?”

“No you did not Chloe Sullivan. With the Knowledge of Krypton within you comes a connection to all that we are. I can hear your thoughts as you think them it is a side effect of taking in the amount of knowledge you did in a short period of time. Fear not for it will fade in time.”

Wonderful. I sighed and shifted my stance. It took everything in me to keep myself from falling. I could feel thoughts and memories passing through my head that weren’t mine. It was like a whole new world had just been opened up to me and I was uncovering each memory in my head one at a time.

“It is time. The next step in this trial is a question. Should the answer satisfy me, I will produce what you need in order to save my son. Are you ready?”

I wiped my hands on my pants and breathed in deeply. I was nervous…what if I didn’t answer the questions right or what if he didn’t like the answer I gave…and Clark’s life was in my hands…what if I failed. My voice was quiet and I nodded my head as I spoke.


“In every universe there is an order. For one person to cheat death another must fall victim to it. For my son to live, to survive Thor’s possession someone must die in his place. Are you willing to give up your life so Kal-el can continue his?”

My breath caught in my throat and my mouth opened then closed tightly.

I couldn’t find my voice. I have loved Clark Kent since I was thirteen years old. My love hasn’t wavered a day in my life. Since I’ve discovered his secret it’s only grown deeper. Clark has so many restrictions put on him and that he lives by and yet he always manages to do the right thing for everyone else. He has saved so many people and done so much good…he’s Smallville’s own hero.

Clark meant the world to so many people. His mom and dad, Lana, Lex…me. I’d hate to think what life would be like without him. After so long we’ve finally got to the point with each other where we are honest and together. I love him so much…I wouldn’t survive if he died…

I’ve always thought that I have a lot to offer the world…but without Clark…there might not be a world. Clark’s life was on the line. Could I live with myself if I said no and was the direct reason Clark didn’t make it through this? No…I’d never be able to live with myself…and so I guess I had my answer.

Everything was going through my head so fast. I must have only been standing there for a minute or so before I opened my mouth and spoke. I held my head high and my voice was strong.

“Yes. I am willing to trade my life for his…but I have one condition…”
There was silence and for a brief minute my heart sped up and skipped a beat. Oh god…he didn’t like my answer…he wasn’t going to help me…Clark was gonna die and the world was gonna end…

“What is this condition you speak of?

I was startled but quickly covered it up.

“I need to be able to say goodbye…if…if I’m really going to be trading my life for his I need a chance to see him…tell him I love him…”

“You have my word Chloe Sullivan that as his mate you will have your goodbye with my son.”

I nodded as tears formed in my eyes. I gently wiped them away as I spoke in a soft voice.

“What now?”

I watched as the console lit up and the crystal I placed in earlier came out of its slot. I frowned.

“Pick up the crystal that is on the base of this structure and insert it into the space provided.”

I glanced down, grabbed it and slid it into the console. The console lit up and a soft blue light shot out, but this time it went straight in front of me and out of nowhere something materialized in the middle of the light. I squinted my eyes but I still couldn’t tell what it was so I waited.

The light brightened to a peak and then died out as the object floated toward me. I could see it clear as day now…it was a dagger. It was silver and the blade was sharp and long. Butterflies fluttered through my stomach. Was I gonna have to use that?

“This is the dagger that was used the first time around to separate Thor from the Kryptonian body he possessed. The only person able to work this dagger is someone close to the possessed of pure heart, who has nothing to gain. You must take this and stab Kal-el directly in his back between his shoulder blades. It should take Thor’s essence into the dagger and out of Kal-el.”

I gaped at the empty room. He wanted me to stab Clark? I hesitated before speaking as I shook my head.

“You…you want me to stab Clark? He’s invulnerable…how is that going to get Thor’s essence out?”

“The edge of the blade has been infused with Kryptonite…it will serve it’s purpose. To save Kal-el…you must kill him…”

My faces paled and I felt like I was watching our discussion from outside of my body…he wanted me to kill Clark…I felt the air get knocked out of my lungs and I felt myself struggling to breath…I can’t…I can’t kill Clark…. I just can’t…I opened my mouth and closed it again. I shook my head.

“I…I can’t ...k…kill Clark…no…I won’t…”

“It is the only way…you will take this dagger and use it, or your world will be destroyed.”

The dagger floated in front of me and I felt myself grasp the cold handle. I felt something surge through my body and I closed my eyes. When I opened them I felt different…I glanced at the dagger in my hand…I had to go…there wasn’t much time left I could feel it…if I wanted to save the world and the people I care about in it…I’d have to make the greatest sacrifice of all…I needed to kill the man I love…none of this made sense but I knew I had to do it…I looked up at the console and Jor-el spoke.

“Go…and be careful Chloe Sullivan…for the future of the world rests in your hands.”

I winced and took off to go find Clark…I was too occupied at the time to realize I was super speeding to my destination…at least until I glanced around me I saw everything was a blur…

Chapter 11 Part C

(Lex POV)

I slammed the phone down and shook my head. This was ridiculous! No one could give me a straight answer about what was going on. They can’t figure out what the stupid energy source is or where it came from. After what it did to Phin I’m pretty sure it’s not a person, but some kind of creature instead. I sighed as I went into my desk, opened a box, and pulled out my gun.

A voice startled me from what I was doing.

“Gearing up for war?”

I turned and standing in the doorway of my study was Lois Lane. I glanced over her body from head to toe. She was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and had a bandage on her head. I raised an eyebrow.

“Something I can do for you Miss Lane?”

She rolled her eyes as she walked further into my study.

“Cut the crap Lex. I know that you and I don’t really get along…but I also know you’re friends with Chloe…and I know that somewhere deep down in that large chest area of yours is a heart. Mr. and Mrs. Kent won’t tell me anything…and I know that while you don’t know much…you know more than everyone else does. So I’d like to help you.”

I sighed and moved so that I was about two feet away from her.

“Why should I let you help?”

I heard her give a frustrated sighed as she tilted her head to the side. The look on her face was tired.

“Listen Lex…Chloe is my baby cousin…if anything happens to her….” she trailed off and then continued, “Can we just call a truce this once? I know you want to find her to and I can’t let anything happen to her.”

She stood her ground firm and tall. I had to admit Lois can take care of herself and I suppose she might be an asset. This is pathetic…I’m really getting soft in my old age. I sighed and looked up then back at her.

“Fine,” I walked over to my desk and picked up some paperwork before facing her again, “here’s all the paperwork on what’s been going on. Read it…we move out in fifteen minutes.”

She nodded, grabbed the papers from me and started reading. I moved back over to my desk and made a few phone calls. About ten minutes later Lois was standing in front of me rocking on the back of her heels. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.


She shrugged.

“We ready?”

I nodded and as we were walking out of the room I stopped. I hesitated speaking for a minute and Lois gave me a look and I cleared my throat.

“Lois…you are aware how we figured out that this was a creature and not a person right?”

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Research? Does it matter? We need to find Chloe.”

I sighed.

“Yes it matters…or at least I suppose it will to you…Phin was infected with this…thing…when it left his body…he died.”

I watched Lois open her mouth and then quickly close it. Her face paled a bit but she composed herself rather quickly and a mask of indifference covered her face.

“I appreciate you filling me in…thanks…now…let’s get going…Chloe needs us.”

At that moment as I watched Lois walk toward the front door I developed a new found respect for her, everything around her is crashing down…but she’s still standing doing what she needs to do…maybe she wasn’t as simple minded as I thought she was…


I walked out of the Talon’s back door with some girl who apparently new Clark from school. I grinned as I pushed her against the fence. She gave me what looked like a flirtatious smile as I started kissing her neck. She moaned Clark’s name and I rolled my eyes, these humans were so easy.

“Oh Clark…mmh...god you feel good…”

I moved my hand up her thigh and grabbed it tight.

“Yeah baby…you too.”

I gripped her thigh tighter and used it to slam her hard against the fence. She grunted and I smiled.
I could here her saying something but I was desperately trying to ignore her. She placed her hand on my chest and pushed a bit. I glanced down at her hand and then to her face. She was breathing heavy.

“I thought…I thought you were dating that Chloe Sullivan girl…”

I grinned at her and shook my head.

“Not anymore…”

She smiled.

“I knew it wouldn’t last…your to good for her.”

I nodded and continued kissing her. I could feel her heart beat speeding up. I placed my hand on her chest and pushed her away from me when she looked into my eyes I saw some of the passion clear from hers. I yanked her head back by her hair and she screamed.

I chuckled and concentrated; I could still hear her yelling for help in the background while I felt her life drain into me. Her voice got quieter and quieter until there was nothing left. I let go and she fell to the ground like a rag doll. Oh well…I’d say it was a shame but…well then I’d be lying.

I sped around the front of the Talon and as I reached the corner I saw some guys in suits helping Lana inside the building. I grinned. Oh this was gonna be fun…I walked into the Talon and stayed in a dark corner while they settled Lana upstairs.

When they came out and stood outside the door guarding the precious princess I smirked and sped past them opening and closing the door before they had even blinked. If I were a stuck up, back stabbing, slut where would I be…hmmm I know the bedroom. I shook my head; my thoughts were getting mixed up with Kal el’s. Our two personalities were merging…

It wouldn’t be long now until we were one and I’d have this body forever. I grinned to myself as I made my way toward the bedroom. There she was lying on her side flipping through what looked like a magazine. I leaned against the doorframe and smirked in her direction.

“Well well well, what do we have here?”

I saw her body tense and her mouth opened, but before anything could come out I was by her side with my hand covering her mouth. I made a tsking noise and shifted her body up against the headboard. I gazed at her intensely as I spoke.

“I am going to take my hand off…if you scream…I’ll kill you…got it?”

She nodded frantically and when I removed my hand she scooter further away from me. Her eyes were frantic and I could hear her rapidly beating heart. He mouth opened a few times before she got anything out. Her voice quivered as she finally spoke.

“C…Clark…why? Why are you doing this? What’s gotten into you?”

I chuckled as I shook my head.

“I’m not Clark sweetheart and those little Bambie eyes don’t work on me. I know you’re no innocent. I saw your “bodyguards” bringing you up and thought I’d pay you a little visit. See how you were feeling.”

Her eyes moved around the room probably looking for something to help her. Too bad there wasn’t anything. Out if the corner of my eye I saw her mouth open and I reacted. She didn’t even know what had happened. I slapped so hard right across the face that she fell right off the bed. She glanced up at me as I stood fear rolling off her in waves.

I gave her a dark look as I felt my powers coursing through this body. She was using her good arm to slid across the floor away from me.

“You’ll never make it that way…you know I was going to let you live…but you just had to piss me off…but I suppose you’re good at that huh? It must kill you that Chloe had Lex first…and that Clark chose her over you. The great Lana must be losing her magic touch…I can feel Clark’s memories swarming around in my head. He was happier with Chloe then he ever was with you…”

I heard her sob and when she went to call out again I kicked her in her side and she slid a few feet across the floor. All that wound up coming out of her was a grunt. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re boring me…somehow I thought this would be more fun…”

I felt warmth gathering in my body and I concentrated as I shot fire from my eyes into the living room setting everything in the room on fire. She whipped her head around and gasped.

“Clark…. please…there has to be a part of you that’s still left in there…you can’t…” she paused and I could see she was having some trouble breathing, “you can’t burn down the Talon…”

She started coughing and I lifted her off the floor. She opened her eyes and saw the ting of red in mine. I spoke in a deadly quiet voice.

“ I can do whatever I want. Clark Kent is dead…and soon you’ll be too. You’re the first of many to fall under the power of Thor…I’m going to burn this planet and everything on it to the ground…starting with you!”

I tossed her and her head hit the counter before she fell unconscious to the floor. I smiled. I walked over to the door opened it and when the two guards looked at me before they could pull there weapons I took there heads and smashed them together.

I watched there bodies slid to the ground. I grabbed them and tossed them into the open apartment door before shutting it and walking down the stairs. I concentrated again and let my heat vision out in bursts that made the coffee machines explode. Everyone in the shop started screaming and running out. I just laughed as I watched these humans scramble around for their lives.

I tossed a few people out of my way as I finished descending the stairs. It didn’t matter how many got out…they could run all the wanted but they’d only be delaying the inevitable…I was going to kill every person in this town…and now that I was in Kal el’s body no one could stop me…

(Lois POV)

I could feel my heart racing as we pulled up about three blocks from the Talon. As soon as they cut the engine I could hear screaming. I glanced and Lex as he swore.

“Were too late…it’s already here…let’s go move out now!”

I watched the team in black cargo pants and Kevlar vests scramble out of the van with their weapons. One after another…I counted about ten in our van and I knew there was another van not far behind us. Lex was the last to fall out and I followed his lead. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I finally hit the street.

The center of town looked like a war zone. A few buildings were practically leveled, and I could see three that had intense fires roaring from them. My eyes widened as I noticed one of those buildings was the Talon. I ran over to where Lex was telling half his men to help people out of the center of town. I grabbed his arm and he turned to me.

“Not now Lois…”

“Lex…the Talon…”

He gave me a confused look for a second before I saw sheer panic cross his face but only for a second.


He took off in that direction and I ran right a long with him. We were about twenty feet away when I could see something…no someone emerging from the building…I squinted my eyes to get a better look…oh my god…it’s Clark…I gasped and I heard Lex make a strange noise behind me as Clark spotted us and grinned. We slowed down and then came to a stop directly in front of him.

I rocked back and forth on his heels as he stood in our way. Lex’s voice came out harsh as he spoke to Clark.

“Clark where is Lana?”

He tapped his finger on his chin and gave us a thoughtful look.

“Hmmm Lana…brunette, about ye high, whinny, spreads those pretty legs for just about anyone…”

He waggled his eyebrows at Lex as he smirked and continued talking.

“Yeah I think I saw her…she’s taking a small nap…hopefully she’ll be up soon I’d hate for her to miss the best part of the night…”

I watched Lex pull out his gun and I placed a hand on his arm.

“Lex we can’t kill Clark,” I glared in Clark’s direction, “no matter how much we want to right now…”

Lex didn’t even bother to face me when he spoke.

“That isn’t Clark Lois…are you?”

I saw a feral grin appear on Clark’s face as he moved around Lex and I like we were his prey.

“You are quite an intriguing specimen Lex Luthor…you are helping these humans and yet…your intentions are not as noble as one might think. You’re right…I’m not Clark Kent…my name is Thor of Krypton. I have escaped my prison and followed Krypton’s last son to earth. I’m here to destroy your world…”

Lex cocked his gun and I saw amusement in Clarks eyes.

“Tell me where she is Thor or I will shoot you, even if you are in Clark’s body.”

I watched there staring contest go back and forth for a few minutes before Lex got fed up and unloaded a whole clip into Clark. I had turned my head away but when I heard the shooting stop I faced Clark and to my astonishment he was still standing…

“Oh my god…”

My voice sounded foreign to my own ears and Clark’s head moved in my direction.

“Hello Lois…I’ve missed you…you seem to have been pulling away from me lately…what’s the matter…don’t love me anymore?”

His voice was light but I could see the anger in his eyes. I took a step back and I felt an arm wrapping around my waste as I looked up into Clarks eyes. They were sparkling with mirth. He grabbed me tight enough to leave a bruise and pulled me flush against him. He moved his lips over to my ear as he spoke in a soft voice.

“I wanted you to stand by my side when this happened. I was going to let you help me bring a new beginning to this world and instead you betrayed me…so you’ll die with the rest of them.”

I glared at him.

“I’m going to find a way to stop you…. I don’t care what I have to do or who you are…I’m not afraid of you…”

I held his stare and as he jerked me my hand hit into my pocket and I felt something hard there. That was when I remembered what Mrs. Kent had given me when I went to her house to ask about Clark. She gave me a rock and told me if I ran into Clark to show it to him and he’d leave me alone. I saw Lex lift his gun again and I shook my head.

He frowned and put down his arm. I yelled over Clark’s shoulder.

“Go find Lana Lex! She probably needs help…I’ll be fine…”

He hesitated for a minute looking from Clark to me before turning toward the burning Talon and attempting to get inside. Clark whipped his head around and squinted his eyes I saw a beam from the building falling toward Lex and I screamed for him to look out but it was too late. It crashed right on tope of him.

Clark faced me and grinned.

“You didn’t think it’d be that easy did you? She gonna burn in there…and now he’s gonna join her.”

I struggled to get my hand into my pocket without him noticing. It took a few minutes but when my fingers curled around the rock I gave a sigh of relief. He glared and grabbed my wrist.

“Whatcha got in their Lo?”

I tightened my hand as he pulled it out of my pocket. As soon as he looked at the rock it started glowing green and he stumbled back and let me go. I saw him moving further away from me so I held it toward him as I ran to Lex as fast as I could. I crouched own on the ground and shook him.


I felt him move his head and groan but he didn’t open his eyes. I screamed in frustration and looked around. I felt like everything was going in slow motion…I saw people running…there was blood on a few people…the buildings were burning and the streets were filling up with debris and smoke. I could feel the air getting colder and I looked into the sky but it was clear as day.

I saw a thin layer of fog appearing and I closed my eyes…this wasn’t happening…my god…I heard a crash and it threw me out of my thoughts as my eyes snapped open. I saw Clark wasn’t far away so I held out the rock and he moved further and just stood there…what the hell is he doing standing there like that?
I got my answer not even a minute later when the rock started to burn in my hand I tossed it up and it exploded into tiny fragments. I covered my body over Lex and before I could pick my head up I felt someone grabbing me from behind. I struggled and turned in his arms as I kicked and hit him.

He just laughed at me and backhanded me so hard I fell to the damn floor. When all this was over and Clark was back to normal I was so gonna kick his ass for this! He gripped my upper arms and I could feel my body getting warm...and then scalding hot…oh god…

I could hear screaming and it wasn’t until I fell to my knees that I realized the screaming was me…All of a sudden the pain was gone and I felt myself falling…. before everything went black…

(Chloe POV)

My body slowed down and I stopped right in the middle of town. I swallowed hard as I glanced around. Everything was practically in ruins. Most people were gone a few buildings were leveled and I could smell the fires that had been started. I walked through the fog-addled streets and tried to see what was going on. I saw an outline in the distance and I sped until I was about thirty feet from the figure I saw.

Oh god…that’s Clark…what is he doing? When I moved my head slightly my breath flew out of my lungs. He had Lois and she was practically unconscious. I saw a glowing light flowing form her to him and I got mad. I felt a power building inside of me and all of a sudden I felt heat shooting from my eyes and they landed directly on Clark knocking him away from Lois.

My eyes expanded in shock. Holy crap that was awesome…is that what it felt like every time Clark used his heat vision? Dammit! I fell to the ground and landed a few feet away. I was so involved with thinking about Clark that I hadn’t seen Thor come over and toss me aside. I had to look at the positive though…it barely hurt, which I had to admit, was kinda cool.

He broke through my thoughts again when he sneered at me.

“What the hell is this? A human infused with Kryptonian powers…how pathetic…has Jor el finally sunk that low?”

I stood up and circled him just like he was circling me.

“Excuse me…some human? This human is gonna kick your ass Thor…you have no clue what I’m capable of…”

A very true statement…but then again I didn’t have a clue either…I heard him chuckle as he spoke.

“You don’t actually think you can beat me do you?”

I nodded.

“I’m going to bring Clark back…and he’s gonna take your non corporeal butt back to that prison zone…I won’t let you destroy earth…it stops here…”

All traces of humor left his face as he lunged at me. Crap! I made him mad…I put my hands up and right before he hit into me I used all my strength and pushed. He flew to the left and landed in a pile of debris. I heard him growl in frustration before getting up.

“Be careful who you’re messing with Chloe…I have powers you couldn’t even dream of…your earth’s last hope? It’s a joke…you’re a joke.”

Ok this guy was starting to piss me off…who was he that he thought he could talk to me like that? It was time to channel Clark and save Smallville for the super badey… I stood up tall and gave him a hard look.

“If you’re so chock full of powers how bout a little less talking and a little more action…bring it on bad boy…”

He sped toward me and I did the same. We came together in the middle and I could feel the waves of power rippling off of us. He slammed his fist into my face so I kicked him in his gut. For every move I counter he threw another at me. I tossed him into a building and he crashed right through the side.

I only had a minute to take a few deep breaths before he catapulted out of the building and landed on top of me. I struggled to over power him but I did a few times. He kept scorching me with his damn heat vision though. Man I know this isn’t Clark but when I get out of this I’m gonna slap him right on that head of his! Oooff damn…

I flipped him over and he landed on a burning beam. He looked furious as he started stalking my way. I grunted and squinted my eyes hitting him with some heat vision. He took that moment to fly up into the air and my mouth opened in wonder. Holy crap he can fly…hmmm I wonder…nah forget it falling would kinda suck if I can’t.

I felt the wind knocked out of me again as he landed on top of me. He grinned.

“This is over now…I’m down playing with you Chloe…I have things to do and you’re proving to be a distraction…join me…we can destroy this world together…”


He shrugged and held me down with one hand as the other made it’s way to my chest. He was concentrating and I could feel my strength being pulled into him. It’s now or never. I slowly reached to my side with my free hand and gripped the dagger. I slowly lifted my arm and right before I plunged it into his back I looked into his eyes and whispered to him.

“Forgive me Clark…”

His expression turned confused until he felt the cold metal piercing through his back. He howled and threw me into a pile of rubble. I crashed into jagged pieces of the building and I felt it cut into my flesh. I winced and slowly climbed over and off to see where Clark was. I could still he his roaring and as I looked up I saw the dagger glowing as collapsed to the ground…

Silence…that’s all I could hear complete silence…my body-felt heavy as the air around me grew colder…I turned and it felt like the world was tilting on its axis…I saw Clark unmoving on the ground and tried to move to him. I stumbled and fell. I could feel my body roll and land on it’s back. I blinked my eyes a few times trying to clear the fog out of them…but it didn’t work…

My breathing became labored and I could feel the darkness taking over my body and my last thoughts were curses to Jor el for lying to me…making me believe I’d be able to see Clark one last time…no…god no…you said I could say goodbye…you promised me damn it! Please…god Clark…. I love you….

(Jor El POV)

I watched her stab my son and he howled in pain but not before throwing her into a collapsing building. He fell to his knees as the dagger sucked out Thor’s Essence. I watched Chloe Sullivan struggle to get to him but it wasn’t long before her human body gave out and her legs gave way crumbling her to the ground. I could here her thoughts cursing me for my lies.

I closed my eyes and I could see everything from my connection with her. I glanced at the buildings that were on fire…the streets were desolate. There wasn’t a person in sight except for the two lying unconscious on the ground. Debris littered every inch of the ground. The air was cold and the thick over the town of Smallville, but the sun was rising and the fog was clearing…the battle was over and earth would now be safe.

(Clark POV)

I groaned and shifted my head opening my eyes slowly. I frowned as I sat up slowly. I glanced around. I was in the Fortrice. The last thing I remember was coming to Jor el for help and him saying I had to have a ridding or something. It must be done. I stood up and winced. There was a slight pain in my back between my shoulder blades…weird.

“Kal el my son…you are awake.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Uh yeah…were you not expecting me to wake up from the ridding?”

There was hesitation before he spoke.

“My son…do you not remember the events of the past ninety-six hours?”

Ninety-six hours? Holy crap I’ve been here for four days? Chloe was gonna kill me when I got back.

“I’ve been here for four days? I didn’t realize the ridding would take that long.”

“Kal el…the ridding failed Thor’s essence had possession of your body for forty-eight hours…your town has been attacked and I do not know the state of your friends but Martha and Jonathan Kent are alive. There is much of your home to rebuild my son. Forty-eight hours ago your mate stopped Thor…she sacrificed her life for yours…”

My eyes widened and my heartbeat frantically in my chest. The towns destroyed…my mate…sacrifice…my blood ran cold and I spoke with fear in my voice.

“My mate?”

When there was no answer my voice grew stronger and I yelled.

“Jor el…answer me! Who is my mate?”

There was another slight pause and I was truly terrified of his answer.

“Chloe Sullivan.”
I shook my head in denial as I stumbled back. My foot knocked into something lightly and I turned around and let out a loud sob. I fell to my knees and grabbed Chloe in my arms. I pulled her body into mine and she was freezing. There were tears in my eyes as I screamed to the ceiling.


“Calm yourself Kal el you are still weak. I have done nothing. She interrupted the ridding and Thor left to destroy earth in your body…She wanted to help stop him and bring you back…going through the Kryptonian trials is taxing on the human body…Once she passed the tests her body was infused with Kryptonian powers until she did what had to be done…”

I had a confused look on my face and when I spoke I could hear the pain in my own voice.

“Then why is she like this? If she has powers like me…answer me dammit!”

“The human body cannot sustain the powers that you so easily posses. They wore her body out…she knew the cost of what she was doing and she did it out of love for you Kal el…”

I shook my head again as I felt a tear drip slowly down my cheek.

“WELL IT’S NOT OK WITH ME! Bring her back…”

There was silence in the fortrice, which only made me angrier.

“I SAID BRING HER BACK…DAMMIT JOR EL…I CAN’T…I can’t…” I paused to collect myself as my voice lowered to a whisper.

“I can’t live without her…knowing she’s gone because of me…I know you think human emotion is useless…and it only makes me weak…but…I love her. I’ve never met anyone like her before. She’s amazing…proud…resourceful…brave…Chloe always puts everyone else first…she’s the greatest good I know…She doesn’t deserve this…”

I closed my eyes and let a small sob out as I continued to speak over her body as I rubbed her ice-cold hand.

“She makes me stronger…she believes in me and what I represent. She encourages me to use my abilities for the greater good, she’s…she’s my best friend. I can’t do this without her…you need to bring her back because without her…none of this…means anything…”

I could fell the wind picking up and the cold air whirled around us. I held Chloe close to me and called out.

“Stop! The cold isn’t helping her! She’s human…she’s too cold you have to help her…”

His voice had a funny sound to it when he spoke.

“There is nothing that can be done Kal el…every planet has it’s Balance. I could not save you without trading a life…she gave her consent to let me take hers…”

I placed Chloe gently on the ground and stood up.

“Well I’m giving it back then…DO YOU HEAR ME? I don’t want my life if it cost Chloe hers! I’d rather be dead then live here without her by my side…”

There was no answer but the wind died down. When his voice spoke next it was light.

“Kal el…you have passed the test…rest my son…when your eyes see the light of day again all will be well.”

I frowned.


I felt the room spinning and I shook my head, which only made it worse. I tried to walk back to Chloe and I dropped to my knees.

“What…what are you doing to me?”

There was no answer…just my sight getting darker that last thing I remember thinking was I hope I never wake up again….

(Clark POV)

I woke up to the soft feel of a mattress beneath my back. I opened an eye and frowned. What the hell is going on now? I felt someone stir beside me and groan. I turned on my side and my mouth dropped open. I saw a head of golden hair fanned out across the pillow next to me glistening in the sun. I followed her body with my eyes. The covers had shifted and her creamy white thigh was poking out from beneath the covers.

The rest of her body was covered in my red flannel. I reached out my hand and stroked her cheek. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her body was no longer frozen cold and the color of her skin was a healthy peach. My voice came out in a whisper with an unbelieving tone to it.


She shifted and grunted at me…that sound alone made me want to cry with joy. I spoke a little louder this time.


She opened and eye and when she saw me her other eye popped open. She shot up like a rocket and I chuckled. Her voice came out incredulous.


I nodded, she squealed and jumped on top of me. I wasn’t exactly ready for that and we wound up tumbling off the bed. I landed on the floor and Chloe banged into my chest with an ooff. I smiled up at her and placed a strand of hair behind her ear. I spoke softly.

“I thought I lost you Chloe…I thought…” I shook my head, as my eyes moistened, “don’t ever do that to me again you scared me half to death!”

She smiled and placed a kiss on my hand that was on her cheek.

“You’ll never lose me Clark…I’ll always be here…”

My face sobered and I glanced at her.

“You almost weren’t. Why’d you do it Chloe? Did you honesty think that I would be ok living without you here?”

She wouldn’t meet my eyes and she shrugged. I sat up and her thigh fell on each side of my legs. I moved her face so she was facing me. Our eyes met and she gently bit her bottom lip.

“I’m not mad…I’m just…I can’t believe you’d do that…”

She cut me off and spoke with emotion.

“Would you?”

I gave her a confused look and she sighed as she planned with my shirtsleeve.

“Would you have done it for me?”

I spoke without hesitation.


She slapped me slightly and gave me a light glare.

“Then how can you say anything if I’d do it for you? Hypocrite!”

I chuckled slightly before getting serious again.

“I hate that you put yourself in danger Chlo…but I love you for it…you mean the world to me…do you know that?”

She grinned.

“I do now.”

I nodded and leaned in to kiss her. She returned the kiss and brought her hands to my face as she move her body slightly against me. I moved my head to her neck.

“God I missed you Chlo…”

“Me too…any bad feelings, dreams, or multiple personalities I should know about?”

I gave a hearty laugh.


“Good…then shut up and kiss me…”

“Yes ma’am.”

After a couple of minutes I sped us up to the bed threw her on it and got on top of her. The feel of her underneath me and all around me was amazing. If I had to die a thousand times over for this feeling I would. I finally understand what’s its like to love someone with no restrictions and have them love you back the same way. Chloe knows everything about me and still accepts me for who I am.

I’ll never be able to tell her how much that means to me. These past few weeks have been hard and it’s going to take a lot to rebuild the relationships I fractured…but with Chloe by my side I knew I’d be able to do it. She gives me so much more than her love…and I don’t even think she realizes it…

Loving Chloe is something I could do for the rest of my life…everything was far from ok…there was a lot to fix…a lot of work to do before Smallville was ever the same again…but I was confidant that with time everything would work out…

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