December 7, 2008

Three Minutes (18/18)

6 Months Later
(Chloe POV)

I smiled. I was looking in the mirror at myself. Finally…I was in an old pair of jeans and they never looked better…I thought I’d never get my body back…I moved away from the mirror and grabbed a brush. I sat at the vanity in Clark’s room and mine. As I brushed my hair my mind drifted off to that horrible night six months ago…

I was lying there and I could feel myself struggling to take a breath. I spoke to him softly.

“Go…go Clark…”

He hesitated. I knew he didn’t want to leave me here like this…and he’d probably never forgive himself for it…but right now Jonathan was more important. I gave him a slight nod and when his feet still didn’t move I tried to make my voice as strong as I could…it was getting harder by the second.

“Go…NOW…Dammit Clark…”

I could feel the tears in my eyes…he had to know this was hard for me to…and the longer he stood there…it only made it worse. Oh god…it feels like…like I’m suffocating. I tried to take a deep breath but there was something blocking the air from getting into my lungs…it started to burn…I didn’t want him to see this…I spoke one last time…I’m sure he could here it in my voice.


His face broke he knew. I could see the tears that he was trying to hold in. He nodded and started walking away. I needed to just close my eyes…everything was getting dark around me…I felt someone grab my hand and I smiled as much as I could…he was talking gently…

It was Oliver…I always did like him…he’s good for Lois. They compliment each other…I felt a single tear leave my eye. I could feel it roll down my cheek it was warm and left a slight burn on my skin. It landed on my chest and I wanted to scream…

The last thing I heard before everything went black was Clark’s tight voice.

“I need you Bart.”


I bolted up right panting. I coughed for a bit before looking around at my surroundings. Where the hell am I? I got up slowly but I didn’t feel anything…no pain at all. Oh god…I’m dead…I placed my hand on my stomach and there was still somewhat of a bump there…I looked down and lifted my shirt up. I could see a small scar on my stomach…but everything looked patched up.
What the hell…I walked out of the bedroom I was in and when I opened the door I was shocked…this is…Oliver’s jet. How the hell did I lose all that time? Where was Clark…did he get to Jonathan in time? I had so many questions that needed answering. I walked to the door pushed the button and walked out of the jet. We were home…oh god we were on the Kent farm…

I took off at a run and didn’t stop until I was about three feet from the door. I patted my hair and slowly walked the rest of the way. I opened the door quietly and leaned in the door jam. I’m surprised Clark didn’t hear me…after a second my eyes met Lois…she was holding my son. I smiled at her and her face immediately paled.

I saw Clark and Oliver rush over to her just in time. She collapsed. I watched Clark place Jonathan in a small bassinet rocker and help Oliver tend to Lois. They both looked frantic…I remembered now…I died…in Lex’s facility…no wonder Lois fainted she thought she was seeing a ghost. I grinned and spoke up.

“Lois always was an attention hog…”

Four heads whipped around to face me and I saw Clark stand up. He didn’t turn to face me but I saw his body stiffen. When no one said anything they just all stood there in shock I gave a small huff and spoke directly to Clark with an amused voice…

“Jeez what’s a girl gotta do to get a hug around here?”

He turned then. I could feel the warmth of the late morning sun hitting my back. It felt better than anything I’ve felt in a long time. I stood there looking into the eyes of a man who would have moved heaven and earth to save my life…and apparently it had worked because I’m standing here…

He was looking at me with a strange look. Taking everything in. He startled me by appearing in front of me, grabbing my face and kissing me. I wound my arms around his neck and didn’t let go…not even after the kiss ended…I smiled and gave him a small chuckled. He leaned in and kissed me again. I saw everyone standing there just watching. He was holding my face in his hands…I could see the wonder on his face and hear the disbelief in his voice when he spoke.


My eyes clouded over in confusion…if he didn’t do it then who did? I have no clue…but I just got a second chance at life and we had forever to figure out how this happened…right now I just wanted to enjoy being alive and in Clark’s arms. I shrugged and my voice was soft.

“Does it matter?”

He grinned and shook his head…


I shook my head and glanced around the bedroom. I was still sitting in the vanity chair when I heard my name being called again.

I laughed a little and got up. I opened the bedroom door and peered out.

“What Clark?

I heard him chuckle.

“Lois and Oliver are here…you coming down?”

I grinned. I glanced at the clock. I was running a little late…Clark baby Jonathan and I were going out with Lois and Oliver for lunch…I put on some lip-gloss and grabbed my purse. I jogged down the stairs and when I came around the bend they were all in the kitchen. I smiled and twirled around for Clark.

He grinned.

“You look amazing Chlo…”

I came over and kissed him. Then placed a kiss on Jonathan’s head.


Lois nudged me wit her arm and gave me a playful frown.

“What your favorite cousin comes into town from Star City and you don’t even say hello?”

I laughed.

I walked over and gave her a hug.

“Hey Lo’. I miss you too…I cant believe you…”

I paused when I noticed something large and shiny. My eyes widened as I looked at Oliver he smiled and winked at me. I screeched and practically jumped on Lois.

“Ahhh oh my god! Congratulations!!! I can’t believe it!”

She shook her head and scolded me playfully.

“Jeez cuz at least let me tell you my exciting news before you start flipping out…”

Clark frowned.

“What’s going on?”

Lois grinned and shook her head slightly.

“At least I can count on Smallville being completely oblivious…”

She held up her hand to Clark.

“Oliver an I are engaged...”

Clark’s face lit up He moved over and gave Lois half a hug and shook Oliver’s hand.

“Wow…that’s really great guys…I’m happy for you two.”

Oliver smiled and spoke up with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Well it had to happen eventually. I mean she’s always around and we practically live together anyway…she might as well share the Queen name…She would have wore me down with her special tactics anyway…so I decided it would be on my terms and before she could get her claws in too deep know what I mean Clark?”

I saw Lois roll her eyes and slap Oliver playfully. They really did make a perfect couple and I was so glad that Lois had finally found what Clark and I have…everyone should have someone that they can always count on to be there for them no matter what…I thank whatever power everyday for bringing me Clark…

They were getting ready to walk out so I grabbed my bag, Lois linked arms with me and we walked out in front of the guys leaving them to follow…

(Clark POV)

For six months I have been waiting…waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was only recently that I realized living life that way…it only makes it worse. No one can predict the future…and I wouldn’t want to. There will always be twists and turns in life…but every new adventure whether good or bad shapes the people we become. It contributes to our scars both physical and emotional but at the same time while it’s leaving it’s mark it doesn’t define the person we become.

What we become is determined by what we do after the event…how we handle it…which path we chose to follow…Bad things happen…to good people and not so good people…things you can’t always prevent…things you can’t always save people from…but some how…everything always works itself out…Chloe and I will never be the same after what happened. That last piece of innocence we both tried to hold on to for so long is gone…

We haven’t figured everything out yet…but I’m ok with that…because we have a lifetime to uncover the mysteries of the world…together. As I watch her walking out that door with Lois, throwing her head back and laughing, eyes sparkling with happiness, my head flashed back to that night…when he face held the exact opposite. Pale ashen skin, lifeless eyes…I shook my head. That day broke me…but I’ve grown from it…I don’t regret anything I did that night…I do however regret why I did it.
Revenge should never be a motivator and I know that now.

Chloe has taught me a lot in the short amount of time I’ve been married to her. She taught me how to laugh again…how to have a relationship that didn’t have to be filled with drama and pain…the right way to paint a wall…how to be honest with everything bottled inside of me so it doesn’t eat away at me…but the most important thing I think she’s ever taught me…is about trusting myself and my instincts. Not to be afraid of what and who I am but to embrace it…use it instead of hiding it…She’s taught me to be a man…

I felt Oliver tap me lightly and my eyes focused on him.


“You ok Clark?”

I smiled and nodded. We walked out side by side as Oliver cooed at Jonathan.

“He really is a beautiful baby Clark.”

I grinned.

“What can I say…Chloe and I have good genes…”

He laughed and his voice got serious as the girls got into the Limo. He stopped walking and turned to me.

“Clark…they finally finished removing all debris from that deserted facility that Luthorcorp owned…”

I nodded and he paused. His voice was low but forceful.

“They haven’t found Lex’s body…they say he’s missing…not dead.”

I nodded again.

“If that’s true…them I’m sure he’ll make his appearance when he wants to be found.”

Oliver inclined his head.

“You’re most likely right. My surrvalence team reported back on movement from Lana. She and Alexander are moving to Metropolis…she bought a penthouse suit by the Luthorcorp towers. There’s word that she is the sole owner of the company now that Lex is gone…he left it all to her and his son…Lionel works for her now…that could be a problem…”

I shook my head. It wouldn’t be…Lana knows what would happen if she threatened my family or people I care about again…Lionel falls in the people I care about category…he’s helped me with Chloe more than anyone else…I wouldn’t let Lana hurt or manipulate him…Plus he’s the original Luthor…I’m sure he can handle himself…

“I doubt it…”

We headed into the limo and Chloe smiled when I entered with Jonathan. She sat next to me and I put an arm around her. Lois and Oliver were across from us and when Lois spoke I could hear the happiness in her voice.

“So Smallville…how’s your mom enjoying Washington? Is she settling into being a US Senator ok?”

I nodded.

“She loves it…she wishes she was closer to her grandson but she knows I can jet over there with him whenever she wants…so it works out.”

They nodded. Oliver got my attention and spoke lightly.

“The Justice League and I are going on a mission next week…there was some kind of…thing spotted on the coast of South America…you game Kent?”

I smiled. About a month after the whole Lex escapade…the guys decided to name their team finally…and The Justice League fit perfectly. Bart, Victor, and A.C. all lived in Star City at there Headquarters.

Lois and Oliver had an apartment not to far away from them. Chloe moonlighted for The Team when she wasn’t working at The Planet, which she went back to about three and a half months ago…She wound up writing an amazing expose on Lex and his experiments…

With all the data from Oliver and a few dozen sources…the article wound up getting her in on the ground floor of The Daily Planet…first person her age to skip two steps and be promoted to a full fledge reporter…

I was so proud of her that day…we went out and celebrated with the whole team. It was an amazing night. I glanced at Chloe and she smiled. I knew that smile…she always encouraged me to go with them…to help people when I could…to make a difference. I loved her for that…she never held me back…she always pushed me forward.

I nodded at Oliver.

“I’m in…”

He grinned and raised his glass to me then took a sip. Lois rolled her eyes but smiled.

“When do I get to come on these missions…I wanna help to you know…”

Oliver kissed her and spoke softly…I could tell by the tone of his voice how much he loved her.

“You do…you write for the Star City Gazette…you help in a different way Lo’. We all have our own methods and our own forms but we all help make the world better…to fight the injustice…isn’t that all that matters?”

He glanced down at her and I saw the gleam in her eyes.

“You’re an amazing man Oliver Queen…I’m honored to be the women you’re marrying…you know that right?”

He grinned.

“Absolutely…but you’re no where near as lucky as me…because I found you…I’m glad you sent me away that day when I came to drop off the letter to Senator Kent…because that was when I knew…you were it.”

She kissed him and I sighed. Chloe slapped me lightly and I chuckled. I looked at her and she was grinning.


She shrugged.

“Can’t I look at my husband?”

I waggled my eyebrows.

“You can do more than look baby…”

She slapped me.

“Don’t be a pervert in front of our son…at least pass him off to Lois or Oliver before you start getting all worked up.”

I shook my head and laughed she smiled. I held her tighter and as I looked around the limo an overwhelming feeling came over me.

These people were my family…we all finally have what we want…after all the pain, loneness, disasters…we are all still here. We survived it all…and I had no doubt that with these people around me…Oliver…Lois…Chloe…my son…the Justice League…Lionel my mom…all of them…that we’d survive it again. As long as we all stuck together there wasn’t anything strong enough to tare us apart. We were fighting for truth and justice…

Nothing would change that because it’s who we all are. I would risk my life for any of these people and I know they’d do the same for me…that’s family…that’s loyalty. I know Lex isn’t dead…I can feel it. And when he resurfaces he’s gonna be mad…and I’m prepared for that. He knows what I am now…no more running and hiding.

It’s time to show the world what I can do…it’s finally time to become the man Chloe has known I’ve been for years.

It’s amazing how in three minutes, that’s .05% of an hour, and .002083% a day, such a miniscule amount of time can change a person’s life so drastically, forever.

It took Three Minutes for Chloe and I to get married…Three Minutes for her to find Lana kissing me…Three Minutes for Wes to get out of my house with Chloe in tow… Three Minutes for me to leave her while she died to save our son…and Three Minutes to get everything I’ve lost back…

Sometimes your life can change drastically for the worse…but other times…other times you need to go through all the bad events to get to the ones that matter the most…

In Three Minutes, your life can be ended…torn apart…devistated…or You can be given a second chance at life…You can be reborn, and if you are…don’t waste this chance…help as many people as you can…be true to yourself…love for a lifetime…and enjoy everything you can…because you never know what the next Three Minutes will bring…


  1. Hey C.

    I dedicated this weekend to read some Chlark fics and this one is not an exception what a lovely fic you wrote here.I know you wrote it a long time ago but this was my first time reading it and I really loved every minute of it.
    The ending was superb, well done babes.

  2. Hey A-

    How goes it? Hehe thanks! This was my very first story EVER! I wrote it while I was on bed rest. The sequel unfortunatly is not finished yet. There are only 3 chapters up so far. *sigh* I'll get around to it eventually LoL.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for the review!


  3. Great story! Is the sequel up somewhere?

  4. I know that this is a older fic and everything but after the wonderful Chlollie evening I felt like revisiting an old ship for just a moment so I read this one and this was just such a beautiful fic that I can't believe I never read it before so I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your talent.

  5. @sticksades You know, there is, but it's incomplete and it doesn't look like it will be finished.

    It's sad because it's the only series I've NEVER finished and it makes me feel bad, but I just don't ship Clark and Chloe anymore so it's difficult for me to try and write the sequel past what I have. :(

  6. @liselle2010 Haha, yeah, this is a VERY old story. This was actually the very first fanfiction story I ever wrote.

    This was where my Journey as a fanfiction writer's weird looking back on it now haha. Hopefully people who have been reading my stuff from the beginning can see the progress I've made...if any haha.

    I really appreciate that. I might not ship Chlark anymore, but this story holds such a special place in my heart becuase it was my first one. So it's nice to know that people still enjoy it. *hugs* :)


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