December 23, 2008

Sixty Seconds (1/?)

Chapter 1

Rating: R
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Spoilers: This is a SEQUEL! Everything from Three Minutes. You’d probably have to read that to Understand this!
Couples: Chloe/Clark Lana/Lex Lois/Oliver other couples possible
Summary: This story takes place Five years from the end of Three Minutes. Lana Luthor has waited five years, five years of working, researching, experimental procedures, and has finally done the impossible, she’s brought Lex back from the dead. Five years after the chilling events of Lex’s last project he finally resurfaces to the world he left behind much to everyone’s shock. What he finds when he returns will set in motion a series of events that might be enough to strip the world of their newest and greatest hero, Superman. With Chloe in line for a Pulitzer for her expose on LutherCorp, LuthorCorp's new CEO Lana Luthor is denying all claims that were published by The Planet and going head to head with Chloe to do it. Can the Justice League and Superman stop Lex and Lana before it’s too late? When you’re fighting a war is anything sacred to the enemy? Or will they go through any avenue to bring you down even your children? One mother struggles to tell her son he must give up the only friend he’s had for the last two years of his life, as the other explains about loyalty and love. Can Superman save the world and his family or will he have to make a choice that will define the type of hero he becomes in the future? The Futures at stake and the Hero’s of today are fighting the Evil of the Tomorrow…for our present…When tempers run high and the past is revisited no one will come out unscathed….

August 2013
(Chloe POV)

In Sixty seconds….that’s one minute, such a minuet amount of time, there are mountains of things that you can do…Make a phone call…leave a voicemail….Check your email…or in sixty seconds…your whole world can come crashing down around you….

The crowd went silent as the dust settled. I placed my hand on the brick wall as the air was sucked from my lungs. My whole body shook as I tried to control the emotions running through me. No…oh god no…I could see the Green Arrow from where I stood. I watched him walk over to the crater in the middle of the street and bend down on one knee.

I pushed my body away from the side of the wall and started frantically pushing through the people gathered around the street. My heels clicked in time with my erratic heart beat. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me.

At some point I realized the crowed had parted for me as I made my way to the middle of the street. I came to a halt next to Green Arrow: he stood quickly, and grabbed my arm. I hit him a few times before he let me go. I moved to the edge of the crater and peered down.

Past the smoke I could see a figure lying there…torn and bloody. I was frantic. I started to climb down there when Green Arrow grabbed my arm in a tight grip and my head whipped around to face him.

“Let go…”

I saw him glare at me as he spoke in a hard voice.

“Chloe you can’t go down there…not like this…”

“I don’t care…”

I concentrated on him and his body jerked back and released my arm. I half climbed-half slid down into the crater. By the time I got to the bottom my shirt was full of dust and debris and my skirt was ripped. The air grew cold and my hair was whipping around my face.

I crawled over and placed my hand on his chest as I spoke in a loud voice.


My eyes teared up and I adjusted my body so his head was in my lap. I ran my hands through his blood caked hair and spoke in a whisper.


His body was heavy and unmoving…I could hear whispering from above us as people clambered around…nothing mattered…there was blood all over his face and his suit was torn in a dozen different places…he wasn’t moving…I moved my head to his chest and I let out a sob that I’m sure all of Metropolis heard…

My head laid still…It didn’t rise and fall with Clarks chest…the damn broke and tears erupted from my eyes as I cried over his lifeless body…I never thought there’d be a day when I’d be in this position…I cried for Martha…and the son she’d never see again…I cried for The Justice League for the friend and companion they lost…

I cried for the people of Metropolis for the hero they never really knew but loved…I cried for Landon who would never get to meet his Uncle Clark…I cried for myself for the best friend and lover that would never hold me in his arms again…

But most of all I cried for Jonathan…for the father he’s lost and would now have to grow up in this world without…

I never thought the day where Superman would fail would ever be a reality….as I glanced up and saw all the faces around me their faces started to spin and my head grew dizzy…the last thing I remember seeing was the face of a blonde headed girl with bright green eyes filled with pain….before everything went black…
Sixty seconds is such a miniscule amount of time…but that’s all it took for the worlds greatest hero to fall…

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