December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (2/11)

Chapter 2

Present Time
(Clark POV)

I could feel the soft material of the bedspread beneath my body as I sat on the edge of the bed. I was tired…physically…emotionally…just plain tired. When I finally found my way to where Bizzarro had gone he was already destroyed. Someone got to him before I could…and I have no clue who that someone was…

I slowly bent down and placed my head in my hands. I closed my eyes and shook it slightly. I can’t imagine what Lois is thinking right now. She saw me use my powers…she agreed to stay here so she can’t be that repulsed by it…or maybe she was…I dunno…but I’m going to have to tell her something.

Chloe would know what to say if she were here…my body froze at the thought. I felt shivers run up and down my spine as I thought of her. Chloe wouldn’t ever be here again…I’d never hear her bubbly laughter, or watch her chew on her lower lip when she is nervous…I’d never hear her defend what we do, or put me back in my place when I’m being an ass.

She’s just…gone. I searched every single inch of that facility for her…I dug through every slab of debris twice…that building was probably torn apart ten times worse by me then the actual flooding and explosions caused by my fight with Bizarro…and nothing. Her body was nowhere to be found.

The police confirmed her dead though, apparently two cops stumbled on her body when they initially went inside to see if anyone was hurt. After they determined she was already dead they came out to call for help, but by the time help arrived Chloe’s body was gone.

They claimed it would turn up eventually…that sometimes these things happen…or at least that’s what I heard them saying when I got to the hospital…They were talking about Lois and how they were related…I interjected in there conversation and told them I would tell Lois…she shouldn’t have to hear it from strangers…

When I couldn’t find her I thought maybe she was ok…maybe she managed to get herself out of there and find help…that’s what I hoped…at least until I heard the officers talking in the waiting room of the hospital…that’s when it really hit me…Chloe is gone…just like Lana…my moms in Washington…I have nothing left in Smallville for me…I’m all alone…

The slight knock on the door startled me. I lifted my head and glanced at the door. I knew who it was…I mean Lois was the only one here…I was hunched over with my elbows resting on my knees and my chin on my hands. I cleared my throat and spoke in a low voice.

“It’s open.”

I watched as the door tentively opened and Lois’s body came into view. She gave me a once over and I could tell she wanted to say something. Her eyes stopped at my shirt and surveyed its damage. She spoke in a quiet voice, which if you knew Lois was unusual.

“What happened to your clothes?”

I glanced down and saw the holes, burns and tares in my shirt. When I looked back up I shrugged and spoke as lightly as I could.
“I went back inside the facility to look for…Chloe…I was moving a lot of things around trying to find her. I guess I got a little torn up in the process.”

She nodded and stood right against the door. The silence in the room was deafening. Neither of us knew what to say. After a few minutes I heard Lois speak.


I didn’t say anything but I gazed at her to let her know I was listening.

“What…what are you?”

I knew this question was coming…but how do I answer it? How would Chloe handle this? Should I tell Lois my secret or make up some excuse to play off what happened today? My mouth opened and closed a few times and I saw Lois’s face-harden. This time when her voice came out it held some of the old Lois.

“I want the truth Smallville…no lame excuses or lies.”

Well I guess that took care of that…Lois was about to join the I know an alien club. I sighed and watched her closely as I began to talk.

“I’m not from around here. I’m from a planet called Krypton…I was sent here by my birth parents because my world was destroyed. My ship crashed in Smallville along with the first Meteor shower.”

She was standing there with a raised eyebrow and an expression on her face that said she didn’t really believe me.

“My powers…the ones you saw me use earlier today I have them because I’m an alien Lois. I can run faster than a normal person…I’m stronger than anyone I know…I have heat vision, x-ray vision, super breath, and super hearing. That’s the truth…that’s who I really am…”

I glanced down and shuffled my feet while I sat. My voice was quiet when I spoke.

“If you’re gonna freak out and leave do it now…I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle once I’ve fully processed everything that’s happened today.”

I sat there and waited. I heard her clear her throat and I looked up with a frown.

“Why are you still here?”

I watched confusion cover her face.

“Why did you think I was gonna leave?”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know…maybe because I just told you I’m an alien from outer space…that could be why…”

I watched her fold her arms across her chest and lean against the doorframe. She gazed at me with curiosity.

“Did Chloe know?”

I gave her a sharp look and nodded as I spoke.

“For a few years now.”

“No wonder the two of you always acted like you had your own little secret club…you kinda did…”

“I guess we did.”

I felt an awkward silence settle over us and I shifted uncomfortably on the bed. My mind started to wonder back to earlier today when Lois broke my train of thought.

“It’s ok you know…that you are…whatever you are. I’m assuming all those times you were there to help me and other people…it wasn’t just a coincidence…it’s good to know that there’s someone looking out for…the people they…care about. Thanks… for being honest…and not making up some kind of story…”

I glanced at her, really looked and saw the pain and dare I say acceptance in her eyes. And in that moment…I felt a little less alone. I nodded and turned my eyes back to my hands. When I heard a hitch in her breathing I glanced up. I saw her hand over her mouth and tears pooling in her eyes.

I stood up quickly and before I could say or do anything Lois was in my arms grasping my tattered shirt tightly. I could feel her body shaking with sobs and I wasn’t sure what to do. Lois is not an emotional person…not with me anyway…I carefully wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back slightly.

I leaned my head down and when I inhaled…I smelt Chloe…and the tears came…

(Lois POV)

I felt his arms tighten around me and I didn’t feel so stupid anymore. I wasn’t sure how Clark would react to physical contact…the only person aside from Lana he was close to on that level was…Chloe. But instead of pushing me away he brought me closer. I knew the minute he started to let himself go because his grip got slightly tighter and I felt what I assumed were tears on my shoulder.

My tears lessoned and I whispered by his ear.

“I need her Clark…she was my baby cousin…I was supposed to protect her…”

I heard his muffled voice as he spoke.

“I failed her to…I promised her I’d always be there to protect her…whenever she needed me…and I wasn’t…she’s gone.”

I let my iron grip go and stepped away from him. He wiped his face and stood there awkwardly. I covered my mouth as I yawned. My body was exhausted. Clark must have noticed because I saw him moving around the room grabbing pillows and blankets. He seemed relieved to have something to do.

“It’s been a long day. We’re both tired we should get some sleep. Do you need anything for you’re head?”

“No…thanks I’m good Smallville.”

He nodded and glanced around the room while talking.

“I’m just gonna grab some of my things and head off to the couch.”

To be quite honest I didn’t want to stay alone…but for someone like me to come out and say that…it was weird. He started walking out of the room when I called out to him.


He turned and gave me an inquisitive look.


I paused and shuffled my feet slightly. It was my turn to feel out of place. I hesitated before speaking.

“You think maybe you’d mind staying up here…with me…just for a little bit?”

He was quiet for a few minutes and I thought he was going to say no.


I nodded. I moved over to the bed slid off my shoes and pulled back the covers. I got into the bed and wrapped myself in the comforting warmth of the fresh smelling blankets. Clark moved his desk chair over and sat his large frame in the chair.

He propped his feet up and titled his head back lightly. I watched his eyes move over to me and then close.

“Get some rest Lois.”

I nodded and burrowed deeper into the blankets wishing this day would just end. I felt my eyelids getting heavier and my breathing slowed down. I could feel myself starting to fall asleep. My voice was low when it came out.


He grunted.


“Don’t think our talk about you being E.T. is over. Where going to have to discuss this further…just not right now…”

I saw his eyes pop open and a ghost of a smile appeared on my face as my eyes closed. The last conscious thought I had was maybe I wasn’t as alone as I thought…

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