December 28, 2008

Trial and Error (1/11)

Chapter 1


Rating: PG-13
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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to The CW and the Creators of Smallville. But Boy what I wouldn’t do if I owned Lex and Clark. ;-)
Spoilers: Takes place in the aftermath of the Season 6 Season Finale…But Everything up to Season 6 and beyond is fair game…
Couples: Will eventually be Chloe/Clark possibly Lois/Oliver and Maybe…tiny Possibility Kara/Jimmy
Summary: What if Lana had died in the car explosion and Lex was never arrested at the dam. Lex heard about Chloe’s demise before anyone and had her body removed from the damn and taken to 33.1. Right before her autopsy Chloe awakens. Lex is shocked and instead of bringing her to the hospital he keeps her in 33.1 to study her powers. What would Clark Kent do if he came back from fighting an evil that almost destroyed the world to find out he was too late? Chloe is presumed dead, but her body has mysteriously disappeared. Clark has a feeling that Chloe is still alive. Can he find Chloe before Lex destroys her for good or is her fate of being Lex’s lab rat sealed?
Dedication: To Chlollie!!! This one’s for you! J


(Clark POV)

I shook myself off and stood up. I have to get back to the dam…who knows what kind of damage he’s caused already…I sped back to where the dam was. As I got closer I could hear a loud noise…it sounded like rushing water…like a waterfall. I reached the dam and I saw the water pouring out of the hole I was thrown from. Dammit…Lionel was inside there…I had to get him out.

I sped over the bridge and back into the facility. I glanced around and tried to listen for any movement. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the area around me…nothing. I called out to see if Lionel could hear me.


I heard a slight grunting to my left. I ran around the corner and the ceiling and walls were collapsing all around. The debris was blocking me from going any further. I moved forward and lifted a large part of what looked to be the side of the tunnel. When I tossed it aside and glanced back over to the spot it was blocking my eyes met wide hazel-green ones.

She was leaning against the wall with her mouth open wide as she stared in my direction. I watched the color slowly drain from her face as she tried to form a sentence. I heard more crashing and that must have startled her out of the shocked state she was in. She squinted her eyes as she spoke in a raspy voice.


I nodded. I didn’t have time to explain…not now anyway. I leaned over and held out my hand.

“We need to get out of here Lois. I have to find Lionel and get you guys out of here. The dam is collapsing…it burst…we have to go…”

I watched her nod slightly as she took my hand; I pulled her up, grabbed her body and pulled her against me. I sped in the direction that I last saw Lionel. When I stopped and let her down she gasped and moved slightly away from me.

I started moving rubble and calling out to Lionel. I was about to go look somewhere else when I saw his jacket peaking out of a pile of rocks. I went over and dug him out. By the time I lifted the last rock I could see he was unconscious. I lifted him over my shoulder and turned to Lois who was watching me in fascination.

I started to tug her out of the tunnels when she yanked her arm back and stopped me.


I turned and gave her a confused look.

“What? Lois we don’t have time for this.”

She shook her head frantically and her hand went to her side. I glanced down and saw a whole bunch of blood scattered across her clothing. She spoke in a worried voice.

“I…I was stabbed…but it’s fine now…Chloe was here with me…something was wrong with her Clark…there was some kind of explosion and I got separated from her. That’s what I was trying to do when you found me. I was trying to find her…”

My eyes widened.

“Chloe’s here Lois?”

“I just said that!”

I grabbed her and sped them outside to the bridge. I placed Lionel on the ground and Lois next to him. I tossed her my cell phone.

“Call 911 I’ll find Chloe.”

I started making my way back into the building when I felt a light hand on my shoulder. I turned slightly giving Lois an impatient look. Her voice came out low.

“Clark…please…. find her…and…be careful.”

I nodded before taking off in a blur…

Six Hours Later…

(Lois POV)

The small room smells like alcohol and disinfectant. I could feel the doctor’s cold hands against my head using surgical tape to secure the gauze to it. I glanced at Clark who was standing in the corner with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes cast downward. The doctor started talking to me but I tuned him out and nodded as I watched Clark. His body was tense and even though I couldn’t see his eyes I knew they were red from crying. I shook my head when I heard my name being called.

“Miss Lane…. Miss Lane…”

I glanced up. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I closed it and cleared my throat. I feel like I haven’t spoken in days. My throat was soar and my voice came out raspy.

“I’m sorry doctor Weber…what was that?”

He sighed and I saw sympathy on his face.

“Miss Lane…you’ve been through a very traumatic experience…I want to make sure you have friends or family to stay with for a few days…to make sure everything is ok with that head injury of yours.”

I gazed into his eyes and I could feel mine fill with tears. When I spoke it came out slightly broken…and soft.

“The only family I have in Smallville is…Chloe…she’s all…that…here…just…her.”

I felt a few warm tears slid down my cheeks and I squeezed my eyes shut. I heard Clark speak up from the corner. His voice was gruff when he spoke.

“She can stay with me.”

I opened my eyes and watched the doctor hesitate as he turned to Clark.

“Are you sure Mr. Kent…you’ve been through quite an ordeal as well.”

I watched him nod but he wouldn’t make direct eye contact with me. I slid slowly off the metal table and my legs shook slightly when they hit the ground. I felt a strong arm steady me before leading me out of the hospital room. On the way out Clark went to the nurses station and made sure that as soon as Lionel was out of surgery they would call and let him know how he was.

We walked silently out to the truck. Clark opened his door and got in and I followed his lead. Once I was buckled in he took off slowly down the road. I glanced over and took in his appearance. His clothes were ripped and cover in burns, soot and debris. His face was grim, his body tense, and his eyes held no emotion.

I closed my eyes and leaned back and rested my head against the chair. The mood in the car was somber and why wouldn’t it be? Fours hours ago my world shifted…my life was altered…I became a failure…four hours ago a dirty, worn out, emotional, Clark Kent came bursting through the hospital doors with a look of utter despair on his face.

Four hours ago Clark looked into my eyes and spoke the three words that I never wanted to here… “ Chloe was dead…” Two hours later the police made an official statement and did a body count…Things would never be the same after today…Chloe was gone…so was Lana…Clark was…well I have no clue what he was…and me…I was alone…
Without Chloe…I had no one…and neither did Clark…

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