December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (3/11)

Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Ten Hours After The Dam Broke
(Lex POV)

I walked into the mansion with the phone pressed against my ear.

“I don’t care what you do…she’s dead. Just make sure when I get there you’re ready to do the autopsy. I don’t want any delays…”

“Of course Mr. Luther sir.”

I slammed the phone shut and turned the knobs on the study doors. They whipped open as I made my way to the desk. The minute I sat into the chair my anger deflated and I dropped the phone to my desk. Lana is dead…and I’m still up in the air on how I feel about that.

There was a side of me that felt she deserved it…she betrayed me…married me while she was still in love with Clark…made a fool out of me…and no one makes a fool out of Lex Luther…but then…there was another part…

A larger part that said…this was the girl you’ve loved for six years…the woman you finally thought you could be open with…someone who if you hadn’t tricked and lied to…would probably not have said all that stuff about Clark…a women that despite of all the stuff she said I still love…

And now…now she’s gone. I just came back from the morgue. They called me in to identify the body…or what was left of it…it made me sick…I’ve seen a lot of terrible things…I’ve been the cause of a lot of them but this…it burnt me to the core…what I went through today I don’t wish on my worst enemy…but I know he’s going through it as well…

I mean he’s the one who told me she died…no let me rephrase that…he accused me of killing her. Again…I have been responsible for a lot of things…but I didn’t kill Lana…I wouldn’t do that…not her…never her…I leaned back in my chair, folded my hands together and tried to push her from my mind.

There was too much going on right this second for me to grieve…I needed to keep moving forward…and I had the perfect thing to keep my attention…Chloe Sullivan. When I fled the facility after I ran into Clark I heard two police officers discussing finding her in the tunnels…dead. I made a few calls and had my people retrieve her before the police even knew what had happened.

It was beautifully done and gave me the perfect opportunity to try and figure out what power Chloe got from her mother. I’m meeting one of my scientists at an abandoned 33.1 facility so I can watch as he dissects her bit by bit until we figure out what makes her so damn special...

After that I’d let myself acknowledge the loss of my wife.

(One Hour Later)

I made my way into the rundown facility. It was one of the buildings Green Arrow and his team of Merry Men hit a few months back. It wasn’t fully functional yet but it would serve our purpose. I reached the door, lifted my right hand up and slowly twisted the knob.

I pushed the door open and entered the dark room. I glanced around and didn’t see the Dr. Andrews anywhere. I moved further into the room and glanced through the glass partition into a room that resembled a morgue. There laid out on the table was Chloe covered up to her neck in a white sheet. She looked ethereal.

It was astounding…from where I was standing she looked as if she were sleeping. I frowned…something didn’t seem right I opened the door and walked into the small room. I moved in so I was looming above her body. Her skin was pale and her lips held a bluish tint to them.

She looked like a china doll. I heard the door open and close behind me and I turned to see who it was. I walked forward and shook his hand.

“Dr. Andrews…are we ready to begin?”

“Yes Mr. Luther.”

I waved him off.

“Get to it then.”

I watched him place gloves over his hands as he moved closer to her body. He took out his tools and turned on the recorder over his head. He slid the sheet down to right below her belly button. I saw the scalpel gleam in the florescent lights, as his hand made it’s way closer to her body.

The blade touched down on her skin and right when the blade pressed down deeply her chest moved up and down of it’s own accord. My eyes widened and Dr. Andrews leaped back as if he had been burnt. I watched her body inhale and exhale as her eyes popped open.

Oh my god…Chloe was alive…

(Chloe POV)

I could hear noise around me…it sounded like it was coming from far away. Something was wrong…I can’t move! Oh god Lois…there was so much blood…I hope she’s ok…where am I? I felt a burning sensation in my lungs so I breathed in deep and attempted to take a large breath. It worked…I could feel my lungs filling with air.

I slowly started to feel all my limbs again and the voices were getting closer now. It sounded like some kinda doctor was talking…that’s weird…my eyelids were heavy and but I kept on putting effort into opening them…finally I started to see a small gleam of light…

And the more I opened my eyes the brighter it got. I felt a slight breeze against my bare skin as I eyes kept slowly moving. Then a thought occurred to me. Wind against my bare skin…why don’t have any clothes on. My eyes popped open at that thought.

What I saw shocked the hell out of me. Standing to the right in the corner in front of me was an older gentlemen in a lab coat holding some kind of instrument that was dangling loosely from his fingertips.

I turned my head slightly and winced. I don’t ever remember my neck being this stiff before…not even when I pulled all nighters at The Daily Planet and fell asleep at my desk. Standing behind me with a look of complete awe on his face was Lex.

I frowned. What was Lex doing here and where was I? I moved my hands to the side of the metal table and attempted to lift myself up. My arms shook with my weight but I managed to sit up enough too see I was nude from the top down. My eyes widened and I grabbed the white sheet that was covering me from below the waste and pulled it up to my chin.

I was about to say something when Lex spoke in a cautious voice as he approached me.


I raised an eyebrow.


“Are you…how are you feeling?”

I tightened my hand on the sheet and gave him a weary look.

“Where am I?”

I watched him glance toward the doctor in the corner and then back at me. I slid my feet off the table so I was in a sitting position. I wrapped the sheet so it was around my body and I stood on shaky legs. I had to place my hand on the table to steady myself as I waited for his answer.

“Chloe there was an accident…at the dam…you were hurt. We found you and brought you here so we could help you.”

I moved away from the table and slowly backed away from Lex. I glanced toward the door and his eyes followed mine. I made a run for the door but my legs were still feeling kind of weird and he caught me in his arms before I made it there. I twisted and struggled but he didn’t let go.

“Get off me Lex! GET OFF…. HEEELP HELP!”

I saw him looked over my shoulder as he spoke to the doctor.

“Call security get them in here to help…GO NOW!”

The doctor moved out of the room quickly and Lex pushed me away from him. I stumbled to the floor and glanced up. His face was hard and his eyes were cold. I spoke with as much strength as I could muster. My eyes never left his.

“I want to go home.”

He glared at me…

“You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying right here Chloe…Welcome to 33.1…”

I watched his lips curve into a grin and I swallowed hard. Oh god…I was in 33.1…I glanced around and there was no way out…when my eyes reached Lex again I could see his intentions in his face…I slowly stood up and moved away from him right as the door opened and security came in.

I moved back against the wall as three guys came toward me. I was shaking my head.

“Please…please don’t so this…”

When they didn’t stop coming I closed my eyes and let a tear slip out. Clark…I need you…help me…please…

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