December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (5/11)

Chapter 5

Chapter 4
The Next Night
(Chloe POV)

I glanced up when I heard a click at the door and saw the knob turning. I slipped the small piece of metal I detached from the bed up my shirtsleeve and waited for them to enter. The larger guy came in first with a smirk on his face. I glared in his direction as he walked toward me. His voice was deep when he spoke.

“Get up Sullivan…you should know the drill by now. Don’t make us chase you around the room like last time.”

I sighed and got up from the bed. I looked down slightly and made my way over to them slowly. I just needed to get a little closer…if they think I’m going along with this they won’t use too much force and I’ll be able to get away. He grabbed my arm as his friend came around on the other side of me.

“Here I’ll hold her for you.”

The bigger guy came around on the other side and took of the syringe. He moved it closer and closer to my body. Right when he was about to inject me I moved my arm down slightly and the piece of metal slid out and landed in my hand. I brought my arm back quickly and used the metal to slam into his face. He stumbled and I grabbed the syringe from him.

The other guy went to grab me and when his arms wrapped around my midsection I jabbed the needle into it. He looked at me and not even a minute later his arms dropped and he passed out. I turned and saw the larger of the two guys starting to get up.

I ran for the door and he grabbed my ankle. I kicked him a few times before his hand slipped. I kicked him in the face twice before running out of the room. I could feel my heart beating a thousand miles per second in my chest I could fell the sweat coming off my body as my feet made loud pounding noises on the ground.

I rounded the corner and stopped abruptly. It was a dead end. I frowned. How was that possible? I’ve been walked down the other hall before…the only things that way are labs and offices. Everyone who leaves the facility always comes this way…where is the door?

All of a sudden the lights on the walls started blaring and an alarm sounded. I could hear a stampede of feet coming my way. Shit! I glanced around in front of me one more time and as I got to a corner I squinted. Is that a door? I ran over to the left corner and tried to open it.

It was locked. Of course it was locked. Dammit…what now? I could hear them getting closer and I banged on it. I kept turning the knob…but nothing. I moved back and kicked it. I wouldn’t go down without a fight…I wouldn’t do it…I kept kicking frantically until I felt the door give way under my foot. I actually laughed as I ran in the room.

My happiness was short lived when I looked around the room. It was another office…this wasn’t the way out…oh god…now what…how do I get out of here. I closed the door and looked around for something to push against it cause I might have broken it a little when I kicked it to death.

I started moving furniture. First a small cabinet then a small desk…I leaned against it once it was against the door and placed my head into my hands. I shook it. I want to go home…I want to sleep in my bed and see my family. I felt tears brimming at my eyes as I felt a bang against the door. I could hear Lex screaming through the door.

“Chloe there’s no way out in there. Come out …now…or I swear I’ll make you regret it…Dammit!”

I heard him screaming at the men to break down the damn door. I felt a few tears slid down my cheek as I glanced up. I sniffed and then my eyes caught something on the desk…a phone…oh my god a phone…I ran over to the desk and a picked it up. I nearly broke down when I heard the ring tone.

I dialed the number of the one person I knew would always help me…I know it’s late but he has to be there…I need him…I pressed the last button and heard it ring…Please Clark…please be there…I need you…I closed my eyes as I listened to the rhythmic pounding as I waited for Clark to pick up.

(Clark POV)

I could hear the clicking of the keys as Lois typed up her newest story. She had taken finding out about Chloe fairly well the other day. I wanted to tell her about Lex and 33.1 to, but I didn’t think it was the right time. There’s so much going on and she didn’t need anything else thrown on her shoulders.

I snapped out of my daze as a book slammed me in the head. I glared over at the kitchen table where Lois was sitting.

“What the hell was that for Lois?”

She shrugged.

“I was talking to you and you weren’t paying attention to me. I needed to get you’re attention somehow.”

I shook my head.


“Come check the spelling of something for me.”

I sighed. I moved over to the computer and glanced over her shoulder.

“It’s fine Lois. When are we going to start looking into things?”

I saw her body tense for a second before relaxing.


Before she could finish the phone rang. I frowned and looked at the clock. It was late and Lois raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and moved over to the phone.

“You should finish that…don’t wanna be up all night doing it…then all I’ll hear in the morning in your complaining…”

I heard her mumble shut up and I chuckled as I picked up the phone.

I heard heavy breathing over the phone and I frowned.



I froze. I felt my heart skip a beat when I heard the voice on the other end. Could it really be possible? Was I losing my mind? Oh god…I should say something. I took a deep breath and my voice was emotional when I spoke.


I heard a noise on the other end that sounded like a mixture of laughter and a sob.

“Oh Clark thank god…I need help…please…Clark help me!”

My fist tightened on the phone and my voice got louder.


That got Lois’s attention and she turned. When I faced her she was pale. I watched her body get up and move over to me of it’s own accord. She put her head by the phone and I could tell the minute she heard Chloe yelling. Her voice cracked and she broke down into sobs.

I was trying to concentrate on Chloe when I heard a loud bang on the other end.

“Chloe what’s going on? Where are you? what was that noise?”

“Clark…I don’t…I don’t know where I am…but I know I’m in some kind of facility…please help me…I need you Clark…there here…I…”

her voice was cut off and I heard her screaming…telling someone to let her go…I could hear struggling and things breaking and I screamed into the phone.


I heard things quiet down and then there was rustling by the phone.

“Hello….who is this?”

I felt my blood run cold as I heard the voice on the other end. Lois opened her mouth and was about to say something when I shook my head frantically. I heard the hard edge to his voice when he spoke.

“I know it’s you Clark…who else was she call…you can stay as quiet as you like…but you’ll never find her…and after the stunt she pulled tonight you’ll be lucky if you find all the pieces of her in one place. Enjoy the rest of your evening…oh and by the way…Chloe’s already gone…so save yourself a trip if you actually find out where we are…”

a second later I heard the dial tone. I looked over at Lois’s wet face and my jaw tensed. I crushed the phone in my palm and Lois spoke quickly.

“What happened Clark?”

My voice was hard, the look in my eyes was cold and I spoke with venom in my voice.


I saw Lois frown. Her bout of crying was over and she was pacing the length of the kitchen.

“What does Lex have to do with this? Clark dammit! Tell me what’s going on.”

“He has Chloe. We need to find her. Listen Lois there are some things I haven’t told you…things about Lex…about experiments he’s been doing on Meteor infected people…and I promise I’ll let you in on it…but I need to make a phone call first.”

“To who?”

I moved to grab my cell phone from the table.

“To someone who can help us figure out where Chloe is.”

I opened my phone and scrolled through the numbers until I got to Oliver’s. He was gonna be mad that I called with Lois here…but I don’t have a choice. Chloe’s life is in danger…she’s alive…I didn’t fail…and I was gonna find her…no matter what I had to do.

I pressed the button and heard it ring as I waited for him to pick up his phone.

“Hey Clark…what can I do you for.”

“I have a problem…any chance you can round up the team and make your way out here?”

I could hear the frown in his voice.

“Clark…we’re a little busy out here…”

I cut him off.

“Lex has Chloe. I’m assuming he has her held up in a 33.1 facility…but I don’t know where…”

I heard some things being moved around and then I heard some muffled talking before Oliver got back on the phone.

“Give us a day. We’ll finish up what we’re doing and come right out there. I’m sorry about Chloe Clark…we’ll get her back.”

“Thanks…oh…before I forget…Lois is here…I know that makes things difficult…but I had no one else to call…”

I heard him sigh.

“Well she was bound to find out sometime…just don’t say anything until I get there…let me tell her.”

“You got it…Thanks again Oliver…”

He disconnected the call and Lois glared at me.

“Oliver? What are you calling Oliver for Clark? How is he gonna help Chloe and since when do you still talk to him?”

I was busted…but we didn’t have time for this…we needed to worry about Chloe. Lex had her and god knows what he was doing to her…I can’t let him hurt her…I need her…hearing her voice…I can’t tell you what it meant…I knew she was alive…I knew it.

I shook my head.

“Lois I told you I would explain later. Chloe’s alive!”

I smiled.

“We don’t have time for this…we need to try and figure out where Lex has her stashed…I don’t know what he’s doing to her but I know it can’t be good…Oliver will be here tomorrow with the guys…we’ll all sit down then and fill you in ok?”

she didn’t look happy but she nodded. I needed to find Chloe’s computer I wonder if Lois knew where it was.

“Lo’ we need Chloe’s computer…do you remember where you put it when they gave it to you?”

she looked thoughtful for a moment and then nodded as she headed off to get it. This was it…we were gonna find Chloe…and when we got her back…I wasn’t ever gonna let her go again…

(Chloe POV)

I shifted back and forth and slowly opened my eyes. A bright light switched on and I squinted. I tried to move my arms and legs but they were held in place on either side of me above my head and my legs stretched out with metal cuffs.

I struggled but it didn’t budge.

“Trying to go somewhere?”

I couldn’t move my head either…I looked up and saw Lex staring coldly into my eyes…

“You’re going to regret trying to leave here Chloe…I’m gonna make you scream…”

I saw him nod to his left and I heard a loud buzzing noise…I couldn’t see anything until a couple seconds later. My eyes widened and I tried shaking my head.

“No….please Lex don’t…no…”

I saw the large drill like object descending toward my naked stomach…I could feel the cool tip against my skin as its sharp tip pressed into me. I felt it dig into my skin and then rip through as blood pooled out. I screamed as tears poured from my eyes. Oh god someone please help me…I felt the searing pain spread and thought to myself…Clark will come…I know he will. That was my last thought before everything went black…

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