December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (6/11)

Chapter 6

Chapter 5
The Next Day (Early Afternoon)
(Clark POV)

I paced around the house. Where was Oliver? He said he was finishing things up and then he’d be here…he’s really pissing me off! I sighed and stopped pacing. Ok…let’s be honest here for a minute. I’m not mad at Oliver…I’m scared for Chloe…she called here frantically over ten hours ago and I still had no clue where she was. Lois was calmer then me, she kept telling me to relax because I was no good to Chloe like this.

I just don’t get how she could be so calm…she kept saying that now we know for sure Chloe’s alive…and that should make me happy…and we were gonna get her back cause she wouldn’t let anything happen to her…but the thing is…something’s already happening to her. I heard it in Lex’s voice…there is no way he’s letting her off that easy after she tried to escape.

I grunted and grabbed one of the trinkets from the counter and tossed it. It went through the wall and out into the field. I groaned. I heard an amused voice that startled me and I glanced up.

“Trying to take someone’s head off with that Clark? Or were you just trying to knock some sense into me?”

I grinned and walked toward the door as he came in.

“Oliver…thanks…for getting here so soon.”

I frowned.

“Where is everyone?”

He laughed.

“There coming don’t worry.”

Just then a flash of red moved by me and Bart appeared out of nowhere…his face was anything but good humored. The door opened again and in walked Victor and A.C. and following behind them was a tall blonde girl that I’d never seen before.

I raised an eyebrow.

“New team member?”

Oliver frowned.

“Not exactly. We found her roaming outside your farm…thought she was a friend of yours.”

I shook my head and moved in front of the girl. I crossed my arms over my chest and I gave her a hard look.

“Who are you?”

She glanced at me and looked me up and down. She seemed hesitant to speak so I grabbed her arms and when I did she glared, placed her hands under my arms, and threw me off her with so much strength that I slammed into the wall causing it to crack a bit. I heard pounding down the stairs and Lois appeared around the corner.

“What the hell is going on here Smallville?”

She gazed around and saw Oliver. Her voice softened.


I saw him give her a sadden smile.

“Hey Lo’”

I looked at the girl as she walked toward me. She stood over me and spoke clearly and in a hard voice.

“My name is Kara Zor-el…I am from Krypton…I am here seeking Kal-el, the last son of Krypton. I am his cousin…”

I frowned as I looked up. Wonderful…today was gonna be longer then I initially thought another relative from Krypton…and to think they keep on telling me I’m the last one…well…apparently not…

Two Hours Later

(Lois POV)

I can’t believe Oliver is the Green Arrow…I can’t believe he has some kind of secret super hero team and that’s why he left. The worst part is if he was just honest with me and told me why he was leaving…I really think we could have made things work between us…I mean he left for a good cause…he’s helping people…

I glanced at Clark who still looked extremely confused. Apparently Clark’s cousin…Kara I believed her name is was sent here the same time he was but something happened and she wound up just waking up now. She was looking for Clark because she’s supposed to protect him or show him his heritage…I have no clue something like that.

But she’s the one who stopped Bizzaro…so at least that mystery was solved…thank god cause Clark was kinda worried about it. Now that we know though we can fully concentrate on finding Chloe. As I glanced around I saw everyone having there own conversations. I was getting sick of this. We need to find Chloe and someone has to take charge.

I shook my head and stood up.


Every person in the room faced me and froze. I glared at them and spoke in a quiet but stern voice.

“Now that we have all shared our dirty little secrets it’s time to get serious. Chloe is out there somewhere…and I don’t even want to think about what Lex is doing to her. We don’t have time to be arguing about who’s from where, why there here, or why you left…the only thing we should be focusing on is Chloe.”

Clark nodded.

“You’re right Lois.”

He turned to Oliver and spoke in an authorative manner.

“I sent you the phone number from where she called last night. Do we have anything?”

Oliver pulled out some papers from his back pocket and handed then to Clark.

“It’s called the Warren facility. We destroyed it about three months back. It’s located about three towns away from Metropolis. I don’t think she’s there anymore though Clark.”

I frowned and spoke up.

“Why not?”

Oliver turned to me and before he could say anything the kid in red spoke.

“I ran over there last night to check out the situation…but the place was emptied out. No one was there.”

Oliver sighed and shook his head.

“It looks like Lex has been using the facilities that we already hit…because he must figure it’s harder to find him that way. But if he is sticking to that pattern that’s a good thing because that means there are only so many facilities he can use.”

Clark walked over to me and handed me the paper work so I could see it. He stood there with his arms crossed and spoke.

“Ok so here’s what we do. Oliver I ant you to print out a list of every 33.1 facility you guys destroyed. Then from that we’ll set up teams of two and one team of three and divide up the facilities equally. Whoever finds Chloe first calls in the rest of the team.”

He started looking around and he pointed at me.

“Lois you go with Oliver. Bart you’re with A.C. and I’ll go with Victor.”

I heard the blonde girl speak up for the first time in a while.

“What about me Kal el?”

I heard him grunt and turn to face her.

“My name is Clark and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to help or not.”

She nodded.

“I’m not a bad person Clark…and if this girls means that much to you then I’ll help, and when we get back I can explain everything to you.”

He nodded.

“Then you go with Lois and Oliver. That way every team has someone quick enough to get to whichever facility Chloe’s at in time with super speed.”

I watched Clark take charge and it made me feel a little better. He was really determined to find Chloe…I don’t think he realizes how much she means to him…but I can see it now…I can see the love there…we’d find Chloe…because failure wasn’t an option.

(Clark POV)

“Ok guys everyone knows what they have to do. Let’s all get ready and meet back here in an hour. Then we’ll split up our teams and start searching for Chloe.”

Oliver and hi team nodded and all started filing out of the house to do what they needed to do before we all left. I watched Lois watching Oliver and a small smile slipped on my lips. Maybe something good would come from all this…now that Lois knows about Oliver…maybe those two will be able to work things out.

No matter what Lois said I know that she still cares about him. I sighed and faced my other visitor. Kara…I still can’t believe there’s someone else like me. I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not but my gut was telling me to trust her. I walked over and she glanced up at me and gave me a tense smile.

I cleared my throat and spoke softly.

“I was thinking that while the others are getting ready…maybe we could talk…”

She nodded.

“I’d like that.”

We made our way into the loft and I tried to clear my head of everything else for the moment, although it was hard to do with knowing Chloe was alive and in trouble. But I couldn’t o anything until the guys got back so I might as well try and relax and get ready for the upcoming battle. When we were settled in the loft an uncomfortable silence settled on us and I wasn’t sure how to break it.

Apparently she decided it went on to long though because I heard her soft voice from across me.

“So…Kal…I mean Clark. You have a lot going on right now huh?”

I grinned and shook my head.

“Yeah…I guess I do. So umm you said that your ship followed me down…where have you been all these years? And how come you’re younger then me?”

She sighed and shrugged.

“I don’t have all the answers Clark…at least not concerning this. Technically I’m older then you…or I was.”

She gave me a confused look and continued.

“I was sent here though and up until a few hours ago I thought I was looking for a baby, but…well…you’re no baby.”

I laughed.

“No. I’m not.”

She nodded.

“Our fathers were brothers.”

“I got that.”

She chuckled.

“Yeah I guess you did. So…those guys…what are they? I mean they aren’t Kryptonian.”

I adjusted myself in my seat and shook my head.

“No there just people who have certain abilities. Some were engineered that way and others were infected by Meteor rocks…and well some just are…gifted.”

I saw her wringing her hands together in a nervous gesture.

“Everything ok?”

She nodded.

“They know about you?”

I tilted my head to the side and scrunched up my face a little.

“Well…they know I have certain abilities…but they aren’t aware that I come from another planet…well Chloe does…and Lois too. But that’s it.”

She gave me a tiny smile.

“Is Chloe the woman living with you?”

Sadness over took my face.

“No…Chloe is the one we are trying to save. Lois is living here…she’s Chloe’s cousin.”

“Are the two of you involved?”

I gave her a hearty laugh and almost doubled over. When my laughter calmed down I shook my head with a smile on my face.

“Thanks…I haven’t laughed like that in a while. No…Lois and I…are friends…that’s it.”
We spent a little over a half hour talking. She told me a little bit about Krypton but mostly she asked questions about me and my life on earth. She wanted to know everything about earth…and how it worked. I told her about Lana and how I was still grieving for her…and how if I lost Chloe now too I didn’t think I’d make it through this.

When I felt her touch my arm there was a familiar warmth in her. She told me that we’d find her and truth be told…I believed her. Just as I was about to say something Lois came rushing into the barn.


I jogged over to the railing of the loft and looked down. I frowned.

“What’s the matter Lo’?”

“There here…we’re heading out…it’s time.”

I nodded and glanced at Kara.


She smiled.

“Let’s go find Chloe!”

I gave her a half smile and we super sped into the house. Lois followed a few minutes later. We stood forming a circle in the living room. Oliver handed out about three pieces of paper to each team leader, keeping some for himself.

“Ok…everyone listen up. Everyone has twenty-one facilities on there sheets. We aren’t doing a full sweep boys…get in look for Watchtower if she’s not there get out. We don’t have time for mistakes. Impulse, Aquaman you guys have all the facilities that are near oceans, lakes, and anything else in the vicinity of that.”

He glanced at me.

“BoyScout you and Cyborg have the east coast facilities.”

He glanced at Kara and raised an eyebrow.

“Supergirl, Lois and I have west coast facilities.”

Kara grinned. She obviously liked that code name. Oliver started tossing communicators out to all of us.

“If anyone finds anything hit the orange button and it will transmit your message to everyone…the green button transmits to your partner. Are we ready?”

We all nodded. I smiled at Oliver and gave him a look of thanks he nodded and smiled back. I spoke loud and looked around.

“Alright guys you know what to do. Operation save Watchtower is starts now!”

We all sped our different ways and as I held Cyborg with me on our way to the first facility…chills ran up my spine and the lingering thought that we were going to be to late pounded through my head….

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