December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (7/11)

Chapter 7

Chapter 6
(Chloe POV)

I slowly wrenched my eyes open and a soft glow invaded my sight. I tilted my head to the left and I winced. My neck was stiff. I tried to move my hand but it felt extremely heavy. It took an immense amount of effort but after a few minutes I was able to move my head up slightly to glance around the room.

It was empty save for one of those small metal tables you see at the dentist’s office. Except there weren’t dental tools on this one…there were a bunch of bloody instruments. The sight alone made me nauseous…I didn’t want to know where all that blood came from.

I slowly lifted myself into a sitting position and when my body came fully up I felt a sharp digging pain in my abdomen I placed my hand down and when I pulled it away there was sticky blood all over it. I swallowed deep and closed my eyes before looking down. I lifted my shirt and there was a large red circle.

I frowned. That’s odd…there was blood all over me but no wound. There was a huge red circle of what looked like irritated flesh on my stomach though and it hurt like a…well you know. I moved my legs so they were hanging off the table. My whole body felt heavy and I wasn’t sure I could walk.

I placed my hands lightly on the table and pushed myself off. As soon as my legs hit the floor I stumbled. I caught myself on the edge of the table though and steadied myself long enough not to fall.

“I killed you.”

I jumped and squinted my eyes as I glanced into a darkened corner of the room. The deep voice startled me. He spoke in a cold manner as he moved into the light.

“I had the scientists drill into your body to remove a blood sample I wanted Chloe…there was blood everywhere…I can still hear the sound of your screams in my ears.”

He shook his head as he moved closer. Then he opened his arms and my hand tightened on the steel. His voice sounded a little bit unstable when he spoke next.

“And yet here you are…standing there like you weren’t just hollowed out. What do I need to do to get rid of you Chloe? Do I need to dismember you from limb to limb? Maybe inject you with a serum I’ve been using to deactivate Meteor rocks, so your blood is neutralized? No…I think I’ll keep seeing how far I can take this.”

He nodded and now he was right in front of me.

“I haven’t been able to figure out how to make your blood work for other people yet…we keep trying, I’ve had several different test subjects…but none of them ever came back to life.”

I took in a sharp breath and gasped. He’s been killing people to figure out how my powers work…oh god…he really was crazy…

“It’s ok though…because I’m going to keep on probing until I figure it out…the fact that I get to keep killing you over and over again…well that’s just a plus. I enjoy watching you scream…watching the life fade from your eyes.”

His hand curled around my upper arm and I winced at the force of his hand. His face was inches from mine now. His voice was barely a whisper but I could hear him clear as day.

“When I figure it out…and trust me I will…I’m going to kill you in the most painful way possible…a way that you won’t come back from…and then I’m going to leave you for Clark to find…so he knows he failed…So he knows what it feels like to have the last person you love RIPPED FROM YOUR LIFE.”

He jerked my body forward and I nearly fell but he held me steady. His eyes stared into mine without faltering and I couldn’t see a shred of humanity left in him. I felt tears brim my eyes as he gave me a dark chuckle.

“Tell me Chloe…what do you think will become of Clark Kent when he no longer has the people he cares about by his side? You think he’ll finally break? Personally I can’t wait to find out.”

My mouth opened and I glared in his direction. My voice was dry and it hurt to talk but I wouldn’t give Lex the satisfaction of knowing that.

“Leave Clark alone Lex…he has nothing to do with this…and to be honest I’m really not all that worried.”

He gave me a condescending look and squeezed my arm tighter I winced but spoke with anger and conviction. My voice was just as hard and his and low.

“Clark will find me and when he does you better pray to whatever it is you pray to that he is more forgiving then I am, because when I get out of here…and yes I said when…I am going to devote every waking breath to tearing you apart. I am going to show the world who Lex Luther really is…and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me.”

He glared at me and his eyes turned colder then before, which was surprising…I didn’t think they could get colder…I saw the arm that wasn’t holding me move and then I felt a sharp pain in my side. He jerked my body away from him and I fell to the round. He glanced at me and the blood pooling around me.

“Test three…”

And he walked out of the room leaving me lying in a pool of my own blood. I moved my hand and felt the dagger that was jabbed into my side and I closed my eyes as tears poured out. I was tired of being strong…I didn’t want to do this anymore…I wasn’t afraid to admit when I was in over my head…I needed Clark…I just hoped he got here soon.

I ripped the dagger out of my side, which probably wasn’t a good idea since it made the blood leak out faster. I could feel myself getting woozy and I could taste blood in my mouth. Oh god…I can feel my body shutting down…I hated this…I hated feeling so weak…I hated dieing…I hated Lex….

(Lois POV)

I followed Ollie through the deserted tunnels as Kara walked cautiously behind me. He looked good…not that I was looking. I was pissed and yet everything made sense now…I sighed. Now really isn’t the time to be thinking about this. Chloe is in trouble…she needs us…apparently I couldn’t even listen to myself though because all of a sudden my mouth was open and words were coming out.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He was in costume and he turned his head to the side and glanced at me.

“Lois…it’s not something you go around telling people. I wasn’t sure how you’d take it…plus I didn’t want to put you in danger.”

I shook my head and moved up so I was walking side by side with him.

“That’s not good enough Oliver! I’m in danger everyday…you know that…and you didn’t even give me a chance to take it anyway…because you hid it from me.”

I shook my head and my voice came out hurt.

“I just don’t understand…you’d rather have me think these awful thoughts about you always bailing on me then telling me the truth? Do you think I’m that shallow…or judgmental?”

He gave a frustrated sigh and spoke quickly.

“It wasn’t that Lois…you just…you were out to get the Green Arrow…and I honestly though that if you knew it was me…you wouldn’t want me anymore and I cared about you too much to have you leave me.”

I glared in his direction.

“Well what good did the lying do? You wound up leaving me instead. Either way we aren’t together anymore. God Oliver…you didn’t just not tell me…you straight out lied to me. I figured you out…and you came up with some kind of…. plot…the sad part is though…when I found out it was you…I was willing to give up the story and everything else…because of how much I love you…”

I trailed off and he stopped in the middle of the tunnel, which made me stop. Kara who was looking around making sure there was no danger bumped right into me and I almost fell…but Ollie caught me. He moved hi glasses and I gazed into his eyes. His voice was soft when he spoke.

“Did you say Love?”

I was about to answer when Kara interrupted us.

“I’m sorry guys…I don’t mean to be rude here but aren’t we supposed to be looking for Chloe? If anything happens to her…I’m not sure how stable Kal el…I mean Clark will be…he seems to care about her a great deal…. so…maybe we should keep moving?”

I wanted to hit her for ruining the moment…but she was right. We were here to find Chloe and right now she was all that mattered…I’d deal with Oliver once we had Chloe back safe and Sound.

“You’re absolutely right. I think we should go that way.”

I pointed to a hallway that looked like there might be some light down it. Oliver nodded and glanced back at us.

“Stay close…and be quiet.”

We nodded and followed Oliver down the hall…hopefully we’ll find something soon…hold on Chlo…we’re coming…

(Lex POV)

As I glanced through the two-way mirror I watched her start to move around slowly on the bed in her small room. I shook my head. What was it going to take…I’ve had my scientists studying her blood for days…and we still could not figure out how the particles of Meteor rock were giving her this healing ability…I stabbed her less then an hour ago and she was already almost fully healed.

It seemed that each time she was killed…and I use that term loosely…she came to quicker and healed faster…it was irritating. I had one more thing I wanted to try before I had her locked away so far away in Bell Reve that she’d never get out…

I was going to inject the Meteor rock serum into her blood stream…I figure if the Meteor rock particles are giving her this power…then if I deactivate whatever the particles are doing…then away goes her power…I smiled and I’d finally be able to kill Chloe once and for all.

Clark was coming…I could feel it…good…he’d be here just in time for the main event…I was done playing games…this was it…tonight after he found Chloe dead…one of us was gone die…and I’m gonna be damn sure it was him…

(Clark POV)

We had just left our third facility and I was starting to get anxious. Where was he keeping her? What if she wasn’t in any of our places? What if we didn’t get there in time? I wonder if anyone else is having better luck. I was thrown out of my thoughts when Victor started talking to me.

“Clark man…you gotta calm down. You’ve been speeding through these facilities one after one…I know you wanna find Watchtower…we all do…she’s a cool girl, but we need to do this right. We should search more thoroughly.”

I shook my head.

“Trust me I haven’t left anything unturned. I just…she’s alone and I know she scared…I promised I’d always be there to protect her…I swore to myself I’d never let anything happen to Chloe…and now look where she is…Lex has her. He’s had her for weeks…and what have I been doing? I’ve been living with her cousin trying to move on from her death…”

I shook my head and Victor could plainly see the guilt written on my face. He placed a hand on my arm as we walked into the fourth place on our list.

“Clark…you couldn’t have known…the important thing is we’re here now and we’re gonna find her. She has seven very capable people looking for her…five of which have some kind of super strength…we all want to find her…and the JL doesn’t do failure.”

I gave him a confused look.

“The JL?”

He smiled and nodded.

“We finally gave our team a name…The Justice League. We haven’t failed a mission we set out to complete yet…and we certainly don’t plan to start now…”

I smiled. Victors confidence gave me some new found confidence of my own…we were gonna find Chloe…and Lex would be lucky if he made it out of this alive…I was done being the nice guy…not sinking to his level…he’s been wanting a fight and I’ve always stopped it before violence, partly cause Chloe always told me I was better then that. I was a hero.

Well today…I wasn’t anyone’s hero…I wasn’t anyone’s moral compass, I wasn’t Kal el of Krypton…I was Clark Kent…and I was pissed

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