December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (8/11)

Chapter 8

Chapter 7
(Oliver POV)

The building was collapsing all around us, as I watched Clark drop the bloody dagger with a thump and crumple to the ground. I breathed in heavy and anguish covered my face as I watched him grab at his body in pain. I saw Lois standing above him, hand stretched out with a glowing green rock as tears coursed rapidly down her cheeks.

I closed my eyes as I felt them burn with unshed tears. When I opened them again Victor, A.C., and Bart were there. The four of us had formed a circle around the two figures in the middle. Everything slowed down for me and in that moment I took everyone in.

I could see the sorrow covering Victor’s face as he watched Lois pick up the bloody knife and move it away from Clark. Bart was kneeling with his head in his hands…I could hear his sobs from where I stood. A.C. was just shaking his head…it seemed as if he was in a state of shock…we all were…

Today…not one…but two hero’s fell…one we’d never see again…and the other…the other would most likely carry the horror of what’s he’s just done with him for the rest of his life…I closed my eyes again…and finally let a tear fall…There have been very few moments in life that I’ve had the urge to cry…even less when I’ve actually shed a tear…

But tonight…tonight every person standing in the room has lost something…friendship…loyalty…honesty… family…love…These things could never be given back to us…because the one person who embodied all of this within her is gone…I shook my head and bowed it in honor of someone who never let anyone keep her down.

Someone who fought in this fight not because she had to, but because she knew the difference between right and wrong, and she wanted to make her contribution to the world…Someone who was loyal until the very end and put everyone’s needs before her own…Someone who was a true Hero…Chloe Sullivan is dead…and this time she’s not coming back…

One Hour and Twenty Minutes Earlier

(Lois POV)

I gave a frustrated sigh as I glanced at the list of facilities on the paper I was holding. We had just left the 12th one and still no Chloe. We’ve been at this for almost two hours and I was starting to get anxious. This was taking way too long. I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard static from the communicator Oliver was carrying.

He stopped walked and glanced down. When he lifted it up and pushed the button I could hear the hopefulness in his voice.

“Green Arrow here, what’s up?”

There was some more static and then I heard someone’s voice come over the other end. His voice sounded closed off and slightly worried.

“It’s Bart…I think we found the facility Oliver…We found Chloe…”

My eyes widened, Kara and I both crowded around Oliver to here what Bart was saying. I heard his voice crack slightly.

“We’re at the Ridge facility…the place they took me when Lex caught me. You better get everyone…everyone here…soon man…and when I say soon I mean five minutes ago…contact Clark and get here…over and out.”

I frowned and met Oliver’s worried eyes with a frantic stare. He placed an arm on my shoulder and spoke in a calm voice.

“It will be ok Lois…we found her…now we’re gonna go get her back. He lifted the communicator again and pressed a few buttons. Not even five seconds later I heard Clarks voice come through the small box.

“Did you find Chloe Oliver?”

Oliver hesitated and then spoke in a business like tone.

“Bart and A.C. think they know her location. They’re waiting for us at the Ridge facility...”

Clark cut him off and spoke in an incredulous tone.

“The place where Lex held Bart? We’re on our way…meet you there.”

Before Oliver could get out another word the line disconnected and he sighed. He glanced over at us and spoke quickly.

“We better get over there, Kara is it? Mind giving us a lift?”

I watched her smile as she grabbed both Ollie and I and took off. I have to say that when my feet left the ground I might have been a little freaked out…ok a lot…but that doesn’t compare to how I felt when she lifted us into the air. I watched the scenery fly whiz by us as we flew off to the facility that was holding Chloe…

Lex was in for a rude awakening…this is one thing he wasn’t going to get away with…

(Clark POV)

I barely closed the communicator before I grabbed onto Victor and started speeding toward the outskirts of Metropolis. It took me a record of about fifteen seconds to get there. As soon as we were stationary I let Victor go and he stumbled a bit.

He glanced around and gave me an incredibly confused look.

“What just happened?”

“Super speed…Oliver found Chloe…she’s here…”

I looked up and just then I saw Bart and A.C. coming toward us. Bart’s face was pale and he gave me a tiny smile. When he spoke his voice sounded off.

“She’s definitely here Clark. I called Oliver as soon as we suspected. There’s about ten armed body guards in there and I think only one scientist.”

I nodded and when I spoke my voice was hard.

“And Lex?”

Bart studied my face closely and spoke cautiously.

“He’s in there…Clark listen…before you go in there…I just want you to be prepared for what you might see…”

My stomach clenched and an odd feeling settled there. What was Bart talking about? Preparing me for what was in there…I swallowed deep and stood taller then before. My face-hardened and I spoke with confidence.

“I’m sure there’s a lot of crap in their Bart…but I’ll be fine and so will Chloe…”

A.C. stood quietly aside with a nauseous look on his face and that worried me. What could possibly be that bad inside of there? Bart ignored my comment and spoke slowly and deliberately.

“Clark…there is blood everywhere…we saw a few empty rooms, and each room had sections of it covered in blood. I also managed to sneak a peak in some kind of operating room…there were bloody instruments everywhere and the sheets were practically stained red.”

I could see the pain in Bart’s eyes as he told me this…I closed my hands into tight fists…if anything happened to Chloe I was going to rip him apart…just then I felt a whoosh of air and Kara, Lois, and Oliver were standing right beside us. I glanced at everyone and spoke in a rough voice.

“Ok…Bart do you know exactly where Chloe is?”

He nodded. He pulled out blueprints to the place, that he must have swiped from somewhere, and pointed to a room to the far left corner.

“She in there. It’s on of the labs. Lex had her laid out on this metal…table…she was strapped down…and…s..she was hurt.”

My jaw tensed and I tried to calm myself down.

“Ok…Oliver you think you and Victor could go around this way? Take out the guards and secure the perimeter?”

Oliver gave me a strange look but inclined his head and spoke lightly.

“Yeah Clark…we can do that.”

I moved my head to A.C.

“Think you can take care of the guards over here?”

“You got it man.”
I looked over the rest of the blueprints and tried to think about how we were gonna get Chloe out of there. I glanced in Bart’s direction and nodded.

“You think when we get in there once I grab Chloe I can hand her off to you? You’re faster then I am…you can get her to a hospital faster…”

“Yea stretch…you know I can do that…but what are you gonna be doing?”

The expression on my face turned dark and I glared into the facility…I was gonna be busy with Lex…

“I have my own mission to attend to…and I need to know that Chloe is taken care of.”

Lex couldn’t possibly think that after all this I’d just let him run off into the sunset…and not pay for what he’s done…Kara clearing her throat made me look over at her. she gave me an expectant look.

“And me…what do I do Clark?”

I thought about it for a second before speaking.

“Once Bart has Chloe I want you to take Lois and follow Bart to the nearest hospital so Lois can be with Chloe…because she shouldn’t be alone…after you bring them there…could you…watch out for them until I get there?”

I saw straighten her shoulders, smile, and nod.

“I can do that.’

“Good then we’re all set…let’s get in there and save Chloe…”

We all split up and went to our designated positions. Bart followed me into the facility and we sped around until we reached a solid metal door that led to an almost newly rebuilt part of the building. I pulled the door off and tossed it behind Bart and I.

We made our way into the tunnel and almost as soon as we turned the corner we ran into two guards. They started yelling and lifted their weapons.

“Freeze…don’t more or we’ll shoot.”

I grinned in there direction and moved toward them.

“Go ahead.”

As I got closer the first guy let off a whole clip right into the front of my shirt…and when I didn’t fall down his eyes grew wide. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and spoke in a low threatening voice.

“You have no idea…who you’re dealing with.”

I tossed him so hard he hit the other guard and they both landed in a heap against the far wall. I motioned for Bart to follow me down the hall and he hesitated for a minute before coming. Every time we passed a door I would glance into it…make sure Chloe wasn’t there. We finally reached the end of the hallway and I could see a slight glow from under the last door on the right hand side. I took a deep breath and turned to Bart.

“Stay here. I’ll call for you as soon as I need you to grab Chloe from me…I don’t want anyone to get you though so just stay here.”

I moved and placed my hand on the knob. I closed my eyes took a deep breath. I could do this…Chloe needs me…I pulled open the door and it flew off its hinges. I stomped into the room and Lex made eye contact with me. I could see his hands moving so I looked down. There was a syringe sticking out of Chloe’s arm.

I saw the rest of a red liquid get injected into her and I watched Lex’s smile grow.

“Clark…what a surprise…”

I watched Chloe’s head turn slightly as she tried to look at me…when her eyes met mine I gave her a slight smile but I noticed that was relief in her eyes…it was panic. I caught her voice. it was scratchy, low, and barely there but I still heard it.

“Clark…Clark get out…of here…not…safe…go…”

I moved my eyes from her and glared at Lex.

“Let her go Lex…”

I watched him as he pulled out a gun.

“What are you going to do about it Clark? You gonna come stop me? I already go what I needed from Chloe…now…it’s time to get rid of her…once and for all.”

I shook my head as he pointed the gun at Chloe. I moved forward and was about to speed over there but I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I started to feel weak. Oh no…Kryptonite…I stumbled slightly and hit the ground. I used my x-ray vision to look around and try to find the Meteor rock…

But nothing was there. I glanced at her and I heard her mumbling to me.

“My blood…traces of Meteor rock…”

It was then that I noticed the room had blood everywhere…I watched everything happen in slow motion…I heard Lex’s finger pushing against the metal of the trigger. I heard the gun loading itself and firing…I saw the bullet speed by in slow motion. I heard myself screaming as the bullet ripped through Chloe’s chest.

The air was suffocating me as I watched the blood pouring from Chloe’s open wound. I couldn’t reach her…all the super powers in the world and I can’t lift myself to make it…I watched her mouth moving slightly…it looked like she had mouthed…I love you…

I tried to reach out my hand to her but I was too far…at that moment…I cursed my abilities…my origins…my very existence…I watched as the sparkle in her eyes died out…her body lay limp on the metal table…this was it…I was too late…I could feel my heart breaking into a thousand pieces…the pain in my body was lessening…

I slowly pulled myself to a kneeling position and when I saw Chloe…I took all the anger, pain, frustration, and every other emotion I was feeling and let it out in one long cry. I screamed as loud as I could…and something inside me shifted…I moved my head in Lex’s direction.

His eyes met mine and for the first time I saw worry in his…good…he should be worried because before this night was over…Lex Luther was going to die…

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