December 28, 2008

Trial and Error Chapter (9/11)

Chapter 9 Ending A (SAD)
Chapter 9 Ending B (HAPPY)

Chapter 8
(Kara POV)

I was standing outside the large building with…Lois I think her name was when I heard the blood-curdling scream from inside the walls. My head jerked in the direction of the facility and I honed my hearing so I could make sure everything was ok. When my head tilted I saw Lois stop pacing. Her voice was slightly high pitched when she spoke.

“What’s going on?”

I gave her a worried look.

“Something’s wrong…its Kal el…I have to go.”

Before she could protest I sped off and into the building. When I reached my destination I saw a large metal door that had been ripped from its hinges. I sped into the small hallway and down the hall. I stopped next to the boy in red…what was his name again? Bart…right…He was standing right in the doorway and I moved slightly to the side so I could see what he was looking at.

When I caught a glimpse of the room my eyes widened and I let out a slight gasp. Kal el was standing next to a small metal table…I saw his hand curled around a knife that was lying on it and the expression on his face held pure and unadulterated hate…I glanced over in the corner of the room and that’s when I saw her.

Oh dear…that must be Chloe…her blonde hair was spread out around her face; her body was pale and unmoving. I let my eyes roam down the rest of her body and I swallowed deeply when I saw the wound in her chest…there was blood everywhere and as I focused on her…I couldn’t hear a heartbeat.

My focus was brought back to Kal el when I heard him speaking in a low menacing voice.

“I’m going to give you five minutes Lex…five minutes and then I’m coming after you…run…because if you don’t I swear I’ll kill you where you stand.”

I heard the man standing across from him chuckle.

“I’m not afraid of you Clark…besides…I don’t believe you’d ever kill me…you’re no murderer Clark…”

I heard a slightly crazy sounding chuckle come from Kal el as he shook his head.

“Lex…you really don’t know as much as you think you do. Look around you…if I kill you what exactly do I have to lose…you’ve already taken everything!”

I saw his eyes glow slightly red and I moved Bart aside as I came into the room.

“Kal el…you mustn’t hurt this human…”

I watched him turn toward me and sneer. His voice was loud and it boomed in the small room.


The venom in his voice startled me when he spoke and I stepped back. On Krypton there are certain things that family does not interfere with…and this is one of them. He was right this was not my fight…I’d respect that and stay out of it. If Kal el chooses to take this humans life…it is his choice even though he will forever regret it.

I glanced at Bart and spoke.

“We should find the others…there’s nothing left here for us to do.”

When he faced me his eyes were red and I could see moisture gathering there. He hesitated, I suppose he didn’t want to leave Kal el.

“We must let him face this demon on his own…we need to find the others.”

I pulled him slightly with me and we went to go find the others…I wasn’t positive that Kal el make the right choice…but I was hoping he would…

(Lex POV)

I watched the girl and Bart walk away from us as Clark circled around me. He was pissed…but I didn’t care…because I won. Chloe is dead…and nothing is bringing her back this time. I grinned in his direction and he stopped moving. His nostrils flared as his eyes grew cold.

“Tell me Clark…how does it feel to lose someone you love? I’m glad she’s dead…do you know how many times I killed her today Clark? Three…I guess four is the lucky number huh?”

All of a sudden he was right in front of me grabbing the collar of my shirt and shoving me hard against the wall. I felt my body slam into it and when my head moved to the side I could see the wall was dented and slightly crumbling.

His body was tense and as he held me there I could feel the raw emotion flowing off of his body. So I decided to add a little salt to the wound.

“You know…when we were drilling into her body she called out for you…she screamed for you to come save her…to bad you didn’t make it in time…”

I smirked in his direction and his fist came up and slammed into my face. I fell to the floor and I swear I heard bones crack. I was on my stomach when I felt something underneath me…it was one of the tools we used to open up Chloe…I grinned to myself and curled my fingers around it as I felt Clark lifting me up off the ground.

When I was in front of him and he was about to hit me again I took it and slammed it into his chest hard…he froze and then let go of me. My eyes widened as I glanced down at the tool in my hand. The piece of metal was bend and broken. All these years I’ve spent thousands on trying to uncover Clark Kent’s secret…time and effort…and all I really had to do was get him angry enough to be careless.

I looked up at him and his lips curled up. His voice was amused when he spoke.

“Now you know…are you happy? Does this make everything you’ve done worthwhile?”

I felt myself nodding and my voice held awe when I spoke.

He nodded back in a casual manner.

“Good…I’m glad…it’s a shame though that you won’t be alive long enough to enjoy the feeling.”

He lunged grabbed me and tossed me into the hall. I landed with a loud thump and pulled myself up as quickly as I could. I turned and he wasn’t there. I grabbed the detonator out of my pocket and started running down the hall in the opposite direction.

I always have a plan B. If something gets messed up or projects go down hill…my solution is it never existed. I’ll torch this place and everyone in it before I let him out of here alive. When I thought I was far enough away I glanced down lifted the switch, clicked one, and pressed down on the red button. I heard the loud explosion and watched the room go up in flames.

I smiled…wait a minute…I squinted my eyes to get a better look down the hall and pure shock appeared on my face. There walking through the smoke and flames…was Clark. He walked slowly through the fire and out into the hallway. He was covered in ash but there wasn’t a scratch on him.

I watched a bitter smile appear on his face.

“Nothing you do can stop me Lex…you wanted a fight…I’m gonna give you one.”

As he moved his body I saw a glint from his hand…he was holding the knife. For the first time in my life…I wasn’t sure that Clark knew right from wrong…for the first time I was wondering if all of this was worth it…if I made the right decision by pushing Clark this far…and if I didn’t get out of this…would he really go through with his plan to kill me…or would his conscious step in and stop him…because I wasn’t sure that I could…

(Lois POV)

After Kara sped off I ran into the building after her. So here I was roaming the dimly lit halls, when I heard a large boom and the walls around me shook. Oh god…Chloe…I started running in the direction of the sound and ran directly into Oliver.

He turned around ready to fire when he noticed it was me. I saw his lips form a frown.

“What are you doing in here?”

I shrugged and tried to move past him.

“Oliver stop blocking the way dammit! Lets move and I’ll tell you along the way.”

I was jogging and he was beside me as I began to tell him what happened.

“Kara heard something. She said Clark was in trouble and came running into the building. So I followed her. Well not exactly followed but you get my drift. And then I heard some kind of explosion. We need to get in there make sure Chloe is ok.”

He spoke quickly as he jogged a little ahead of me.

“Something happened Lois…I heard Clark screaming all the way from where I was. Victor and I split up to try and find him and Bart…The whole east part of the facility is caving in. wherever they are we need to find them and get the hell out of here.”

As we turned the corner I saw Bart and Kara. Kara looked semi upset and Bart looked devastated. His head was turned down and he wasn’t saying anything.

“Where are Clark and Chloe?”

I watched Kara look back and forth between Oliver and I. I felt Ollie’s hand rest on my lower back and I glanced in his direction. I watched all there faces and I shook my head. No…no I refuse to believe it…Chloe is fine…she’s fine…we just need to find her and get her out of here. Everything is gonna be ok…it has to be…

My thoughts were interrupted by Kara’s soft voice.

“I’m so sorry Lois…Kal…Clark…I don’t think he made it in time…”

Bart cut her off and his voice was horse when he spoke.

“She was alive when we got here…Clark went in the room, I heard some yelling, then a gun shot and then Clark was screaming. When I got to the door and looked inside the room…she was…and there was…”

His voice lowered and I had to strain to hear him.

“We just…didn’t make it…”

My face-hardened and I moved out of Oliver’s grasp.

“No! I don’t accept that…I need to see her…where…where is Clark?”

Kara spoke up.

“We left him to deal with Lex…he made it clear he didn’t wish to have my help dealing with him…and so we came to find all of you.”

I was about to say something when there was another explosion not far from us. Concrete fell and walls shook. Oliver looked up and around.

“We need to get out of here…we don’t have time for this. Kara Bart…find A.C and Victor…Lois and I will get Clark and Lex. Hurry go!”

They glanced at us before speeding off.

“You forgot Chloe…”

When Oliver looked at me I could see the pain on his face for me…but I ignored it and started walking forward.


“NO! Just…don’t”

As I was walking I pushed down slightly on my communicator by accident and suddenly voices filled the hallway we were walking in and I glanced down at my side.

“Clark…you don’t want to do this…”

“Really Lex? cause I’m thinking I kinda do…”

“What exactly will killing me do? It’s not gonna bring back Lana…or Chloe..”


“I’ll say whatever the hell I want…You know what Clark…go ahead…kill me…at least I know that I had the satisfaction of being the one to end Chloe’s life…you know…her existence as a whole was really kinda pathetic…Writing stories for the paper…mooning over you…bugging me…mooning over you some more…trying to get you to notice how much she loved you…”

“Do you know at one point I told her all she had to do was tell me your secret and I’d let her walk away from me…fully intact…no more torture…no more death…no more pain…and do you know what she said Clark? I’d rather die then betray Clark…and she did…how does it feel being responsible for her death…the one woman in this entire world who truly knew who and what you are…and still loved you unconditionally anyway? Does it feel good?”

I heard some banging…and voices grunting and breathing heavy. I looked at other with worried eyes.

“Oliver I need you to find me a Meteor rock…hurry…I hate Lex just as much as he does…and believe me when we get out of here I’m going to send his ass to jail…but if we let Clark kill him…”

I paused before lowering my voice.

“He’ll never come back from that…Chloe…”

My voice broke and I started to cry.

“She…she wouldn’t want this…she wouldn’t want to be the person who turns Clark into a murderer…”

He nodded and brushed away some of my tears. I could still hear them grunting over the speaker as Oliver took off to find a Meteor rock…me…I went in a different direction…I followed the little blue dot on my communicator…I needed to get to Clark before he did something he’d regret.

(Clark POV)

I slammed Lex into one of the walls as he tried to get away. There was no way…he wasn’t going anywhere…he’s taken everything form me…now I was gonna take everything from him…He threw debris at me and I didn’t even bother to dodge, it just broke against my skin anyway. We continued to fight for another ten minutes before I was getting tired of wasn’t all my time on Lex.

We made our way into a large open room. I could hear the building falling apart around us and I didn’t care…the only thing I cared about was avenging Chloe’s death…Lex was right about one thing…she was always there for me…she gave me everything and I never realized it…friendship, companionship, loyalty, family, honesty, understanding, but most important love. Chloe gave me unconditional love from the moment I met her…until her very last breath…I could feel my eyes tearing up and I tried to hold in the onslaught of emotions I felt swirling through my body.

I’d never get to see her again, I’d never hear her laugh or tell lame jokes, I’d never smell the sweet sent of vanilla and lavender coming from her body, I’d never read another one of her stories or be able to go to her for advice…and now…I’d never be able to tell her how much all those things meant to me.

How much they changed my life and made me a better more secure person. I closed my eyes and squeezed them shut tight…I love Chloe Sullivan…and because of Lex I’d never get to tell her that…

When I opened my eyes the fire in them was renewed along with scattered tears. I spoke low but so Lex could hear me.

“I hope destroying my life was worth it. I hope destroying every person who cared about you…who tried to be your friend…who tried to lead you away from this path…was worth your life, because I’m done playing games…I’m doing this world a favor…it would be better off without you…”

I lifted my arm and brought it down with force plunging the knife I held directly into Lex’s stomach. I pulled it out and it made a sickening sound. I watched shock appear on Lex’s face as he slumped in my arms. I went to bring it down again when I started to feel weak in the knees…No…oh god…Kryptonite…

I glanced behind me and stumbled away from Lex. I squinted…Lois? What is she doing…My body moved about ten feet away from Lex before I collapsed and the knife fell to my left. I gasped for air as the pain overtook my body. I saw tears coursing down Lois’s face as she closed the distance between us and stood above me.


“I’m so sorry Clark…I…I c…can’t let you…do this…”

Her words were broken due to her erratic crying.

“Please Lois….it…hurts…”

She shook her head and the tears fell harder.

“This is the only way…to stop you…”

Her voice whispered the last part but I heard it clear as day.

“Chloe wouldn’t want you to do this…you’re her hero Clark…not a murderer…she died protecting you so you wouldn’t risk your secret…don’t make her have died in vain…”

In that moment I felt the anger fade from my body and a dam broke inside of me. I let out a long sob and finally let the tears fall…it was over…and I failed the only person that actually mattered…who always trusted me to come to her rescue…I failed…how was I going to survive this without her?

(Oliver POV)

The building was collapsing all around us, as I watched Clark drop the bloody dagger with a thump and crumple to the ground. I breathed in heavy and anguish covered my face as I watched him grab at his body in pain. I saw Lois standing above him, hand stretched out with a glowing green rock as tears coursed rapidly down her cheeks.

I closed my eyes as I felt them burn with unshed tears. When I opened them again Victor, A.C., and Bart were there. The four of us had formed a circle around the two figures in the middle. Everything slowed down for me and in that moment I took everyone in.

I could see the sorrow covering Victor’s face as he watched Lois pick up the bloody knife and move it away from Clark. Bart was kneeling with his head in his hands…I could hear his sobs from where I stood. A.C. was just shaking his head…it seemed as if he was in a state of shock…we all were…

Today…not one…but two hero’s fell…one we’d never see again…and the other…the other would most likely carry the horror of what’s he’s just done with him for the rest of his life…I closed my eyes again…and finally let a tear fall…There have been very few moments in life that I’ve had the urge to cry…even less when I’ve actually shed a tear…

But tonight…tonight every person standing in the room has lost something…friendship…loyalty…honesty… family…love…These things could never be given back to us…because the one person who embodied all of this within her is gone…I shook my head and bowed it in honor of someone who never let anyone keep her down.

Someone who fought in this fight not because she had to, but because she knew the difference between right and wrong, and she wanted to make her contribution to the world…Someone who was loyal until the very end and put everyone’s needs before her own…Someone who was a true Hero…Chloe Sullivan is dead…and this time she’s not coming back…

I watched Lois turn her head as Kara made her way into the room. She seemed to feel out of place and I understood why…she didn’t know Chloe like we did…and unfortunately she wouldn’t get to now. I heard Lois call to her quietly.

“Kara…please run Lex to the hospital…quickly…he needs a doctor.”

Lois took the Meteor rock and tossed it clear across the room. Kara sped to Lex and they were gone instantly…Lois moved on to the floor with Clark and reached out to him. I saw him latch onto her like his life depended on it…and maybe it did. I’ve never seen Clark this broken before…and it scared the hell out of me…

I always thought Clark loved Chloe…I figured he either didn’t see it or chose to ignore it…but I always knew the feelings were there…I just didn’t realize they were this strong on his side…and I don’t think he did either. This night would go down as one of the most influential nights of all of our lives. We failed tonight…all of us…and what we do from here on out…how we handle this tragedy will determine our fate.

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