May 11, 2009

One Event is All it Takes, To Alter The Course of Love (1/6)

Chapter 2

Title: One Event is All it Takes, To Alter the Course of Love
Author: 13ReporterGirl13
Rating: PG-13
Feedback/Comments: Most definitely welcome. Good or Bad I can take constructive criticism. I crave it actually; it makes me a better writer. LoL
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and the Creators of Smallville. But Boy what I wouldn’t do if I owned Lex and Clark. ;-)
Spoilers: Everything in Season 4, 5, and 6. Now this story is going to take place from the episode Ageless in Season 4. In my story Chloe knows Clarks secret and Lana never made her way to the Prom at the end of Spirit so they never got back together.
Editor: dh1031 you’re my Hero!!! J
Couples: Chloe/Clark Friendship…eventual Romance…Clark/Lana Friendship….Clark/Lex Friendship.
Inspiration: Ok…so I had a dream last night and from that Dream comes my Next story…I was really trying to ignore it because I already have two stories I’m writing but unfortunately the idea has been plaguing me and I’m convinced the only way to get rid of it is to put it down and bring it to life! LoL
Summary: What if Clark came clean with Chloe about his secret not long after Alicia’s death? What if Lana never showed up at the Prom after Spirit? What if Chloe had found the baby in Evan’s field with Clark? What if Lex’s treatment to help Evan had worked? Would Clark and Lana have still gotten back together or would these small events open his eyes to a new love he never knew he’s always wanted?


One event is all it takes to alter the course of love…the event can be insignificant or substantial…either way the impact of the event mostly always has the same outcome…it opens one or both parties to a love that transcends all others…a love that is not selfish or corrupt…

A love that both would probably have never noticed if they weren’t propelled into the situation by the consequences beyond their control…but once this is realized and accepted, nothing can break it…

Not pain…not anger or fear…not distance…not the lies of other people…or the corruption of the world…not misunderstandings…nor trust…because the kind of love these people will find themselves in is so pure…so true…

That nothing can destroy it…because not even death can stop true love…

Chapter 1

(Chloe POV)

I sat quietly on the passenger side of Clark’s truck as we headed back to my house, after spending the last three hours cramming for a one of the last history tests we’d ever take. I turned my head slowly to the right and glanced out the window. I watched as empty fields slowly drifted by and sighed.

I could feel Clark glance over at me and in return, I scrunched up my nose as I placed my hand against my cheek to continue watching scenery go by. Things have been so perfect lately…after Alicia was killed and I found out Clarks secret…a large part of me has felt extremely guilty…but another part of me was hurt…

It was painful to think that Clark couldn’t trust me…but then again I guess I could understand why…after all the things I pulled over the years…why would he trust me? Well at least that’s what I thought at the time. It turns out that he trusted me more then I thought he did…

Two weeks after Alicia’s death he invited me over, took me out to the barn and told me his secret…I was startled to find out that he wasn’t meteor infected but an alien…Clark Kent extraterrestrial…

Who would have thought? But ever since that day Clark and I have never been closer…our friendship and trust in each other has grown to levels I never knew they could reach and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I was startled out of my thoughts when a loud explosion came from the field next to me. The ground vibrated, and as Clark slammed on the brakes, the truck skidded to the left as we came to a halt.

I immediately felt his hand on my arm as he moved to face me. My eyes were wide when I glanced at him and clasped his hand in my trembling one. His face was creased with concern and his voice was an octave higher then normal when he spoke.

“Are you all right?”I glanced around outside from all the windows and saw nothing. I could hear the awe in my own voice when I spoke.

“Yeah, what was that?”

Clark frowned and looked around. His eyes squinted slightly and he seemed to drift off for a second. I could tell he was concentrating on something. When he focused back on me he spoke.”I don't know. I think it came from Evans Field.”

I raised an eyebrow and opened the passenger door. I left it open and started off toward the field. Whatever it was…it was definitely something…maybe a good story…whatever it was I was going to find out. I could hear Clark calling out behind me as I ran to the center of the field where I could see a small amount of smoke spiraling into the air.

I stopped short, covered my mouth with my hand and gasped. Oh my god…Clark stopped next to me and started to speak.

“Jesus Chloe…what are you doing…you could get yourself hur….”

He trailed off and I could tell he was looking at the same thing as I was. In front of us stood a crater about thirty feet deep and in the middle of all the dust and debris was a tiny baby...face red mouth open and wailing for all he was worth.

“Oh, my god.”

I felt my body moving of its own accord down into the crater. I could hear Clark frantically yelling out to me.

“Chloe, wait. Chloe!”

I scrambled to the bottom and as I was bending down I felt a whoosh of air next to my body. I turned slightly and Clark was standing there staring at the baby like he had two heads. His body was tense and he was eyeing the baby with caution.

I could tell he was uncomfortable. I turned away from him and took off my small zip-up sweater. I bent down, wrapped the crying baby in it, and stood up. A breeze blew by and I shivered slightly. Clark moved forward, took off his jacket, and placed it around my shoulders.

“Chloe…what are you doing?”

I glanced up with water filled eyes and spoke in a soft voice.

“We can’t just leave him here Clark…he’s just a baby…we need to get him to a hospital…come on…”

I started moving up the crater carefully and I saw Clark hesitate. The grip my shoe had in the dirt faltered and I slipped slightly and I started to fall. I felt two strong hands holding onto me as they righted me.

“Come on. I’ll get us out of here.”

I frowned and Clark put his arms around me. He looked me in the eyes and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Hold on.”

I nodded, closed my eyes, tightened my grip on the baby and felt a whoosh of wind. When I felt Clark’s hands letting go of me I opened my eyes and we were next to his truck. He opened the door for me and I carefully stepped up and got it.

He closed the door and I watched him take out his cell phone as he got into the driver’s seat and started the truck.

“Who are you calling?”

“My parents. They’ll know what to do.”

I nodded and listened as Clark explained the situation to his parents. I glanced down at my lap and I felt my heart tighten. Who would leave this poor baby out in the middle of a field…how could anyone be so cruel as to abandon their own child?

That’s something I’d never be able to understand…As I watched the little boy squirm around in my arms I felt a wave of protectiveness flow through me. I wasn’t going to let anyone else hurt this baby…I’d do anything I needed to in order to protect him….I held him closer to my body and whispered to him softly.

“Everything’s okay now sweetie…you’re okay…”

I saw Clark glance at us a few times while he was driving. Clark’s parents were meeting us at the hospital…I looked away from the baby and glanced out the window…I could feel a shift in things around me…I don’t know what it is…or what it means…and I don’t know how I knew…but everything was about to change…

(Clark POV)

I paced slightly as the baby was being checked out by the doctors. I felt a hand on my shoulder which made me glance up. My father was standing there with a small smile on his face. I could see understanding in his eyes but I was not quite sure what it meant.

“Relax Clark. Everything is going to be fine. Why don’t you sit with Chloe and wait for your mother to get back with some coffee and tea.”

I sighed and nodded. I sat in the chair next to Chloe and finally took the time to look at her. She was sitting up right in the chair her finger nails tapping slightly against the handles. She was nibbling on her lower lip and tapping her foot against the floor with a quick pace.

I reached over and grasped one of her hands in mine in a friendly gesture. I watched her body stop moving and she seemed startled as her head turned quickly as she glanced at me. I heard her let out a deep breath when she looked at me.

She gave me a small smile but I could tell it wasn’t real. I leaned back in the chair, titled my head toward her, and spoke softly.

“Everything is going to be fine Chloe…I’m sure the doctor is going to come out any minute and tell us that we are worried over nothing.”

She nodded.

“I’m sure you’re right Clark.”

I was about to say something else when the doctor came out of the exam room. Chloe stood up quicker then I did as we went over to the doctor, who was holding the baby with a smile on her face. She glanced between me and Chloe and then handed the baby to Chloe, who grasped him tightly in her arms.

He was no longer wrapped in Chloe’s green sweater but in a soft blue blanket. I smiled at the doctor. The smile on her face widened as she spoke in a friendly voice.

“Congratulations on your healthy baby boy.”

I gave her a small smile and was about to protest when my Mom came up to us holding two cups. She smiled and the doctor walked out of sight before I could say anything. My Dad took the drinks from my Mom and she moved over to Chloe.

“How is he?”

Chloe’s eyes hadn’t moved from the baby in her arms since he was placed there. She grinned up at my Mom.

“Healthy as can be, according to the doctor.”

My Mom nodded and at that moment Sheriff Adams walked in and moved over to us. She glanced at the baby and started asking questions. I relayed the story to her and when I was finished she shook her head.

“Last time I checked, babies don't just fall out of the sky, Mr. Kent.”

“It left a 30-foot crater, Sheriff. How else would you explain it?”

She shrugged.

“Well, I can't. That's why we're conducting a little something called an investigation.”

My Dad came to stand next to me, placed a hand on my shoulder and spoke.

“What's gonna happen to the baby now, Sheriff?”

“Well, he'll be placed with child services until we can find a home for him. You did good for a change, Mr. Kent...Miss Sullivan. The little critter wouldn't be alive if not for you two.”

She gave us a smile and walked away. Once I was sure she was gone I turned to my Dad and spoke to him in a low voice.

“Dad, this baby's parents -- I don't think they're from around here.”

I saw his eyebrows come together as his face scrunched slightly in confusion. He spoke equally as low as I watched Chloe move into the room behind us with my Mom and the baby.

“What do you mean? You think the baby's -- the baby's not from Earth?”

I moved back and forth and then looked back at my Dad. My whole body felt jittery. What if the baby was Kryptonian like me?

“We found him in a crater, just like the one you and Mom found me in.”

I could see the disbelief and sympathy on his face as he spoke.

“Yeah, but when we found you, we also found a spaceship. The truth is, we don't know what happened in that field.”

I sighed. I was about to say something else when I heard crying from the room behind us. I turned quickly and my Dad followed me into the room. Chloe was standing there jiggling the baby back and forth while my Mom looked on.

I could see Chloe’s brow creased and the worry in her eyes as she tried to calm him down. I walked over and placed my hand lightly on the small of her back.


She glanced at me and gave me half a smile before going back to coo at the baby. She glanced up at me and her voice was a little panicky. Chloe was a force of nature when it came to anything Journalism…but when it came to babies…well she was as clueless as me.

“I've tried everything, but he won't stop.”

I took my hand off her back and moved the blanket away from the babies face as I spoke quietly.

“Is he okay?”

My mother came over to us and spoke in a confident tone.

“If you can believe it, all his crying is a good sign. The doctor said he's perfectly healthy.”

Chloe nodded and spoke to all of us.

"I'm gonna go talk to the nurses and find out if we can get some more formula. Clark, you take over.”

My eyes opened wide as I looked back and forth between her and the small baby she was holding out to me. My palms started to sweat and I was already backing away from her. My voice squeaked when I spoke.


She gave me an incredulous look and rolled her eyes


I was shaking my head.

“Well, I, Chloe, I don't really…”

Before I could finish Chloe had placed the baby in my arms and he immediately quieted down. I glanced down at him and his eyes were wide and staring right at me. I felt something inside me grip my heart as I stared down on him.

He was so small…and I couldn’t help feeling like I was going to break him…but he seemed perfectly content…I watched him close his eyes and squirm at little bit before he was sleeping against me.

Chloe grinned.

“Wow, looks like someone has the magic touch. I'll be right back.”

She squeezed my arm lightly and brushed her hand over the baby’s soft head before leaving the room. I felt my heart warm as I continued looking at him. I glanced at my parents and spoke up.

“When does child services come and take him?”

“They're not. They don't have room for him yet, so he's going to stay in the hospital until they do.”

I frowned. The hospital is no place for a baby…he can’t stay here…

“Well, he can't stay in the hospital. I mean, maybe he can come stay with us, until they find room for him.”

I watched my parents look at each other cautiously. My mother placed a hand on my arm and spoke lightly.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea Clark…”

“Why not? He can’t stay here Mom…it’s not right…”

My father took that minute to cut in.

“It’s a big responsibility son…babies are a lot of work…plus…it’s very easy to get attached…”

“Please Dad…this is important to me…I can handle this…I promise…”

They looked at each other again and my Mom sighed.

“I’ll go talk to the Sheriff.”

I grinned.

“Thanks Mom.”

Chloe took that moment to walk back in with a bottle in her hands.

“Hey…I got some formula.”

I moved and switched the baby into Chloe’s arms. He whimpered for a minute before she spoke to him in a soft voice and put the bottle to his lips. I watched him latch on and greedily suckle the bottle. I smiled. My Mom came back into the room and smiled at me.

“We can keep the baby until child services locate a permanent home for him.”

I gave her a half smile and watched as my father put an arm around her. I saw them watching Chloe with smiles on their faces. I moved over and watched Chloe feeding him. She looked so natural, not at all like the girl I know, the one who’s afraid of babies.

I felt a hand on my arm and saw my Mom move up next to us. She looked at Chloe and spoke softly.

“May I hold him Chloe?”

I saw Chloe glance up and nod. She handed the baby and bottle to my Mom. As soon as the baby was settled in my Moms arms his small head turned and made eye contact with me and then it looked like he glanced at Chloe.

All of a sudden the room filled with loud cries. My mother looked startled as Chloe and I moved right to the baby. Chloe spoke up first and placed a finger in the baby’s hand.

“It’s ok honey…”

I rubbed his head slightly and my Mom looked as us in an odd way. The baby was still whimpering so she looked at Chloe and spoke to her.

“Here sweetheart. Why don’t you take him back and see if you can calm him down.”

She nodded and I took the bottle from my Mom and then followed Chloe back over to the chair she was in before. As soon as Chloe was settled in the seat he was quiet. I smiled at my parents and then turned back to Chloe.

I watched her looking down on him while she fed him and I felt something inside of me shift. It’s weird…but after spending a few hours with this little baby…I feel this need to protect him…to make sure he’s ok…I can see the same thing in Chloe.

I don’t know how I know…but it’s almost like I can feel it. Like I need to protect the two of them…I shook my head. These were crazy thoughts…I mean being attached to a kid…wanting him to stay with us…needing to him and Chloe….

I sighed and focused back on what was going on in the room. I was looking at Chloe again and I couldn’t help the thought that flittered through my head. God…she’s looks beautiful sitting there rocking and feeding him…like a mom…


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