May 31, 2009

Rampage Chapter (3/7)

Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Next Morning
(Chloe POV)


*Bang Bang*

*Bang Bang Bang*

I blinked my eyes a few times and groaned. Why is someone knocking on my door at, I glanced at the clock, exactly eight am? I heard it again and I rolled on to my back and called out to the door. My voice came out irritated and overly loud.

“One freakin Minute…keep your damn pants on…”

I slowly sat up and slid out of bed. I glanced at Lana’s bed and it was made. I frowned. Where’d she go? I moved to the door and there was a pink post it note facing me. I raised an eyebrow and pulled it off as I read it.


Thanks for last night…I really appreciate you being there for me. I had an early Astronomy class this morning…I’m not gonna let Clark mess with my schoolwork! I’ll see you later maybe we can have lunch. Call me


That answered the Lana question. I crumpled the paper up in my right hand as I opened the door with the other hand. I looked up into the hall and there standing in front of my door blocking my view was six feet of large alien glaring down on me. Hmm he looks kinda mad…I wonder what that’s all about.


He nodded and proceeded to walk in pushing the door open wider and knocking it into me at the same time. I grunted as I staggered back a little.

“Hello…human person here. Not immune to the pushing of Big Dumb Aliens!”

I moved and leaned against the door shutting it with my body as I faced Clark. He completely ignored my comment and started pacing around the room. Oh boy…it was way to early for this. My head hurt and I didn’t have a drop of caffeine in my system, which in itself is a crime against nature. He stopped pacing for a minute and spoke in an annoyed tone.

“I called you five times last night Chloe…where were you?”

I glared at him from my position against the door. Oh no, we were absolutely not starting here. I’m not Lana…I won’t let him talk to me like that not after everything we’ve been through together…he doesn’t get to play Jekyl and Hyde with me.

“First off Clark, don’t use that tone with me. I’m not Lana…I won’t stand for it, and speaking of Lana that's what I was doing last night. Comforting her because of what happened with the two of you. So no I didn’t answer when you called. I was going to come check on you this morning. I…”

He cut me off and practically growled when he spoke.

“Forget about Lana, Chloe there are more important things going on right now. I need your help.”

I glanced at him with a small amount of shock on my face. I softened my voice hoping that if I approached him without being accusing or judgmental that he’d respond better.

“Clark …don’t you think maybe that’s a little harsh…to say about Lana I mean?”

He gave me a frustrated sigh and finally looked at me. His eyes were bloodshot and he had a bit of scruff on his face. His clothes were normal but some how they looked off on him today. He looked exhausted and my heart went out to him. I’ve never seen him look this raged before. His voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“My mom was mugged in Metropolis last night…”

I gasped and placed a hand over my mouth. Before I could ask if she was ok he continued talking.

“She was bringing my dads stuff to a shelter. They took my dad’s watch…they hit her. If it hadn’t been for the “mystery” person who saved her who knows where my mom would be.”

I saw his fists ball up and his voice tense at the end of the sentence. I walked over to him and placed my hand over his. I gave it a squeeze and he looked down at our entwined hands and let out a large breath as he plopped down on the edge of my bed. I spoke softly but my voice came out strong.

“We’ll find them Clark. I’ll give you the number to my contact at the Police Department. Just tell him you’re working with me on a story and when I go into The Daily Planet tonight I’ll pull up all the recent stories on muggings in Metropolis...”

I paused as he nodded and then spoke again while I lightly ran my hands through his hair.

“I actually think I know the mystery woman you speak of. She’s been popping up a lot recently saving people from different things in Metropolis. I’ve been working on the story for a few days now. I’ll have to talk to your mom get the facts from her…is that ok?”

He shrugged and glanced in my direction.

“I guess…if it will help.”

“It will.”

He was just sitting there and for the moment he seemed calm. I decided now was the time I should try and find out what’s going on…but gently I didn’t wanna push. I moved back a foot or two and when my hands left his hair he gazed up at me from his seated position.

I saw his eyes run over my body and I realized I was standing there practically naked in my green silk nightgown. Apparently he had just noticed what I was wearing. When his eyes darkened slightly I blushed. I crossed my arms over my chest and spoke lightly.

“I should find my robe. I just woke up…or rather you just woke me up.”

I gave him a grin as I walked to my closet. I could feel his eyes on my back. Part of me was elated that he was checking me out…and the other part felt bad for feeling that way…I mean he and Lana just broke up yesterday…that makes me a horrible friend for even thinking that. I grabbed my robe and quickly wrapped it around me before moving back in front of Clark.

His eyes were still dark and he was just sitting there looking at me, not saying a word. I decided to break the silence because if I had to stand here and try and run through what was going on in his head right now…well I don’t think I’d wanna know…

“So…now that we have that issue worked out for right now…because we can’t do anything until later tonight, want to tell me what happened last night?”

He leaned back with his arms behind him and hands pressed firmly on the mattress and sighed.

“I take it you talked to Lana.”

I gave a half nod as I tilted my head. My voice came out with a tinge of sarcasm.

“I could barely hear her through the sobs, and erratic crying but yeah…she talked to me…”

He shrugged.

“We fought, she didn’t like what I had to say, we broke up, and she left.”

I raised an eyebrow and gave a small chuckle. Even though the situation its self wasn’t funny. The way Clark said it was funny. The malice was gone from his voice making him sound like a little boy who just had his favorite toy taken away. He gave me a tiny smile when he heard my laugh.

I got serious for a minute and shook my head.

“I just…don’t get it Clark…why now?”

He shrugged.

“Because now was the time to do it. I didn’t want to stay in a relationship with someone who was only there out of pity.”

I raised a brow.

“You honestly think that’s the only reason she stayed with you?”

He nodded.

“But Clark…you love her...”

He frowned at me.

“Chloe, just because you know my secret, doesn't mean you know how I feel.”

I rolled my eyes…

“Fine, but still I do know that you'd never intentionally hurt Lana.”

He gave me a semi Glare. His voice sounded a bit irritated.

“Aren’t you the one who said my relationship with Lana would never go anywhere as long as I have to lie about who I am?”

I scrunched up my face.


He cut me off.

“You were right.”

I sighed.

“So what…this is it? For good?”


I hesitated before speaking.

“You’re breaking her heart Clark…”

He shrugged and sighed. I saw the hurt on his face as he shook his head.

“It’s better off happening now then six months from now when we’re both more invested in a failing relationship.”

I sighed. I needed to know the answer to this next question but I didn’t want to make Clark upset. We haven’t had a good conversation in days…we were due for one. I made my voice sound as soothing as I could.

“Clark…when Lana came home last night…she was hurt…did you…I mean…she said…”

He cut me off before I could finish getting my words together.

“We were…making out…it was an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt Lana.”

I took a deep breath and paced back and forth. I spoke fiercely while my face was scrunched up.

“Well of course you didn’t!”

I stopped moving around and stood directly in front of him.

“You’ve always been so careful but now…well you’ll just have to be more careful Clark…take into consideration that your this big huge guy and on top of that you have powers that make lifting tons look easy…”

I saw him roll his eyes as he stood up. He moved closer to me and I lost my train of thought. He shook his head as he spoke.

“Would you like me to show you what I did to Lana Chloe? I didn’t hurt her…or at least not intentionally. I’ll prove it.”

It looked like he was gliding in my direction and for a minute I panicked. Not because I was afraid of Clark…because I could never be afraid of him. But because I was afraid of the way he makes me feel…of being so close to him…Clark might not acknowledge it or hell he might not even know…but I love him…and knowing that terrified me...thinking about what I might do…

Even thoughts of Lana right now weren’t helping as he moved toward me. I was shaking my head.

“No…that’s ok I believe you.”

He took his palm placed it on my abdomen and pushed me into the wall as he closed the distance between us. Oh shit…I gave him a slightly nervous chuckle as I smiled up at him.

“Ok Clark…I get your point you really don’t have to relive the night for me…your encroaching on the just friend parameters here buddy…back it up and take a cold shower.”

I tried for the joke because I thought it would break the tension. No such luck. He dropped his head between my neck and shoulder and I felt him inhale deeply. I shuddered against him. Ok this was not good at all…this was actually very very bad. I had the man of my dreams and my best friends ex leaning against my body breathing in my scent.

His voice came out low and silky when he spoke against my neck.

“Am I hurting you Chlo?”

Is he hurting me? He can’t be serious…yeah he was hurting me…but in a completely different kind of way…crap…how do I always get myself into these kind of situations? I realized he was waiting for me to speak so I took a deep breath and tried to speak casually.

“No…but I think that’s enough show and tell for now Clark…”

He picked his head up but didn’t move his body away. His eyes never left mine when he spoke in low tones.

“After that, I took my hand and lifted it up like this…”

He grazed his hand down from my shoulder to my side then down my hip and rested it on my leg. His other hand undid the robe I was wearing and he slipped it in and under my nightgown. I felt his large hand curl around my thigh.

My breathing quickened and I could see my chest rising and falling with each breath. I’m having a heart attack…that’s the only explanation for my reaction right now…he needs to stop…right now…oh god that feels nice. The hand that was grasping me tightened as his thumb stroked my inner thigh.


His eye’s bore into mine.

“Yes Chloe?”

I opened my mouth and…had absolutely nothing to say. He was looking at me like he was seeing me for the first time…and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. After a couple of seconds he broke the silence and his voice held honesty when he spoke.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are Chloe?”

I swallowed hard but didn’t look away from him.

“No…you haven’t.”

He gave me a sad smile and nodded his head.

“You’re right. I haven’t. I’m sorry.”

I gave a slight shrug.


I sighed and broke the eye contact. One of us had to be the voice of reason here and it obviously wasn’t going to be Clark. In all honesty I wanted him…but I didn’t want to be his second choice…and that’s all this was.

“Clark…listen I get it ok. You’re upset about your dad…about Lana. You’re you know…frustrated…I understand really I do…but this isn’t the solution. You and me…we’re friends.”

I spoke again with genuine curiosity.

“Why ruin that?”

I saw the passion in his eyes as he spoke.

“Because I want you…”

His admission startled me. Clark’s never been that blunt with me before or with anyone for that matter. I decided to bring up something he couldn’t ignore…something I knew would make him stop.

“What about Lana Clark?”

He frowned, there it was, and then spoke.

“What about Lana Chloe? I’m not with her anymore…I broke up with her remember? Forget about Lana…I have.”

I went to say something but he cut me off by putting a finger against my lips.

“I want you…right now…”

His voice softened and there was a lost look on his face.

“I just…need you Chlo…please…”

He grabbed my other thigh and moved them slightly apart so he could fit himself there better. I groaned when I felt him brush up against me.

Clark Kent is in my dorm rooming begging me to take advantage of him…have I fallen asleep and I just didn’t realize it? No! Bad thoughts Chloe…stop. You know what… this isn’t right He's upset and he isn’t thinking clearly. He broke up with Lana just last night.

I am is his best friend…his Girl Friday…nothing more…he’s looking for comfort and I can’t give it to him…at least not the way he wants it. I deserved better than that…and so did he. People’s feelings just don’t change over night. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was on Red K…. but he wouldn’t be this tame.

I was about to tell him this was wrong and we couldn’t do this…when I looked into his eyes…

(Clark POV)

I saw her glance into my eyes and her features softened immediately. Chloe has been my best friend for years…but right now…at this instance I wasn’t feeling friendly…. I didn’t care about later or tomorrow. I just wanted now. I wanted to forget about everything and for some reason Chloe made me do that.

She trusted me completely and accepted everything about me…and I needed that right now…I’m not over Lana…but it doesn’t matter…because Chloe was able to accomplish something with one touch that Lana just couldn’t do for me…she made the troubles go away…she was looking at me with her softened look and she rubbed my arm slightly.

“Clark…I can’t let you do this…we can’t do this. You’ll regret it later…I know you when it’s all over you’ll regret changing our friendship…and Lana…she’s still there in your heart. I can’t do that to you…or myself.”

I closed my eyes and swallowed deep. When I opened them I watched her as I moved my hand further up her thigh, testing the waters…seeing if she’d really stop me. I could feel something inside me telling me not to…I was disgusted with myself…but it didn’t make me stop.

“Chloe we don’t need to change everything…I don’t care if I regret it later.”

I leaned in and kissed her and after a couple of seconds she kissed me back. I was moving my hands all around and her robe hit the floor. I lifted her up and her legs wound around my waist. I pushed us against the door and I was trying to get inside the top of her nightgown when I felt her shoving me hard in the chest.

It didn’t hurt but it startled me and I moved myself away from her. She almost fell because I let go of her legs so quickly so I steadied her. She was breathing hard and I could see the desire building in her eyes. I moved in to continue what I started but she held up a hand and shook her head.

Her voice was shaky when she spoke.

“Leave Clark.”

I frowned.



I didn’t get it. Chloe was rejecting me? Why? I know she wants me. I folded my arms across my chest and glared in her direction.

“No…what is your problem Chloe? I know you want me…”

She grabbed her robe off the floor put it back on and gave me an angry stare.

“Listen to me and listen to me good. The only reason I’m excusing you from you’re behavior right now is because I know that deep down in that psycho alien brain of yours something is wrong and before I can help you…. you need to work through whatever it is. But don’t you dare stand there and use my feelings against me Clark! That’s unfair and extremely cruel…”

She was yelling now as she walked over to her bed.

“You don’t want me, you want a release for all your frustration…your anger…rage whatever, but it’s not me. You’re my best friend but I am not going to let you use me for that…especially when you’re still in love with Lana. Breaking up with her doesn’t automatically make you fall out of love with her. I won’t be you’re one night stand.”

I shook my head and spoke in a frustrated tone.

“You’re not a one night stand Chloe! You’re my best friend. I thought I could come to you…everyone is always asking me “how are you Clark” “do you need anything Clark” “what can I do for you Clark” well here’s what you can do for me Chloe. I want this to all be a dream. I want things back to the way they were. I want to not be so different, I want dad to be alive, I want my mom to not have gotten attacked, I want Lana to still feel about me the way she used to…I WANT EVERYTHING TO STOP HURTING!”

I saw her flinch when I shouted the last statement and I saw tears in her eyes and I shook my head and looked down as she spoke.

“Clark…I want to help you with all of that too, but not like this. I told you once before that you need to start letting out how you feel about things because if you keep everything bottled up inside…things like this, right now are gonna happen…you don’t realize how bad you hurt people when you’re like this…it’s worse then when you’re on Red K Clark…because this is you…you have no one to blame for how you’re acting but yourself…”

As I looked at Chloe’s face, full of caring, apprehension, and love I shook my head and let out a small sob. What was I doing? I’ve been asking myself that for days. She’s right. I’ve been hurting the people I love and I’ve been acting horrible…to my mom…to Lana…and now to Chloe…the only person who’s never pushed me and stood by my side always…and I practically molested her against the door.

When I spoke my voice came out low.

“God Chloe…I just…I miss him so much…I can’t…”

My voice cut out as a few tears leaked from my eyes. I felt Chloe come over and she enveloped me into her arms. She guided us to the bed and I sat down with her right next to me. I clung to her and as she held me and whispered, everything is going to be ok, in my ear I could feel myself relaxing.

There were still a million things going on in my head and I was still angry…at my dad, at my mom…at Lana…but most of all at myself. But I had finally admitted it…I finally admitted I missed my dad…and that was a start…it wouldn’t fix everything…but here yelling at Chloe, fighting with her and now this…it would get me through the day…so I could find those people who hurt my mom…and for now…that was enough…

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