June 30, 2009


Title: Comfort
Season: Season 1-2
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the ABC Family and the Creators of Secret Life, but what I wouldn’t do if I owned Ricky ;-)
Couples: Amy/Ricky (If you squint)
Category: One-Shot: Fluff

(Amy POV)

I opened my locker and out of the corner of my eye I saw Ricky make his way over to me. Great…what does he want now? He cleared is throat and spoke in a soft voice as I continued switching out my books.

“Look…I didn’t mean to break up the two of you.”

I glanced at him briefly before looking back at my books.

“You didn’t”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I heard you broke up.”

I shrugged slightly as I turned to face him. I sighed before speaking.

“I don’t think we actually broke up…I think he’s just…taking some time to think about things.”

Ricky smirked and crossed his arms. I hate the cocky look he gets on his face when he’s trying to be a smartass, but what I hate even more is that after all this time I still find it appealing. His voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Translation…you broke up, whether or not you were officially told that….”

He paused, shook his head, and I watched as what appeared to be annoyance cross his face.

“That guy's a wuss…come on…”

I slammed my locker shut with my right hand, glared at Ricky, and spoke with irritation in my voice.

“No he’s not!”

He clenched his jaw and his dropped his hands to his side. His voice was forceful, but not mean when he spoke.

“He is. I said it to you the first time I saw you out with him and I’ll say it again. He’s not your type Amy.”

I watched him and when he continued, he spoke in a hurry and I could hear the honesty in his voice.

“I mean it’s admirable for him to stick by you when you’re having my baby, but…you are having my baby…”

His voice emphasized that statement when he spoke.

“…and I know I agreed to give up our baby, but Amy it’s killing me.”

I could see the pain on his face and I felt my eyes beginning to tear up. God…please not you too Ricky…after Ashley, my dad and Ben I don’t think I can handle this…He caught my eyes and I could hear his voice straining.

“Even if you find the perfect couple, I don’t know how you’re gonna to do it. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it. Hold the baby with his tiny little hands and feet…completely helpless…and then just hand him over to someone else….”

I couldn’t hold back anymore as more water pooled in my eyes. At some point during the conversation Ricky had looked away from me. When he finally glanced back toward me and I saw a flash of emotions cross his face. Anger…pain…self-loathing and finally concern. He swallowed hard and his voice softened immensely.

“Hey I didn’t mean to upset you…I’m sorry

He moved his body in my direction and pulled me into a hug. I grasped onto him like he was my lifeline. I let a few tears fall as I rested my chin on his shoulder. His hands rubbed my back softly as he made small ‘shh’ sounds and repeated ‘it’s okay.’

How am I going to do this…how am I going to give up our baby? I can remember the last time I was in Ricky’s arms…but this...this felt so much better than last time. I opened my eyes and right as I tightened my hold on Ricky, Ben came out of one of the classrooms and turned in our direction.

He froze at the sight of us. Wonderful…His eyes met mine and I saw pain and betrayal in them, but I couldn’t bring myself to let go of Ricky. He shook his head, gave me one last look, turned around and walked away. I felt my heart breaking.

Another couple of tears coursed down my cheeks and I sniffled quietly as I pressed my face into Ricky’s shoulder. One of his hands reached up to hold the back of my head before moving back down my back. His voice was low and I’ve never heard it so sincere before.

“Everything’s going to be okay Amy. I honestly didn’t mean to upset you…I shouldn’t have said anything…I just…I don’t know how to do this…”

I nodded against him. Ricky was a lot of things, but I doubt he was trying to make me cry. I couldn’t help it though. There was so much going on…with my parents separating…Ben breaking up with me…school…being pregnant at fifteen…and trying to figure out what to do about the baby…I just couldn’t hold all the emotions in anymore.

I needed to let them out…and here I am standing in the hallway at school wrapped in Ricky’s arms of all people crying and the craziest part about it is…he wasn’t being an ass…he wasn’t running away…he was standing here hugging me back and letting me cry…and I was actually drawing comfort from his arms…

(Ricky POV)

When I saw her eyes well up with tears I felt bad for bringing up all that stuff about putting the baby up for adoption. Originally it was all part of my plan to get her to consider keeping the baby so I could have her and the baby in my life. I never meant to make her cry.

I continued to rub her back softly and I felt her press her head into my shoulder. I touched her hair lightly before moving my hand back down to her back and rubbing circles there. I hesitated before speaking; I wasn’t really sure what to say.

“Everything’s going to be okay Amy. I honestly didn’t mean to upset you…I shouldn’t have said anything…I just…I don’t know how to do this…”

I felt her nod against me and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I’ve held girls before…but never like this. This wasn’t sexual in anyway…I wasn’t trying to get anything from her…I just…I just wanted to make her feel better.

It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that she was having my baby. I was horrible to her in the beginning, but if she’s willing to let me, hopefully from here on out I can make it up to her. I don’t want to be like my dad…I want to be a part of my kid’s life…

I don’t want to be that guy who knows about his kid and ignores them. So from here on out I’m going to have to make piece with Amy…I need to stop trying to mess with her head. The games I play…I can still play them…just not with Amy. She’s carrying my kid…that should mean something…

I looked in front of me and saw Grace and Adrian frozen by the door leading to the outside corridor. I could see the hurt on Grace’s face and Adrian…she looked pissed. There goes the sex I was going to have with Adrian tonight…damn…I watched as Adrian shook her head and pulled Grace away glaring at me the whole time.

Great…that’s just what I need…more drama, because there isn’t enough in my life already. Whatever…all I needed to do was sweet talk Grace a little and she’d be fine…Adrian would take a little more work…That’s all stuff that doesn’t matter right now though…I’ll worry about them later…right now I need to make sure Amy’s okay.

I felt her grip on me loosening as she pulled away. She was looking down and I reached out, placed a finger under her chin, lifted it up, and leaned back so I could look into her eyes. I gave her half a smile.

“You okay?”

She nodded and wiped under her eyes.

“Sorry about that.”

She motioned to my shirt. I glanced down and shrugged.

“Not a big deal.”

It was quiet for a minute before we both spoke.



We looked at each other and I chuckled as a smile cracked on her face. I nodded in her direction.

“Go ahead.”

She opened her mouth again and brushed her hair behind her ear.

“I was just going to say thank you. I know things between us have been…strained, but if you plan on being a part of the decision making process…then I think it’s time we both started acting…I guess…more mature.”

I nodded.

“You’re right. I just…I want us to consider all the options…okay?”

I saw a frown pass over her face as she opened her mouth and then her expression changed. Her brows furrowed and her hand flew to her stomach. She grunted.


I reached my hand out and grasped her arm lightly. My brows scrunched up and concern ran through me.

“What’s wrong? Amy…what happened?”

When she looked up at me I wasn’t sure how to describe the look on her face. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she gave me half a smile. She reached over to my hand that was on her arm and I let her move it. She pulled it toward her swollen belly and I hesitated.

After a second I let her go ahead and put my hand on her stomach. She held it there with her hand on top of mine for a moment. I made a face.

“Amy what are you…”

My voice stopped and I froze. Oh my god…is that what I think it is…my eyes flew to hers and I could barely hear my own voice when I spoke.

“Did…was that the baby?”

She nodded.

“Yeah…it just started a couple of days ago…it’s weird…I’m still kind of awed by the feeling.”

I nodded.

“Wow…there’s really a baby in there isn’t there?”

She laughed at me lightly and nodded.

“My ever expanding waist line was kind of the first hint…”

I could see amusement on her face and I gave her a small smirk before my face sobered. I swallowed hard.

“This is really happening.”

“Yes, it’s really happening.”

I nodded. It was quiet again. A minute or so later Amy broke the silence.

“I should probably get to class. The bell rang a couple of minutes ago.”

It was then I glanced around the hallway and noticed we were the only two students left there. I nodded again. She hesitated before leaving.

“I’ll see you later?”

I shook myself out of my stupor, put my hands in my pockets and nodded.

“Sure. I’ll see you later Amy.”

Her lips turned up in a half smile before she turned in the other direction and walked down the hallway and out the door. I stared after her. This is real…oh god…I don’t think it hit me until just now…my whole life is going to change…I’m going to be responsible for someone else’s life…I’m going to be a father…

I straightened myself up. I won’t fail at this…I’ll love my child…I’ll be there for them when they need me…I can do this…I have to and I will…I’m going to be a father…no…scratch that…anyone can be a father…me…I’m going to be a dad…

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