July 6, 2009

In Too Deep Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning
The Following Takes Place Between 4 AM and 5 AM

Chapter 5

Jack was grinning down on her and not being able to ignore the call of her taunting naked breasts any longer he pulled her nipple in his mouth. Oh, heaven… thought Chloe. She lost her train of thought, arched off the bed and gripped his head in her hands. Jack made his way down to her navel, leaving his hands to take care of her over sensitive nipples.

Jack moved down towards the offending material between them, her panties. Looking at her for affirmation, he found her eyes closed, lost in her own world. Chloe’s mind finally grasped the enormity of the situation when she felt his hot breath against her inner thigh. She was about to have sex with someone she barely knew.

Her breathing became even more laboured, if that was possible, and her heart took off in light speed. Her voice hitched when she spoke.

“What…am…I doing?”

Chloe spoke out loud, but didn’t really expect an answer. There was amusement in Jack’s voice when he spoke.

“You’re having sex with me.”

Jack kissed the soft skin of her inner thigh.


Chloe spoke breathlessly while fighting the urge to wrap her legs around his head and trap him there forever.

“I have no idea, but do you really want to talk about this right now?”

She shook her head as his dipped down and kissed the other side of her inner thigh.

“Guess not.”

Chloe raised her hips to let Jack remove her panties. She shut her eyes while he pulled the scrap of clothing down her slim legs. He trailed his hands up her inner thighs, softly spreading them. Slowly he slipped one finger inside her, taking his time, and loving the feel of her inner muscles as they tightly clenched down around his finger.

He gently slipped in another digit and her back arched up off the bed. Jack started to move his fingers in and out slowly watching as Chloe’s body writhed with pleasure. He brought his thumb up to the little bundle of nerves and lightly traced over running circles around it.

His other hand held on to her hips as she arched her body off the bed again. Jack pressed down harder and Chloe came undone with a moan of his name. Chloe moved her hips in short thrusts in time with his hand.

“Oh god Jack, I want you…please.”

Chloe was so close, she could feel it. Her whole body felt like it was going to explode. Suddenly Jack pulled his fingers from her and Chloe almost screamed at him. Her breathing was erratic, she tried to focus her eyes on something, but at this point she was so frustrated she barely saw Jack when he crawled up her body.

Chloe watched Jack looking over her nude form and she shivered with anticipation. Without any prompting, she spread her legs for him and it was almost in slow motion that he moved over her, rubbing her outer lips and then nudging her clit with his cock.

Lowering himself, he planted a few kisses on her face, throat and neck before moving against her teasingly. Chloe arched against him and groaned. Her voice was throaty when she spoke.

“Don’t tease...please...I need you Jack...”

Jack grasped her upper thigh in his hand, pulled it up and over his hip as he reared back before thrusting inside her with one hard, deep stroke. Chloe let out a loud moan that tore through her entire being. Her moan was muffled when Jack’s mouth covered hers.

Their sweat soaked skin slid against each other as they met each other thrust for thrust. Chloe dug his fingers into Jack’s back and he pulled out of her and slammed back in. Slipping a hand between them, Jack stroked Chloe’s clit gently while his body continued to move against hers, causing her to cry out his name.


Chloe clawed at his back as she came, her inner walls clenched tight around Jack, milking him and stroking him into oblivion with her. A couple more thrusts and Jack was grunting, gritting his teeth as he let go and exploded inside her.

Jack let go of Chloe’s leg gently and slowly pulled out of her. She made a soft noise at lose of him. He rolled over so he was lying next to her. The room was quiet. They stared up at the ceiling as their breathing slowed. Neither new what to say.

Chloe wasn’t sure what to do. She’d never done something like this before and she wasn’t exactly sure what the protocol was. After a couple of minutes of silence she pulled one of the sheets up and sat up. Her movement caused Jack to look over at her.

He frowned.

“Where are you going?”

She turned to face him and brushed her hair behind her ear. She shrugged and looked down to pick some invisible lint off the sheet.

“I umm…well I wasn’t sure…I mean…”

She sighed and made eye contact with him.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to stay or if I should just go…”

Her voice trailed off and he watched her closely. A minute went by and she started to fiddle with the sheets. Jack leaned up on an elbow, reached a hand up, and pulled her in for a kiss. When he pulled back he gave her grin.

“How about you spend the night here. We can just…figure things out in the morning. I don’t know about you, but It’s been a long day and a crazy night for me.”

Chloe smiled.

“Yeah…I know what you mean.”

Jack laid back on the pillow and opened his arms. Chloe lay back down and cuddled up to his chest as he wrapped an arm around her. Her eyes closed and Jack watched her for a few minutes before closing his eyes and sighing. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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