September 4, 2009

A Price to Pay (1/2)

Title: A Price to Pay
Season: Season 1-8
Rating: PG-13/R
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and the Creators of Smallville.
Couples: Chloe/Bart…
Edited By: dh1031
Category: One-Shot
Requested By: Jake

September 2009

I looked through the glass and watched as a guard set Chloe’s body on the leather examination chair. He stepped to the side as the doctor came into the room. He shifted her body so he could restrain her hands and feet. He then moved her head so it was facing forward. It’s amazing how compliant someone can be when they’re drugged.

It took two days to pull off, but my plan worked…she’s here, alive, and no one; not even her little super powered boyfriend knows where she is. She’s the key I need to unlock the power of eternal life…the key to restoring Lex back to his former-self once and for all…

As I observed the doctor hooking Chloe up to different monitors my mind drifted back to two nights ago…



September 2009

I sat in my black limo across the street from the Isis Foundation, I glanced up through the window to find only a solitary light on in the building. I watched as two forms moved around the office. I checked my watch and sighed in frustration. It’s close to midnight, hopefully he’ll be gone soon. I leaned backand went over the plan again.

I need to know if Chloe still has her meteor power and if it’s what I suspect it to be. The last time I tried to get a hold of her, her dim-witted boyfriend, Bart, got in the way. This time, that isn’t going to be a problem. I’ve devised a plan that’ll keep that speed-freak out of the way…since Chloe is always helping people…it would be hard for her to just sit back and watch someone die…even if that someone is me…

Movement outside the building caught my eye and I turned my head towards it. I watched as Bart came out of the building, glanced both ways, and then disappeared. I’ll have to make sure that at some point he takes a little trip to one of my facilities as well. I pressed a button and the partition between me and driver came down.

I cleared my throat.

“I shouldn’t be long.”

My driver nodded.

“Shall I wait here?”


I glanced at the passenger seat.

“Are you clear on the plan?”

“Yeah, I know what I’ve gotta do.”

“Go over it again, one more time…step by step…”

I heard a low grunt.

“Five minutes after you go inside, I follow you in, yell at you about firing me from some job at the Daily Planet, then I shoot you.”

I nodded.

“Remember to make it look real. The site of the wound has to be fatal.”

“Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem.”

I’m sure it won’t be, not that he’ll get far anyway. As soon as he leaves the building my team has orders to shoot him. He won’t make it through the night. Once Chloe’s demonstrated her power and I’m alive again, I’ll activate the concealed tracking device on my arm and my team will move in and collect her. It’s as simple as that…

“Okay, as soon as I enter the building start your timer.”

He nodded, and I opened and closed the door before walking across the street and up the stairs to the Isis office. Here goes nothing…

She was moving out of the back room when I appeared in the doorway and knocked. She gave me a slight glare and I gave her a tight lipped smile. It’s time for the performance of a lifetime…

“Good evening Chloe. I apologize for showing up unannounced. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time.”

I sighed.

“Actually, I’m on my way out.”

“Please, I have something I think you need to see.”

I held up a manila folder and she gave me a suspicious look before letting her eyes slip to the folder. I shook it slightly.

“Here, take it.”

She took a step toward me and I moved closer, stretching my arm out to her. She took the folder, opened it, and leafed through the documents within. She glanced up at me.

“Where did you get this?”

I shrugged.

“Research. Do you want it or not?”

She nodded. He should be here any second…right as she opened her mouth to say something the door slammed and we jumped slightly. I turned toward the door with a look of confusion on my face. Chloe’s voice was tense.

“Friend of yours?”

I shook my head.

“No, not to my knowledge.”

He lifted up his arm and by this point the gun was clearly visible. I heard Chloe inhale sharply behind me. He was playing the part perfectly. His eyes looked wild and his body was jittery as he spoke.

“Tess Mercer…why am I not surprised that you don’t remember me? I used to work at the Daily Planet…before you fired me! I have a wife…three kids…but you don’t care…you just do whatever the hell you want…well…not anymore.”

I took a step forward and opened my mouth to say something when there was a loud bang. I felt something rip through my body and my world turned upside down. I felt my body slip back and slam against the floor. I heard footsteps and then Chloe was kneeling beside me.

I felt pressure on my abdomen and I looked at her. There was a worried look on her face and I could feel her hands shaking.

“He’s gone…it’s gonna be okay…you’re going to be fine.”

I opened my mouth and winced.

“I’m cold…and I can’t feel my legs…”

The numbness was rising and I could feel a chill setting in. If I had known how horrible this was going to feel I might have taken a different course of action…I heard Chloe sigh and she shook her head. I could see indecision on her face.

“They aren’t going to make it in time…shit…”

I could tell the minute she made the decision to heal me. Her face hardened and she moved the cloth she was using as a tourniquet. When her hands touched me I felt a warmth spread through my body. A light formed around her hands, I felt a jolt through me as the light expanded and enveloped both of us.

The warmth intensified as it pooled around me, as my vision blurred, and everything went black…


My name being called brought me out of my thoughts. I turned away from the window and glanced at the door.


“The prep work for Miss Sullivan’s battery of tests has been completed.”

“Thank you. You may proceed.”

He nodded and walked back into the other room. I crossed my arms over my chest and moved slightly closer to the glass window. This is it…what I’ve been waiting for. I’m finally going to find out what makes Chloe Sullivan tick…and no one can stop me…

Chloe's POV


  1. This is great. I would love to hear Chloe POV of this, and being taken.

    Could you do that?

  2. Jake-

    Yeah, I can do that. It shouldn't be too much trouble. :-)


  3. Awesome work on the image you photoshoped for this story Corina, it looks great!! :-)


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