November 6, 2009

Close Call

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Title: Close Call
Season: 1
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the WB and the Creators of Birds of Prey.
Couples: None…
Category: One-Shot: Family
Requested By: Lilly

New Gotham City
(Carolyn POV)

My feet hit the ground as I landed to a crouch on the roof of my apartment building. I glanced at the Gotham City skyline. I spoke into my com in a tired voice.

“Sweeps done Oracle, the activity level was more mellow than usual. I’m heading in for the night.”

“Okay. I’ll send Huntress out in a few hours.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I took the ear pieces out and my necklace off as I walked towards the door on the roof. Helena is a good kid…and she does the job well, but I can’t help how I feel about her. She’s Catwoman’s daughter…no matter how much time she puts into being some kind of superhero…her future will never make up for her mother’s past…

I jogged down stairs to the third floor and made my way to my apartment. I slipped the key in the lock, heard it click, and pushed the door open quietly. I glanced at the clock as I shut the door behind me. 1 a.m. I sighed and as I tossed my keys onto the table a chill ran up my spine.

I frowned. Something isn’t right…the further I walked into the apartment the bad feeling I had got worse. I pulled off my mask and put it on the chair as I made my way towards Dinah’s room. I shoved the door open and frantically looked around the room.

My brows furrowed. The room looked clear, nothing was out of place. I shook my head as I walked towards Dinah’s bed and gently sat down. I swear, sometimes I scare myself with my overactive imagination. I smiled and brushed a piece of hair off of her forehead.

I frowned as her warm clammy skin came in contact with mine. A light breeze made me lift my head up. I glanced at the open window and stood quickly. I didn’t leave that open…I moved over to it, quickly pulled it down, and locked it.

I glanced around outside, but nothing was there. I turned around and started to leave when I saw something on the floor; out of the corner of my eye. I walked back over to her bed, bent down and picked up a small, folded, piece of paper.

I opened it and gasped as my hand flew to my mouth. I dropped the paper and moved over to Dinah. I shook her lightly and called out to her.

“Dinah…sweetheart…wake up Dinah.”

She groaned slightly and I waited a minute or so as she struggled to open her eyes. When she finally got them open I smiled and she frowned.


I nodded.

“Yeah…I’m here sweetie. How are you feeling?”

She opened her mouth to say something, but started coughing instead. I ran a hand over her hair as she calmed down.

“I’m not feeling good.”

“I know sweetie …don’t worry…I’m gonna go get you some water.”

I stood up, walked out of the room and opened the fridge with shaky hands. I took a deep breath and let it out, to trying to control my anger. Getting worked up won’t help Dinah. I pulled out a water bottle, picked up the phone, and dialed Barbara’s number. It rang twice before she answered.


“He was here…”

I could hear the confusion in her voice when she spoke.




“He left a note…Barbara…he’s poisoned Dinah…she’s sick.”

“Poisoned her…with what?”

I shook my head even though she couldn’t see it.

“I don’t know. I need you to take a blood sample back to the headquarters and figure out what it is…”

“I’ll send Dinah to take a sample. Don’t panic…and Carolyn…don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t.”

I hung up the phone and started to walk back towards Dinah’s bedroom when my cell phone rang. I grabbed it and answered it.

“Just send Helena…it’s fine…”

“Hello Canary…”

My body froze and my jaw tensed. Al Hawke…

“It fills my soul with profound inner peace to hear from you again, Canary”

I glared at the phone.

“And since when do you have a soul, Hawke?”

He chuckled and I squeezed the water bottle tighter. His voice was cold when he spoke.

“I found my soul the day my father left this earth.”

“Really? Sounds more like you found the self-help section in the bookstore.”

Sarcasm’s always been a mask for me. A way to control the emotions running rampant through me and that’s the only way I’m going to get through this phone call. I felt someone behind me and I whirled around. Helena was standing there and I motioned for her to be quiet. Hawke spoke in a harsh voice.

“I watched my daddy suffer such torment after you betrayed him. I watched him lying there all alone in prison, his body broken like his spirit. And now I'm going to do the same to your daughter. I’m going to make sure you watch her die slowly.”

“Go to hell!”

“Trust me…I’m already there.”

There was a click and then the phone went dead. I clutched it in my hand tightly and tossed it across the room. It crashed against the wall and I let out a deep breath. Focus…I glanced up at Helena and motioned towards Dinah’s room.

“She’s in here. You have everything you need?”


Helena followed me into the bedroom and I moved aside so she could get to Dinah. Helena squatted down next to her, took out a needle, and efficiently drew her blood. She stood a few seconds later with the vile in hand. She went to the window and stopped before jumping out.

“I’ll have Barbara call you when she finds out what it is.”

“Thank you.”

She was gone seconds later and I sighed. How did things get so messed up? When I found out I was pregnant with Dinah I struggled with whether or not I should keep her. This life…it’s dangerous and even though it’s rewarding; it takes from you until you have nothing left to give.

I didn’t want Dinah to have to deal with that, but I couldn’t just give my daughter up. So I kept her, and even though it’s been a struggle, and I haven’t regretted it once…until now…a light cough brought me out of my thoughts.

I turned my head towards Dinah and saw her eyes open slightly. Her voice was weak when she spoke.

“Mom…I don’t…feel good…”

I swallowed hard and made my way over to her bed, sitting down next to her. I tried to smile, but it didn’t reach my eyes.

“I know Dinah…I have to tell you something…and I need you to be calm about it okay?”

She nodded, but I could see the confusion and fear of the unknown on her face.

“You’re sick…that bad man that I’ve told you about…”

She cut me off.


“Yes, he…well…I think he injected you with some kind of poison, relax, don’t panic. Aunt Barbra is working on an antidote as we speak. Everything is going to be fine.”

I could see tears gather in her eyes and I cursed myself. How could I think dragging her into my messed up career as a superhero would be safe? Hopefully Barbra finds something soon. I can’t stand seeing her like this. Her voice shook me from my thoughts.

“Am I…am I going to die?”

The words were barely a whisper and my brows furrowed as I reached out, stroked her hair, and spoke.

“No, of course not. I won’t let you…you just gotta hang in there okay?”

She nodded. I could see her face getting paler by the minute, she was burning up, and the coughing was getting worse. If I had to bet I’d say whatever Hawke used was fast acting. Dinah closed her eyes again and took a ragged breath. I turned my head when the phone rang and practically sprang from the bed.

I kissed Dinah on the top of the head and hurried to answer it.


“Carolyn? Thank god, I was worried. I called your cell phone a few times, but there was no answer.”

“Yeah, it’s out of commission for the time being. What’s the word?”

Barbra paused and I could hear the hesitation in her voice before she spoke.

“Dinah has been poisoned with Atropine…it’s a tropane alkaloid extracted from a deadly nightshade or more specifically Atropa Belladonna…there is an antidote…”

Her voice trailed off and I felt my hand tighten on the phone. I could feel the adrenaline rush into my body as I started


“The drug, pilocarpin microfelixis is in the form of a powdered leaf. It needs to be combined with other alkaloids and extracted into a liquid… it’s going to take some time to synthesize. Do we know how long ago the poison was ingested?”

I ran a hand through my hair and shook my head even though she couldn’t see it.

“Not an exact time. I went on patrol around 11:30…got back at 1. So it had to be during that time frame. Why? Does it matter?”

I could hear things clinking together on the other end of the phone as I waited for her answer.

“Yes Carolyn…it matters. This poison…it works quickly. A small dose is fatal. It gives us about a day…anything more than that we’re talking less than a day.”

My voice was quiet when I spoke.

“How long’s it going to take you to make it?”

“A few hours...just hang in there and call me if she gets any worse.”


I hung up the phone, dropped into a chair, and placed my head in my hands. I should have just retired...I should have never put Dinah in a position where something like this could happen...what kind of mother am I?

Three Hours Later- 4am

I was pouring some tea into a cup when I heard Dinah calling my name. I stopped what I was doing and quickly walked into her bedroom. Her face was almost completely white, she was sweating profusely, her body was shaking and I was pretty sure she was hallucinating.

I sat down on the bed and brushed some hair away from her face.

“I’m here baby.”

I watched her take a deep breath as she struggled to speak.

“I...I just wanted to tell you...I love you...”

Her voice trailed off and I gripped her hand tightly and spoke in a strong voice.

“Don’t you do that...don’t you dare do that Dinah. You’re going to be fine, Aunt Barbra is working on an should be here soon...and you’re birthday’s next month...we’re going to do something special for your 13th birthday remember?”

She gave me a weak smile and nodded. I smiled back and tried to keep a brave face. This is all my fault...I took a deep breath and looked down at my hands as I spoke.

“Dinah...I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you’re going through this because of me. When I decided to stick with being the Black Canary I should have realized I wasn't just putting myself at risk anymore. That every day I’m putting you in the line of fire and I didn’t realize until last night that the choice I made twelve years ago could kill the person I love most in this world…”

I could feel the tears pouring down my check and when I finally looked up at her, there were tears in her eyes too. She was shaking her head and I could see the pain on her face when she spoke.

“Mom…I’m not a baby…anymore…I think you made…the right choice. I’m not mad and you shouldn’t be…sad. You save people…you’re a hero…and…I’m…I’m so proud of you. I’m proud that I’m a part of it…”

I brought her hand up to my lips, kissed it, and held it against my chin. We exchanged quiet 'I love yous' and as Dinah drifted off to sleep I couldn’t fight the tears that came. I swear if the antidote doesn’t get here in time…if anything happens to Dinah…I’ll kill him…I’ll kill Al Hawke…

A hand touching my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts. I turned quickly and Helena was standing there. I stood up and wiped my face.

“Do you have it?”


She took out a syringe and handed it to me. She glanced at Dinah and I saw her eyes open wide. She’s scared…Helena might not be my favorite person, but she loves my daughter…they are practically sisters…I could hear a quiver in her voice as she spoke.

“Just inject the pilocarpin into her arm and it should start to work in about fifteen or twenty minutes.”

She handed it to me; I took of the cap, and moved toward Dinah. Five minutes later Helena had gone and I sat waiting. Please let this work…

(Dinah POV)

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. The sun was shining through the open window and I put a hand over my eyes. Ugh…what happened? I moved my body and winced. Everything felt stiff. I glanced around the room and saw my mom sleeping in a chair.

That’s when everything came back to me. I was poisoned…I swear people are such idiots…I don’t even remember anyone coming in here while I was asleep…mom was pretty upset…but everything’s okay now…I feel so much better than I did last night.

I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. 12:54…wow I sure slept in…I shifted my body carefully so I was sitting up in bed, resting my back against the headboard. I cleared my throat and called out to my mom. My voice came out slightly hoarse.


I startled her awake and she was sitting up and alert by the second time I called her name. She blinked twice and then looked over at me. I smiled and waved. I saw relief cover her face as she ran and practically jumped on my bed.

I laughed as she hugged me tightly in her arms. I rolled my eyes.

“Mom…you’re so crazy…I’m fine…”

She moved back and held my face in her hands.

“I thought I lost you…”

I grinned.

“Never mom…never…”

We embraced again and I smiled. I hate that my mom had to go through that last night and I hate that someone used me to get to her. When I’m old enough I’m going to start training with Helena…I’m gonna hone my powers and I’m gonna go after Al Hawke…

If it’s the last thing I do…I’ll get him…no one messes with my family…this was a close call, but we lucked out…there won’t be a next time…as far as I’m concerned his time’s up…


  1. This was really good. Thanks

  2. Lilly-

    I'm really glad you liked it and can I just say I watched ALL the episodes of Birds of's sad that they cut the show off so soon. I would have liked to see Helena and the Reese get together. ;-)



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