November 9, 2009

A Family is Born Chapter (11/13)

Chapter 12

Chapter 11
“Knocked Up Who’s There”
(Ben POV)

I sighed as I put my books into my locker one by one. It’s been a long few days. Earlier last week when I was out to dinner with dad and Betty, he gave me a post card that was delivered for me from Italy. I was slightly worried until I saw that the entire thing was in Italian.

I can’t read Italian, but my dad basically told me what it said when we got home that night. I really don’t know how long I can keep up all this lying…I mean…I didn’t have sex in Italy this past summer…but sex isn’t the only way to cheat…

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and I turned to look around. I spotted a girl with short red hair in a blue and purple shirt looking at me. When we made eye contact she smiled in my direction. I smiled back and then looked away.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking toward me. I didn’t turn to face her again until she spoke.



“I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out this weekend.”

I gave her a quick once over before looking around the hallways. It’s the new girl who started here not too long ago…she’s pregnant. I mean technically I don’t like to label her like that because after everything Amy went through…well it changes your perspective on things.


She smiled.

“Yeah, you.”

I gave her a small smile.

“I’m flattered; umm I was just wondering…this seems kind of sudden, ah have we met before?”

She glanced down at her stomach and then back up at me.

“It’s not your baby if that’s what you were wondering…”

She had a playful look in her eyes and I glanced down at her stomach before meeting her eyes again.


She cut me off.

“It was a joke. I just thought you know…you must be into pregnant girls and I could use friend…and you don’t seem to have any issues with single mothers.”

I furrowed my brows. She can’t really be hitting on me…can she? What is it about me that attracts pregnant females? I stuck out my hand and she took it.

“I’m so sorry, what was your name?”


“Nice to meet you, I’m Ben.”

“I know…”

I tilted my head to the side and gave her a sympathetic look.

“I have a girlfriend…and it sounds like you know I have a girlfriend. Do you know I have a girlfriend? Amy…Amy Jeurgens?”

Her lips turned up in half a smirk.

“Yeah, so? She’s probably gonna end up with Ricky anyway…there’s no harm in coming out.”

I raised an eyebrow. I can’t say I’m crazy about that statement, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more like that might be true…

“Well…I don’t think she’s gonna end up with Ricky.”

Heather gave me a ‘yeah who are you trying to convince’ look and shrugged.

“She could…he’s the father of her baby.”

Also true…

“I love Amy…we’re in an exclusive relationship.”

Or at least I think I do…since I got back from Italy that hasn’t been too clear to me either…

“Oh, I’m sure…you and Amy and the baby and Ricky. Look, all I’m saying is I can show you a good time. You wanna have a good time right?”

I hesitated. I feel bad…on one hand she’s coming on kind of strong…on the other hand she could probably use a friend…

“Really Heather…I can’t.”

“You can’t have a good time?”

“Well…I can, but only with Amy…”

“Right…if that’s your idea of a good time, getting your heart broken. My parents already kicked me out of my house so I have my own place. Here’s my number…you should give me a call.”

She handed the piece of paper to me and I glanced down at it as I took it from her. I looked up and she smiled.

“Oh, and uh, I heard you like to play Cribbage…so do I…maybe we can be friends.”

She leaned her head to the side and made a face.

“Doesn’t it bother you hanging out with Amy and Ricky and the baby all the time?”

I cut her off before she could say anything else because yeah…it bothered me hanging out with them all the time, but I wasn’t going to say that. The last thing I need is another fight with Amy. She’s still upset because I’m still friends with Adrian.

“Heather, it occurs to me that even if I did want to hang out with you wouldn’t it just be me with the father of your baby, and your baby? Would it just be the same thing?”

She shook her head.

“Yeah, only way better…I’ll see you around.”

I watched her walk away right as Alice and Henry were making their way over to me. Henry turned, glanced at Heather and then looked back at me. He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m seeing a pattern here…”

Alice slapped him on the chest lightly.

“You’re not going to go out with her are you?”

I turned to Alice and before I could answer her question Henry spoke up.

“Are you going to be friends with her?”

Alice shook her head.


I wanted to roll my eyes at them for wanting gossip, but I didn’t.

“Come on, that’s a cry for help if I’ve ever seen one. I can be her friend I guess.”

Alice gave me a ‘what are you smoking’ look.

“No you can’t, not and be Amy’s boyfriend.”

I frowned.

“Why? Amy knows I have friends.”

“Other than the two of us, what friends?”

I pointed at them.

“Okay, that’s my point exactly. Amy knows I’m friends with you Alice and she doesn’t mind.”

“What does that mean?”

Who knows…

“It means that Amy is fine with my having friends of the opposite sex.”

Henry gave me a half wince half smile before speaking.

“I doubt it…”


“She’ll be fine with it…in fact maybe Amy and I can be friends with…Heather. Her name is Heather.”

Alice shrugged.

“Amy’s not too happy about you being friends with Adrian, what makes you think you can be friends with Heather?”

I sighed. That’s Adrian…Amy hates Adrian…she has no reason to hate the new girl.

“This is different.”

“Yeah, you don’t even know this girl.”

Amy took that moment to walk up to us. Her voice was quiet when she spoke.

“What girl?”

Alice jumped slightly as she and Henry turned quickly toward Amy.

“Me…he was referring to me.”

Henry waved and guided her away from us. I saw the look on Amy’s face cloud over and I let out an internal groan. They just made this situation a hell of a lot worse.

“What girl?”

“Umm, this girl named Heather…”

She cut me off.

“The new girl?

I nodded and one look at her face told she was not happy…Great…

(Ashley POV)

I shook my head as Grace walked away saying she was going to find Amy to tell her about the talk at her TAG group. I walked down the hallway and when I looked up I spotted Mark. I stopped in my tracks and he smiled at me. I gave him a somewhat shy smile back.

He really is cute…my thoughts were interrupted by Griffin’s voice as he came up beside me. He leaned down as he spoke

“Want me to get rid of him?

“I dunno, I’m thinking about it…”

Mark made his way over to us and his mile widened.



Griffin rolled his eyes.

“So, neither of your are conversationalists.”

Mark looked at Griffin and shrugged.

“Or maybe we just find it awkward having to talk in front of you.”

I grinned. I think it’s possible I might like this guy…

“What are your intentions here?”


I laughed lightly.

“I like that…”

“Ashley’s made a commitment not to date in high school.”

“I don’t want to go out with her…I just want to marry her and have children with her. In that order.”

I pursed my lips together to keep from laughing. Griffin looked panicked.

“Whoa, okay there buddy you’re not getting anywhere near her.”

“I didn’t say I was going to…I just said I wanted to, but who wouldn’t…other than you.”

Griffin raised an eyebrow.

“Is that a remark about my being gay?”

“I guess…you are gay aren’t you? You let the whole school know.”

“Is there something wrong with my telling the whole school I’m gay?”

This is ridiculous…

“It’s kind of personal isn’t it?”

Griffin shook his head.

“It’s who I am.”

I glanced between them and Mark nodded.

“Yeah well, this is who I am. I’m interested in Ashley and I just want to talk to her.”

He glared at Mark.

“About sleeping with her?”

Okay time to cut in…

“Well, as flattering as all this is, I’m getting bored and I’ve got to get to class.”

Mark smiled.

“I’ll walk you.

“I’m her walker…I’ll walk her…”

I rolled my eyes.

“Please I’m starting to feel very Scarlet O’ Hara. You can both walk me.”

I turned away from them and started down the hall as they continued to stand there and talk. I turned the corner and neither of them were following me. Oh well…As I was rounding the corner Ricky came up next to me.

“Hey…if you wanna go out you know, you can double with me.”

I turned my head and glanced at him. Interesting…this is a new offer…

“What makes you think I want to go out?”

He gave me a slight smirk.

“I’ve been watching you watch that guy. You wanna go out.”

It’s possible that he’s not wrong. I walked with him down the hall and we came to a stop outside a classroom.


“So who’s gonna drive you? He’s a freshmen…and unlike your sisters boyfriend I doubt he has a driver.”

I shrugged. I could hear the distaste in Ricky’s voice when he talked about Ben…

“Well he hasn’t asked me out…so…”

I trailed off and Ricky nudged me lightly.

“Maybe he can’t get past your friend.”

“Well then he can’t go out with me.”

I smiled and Ricky returned it.

“Don’t you think guys are intimidated enough by you without having to get past a bodyguard?

I laughed.

“Intimidated by me? How so?”

“Don’t play games with me, you know what I’m talking about.”

He held up his hands in defeat.

“Look I was just trying to be nice here…you wanna go out you can double with me…”

I raised an eyebrow.

“And who exactly are we going out with? I know you and Adrian broke up…”

“I’m sure I can find someone to go out with and if all else fails we can drag Amy out with us.”

That piqued my interest. He wants to drag Amy on a double date…this is new and interesting news. For the last week or two Ricky and Amy have been acting strange around each other. I think something happened with them…I’m still a little shocked that Ricky actually broke up with Adrian…although I’m not sure how long it will last…

“Amy…my sister Amy?”

He chuckled.

“Do we know another Amy?”

“No, I suppose we don’t. You want to take my sister on a date?”

I watched him make a face before shaking his head.

“No, I mean it wouldn’t be a real date. She’s with Ben and I’m…well me. We could just hang out with you guys so you have a ride and an easy out if things get weird.”

I guess that could work…I was about to open my mouth when Mark caught up with us. I looked at Ricky and he waved me off. I gave him a small smile and fell in step beside Mark. Maybe going out on a date wouldn’t be so bad…and like Ricky said if anything goes wrong he and Amy will be there…

(Ricky POV)

I watched Ashley walk off with that Mark guy and I sighed. At least if she lets me drive them I can keep an eye on things. I don’t like to think that some guy might take advantage of Ashley…she’s John’s aunt and Amy’s little sister…and she’s family…

I shook myself out of my thoughts and walked down the hall. I saw Amy talking to Lauren and I figured now was as good a time as any to see if she wanted to come with me to keep an eye on Ashley. I jogged down the hallway to catch up to her.


She turned her head, smiled, and slowed her pace so that I fell in step beside her.

“Hey Ricky, what’s up?”

“What are you doing tonight?”

She gave me a confused look.

“I was going to see if Ben wanted to go out. Why?”

Ah, right…the boyfriend.

“Oh, well you know I’ve been keeping an eye on Ashley…”

I looked at her and saw the small grin on her face as she nodded.

“And she seems sorta interested in this guy Mark, so I told her that if she wanted to go out with him that should could double with me.”

Amy stopped short and I almost knocked into her.

“Sorry…you told Ashley she could double with you? I thought you and Adrian weren’t seeing each other anymore.”

Her voice was friendly enough, but I could see her body tense after she mentioned Adrian’s name. I sighed.

“I’m not and that’s why I was trying to see if you were busy tonight. I figured you could use a night out and I’m sure it’ll make your parents feel better knowing Ashley has people there watching out for her…”

I trailed off when I saw a look of nervousness cross Amy’s face. That’s never good…

“Are you…asking me out on a date? Because I’m with Ben…”

Her voice was slightly high pitched and I almost laughed.

“No, I like to think that you and I are friends…right? We can go somewhere just as friends. If you don’t want to it’s not a big deal. It’s not like I can’t get an actual date, I just thought you might like to get out of the house.”

She nodded.

“That’s nice Ricky, and I appreciate it, but I have Lauren coming over to babysit tonight so I can go out with Ben. It wouldn’t be such a big deal except fort he fact that the new girl wants to date Ben…and well…I haven’t really been spending a lot of time with him lately…”

Her voice trailed off and I nodded. The new girl is pregnant…it figures she’d go after Ben. He seems to attract a certain kind of woman.

“Okay, well I just thought I’d ask.”

She smiled and before she could say anything else her cell phone rang. Her brows furrowed and I gave her a concerned look. I hope everything’s okay with John. She grabbed it out of her bag and flipped it open.

“Mom…what’s wrong?”

I saw her frown deepen as she spoke.

“Oh my god…are you okay? Yeah, no, no it’s fine. I can find a ride home.”

I nudged her lightly.

“What’s going on?”

She looked at me and there was worry on her face.

“That’s Ricky…yeah. Okay I’ll see you when I get home. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and let out a heavy sigh.

“My mom was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.”

Oh god…I wonder if that’s really bad…I hope Anne’s okay…

“Is she gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure…do you think you can maybe drop me off at the nursery after school today?”

I nodded.


“Thanks Ricky…I should get to class.”

“I’ll see you later.”

She smiled, waved, and took off down the hall. Looks like I’m gonna have to find myself a date for tonight…I bet Adrian’s available…I rolled my eyes at my own thoughts. No…no more Adrian…I’m done with her lying to me…now hopefully I can stick to it…

(George POV)

I walked down the stairs and before I even made it into the kitchen Ashley was standing in front of me.

“Did you pick Amy up at the nursery?”

I nodded. I’m pretty sure sometimes she worries more than I do…then again I don’t really worry too often.

“Yes, I picked up Amy at the nursery and I dropped her off next door.”

She moved back slightly so I could walk into the kitchen. She shuffled around a little bit before giving me a tight smile. Uh oh…she wants something…

“Do you go in next door?”

I furrowed my brows.

“Your mothers? No, I gotta change clothes first and I gotta mentally prepare to go over there.”

She rolled her eyes at me. I think a part of her was still reeling that I was Anne’s date and she was mine. We went to the doctor that night two weeks ago to find out the sex of the baby. A son…I still can’t believe I’m having a son…my two beautiful girls and now a boy…

“Yeah I know what you mean…oh speaking of which, do you mind if I go out tonight?”

I shrugged.

“With your new friend Griffin? Not at all. You can go out with your number one gay anytime you want. Who’s driving?”

She hesitated slightly before answering me.


I frowned. Why in the world is he driving around my 14-year-old daughter and her gay best friend?


She nodded.

“Yeah, we’re going out with Ricky and…well whoever his date is. Not Griffin and me…this guy named Mark.”

Before I could even protest their was a knock on the door followed by Griffin walking in. We glanced at him and he gave Ashley a stern look.

“Hi George I need to speak to Ashley if I may…”

He’s supposed to be making sure my little girl doesn’t date…

“Who’s Mark?”

“A no good nick…I have to hear from someone else that your going out? I mean I thought you were thinking of going out, I didn’t know you were going out.”

I glanced between them and frowned.

“She’s not going out.”

Her mouth dropped open slightly as she turned back toward me.

“You just said I could go out.”

I pointed at Griffin.

“With him.”

She glared at me for a second and then her face changed.

“Mom’s on bed rest…”


Oh my god….is there something wrong with the baby? Why wouldn’t she tell me? I need to go make sure everything’s okay…what if this is my fault because I’ve been getting on her nerves more then usual lately?

I shook my head and gave Ashley and Griffin one more look before I made my way out of the house and next door. I don’t know if I can handle anything happening to Anne or the baby…

(Amy POV)

I stood at the kitchen table folding John’s clothes when my dad walked into the room. I glanced up and smiled.

“Should I finish this or are we getting a housekeeper?”

He frowned.

“Well we’re not getting one today.”

I shrugged.

“We could, I have the number for a service.”

He shook his head.

“No, I’m not leaving your mother with some person in the house that we don’t know.”

“O-k…fine…you can take a few weeks off from the store and take care of her.”

I turned my head to look at him. Doesn’t he realize how hard it’s going to be doing everything around the house? I don’t mind helping mom, because she was there for me, but I’m only one person. I can’t do everything…

“Just you and mom here for a few weeks…waiting for the baby to come. I’d do it, but I have school and work and John. I can’t take care of her all the time. Oh, I’m going out tonight. Lauren’s coming over to babysit.”

His brows furrowed.

“No, no one’s going anywhere tonight. You, me, and your sister we’re all staying right here.”

I turned to him slowly. Is he crazy? I haven’t been out in ages…I never ask to go out and the one time I do he’s not going to let me?


“Well, if your mother can’t go anywhere then neither can we.”

He’s got to be kidding me…

“But…I can go.”

“Mmm, no you can’t.”


“Dad I have to go out…the new girl at school, who by the way is pregnant, is trying to steal Ben from me…”

I trailed off as his face scrunched up in what I could only assume was distaste.

“Is that his thing?”

“No! but she thinks it is so I have to go out tonight and I have to be a lot of fun.”

I smiled and he cringed.

“What does that mean? You have to have sex with him or something to keep him away from a pregnant girl? Nah, you’re not going anywhere tonight. We’re a family.”

I glared at him.

“No, we’re not. You and mom are speaking to each other, but we’re not a family. I don’t have to ask you if I have to go out…”

I turned back toward the laundry and continued folding. I could hear the irritation in his voice when he spoke.

“Oh really? You’re 16 Amy and you’re my daughter. You’re gonna do what I tell you and tonight I’m telling you you’re staying home with your mother and me and Ashley.”

Why does he have to act like this the one time I want to leave the house? My voice was quiet when I spoke, the attitude was gone.

“And if I don’t?”

“If you don’t?”

I sighed.

“Dad, I’m 16 with a baby of my own. I think I should be able to decide whether or not I’m going on a date.”

He moved slightly closer to me and raised his voice.

“You’re 16 with a baby of your own…you don’t make good decisions, we’ve already established that!”

He turned, opened the kitchen door, walked out of the house, and slammed it shut. I winced at the noise. Great…the door opened again a couple of minutes later and I didn’t bother turning around.

“Did you come back to yell at me some more?”

“Uh, I can’t actually remember the last time I yelled at you…”

I spun around with a look of surprise on my face.

“Ricky…hey. What are you doing here?”

He frowned.

“Coming to see John and I wanted to see what time Ashley wanted to go pick up Mark.”

I made a face and nodded.

“Yeah well…that would be never. At least not tonight. My dad wants Ashley and I home with him and my mom.”

He nodded.

“How’s your mom doing?”

“She’s okay. She’s resting right now.”

“That’s good.”

We stood there quietly for a couple of minutes before I decided to break the silence and we wound up talking at the same time.

“I think we should…”

“Can we talk about…”

I grinned and he laughed as he motioned to me.

“You go first.”

I nodded as I pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I was going to say I think we should talk about what you asked me…I mean it sounds silly, but I think it’s been kind of hanging over the air between us this past week or two and…the…situation we have right now is going well for us and John…I just don’t want to ruin that.”

He nodded.

“Me either…look, I mentioned the relationship…because well it seemed like you were angry and I wasn’t sure if it was because you think Adrian is some kind of bad influence…or if it was because she was my girlfriend…”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I could understand why he might have thought that…and to be honest I’m not even sure how to put what I was and still do sometimes feel into words…but I need to try. I walked to the cabinet and grabbed some of John’s formula.

Ricky noticed what I was doing so he got a bottle ready as I spoke.

“I wasn’t angry about your relationship with Adrian…I just…John is our son and even though I’m with Ben and I let him help out with the hard stuff if he wants too, which he usually doesn’t really…I never do family stuff with him.”

I swallowed hard and avoided eye contact with Ricky before continuing.

“I don’t let him take John out anywhere alone…or let him babysit alone…he’s never really been around John without me, you or my mother or someone else there. I just…I’m afraid that you’re gonna take John and you and Adrian are gonna do all those fun things that I don’t do with him.”

I looked up at him and I could feel the tears in my eyes.

“You guys are gonna take him to the park, and get ice cream, and go for walks and picnics and to the aquarium…all of those fun little moments…and I won’t be a part of any of them. I’m terrified that John is going to love you and Adrian more than he loves me…I don’t want her to be his second mom…he only has one mom…and that’s me.”

I finished my little tirade with a small sniffle and Ricky was quiet for a minute. When I handed him the formula and he poured it into the bottle, he glanced at me as he handed it back full.

“Amy…if this is how you’ve been feeling all along…why wouldn’t you tell me? You and I fought over the whole Adrian issue…I fought with Adrian…all of that could have been avoided if you would have just explained this.”

He gave me half a smile, but I could see pain in his eyes.

“You know…I thought I was the only one who felt like that…”

I frowned as he trailed off.

“What do you mean?”

“Well Amy, sometimes…and I don’t even think you realize it, but you make me feel like Ben is more important to John’s well being then me. It really upset me when you considered taking our son to Italy with Ben. Do you know how much I would have missed?”

He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. I never really thought about it that way…I didn’t even think of things from Ricky’s side…I complain all the time about the hard work and how no one helps and I can never get away when Ricky…all he wants is to get in.

If he could be here with John every single night he probably would…god I feel so stupid…

“I’m so sorry Ricky…I…I didn’t even realize.”

He shrugged.

“It’s no big deal, I mean you didn’t go it’s just…our situation is complicated. You love Ben and he loves you and I know you guys plan on getting married some day or whatever…but where does that leave me? How do I fit into John’s life?”

He looked down and I walked over to him and took his hand in mine. He raised his head and gave me an expectant look. My jaw was set and my voice was stern when I spoke.

“Ricky, you will always have a place in John’s life…and even in mine. If I marry Ben…that won’t change. As long as you’re willing to be there for John I’ll never tell you, you can’t be. He needs you. You’re an amazing father…John loves you so much…you know I’m even a little jealous because he says ‘Dada’ but not ‘Mama’.”

He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Dada is easier…it’s like saying duh or dahdahdah over and over again.”

I shrugged.

“I guess…but all I’m trying to get at is John needs you…I need you and…I’m sorry I was so harsh with Adrian…if you really care about her Ricky…if you think her I’m not going to be the person who says you shouldn’t be with her. I just…if you can keep her contact with John minimal until I get out of this whole….I don’t even know…territorial phase I’d appreciate it.”

He was looking at me funny. There was a look in his eyes that I’ve never seen before and it made my heart start to pound. Why is he looking at me like that? I watched him swallow and shake his head.

“Thanks…thanks Amy, that means a lot to me and if I decide to get back together with Adrian…I’ll make sure she isn’t around John too much.”

I nodded and gave him a smile. He went to say something when the kitchen door opened and Ashley walked in. Doesn’t anyone use the front door? She glanced between me and Ricky and raised an eyebrow. Ricky cleared his throat and I smoothed my hair down.

“What are you doing? Why do you look good?”

Ricky laughed and I glared at Ashley.

“Gee, thanks Ashley. Because I had a date with Ben tonight and Lauren was going to come over to babysit.”

She frowned.

“But dad said we all have to stay home tonight so why is Lauren coming over to babysit?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Was…Lauren was coming over to babysit. I got dressed a little while ago. I didn’t know we couldn’t go anywhere until after I was dressed. Uh, speaking of which I completely forgot to call Ben…he’s probably on his way here.”

She glanced around me and waved at Ricky.

“Hey, oh yeah…I can’t go tonight.”

He smirked.

“Yeah, I got that. We’ll do it another time.”

She nodded and there was a knock at the door.

“That’s probably Ben…crap.”

I turned to Ricky.

“Can you?”


I smiled, handed him the bottle and then watched him go into the other room to get John. I moved over to the door and pulled it open.

Ben smiled and I smiled back.


Before I could even open my mouth Ashley called out over my shoulder.

“Ben, dad told Amy she can’t go out.”

He frowned and looked back at me. I glared over at Ashley before turning back to Ben.

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

I nodded.

“It just happened and I was going to tell you that, but Ashley can’t seem to keep her mouth shut.”

“It’s okay, we don’t have to go out, we can stay here.”

I opened my mouth, but never got a chance to speak because my dad’s voice called out from behind me.

“Or Ben, you could just go home.”

Now he’s being mean to Ben? Ashley and I turned in his direction and my eyes widened. Oh my god…is that a dog?

(Anne POV)

I glared at the large dog leaning over my bed. What could he have possibly been thinking? I glanced at George and my glare deepened. Amy and Ashley stood to the side with humor in their eyes and Ricky stood close to the door with John in his arms.

I let out a heavy sigh and George smiled.

“You won’t believe what this guy can do. He flunked out of the guide dog program, but really he’s unbelievable.”

The kids chuckled and my eyes flew to them. They tried to stifle the laughs as I looked back at George.

“George we don’t need a dog…we need a person. A person who can do laundry and clean house and keep me company and bring me food and water.”

I have never seen a grown man pout like George does.

“Well he can be trained to do all that…probably, but the most important thing is, if there’s an emergency watch this. Moose, call 911.”

The kids and I watched as the dog moved his front paws from the bed, went over to the phone, knocked it off its cradle and dialed 911 with his paw. I have to admit…that’s pretty impressive…but also a bad thing to test.

“George he called 911…people calling 911 who don’t need 911 keep people who do need 911 from getting help.”

His smile faded and the kids couldn’t hold their laughter in anymore. Even John was giggling in Ricky’s arms. George’s face got serious.

“A boy needs a dog.”

Ricky cleared his throat and I glanced over at him.

“I don’t have a dog…neither does John.”

A slight smile graced my face and George turned and glared at Ricky.

“Stay outta this drummer boy.”

Amy smiled and Ashley rolled her eyes. I shook my head.

“Are you talking about you or the baby?”

He gave me an innocent look.


I tensed.

“We don’t’ need a dog. Now out…everyone get out.”

Ricky was the first to scurry out of the room followed by Amy Ashley and a sad looking George. When they were all gone Moose sat there with his head on the bed looking at me. Great…just what I need…I made the dog feel bad…I sighed.

“I’m sorry Moose…but there’s already so much going on in this house…we don’t need another responsibility…”

My voice trailed off as I lay down. I closed my eyes and a couple of seconds later I felt a weight on the bed as Moose cuddled up next to me and I didn’t have the heart to make him get down…

(Amy POV)

Ricky left about twenty minutes ago, John’s asleep in his room and Dad, Ashley and I are sitting on the couch staring at nothing. The paramedic came because Moose dialed 911 a few times and he just left a few minutes ago.

“There’s nothing good about this night.”

Dad looked at me and shook his head. I got up and made my way into the kitchen. I really don’t want to be around him right now. I heard him follow me into the kitchen and I sighed.

“You need something?”

“I was just going to get some juice for when John wakes up.”

He nodded.

“Yeah, let’s talk.”

“I don’t want to talk.”

“I do…and I’m your dad and I would think that after all we’ve been through with you this year that you’d want to talk to me, but whether or not you talk to me I’m gonna talk to you.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him.

“Ames, you can’t just do whatever you want, but I’m really, really impressed by how much you’ve grown up this past year and how well you care for a baby at 16, but still. You’re not grown up, you’re not 18 and you can’t do whatever you want.”

I know he’s right…I just miss going out and doing normal teenage things…

He pulled me from my thoughts when he continued.

“You and your sister and your mother and me…we’re a family and a family isn’t about letting each person do what they want, it’s about each person doing what’s good for the family and that’s how we learn to do what’s good for the world. And I know you’re all in for what’s doing good for the world…but guess what sweetie…it starts by doing what’s good for the family.”

I dropped my arms and nodded quietly. He walked toward me and his brow furrowed.

“Ames, when you disrespect me, I loose respect for you and you know that’s not right. And you’re only choosing to do something that’s not right out of your own selfish interest or just out of spite.”

I scoffed.

“You’ve done a few things out of your own selfish interest or just out of spite…”

He frowned again.

“We’re talking about you…”

A knock on the kitchen door interrupted our conversation and I walked over to open the door. Ben had his hands in his pocket as he glanced between me and my dad. I don’t blame him the way my dad through him out earlier.


“Hey, I apologize for just dropping by…I called…”

“Yeah, I couldn’t pick up my phone…my dad was talking to me.”

He glanced at my dad and swallowed hard.

“George I stopped by your house to ask if I could just have a minute with Amy…”

“She’s all yours…”

He walked away and a wave of guilt hit me. Why do I keep doing this? I sighed.

“What’s going on?”

He looked down before looking back up at me.

“What’s going on is that…I called Heather.”

My eyes widened and he spoke quickly.

“And went out with her as a friend…yeah, I did Amy, but after listening to her I realized that I’m not really the friend she needs.”

“I went up against my dad to go out with you and then you go out with her?”

He shook his head.

“You went up against your dad because you’re feeling insecure about our relationship and you wanted to keep me from going out with another girl so much that you risked loosing the respect of your entire family.”

He’s right…he absolutely right…I can’t believe I did that…after everything my parents have done for me…

I was quiet and he smiled slightly.

“Truth or dare?”

I gave him a small smile.

“Well, I guess you just said the truth for me…so I’ll take the dare.”

Ben walked me outside and introduced me to Heather. We spoke for a few minutes with Ben there and then he went inside to give us some privacy. We leaned against my dad’s car and she asked me if having a baby is worth it…

“I won’t lie to you, it hurts…but then they give you that shot…”

She made a face.

“Does that hurt?”

I furrowed my brows.

“Not that much and besides you don’t even care at that point.”

I smiled.

“Who’s gonna be there with you?”

She shrugged and looked at me.

“I didn’t ask Ben if that’s what your getting at.”

I shook my head and gave her a warm smile.

“No, that’s not was I was getting at. I was just gonna let you know that you can call me. My family and I will come with you if you want.”

She looked confused.

“Thanks, but…I mean really?”

I nodded.

“Sure, if you don’t have anyone…”

She looked down.

“If I give the baby up for adoption, when do they take it?”

“When you go home from the hospital.”

“And if I can’t find any body by then, what happens to her?”

I turned to face her.

“Here in California, you can abandon her to the hospital…so don’t think about not going to the hospital. They’ll help you, but I can help you too. I know lots of information about social services and private adoption. Ricky’s mom will help you, Jack’s dad will help you, they know couples looking to adopt.”

She nodded.

“I can’t keep her…I mean I can’t even provide a home for her. I can barely provide a home for myself.”

I spoke softly.

“Your parents won’t let you come back home?”

“No, they told me to get out and never come back…I’m all grown up…having a baby and I have to do it on my own.”

God that’s horrible…I don’t know what I would have done without my parents through my pregnancy…I really owe dad an apology…I placed an arm around her to comfort her. Whatever I can do to help Heather in the future…to make things easier for her…

I will because it’s time I start giving back all the help people gave me…time that I stop complaining and throwing fits…because things could have been a lot worse…

(George POV)

I sat on the couch with Ben while Amy talked to that girl Heather outback. Ben caught me up to speed on the situation and I was glad that Amy was taking the time to help someone else for a change. I sighed.

“She’s driving me crazy…Amy…”

Ben smiled and let out a soft laugh before looking at me.

“That’s what I love about her…the way she can drive me crazy. I mean she just gets so wound up and then goes off in all different directions. One minute she’s a girl and one minute she’s a woman. She’s totally unpredictable and sometimes completely unreasonable, but she’s got a heart of gold. If she just channels that all in the right direction, she’s gonna be a hell of a…”

He hesitated, looked at me and then look away before continuing.


I smiled slightly.


“Uh yeah…”

I nodded and looked away from him.

“She’s just like her mother.”


I turned my head and Amy was standing behind us smiling. I gave her a tight smile and Ben rubbed his hands on his pants as he spoke.

“Oh, uh…I’ll say goodnight.”

I waved as he gave Amy a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight. The door shut behind him as Amy made her way to the couch and sat down next to me. I looked at her and she smiled.

“I’m sorry dad…and thanks for standing by me this past year. No..not this past year…my whole life.”

I smiled and took her hand in mine.

“We got a lot of years ahead of us kid…”

She laughed lightly and nodded. I let out a content sigh and glanced around the room. Anne is sleeping…Amy’s here with me…where’s Ashley? I furrowed my brows.

“Where’s Ashley?”

Amy smirked.

“Making out with some guy on the porch…”

Ugh…I grunted and Amy laughed.

“It’s going to be nice for you to have a son isn’t it?”

I nodded.


We smiled at each other and I finally relaxed. Things are gonna be just fine with my Amy and me…she really is growing up…

(Ricky POV)

I rubbed my hands together before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door. It took a minute, but the door opened and I swallowed hard.

“I’m sorry…and…I want to see if we can make things work this time…for real…no more lies…from either of us.”

I watched her as she watched me and right as I thought she was going to shut the door in my face, she opened it a little wider so I could come in.

“No more lying…”

I shook my head.


I started to walk in, but she stopped me.

“I want this relationship to be just us…no one else on the side.”

I nodded.

“Okay…and I need you to try harder with Amy…no, don’t say anything. Please Adrian…this is really important to me. I want to get back together and try to make things work with us, but if you can’t deal with Amy tell me now. Because no matter what you do, she’s the mother of my son and she’s always gonna be there…”

I couldn’t tell what was going through her head as I stood there and that made me slightly nervous. After I left Amy’s earlier I thought about what she said about Adrian and I decided to give it one more shot. I care about Amy…but she’s still with Ben and I’m not sure if I can take the risk of starting something with her and it ending badly…

I don’t know what I want, but I do know I can’t stay alone for long and I care a lot about Adrian…I just don’t think it’s in the way she wants…but you never know…is it possible to care about two different girls at the same time? And if not…how do I know which to choose?

Her voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Okay…let’s start over.”

I nodded and she let me walk in. As the door shut behind me I got a weird feeling and felt my stomach sink. I frowned. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…

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