February 14, 2010

Perfectly Content

Title: Perfectly Content
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Chloe
Word Count: 715
Prompt: from Scoopchick conversation hearts

Chloe sat at her desk in the basement of the Daily Planet, hands flying across the keys typing up her latest story. A loud crunching noise came from the desk across from hers, eyes briefly glancing at Clark as he chewed on another piece of candy.

She rolled her eyes before focusing back on her article. She was irritated. It was Valentine’s Day, cut-out hearts and cupids decorated the walls of the Planet and aside from a brief kiss and a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’; Clark had completely ignored the significance of the day.

It was their first Valentine’s Day as a couple and though it’s true they both hated the holiday, Chloe had figured that celebrating it together would make them hate it less. But apparently Clark was perfectly content with ignoring the day as per usual.

She sighed. It was a silly reason to be angry at him, she knew that. It was just a stupid commercialized holiday, but just once the sentimental part of her wanted the perfect day and maybe it was because she’d finally found the perfect guy.

Chloe was startled out of her thoughts by the smell of coffee. She looked away from her computer to see a steaming to-go cup being placed in front of her and she glanced up at the smiling face of her boyfriend.

“You were running low so I thought I’d run to that place you like by Queen Industries.”

She grinned as he sat on the edge of her desk. Warmth flowed through her at the love she saw in his eyes. How could she have been mad?

Who cared about Valentine’s Day when she had her very own intergalactic traveler who spent the whole year doing sweet things for her? Clark never needed an excuse to treat her well, it came naturally to him.

“Thanks Clark, so whatcha eatin’?”

Clark grinned to himself. He’d been waiting for her to ask that question since he started chewing on the candies. He knew she would eventually; being nosey was second nature to Chloe. She had to know everything that was going on around her. It’s one of the things he loved about her.

“Conversation hearts, want one?”

She tried to peek at the candies in his hands, but he pulled it away so she couldn’t see them. Chloe rolled her eyes, leaned back in her chair, and held out her hand. Clark gazed down at the hearts in his hand and plucked one heart out of his palm placing it in her hand.

She looked down and chuckled. The heart read ‘I Love You’ she smirked up at him and he gave her a sheepish smile.

“Real cute big boy…I love you too now get off my desk.”

She plopped the heart into her mouth and turned back toward her computer as Clark shifted. He took a deep breath and spoke softly.

“There’s one left.”

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t face him.

“If I take it will you go back to your desk and let me finish my work?”

He nodded and she sighed, holding out her hand again while still facing the computer. He placed the candy gently in her palm. She brought her hand in, looked away from the computer and glanced down at the pink heart. The heart stared back at her as tears pooled in her eyes.

She read the heart again, confirming what it said and that it was real. Carved into the small candy were two words, ‘Marry Me’. She spun her chair around to face Clark and he was kneeling in front of her, an orchid in one hand, diamond ring in the other.

He swallowed hard, nervousness surrounding him. The look on her face was unreadable. Clark cleared his throat before speaking.

“Well, what do you say Chlo?”

Clark held his breath as she hesitated briefly.

“I say…it looks like you’re gonna be stuck with me for a while.”

He grinned placing the ring on Chloe’s finger before cupping her cheek, pulling her towards him, lips crushing hers in a slow and passionate kiss. He pulled back, smiling as she wiped the lipstick from his lips. He kissed her finger tips as he met her eyes, voice soft.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Chloe…”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Clark.”


  1. Oh my God, this is sooooo sweet! I got a little bit teary towards the end there :D. Granted, I get mushy at all proposal stories now that I'm engaged myself but this was truly touching. Well done.

  2. amethystian-

    Aww thanks so much girl! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I haven't been writing too much Clark lately, so I'm glad I'm not too rusty LOL. Have a great Valentine's Day!


  3. sigh! I miss chlark sfm :-( this little story brightened my day thanks C.


  4. Oh, that is beautiful. I love this. <333

  5. Ana & RJChasez-

    Yay! Glad you guys enjoyed this! I've been feeling so off kilter with Chlark lately. They've destroyed that relationship beyond belief on the show :-( Thanks for the comments guys!


  6. love it, thank you for writing it


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