May 30, 2010


Banner By: Andrea
Title: Asexual
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver-Centric Oliver/Chloe implied
Word Count: 655
Prompt: Oliver knows Clark is asexual from Miss_Morrygan

It was official Oliver was fully convinced that Clark Kent was asexual. That was the only way he could possibly explain it. He sat at Chloe’s desk as he and the rest of the team watched Dinah put the finishing touches on Chloe’s outfit for the undercover mission they were running tonight.

The green silk dress hugged her curves perfectly and he groaned lightly, shifting in his seat when Dinah’s hand slipped between Chloe’s breasts to hook up her microphone. Was it bad that he found that hot?

He took a deep breath turning his gaze away before the situation got more awkward and caught sight of Clark going over something on the database. Oliver frowned. This was exactly what he was talking about. His dark haired friend was the only person in the room who wasn’t currently drooling over their resident blonde fem fatale.

Not that he wanted Clark making googley eyes at his girlfriend, but he just couldn’t understand how she didn’t affect him at all. From the moment Oliver’s lips grazed Chloe’s things had changed. He saw her in an entirely new light.

She had always been attractive, but after their first kiss it was like every time he was around her everything she did made him want to touch her. The way she bit her bottom lip when she was nervous or at a loss for words.

The way her brows furrowed when she was concentrating, or the doe eyed look of disbelief in her eyes every time he surprised her with something. The way she chewed on her pencil when she was formulating a plan, or the way her body seemed to flawlessly glide around Watchtower without even trying.

It was even worse the first time they’d slept together. Every movement, every motion awoke something primal in him; made him want to toss her against every hard surface and defile every inch of silky skin on her body.

And she had let him. Every whim he had thrown her way, she had embraced. Chloe let him touch her in ways he was almost positive no one else had. The first few weeks of their little arrangement Oliver was like a rabid beast.

He was sure they had sex on every surface of Watchtower, her apartment, his penthouse, his office and even once on his jet. The first few weeks were a blur of passionate caresses, toe curling moans, and heated moments.

She clouded his mind, made him want to immerse himself in her. But when things settled and they found a rhythm with each other that wasn’t just about sex Oliver had found his thoughts drifting to her more and more. It happened in board meetings, while flying to and from Metropolis, even occasionally while they were running missions with the team.

She filled his mind day and night, which was why Oliver honestly couldn’t understand how she never got to their alien friend. Clark and Chloe had been friends for over ten years and he knew without a doubt that they’d kissed before on more than one occasion.

So how did Clark do it? How did he not get sucked into her orbit? How did he fight the lure of those innocent green eyes? How did he resist her plump full lips that always seemed to call to Oliver? How did he not take note of the way her skirts fit snug over her round ass?

They way it moved when she walked in the heels that barely helped her reach his shoulders. Oliver licked his lips as he leaned forward eyes darkening as they took in everything that was Chloe.

How in God’s name did Clark Kent not see Chloe Sullivan? Oliver had been pondering this thought since the minute she walked out in that green dress. And the answer was simple…there was only one conclusion that made any sense at all. Clark Kent was officially and irrevocably asexual.


  1. ROFL. This was hilarious. And probably true. It's the only explanation. Great job!

  2. haha, I've always imagined Chloe as a very sensual adventurous person, and Oliver having sampled that wild behind closed doors persona, is suitably baffled at how this dense farmboy had overlooked her all these years. He doesn't even know the half of what Chloe and Clark got up too and neither does Chloe. :D Cute the way you got inside his head. In my mind, Clark is doing his darnedest pretending to look busy and concentrate so he doesn't set something on fire and cause a fight with his newly reconciled friends.

  3. Hahahaha. Loved this! And it makes total sense as to why Clark always chose Lana over Chloe. :)

    Great little fic!!

  4. ROFLMAO! I agree, it's the only explanation! ;) Very amusing. I love that Oliver was 'like a rabid beast' to begin with! *snicker*

  5. Whitequeen15-

    Hehe I'm really glad you enjoyed this. I love some good old fashioned funnyness :-)


    I picture her the same way! And I know!Clark and Chloe have had some...eventful moments LOL too bad she doesn't remember lol. I'm glad you enjoyed this girl! Thanks for the comment!


    Glad you enjoyed this! Hahah yeah Clark's such a BDA! :-)


    *giggles* the rabid beast line was my favorite out of the whole story! Hehe. Glad you enjoyed this love!


  6. Oh Ollie I have an easier explanation for you. Clark is an idiot!!! His loss is Ollie's gain thank goodness. lol
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. hear hear, Ollie lol


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