May 31, 2010

Of First Birthdays and Chocolate Cake

Title: Of First Birthdays and Chocolate Cake
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Secret Life
Pairing: Ricky/Amy, John
Word Count: 3470
Prompt: Missing scene from ‘Ben There Done That’ what was Ricky and Amy’s party for John like? Written for itsniley

Amy watched as Ricky took John from her arms, smiling as he wished his son a happy birthday. She knew she was being slightly ridiculous, but it was John’s first birthday and he wouldn’t be with her. How was she supposed to react?

It’s not like they went over ‘how to react when your son has to spend the weekend with his father on his first birthday’ in health class. She sighed and he glanced up at her the smile leaving his face.

She knew he was trying his best and that he had just as much right to have John for the weekend as she did, but that knowledge didn’t make her feel any better. His voice was tentative as he spoke.

“Come on Amy, come to the party. I want you at the party. You have to be at the party…you’re the Mom. He loves you.”

She dropped her arms to her side and let out a loud breath. Maybe for once she should try talking to Ricky, be honest with him and let him know why she felt the need to have a party without him. After everything that happened at court last week she’d promised herself she’d be more mature about things.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I had a party without you I just…I cannot control myself,” she shook her head and let out a light laugh, “I just wanna like stomp my feet and scream. I know what we worked out was fair but, it just seems so unfair still.”

Ricky studied her as she paused and the fight seemed to drain from her body before continuing softly.

“And now my parents aren’t going to be there and your parents are…it’s just not how I pictured John’s first birthday.”

He nodded. He could understand that. Hell, he remembered all the times he felt like that when he was with Amy and her family. The only difference was he hadn’t said anything about it. Not until recently, but she was opening up to him and that meant something to him.

They were in this parenting thing for the long haul and he’d really like it if they could get along and work together…be a real family. He nodded his head and caught her eyes, voice thoughtful as he spoke.

“Alright well let’s think about this...your parents can’t come so I’ll ask my parents if they mind backing out and seeing him tomorrow and it’ll just be you and me.”

She raised an eyebrow as he continued speaking.

“Pack your bag, come over and spend the night. I’ll sleep on the couch. Just you and me and John at his first birthday party…John will have his Mommy and Daddy…both of us. Okay? What about that, what do you say?”

Amy watched him trying to see if there was some kind of trick in his words, but the only thing that stared back at her was honest eyes and grinning lips. She couldn’t help the smile that broke out on her face at his words. Just them and John…like a real family.

“You’d do that? Even though it’s your first weekend with him alone?”

“Yeah…I’m not the bad guy Amy…besides it’s a special weekend. It’s John’s birthday and I think that’s something we should both get to…experience firsthand…right?”

She nodded.


A genuine smile spread across his face as she pulled her jacket on and started to walk toward her room. She stopped, glanced at him over her shoulder and grinned.

“Thanks Ricky.”

As she disappeared down the hall Ricky gripped John tighter, his eyes still on the spot she just vacated. He couldn’t help but think when Amy actually smiled, she really was beautiful.


He’d parked the car and told Amy to wait before grabbing the umbrella, running around the car and holding it above them as she got John out of his car seat. They practically made a run for it across the parking lot to the door of the butcher shop.

She let out a few laughs as they finally made their way into the store. He shook out the umbrella as she ran a hand through her hair before doing the same to John, the smile still firmly in place on her face.

“Oh my god we’re soaked.”

Ricky nodded as he reached out and handed her the keys to his apartment. She took them and when their hands brushed she felt a jolt go through her body. He glanced at her confusion on his face before he shook himself out of it, voice slightly dazed.

“Just let yourself in and I’ll get the suitcase.”

They turned around and froze when they saw Ben standing a few feet in front of them.


Ricky swallowed hard as he nodded in his friend’s direction.

“Hi Ben.”

His gaze turned toward Amy and she smiled at him.


Ricky noticed Ben’s smile was forced as he spoke still looking at Amy and not him.

“I uh guess the birthday party got rained out…hey John.”

“Say hi to Ben.”

Ricky cleared his throat and spoke quietly to Amy while motioning to John.

“Why don’t I take him up and get him changed.”

She shook her head.

“No I can do it…”

Ben cut into their conversation, the tinge of irritation clear in his voice.

“Yeah or I can go get your suitcase. You’re spending the night?”

They opened their mouths and Bunny took that moment to come over and cut off whatever they were about to say.

“Hey look who’s here. It’s the birthday boy. Hi Amy.”

Ricky stood behind Amy and placed his hand on the small of her back as he pointed to Bunny.

“Do you know Bunny? This is our boss.”

Bunny smiled at Amy and John trying to dispel the tension she could feel building in the room.

“We’ve never been introduced, but I’ve heard a lot of nice things about you.”

Amy smiled and nodded at the older woman.

“Oh, same here.”

The silence that settled over the four of them was awkward and when Bunny saw Ben’s mouth about to open again she quickly stepped in and filled the silence.

“I took all the party things upstairs and Ben gave me some presents from some of your friends for the little guy.”

Ben broke in looking between Ricky and Amy, gaze accusing, voice hard.

“Yeah I did…of course I won’t be coming to the party…”

Bunny gave him a stern look and spoke.

“No because you gotta big wedding to go to tomorrow and your dad needs you so why don’t you take off I can close up here.”

His eyes were still on his friends and Amy was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable with the look he was giving her. Who was Ben to get angry that she was at Ricky’s?

First off she wasn’t there for the reason Ben obviously assumed and even if she was it was none of his business, especially not after he slept with Adrian. His voice brought her out of her thoughts.

“I didn’t know it was gonna be a sleepover kind of a birthday party…no wonder no one else was invited.”

Ricky just shook his head and Amy sighed. He nudged her lightly and she took the hint and headed for the stairs. Ricky mumbled a thank you to Bunny as Ben watched them go.


Amy let out a loud chuckle as John stuck his hands in the small piece of chocolate cake Ricky had put on his high chair. He smiled as John squealed and stuck his chocolate covered hands into his mouth.

“He eats his cake like you.”

Amy gave Ricky a wide eyed look before slapping him playfully on the arm.

“I do not eat cake like that.”

He raised an eyebrow in her direction amusement on his face.

“Really? Where’d your piece go then?

She glanced down at her empty plate and shrugged.

“Hmm not sure…but since I can’t find it you should give me another piece.”

Ricky chuckled and shook his head as he looked at John and leaned closer speaking to him in a hushed tone.

“What do you think John…should we give Mommy more cake?”

“Mama ake!”

Ricky smiled as he fixed the hat on his son’s head before moving to the counter and grabbing another piece of cake for Amy. Surprisingly things had been going really well. When they first came upstairs it had been a little awkward, but John broke the tension almost immediately.

When Amy had put him down he’d crawled toward the living room, grabbed a toy that had been lying on the couch cushion before plopping on his butt, and shoving it straight in his mouth. They’d grinned and while Amy changed him into dry clothes, Ricky blew up some balloons and put out some food and drinks for them.

Now here they were almost two hours later sitting at his kitchen table having cake with their son. He walked back over and put another plate down in front of Amy. She smiled and held up a camera.

“Can we take a few pictures?”

Ricky nodded.

“Yeah definitely. We should probably take a whole bunch. Did you get him eating the cake?”

“Yup, eating the cake and playing with the cake. I got him before when he pulled the hat over his face too.”

Ricky laughed as Amy nudged him lightly.

“I haven’t gotten any with you two yet though.”

Their eyes met and he swallowed hard and hesitated before speaking quietly.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d want any…”

Her face softened at his admission and she placed a hand on his arm. He glanced at it before looking back at her curiosity coloring his face.

“Of course I want you in them…Ricky you’re his Dad. I know I haven’t always been good with all this stuff and I haven’t been the easiest person to get along with this past year, but know that even if I have my moments and I’m cranky…you’re a good father. You’ve been there for John every day since he was born and I don’t say it much, but I wouldn’t have been able to get through the past year without you.”

He could feel the water pool in his eyes like it always seemed to when things with Amy got emotional. He shifted slightly and pulled her into an impromptu hug. She was tense for about a second before her body melted into the hug and her arms went around his neck.

“You don’t realize how much that means to me.”

She closed her eyes, her head buried in his shoulder as she breathed him in, voice muffled as she spoke.

“I think I do…and I’m sorry it took me so long to say it.”

His hands rubbed her back lightly as they stood there wrapped in each other’s arms. He could smell her strawberry shampoo and it reminded him of band camp.

Of the night John was conceived and right as his hands traveled to her hips, gripping them, Amy’s breath hitching in her throat, something wet and sticky hit Ricky in the back of the neck. He froze and John squealed.


He pulled slowly away from Amy, their eyes still watching each other, his filled with confusion and hers filled with something completely different that he couldn’t place. He cleared his throat and touched the back of his neck as she moved away from him.

His fingers came back full of chocolate and he groaned as he turned toward a grinning John.

“Buddy did you throw cake at Daddy?”

When Amy saw his back she bit her lip to keep from chuckling, but she couldn’t help it. The laughter bubbled over anyway. Ricky glanced over his shoulder and frowned at her.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You have chocolate all over you neck and shirt…”

She burst into another round of laughter and he raised an eyebrow at his son before lifting him from his high chair and grabbing some of the cake from John’s mess. Her eyes widened and she shook her head as he grinned.

“I think it’s time to get Mommy John…”

“Ricky no…”

But he was already running in her direction with the giggling one-year-old chocolate covered hands outstretched in Amy’s direction as he yelled ‘MA MA MA MA’ over and over again. Amy yelped and ran in the opposite direction.

It took a couple of minutes but Ricky and John managed to catch her in the kitchen, John gripping onto her shirt smearing chocolate all over it as Ricky smeared some on her face.

Five minutes later Ricky and Amy were on the kitchen floor covered in frostings and cake, catching their breath as John sat between them licking at his fingers, party hat askew. He looked up at the two teenagers and smiled before yawning.

Ricky tilted his head and checked the clock as he stood up.

“Wow, I didn’t realize how late it was. We should probably get him cleaned up and to bed.”

Amy nodded. Ricky held out a hand and she took it as he pulled her up. He scrunched his nose and pulled off his shirt before rolling it up into a ball. Amy caught sight of his slightly defined chest and her cheeks reddened.

He was even more attractive then that summer a year ago. More filled out too. She shook her head. What was she thinking? She averted her eyes and lifted John from the floor, her eyes roaming over her son.

“He definitely needs a bath.”

Ricky chuckled.

“So do you.”

She nodded. Ricky scratched the back of his head as he glanced around the apartment. He motioned to the back.

“Well if you want you can have the shower first and I’ll clean up in here.”

“You sure?”

He nodded.


She smiled and he showed her where everything was before leaving them in the bathroom to straighten up. Twenty-five minutes later the kitchen was clean. Ricky tossed the rag he was using into the sink and headed down the hall.

He saw the bathroom door ajar and realized that he hadn’t heard a sound from John or Amy in a while so he knocked quietly.

“Amy…you okay in there?”

He heard the sloshing of water and then a splash and a light giggle before her voice floated through the door.

“Yeah we’re fine. Just giving John a bath.”

“Oh need some help?”

He was in the process of pushing the door open when there was a loud splash and Amy’s frantic voice spoke quickly.

“No! I mean…just don’t come in.”

He froze and frowned.

“Why not?”

She hesitated before speaking.

“Because I’m sort of in the bath with John.”

“You’re what?”

“I was all full of chocolate and it’s easier for me to bathe him if I’m in here with him…so you know…don’t come in cause I’m in the tub…”

The thought of Amy naked in the tub with their son made a myriad of emotions flow through him. It was a sight he wanted to see, but new it probably wouldn’t be appropriate. The tone of his voice was low and slightly hoarse when he spoke.

“Do you guys need anything?”

It was quiet for a minute before her voice finally drifted through the door.

“Do you have another towel? John’s getting sleepy besides I should probably let you get in here.”

Ricky moved to the closet outside the bathroom and grabbed a towel. He moved into the room, eyes closed and placed the towel on the toilet. She watched him, hand against the wall guiding himself to the door again. She took a deep breath and before his foot was out the door she called to him.


He stopped, but didn’t turn.


“Do you…do y…you think you can grab John for me so I can get out…”

His eyes popped open as he faced the hallway. He wasn’t sure what to say.

“What about…I mean…you’re in there.”

“There’s bubbles if you just grab John and turn around it should…it should be okay.”

He nodded.


He sucked in some air and forced himself to focus. This was Amy not some girl he was about to sleep with. She was the mother of his child; he could see her in the tub and not become some horny ass. He turned slowly and made his way back into the bathroom eyes open.

When he finally caught a glimpse of her his mouth went dry. Her hair was pinned up in a clip, one knee above the water because it was bent, but the rest of her was submerged in bubbles. John rested against her and Ricky could barely breathe.

He’d never seen anything so beautiful in his life. If anything should be captured by the camera tonight it was this. He grabbed a towel and reached down gripping John, his hands grazing Amy’s wet stomach accidentally as he lifted him up.


“It’s okay.”

He averted his eyes when the bubbles parted slightly and then turned quickly wrapping John in the blanket. He could hear the sloshing of water as Amy stood and wrapped the other towel around herself. She could see the tension in Ricky’s back and she placed a hand against his shoulder.

“Hey, I’m good. You can give him to me and shower.”

He nodded and turned, briefly glancing at her towel clad body and switching John back into her hands. She smiled at him before moving out of the bathroom and down the hallway while humming to John.

He watched her go and then groaned when she was out of sight. He was definitely going to need a cold shower.


Amy was lying in Ricky’s bed John next to her as she rubbed his back lightly. She frowned as he continued to move around and fuss. Ricky popped his head into the room and she could tell he was freshly showered. He had on a pair of sweats and a towel draped around his neck.

“He okay?”

Amy shrugged frown on her face as John lifted his head in Ricky’s direction. He reached out and whined ‘Da’ in a pitiful voice that had Ricky moving into the room.

“What’s wrong buddy? You giving Mommy a hard time? You gotta get some rest.”

Ricky’s eyes wandered to Amy who was wearing short cotton shorts and one of his t-shirts. He raised an eyebrow and she glanced down and blushed.

“I...I forgot a pajama top. I hope you don’t mind, sorry I didn’t mean to go through you stuff. You were in the shower and I needed a shirt.”

He chuckled and rubbed a hand over John’s head.

“It’s fine. Well I’m gonna head to bed, but I’m right on the couch if you need anything.”

He placed a kiss on Johns head and went to walk out of the room when John started to wail.

“Daaaa Daaaaa…”

Ricky turned and Amy sighed.

“Why don’t you just stay in here? I mean well the beds big…I mean there’s enough room for both of us and John is right here and I think he wants us both tonight. If that’s not…too weird I mean.”

Ricky watched her fidget and he smiled and walked back toward them before scooting John over a little and getting in the bed on the other side of him.

“It’s not too weird. You’re sure you don’t mind?”


He turned on his side so they were facing each other and placed his hand over John’s back covering hers. Their eyes met and he nodded as the touch sent shivers through him.

“Yeah…it is…nice I mean.”

She nodded not trusting her voice. His touch was warm and John seemed to calm between them. The silence in the room was no longer uncomfortable and though the tension was still there it wasn’t the bad kind.

She could feel John’s breathing even out as he drifted to sleep between them. She closed her eyes briefly the warmth of Ricky’s hand on top of hers making her feel safe, lulling her to sleep. Her tired voice broke the silence and caused Ricky’s eyes to open briefly.

“I think John had a good birthday…with us…with his family.”

Ricky shifted closer to them and tightened his hold on both of them. He nodded against the pillow.

“I think your right. Best birthday ever.”

“Thanks Ricky…for tonight…for making things better.”

“Thanks for letting me.”

As Amy drifted to sleep cuddled up to their one-year-old son, Ricky’s arm around them all he could think was that he never wanted this feeling to go away. Tonight was the start of something new, something he didn’t plan on ever letting go of.


  1. if only this would happen in the show! Anyway, excellent job.

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