May 9, 2010

Unexpected Visitors

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Title: Unexpected Visitors
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,630
Previous Story: Expect the Unexpected

Oliver grunted shifting in his bed arms reaching across the sheets for the warmth of her body. He frowned when his hand came in contact with cold sheets. He rubbed at his eyes opening them slowly letting them adjust to the lack of light in the room.

Her side of the bed was empty and he was about to call out to her when he noticed the light coming from the partially open bathroom door. He sat up, pushing the covers off, and made his way toward the bathroom.

The door creaked open and the sight before him struck him with a pang of guilt. Chloe was kneeling in front of the toilet, hair held in one hand as her body heaved her other small hand gripping the porcelain tightly.

When her stomach finally decided to give her a rest she took a deep breath and winced as her head started to throb. The warm hand against her back startled her. She glanced over her shoulder, Oliver's tired face full of concern as he pushed her hand aside and gripped her hair loosely.

When another wave of nausea hit her and she lost whatever was remaining in her stomach he rubbed her back while whispering words of comfort to her. Less than ten minutes later she was finally starting to feel better.

When Oliver noticed her shifting he moved back helping her stand up on shaky legs. She gave him a weak smile and his brow creased.

"You okay Sidekick?"

She groaned and he pulled her gently against his naked chest as they moved back into the bedroom.

"I think your spawn is trying to kill me. I don't think I've thrown up this much since that time Lois took me to a Frat party at Met U. And I accidentally mixed my alcohol."

He chuckled lightly as she moved out from under his arm and plopped down on the bed with a sigh. Oliver sat down next to her before glancing at the clock. He had to be up in a half hour, so going back to bed really wasn't an option. He'd never wake up in time.

He looked back at Chloe. She was lying there clad in a white cotton nightgown, eyes squeezed shut, disgruntled look on her face, hair fanned out across the pillow. He'd never seen her look more beautiful. She could feel his eyes on her and it made her body shiver. Things had been different and yet the same since she told him she was pregnant.

They'd been spending more time together and he was a lot more overbearing then she was used to, but thankfully he'd kept it in check while the rest of the team was around. She let out a long breath before breaking the silence.


Oliver was startled by her voice and he shook himself out of his thoughts as he addressed her.

"What, what?"

She opened her eyes and glanced at him before rolling them.

"You're staring at me. What's wrong?"

He grinned.

"Nothing, I was just thinking and what better place to look then at my favorite blonde."

She smirked closing her eyes again.

"Mmmhmm I'll bet. You getting up?"

"I set the alarm for five. I was going to do a quick patrol before running into the office this morning."

She yawned before sitting up and stretching. She scrunched her nose and titled her head to the side while looking at him.

"Sounds like a plan. Let me get dressed and I'll head over to Watchtower and power things up."

Oliver frowned halting her movements.

"No, it's fine. You should get some rest. You're more than welcome to know that...right?"

Chloe sighed. Actually she hadn't known that. Obviously Oliver was never in anyway rude, but she'd never spent the night at his place before. This had been the first time and though she knew he'd never kick her out, it was nice to know he wanted her to stay.

"I appreciate the sentiment Ollie, but I need to get up anyway. Suit up and give me fifteen minutes to head over to headquarters before linking up your com okay?"

She was already out of bed throwing on her green top from earlier. He let out a heavy breath as he stood. After everything that happened with Checkmate him getting captured and them taking Chloe he really just wanted her to relax.

She had called Emil at his insistence once they got back to his place and after a few questions and some instructions to stay off her feet for a few hours and rest, Emil agreed she'd be fine and if there were any problems to just give him a call and he'd stop by.

Oliver wanted to tell her to stay in bed and take it easy, but he knew bringing that up would only cause a fight so he stayed silent and slightly pensive as he walked out of the bedroom and toward the hidden room where he kept his Green Arrow gear.

She watched him leave the room out of the corner of her eye and swallowed hard. She knew he was worried about her and he'd rather she'd take it easy then run all over headquarters all day long, but she needed to keep herself busy.

Things were moving too quickly. This no strings relationship they'd agreed on was fast becoming complicated and full of strings. She needed something that stayed normal. Something to keep her sane and that was work. Eventually they were going to have to talk about how they were going to handle things, but not right this second.

Chloe was out the door and in her car before Oliver had even finished gearing up. She'd given him a brief kiss goodbye, he promised to stop by the tower with breakfast and then she was gone.

It took twenty minutes for her to get to Watchtower and power everything up. Seconds after the link was made, Green Arrow's com box popped up on the screen. She grinned before linking him up and placing the earpiece in.

"Watchtower to Green Arrow come in."

The distorted voice came over the line and she smiled as she walked toward the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

"Green Arrow here."

"The video feed is showing some action on the corner of Smith and Adams Street."

"On it."

Chloe kept an eye on him as he took care of the break in and then continued on patrol. She was in the process of putting sugar in her coffee when her hair blew across her face, a loud whoosh of air making its way through the room.

She sighed and turned around coffee in hand. Chloe opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Clark cut her off.

"Lois is hiding something from me and I'm afraid she's going to get herself into some serious trouble. Any chance you can help me figure out what story she's working on? I wasn't able to get into the files."

He raised an eyebrow as she moved passed him and spoke over her shoulder.

"Good morning to you too Clark."

He almost rolled his eyes as she started to frantically type at one of the many computer stations. He walked over as she paused to take a sip from her coffee before going back to the keyboard.

"Good morning, so do you think you can help me out?"

She made a face before gazing back at the monitors and he thought he caught a hint of irritation in her voice when she spoke.

"Don't I always?"

He handed her the thumb drive and she inserted it into the computer and started messing around with the files as Clark turned his attention to the different monitors. His brows creased as he saw vitals for Green Arrow up on one of the screens.

"Oliver's out on patrol?"

She nodded without turning away from the screen.

"He wanted to get a quick patrol in before work."

He opened his mouth and turned back to face her when her fingers suddenly stopped moving and her face paled slightly. Clark frowned as he took in her tight grip on the edge of the desk.


"Oh god..."

She pushed away from the desk and ran in the direction of the bathroom. The door slammed shut behind her and Clark could hear her throwing up and he winced. He hadn't known Chloe was sick. He stood outside the door for several minutes and when she still hadn't come out he knocked lightly.

" okay in there?"

Her voice was muffled, but he heard he tell him to give her a couple of minutes. Ten minutes later he was pacing back and forth when he heard the doors open. He moved out into the main area in time to see Oliver freshly showered and carrying a paper bag.


He froze and looked over at Clark confusion on his face.

"Clark...hey. What are you doing here?"

"I needed Chloe's help with something, but I guess she’s not up to it."

Clark saw worry fill Oliver's face as he placed the bag down and made his way over to him briefly scanning the room.

"What do you mean? Where is Chloe?"

"Bathroom, I think she's sick"

Oliver jogged toward the bathroom, knocking lightly letting her know it was him to open the door. Clark heard the lock click before Oliver disappeared inside the bathroom. He let out a breath and continued pacing.

What in the world was going on? It sort of bugged him how she hadn't let him in but one word from Oliver and she unlocked the door. What was that? He'd known her longer than Oliver. They'd been friends for over ten years. What was so special about him?

He heard another click and glanced at the bathroom as they both walked out. Chloe looked a little pale, but aside from that fine. She ignored his staring and moved back toward the computer and started to type again.

When neither of them said anything he let out an irritated sigh.

"What happened Chloe? Are you alright? Are you sick?"

"I'm fine Clark don't worry about it."

He gave her an incredulous look and then shifted his eyes to Oliver who was unloading food.

"Okay there's obviously something going on that I don't know about here so why don't you let me in on the little secret."

When they still didn't speak up he glared at them.

"I'm serious. I'm not leaving here until you tell me what's going on."

Oliver stopped what he was doing and Chloe turned to face him. She could see the silent question on his face. He wanted to tell Clark. She didn't, but it didn't really look like they had a choice. She nodded and he cleared his throat to get Clark's attention.

"What I'm about to tell you is not public knowledge yet, so I need you to promise you will not say anything to anyone until Chloe and I are ready to tell people. Okay?"

He swallowed hard and nodded, the worst case scenarios running through his head. What if Chloe was really sick...what is she was...his thought process stopped as he focused on Oliver, face scrunched up.

"What did you just say?"

Oliver rolled his eyes.

"Chloe's pregnant."


He nodded and Clark glanced between them, mouth agape. Pregnant, Chloe was pregnant...with Oliver’s baby. He'd just walked into the twilight zone.

"That's....I could you let that happen?"

His glare was on Oliver and when he opened his mouth Clark cut him off as he motioned in Chloe’s direction with his hand.

“Chloe’s been through enough without adding a kid to her plate. And if you haven’t noticed Chloe isn’t exactly great at keeping herself out of trouble. So what now every time something goes wrong I’m going to have to drop what I’m doing so she doesn’t get hurt? Could you be more selfish Oliver?”

His voice was laced with anger and Oliver had heard just about enough. He was tired of Clark’s holier than thou attitude. Since when was it any of his business what they did with their personal lives. A slight gasp from Chloe had them both glancing in her direction.

The anger drained from Clark’s body at the hurt on her face. Her eyes glistened with tears, hand pressed lightly against her abdomen. He hadn’t meant to upset her. Chloe was his best friend…or she used to be and he just wasn’t used to her having someone in her life that was more important than him.

He didn’t like that she was with Oliver, but he didn’t make too big of a deal out of it because Lois thought it was a good idea and because he figured it wouldn’t last. But now…a baby…that was permanent. That would tie them together in a way he and Chloe would never be linked.

She held out a few papers to him and he could see them shaking lightly in her hand as she spoke, voice soft, but he could hear the hurt in it.

“I didn’t realize I was so problematic. I apologize for all those times you had to stop living your life to save mine. Don’t worry Clark; it’s not something that will happen again.”

She waved the papers and he took them hesitating before he spoke.

“That’s not what I meant Chloe. You know I’d never let anything happen to you.”

She let out a humorless chuckle.

“Yeah, but I didn’t realize it was out of some misplaced sense of duty. You see me; I always kinda thought it was because you cared about me. Because I’m your friend.”

“It is.”

She turned away from him, a single tear coursing down her cheek before she steeled herself to the emotions she was feeling. She ignored his words and began typing again.

“There’s your information. I’m busy.”


Oliver took a few steps forward placing himself between them his glare enough to make even Clark cringe.

“You heard Chloe. She’s busy. We’ll see you later Clark.”

Clark glanced between them without saying anything and then he was gone. Chloe’s shoulders slumped as she took a deep breath. Oliver moved behind her and rubbed her back lightly.

He was trying very hard to control his anger at their resident alien. He didn’t know what Clark’s problem was, but he wouldn’t let him keep upsetting Chloe, especially now.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”

“Right of course not.”

He sighed.

“You hungry? I grabbed your favorite on the way here.”

“Not really.”

He hesitated before placing a gentle kiss on her neck and walking toward her desk pulling food out of the bag.

“You should eat something.”

Chloe sighed. She knew he was right. She just really wasn’t in the mood to eat anything. Her emotions were on high alert and it was driving her crazy. His light words broke through her thoughts.

“So much for unexpected visitors.”

She rolled her eyes and walked toward him taking her bagel and sitting down.

"I didn't want to tell him yet."

Oliver shrugged.

"I know, but he had to find out sooner or later. Besides Clark's not the hard part."

She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Really? Were you not just in the same room as me?"

He looked up from his food and grinned slightly trying to break the tension in the room.

"We've still gotta tell Lois."

Chloe's eyes widened and she plopped her head back down into her hands. She’d completely forgotten about Lois. She was definitely going to be the hard one...maybe she'd wait and let the baby tell her. So much for her relaxing morning.


  1. Lois is loud and brash but she's got a heart of gold and a big ol' softie. Once they tell her, she'll keep Clark in line all on her own. :) This was really sweet. I hope that they figure out that Chloe can't run on liquid gold anymore. She needs lots of carbs and high GI food. It'll help even out hormones that cause the nausea. And the low blood sugar. ;)

  2. I loved loved loved loved this. How the heck are you? Anyway great fic. HUGS!!

  3. iluvaqt-

    It's true Lois might be slightly crazy(in a good way hehe) but she loves Chloe to death.

    It might take a little while, but it's true she'll get Clark to take it down a notch. No worries you'll see the change in diet and lack of caffiene soon haha Poor Oliver.


    Hey!!!! OMG So glad you enjoyed this hehe. I'm good how are you? I feel like we haven't spoken in forever lol :-D

  4. i so luv this series 3rd time im reading it

    1. Aw, that's so sweet! Thanks so much I'm really glad you're enjoying it! :)

  5. Clark can be such an ass sometimes. Choe wanting the baby to tell Lois, holarioud, like dhe won't when chloe starts showing. Loved it!!!

    1. He really can. Haha Chloe was totally on board for letting the baby tell Lois. She thinks it's the best option haha. :)

  6. Clark's a big jerk!!! I want Chlollie to tell Lois just so she can find out how Clark reacted and kick his butt!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. "maybe she'd wait and let the baby tell her" Lol and Chloe is so adorable. Love this Unexpected Series. Thank you for giving us these stories Cori!

  8. Clark, Clark... could you be more stupid? I don't think so lol


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