May 10, 2010


Banner by: Andrea
Title: Tonight
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1690
Song: “Secrets” One Republic from Smallvillfics

Oh, got no reason, got not shame
Got no family I can blame

Trust. It was never her strong suit, but with everything she’d been through who could blame her? Every time she had trusted someone with her heart they were careless with it. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why she had issues jumping into the deep end of love again.

Oliver was patient with her, never pushing, but she could tell he wanted more. Their no-strings relationship was no longer satisfying him, but he grinned and bared it because he knew she wasn’t ready yet. She had no reason not to trust him.

No one to blame except past experiences gone wrong, but this time things were different. She and Oliver had no secrets between them. She knew everything about him good and bad as he did with her. She trusted him with her business, with Watchtower, and with her life.

She wanted to trust him with her heart, but she was afraid. Even though she knew Oliver wouldn’t be like the others, that he would handle her heart with care, she was still hesitant. Letting him have her body and mind was so much easier then opening herself up and giving him her heart.

But she knew if she didn’t take a leap of faith he’d eventually give up and find someone else, which would probably hurt worse than if she’d just laid her heart on the line because whether she wanted to admit it or not she had fallen for Oliver Queen.

So it was time, she was going to take the plunge, face her fears head on. She trusted Oliver with almost everything. Tonight it was finally time to add the missing piece to the puzzle and trust him with her heart.

Just don't let me disappear
I'm 'a tell you everything

Trust. Since he’d met her it had never been her strong suit. With everything Chloe had been through who could blame her? Every time she’d willingly given her heart to someone they’d taken advantage of it, bruised it beyond recognition.

Sure he’d only been around for Clark and Jimmy, but he’d heard the stories from her high school days and they didn’t sound any better. So it made sense that Chloe was cautious with him, that she’d set ground rules for their relationship starting with the fact that it wasn’t one.

Chloe trusted him with everything that mattered…except her heart. If he told her to jump off a building that he’d catch her, she’d do it, but if he asked her to let him in, let him love her, she’d run in the other direction rivaling Bart’s speed.

They had no secrets from each other and he thought that would help things along. His constant honesty, letting her into every part of his life was meant to show her that he was safe. That he’d be there for her when she was ready.

He could see the sparks in her eyes though; he knew Chloe wanted to trust him. He knew she wanted to give in and take a chance on him and that’s what made him stay. He’d been patient, slowly pushing boundaries to see how far she’d let him go.

He just needed Chloe not to let him disappear. He needed her to want him there, to embrace his presence because whether she wanted to admit it or not he knew she had fallen for him. He could see it in the way she smiled at him, the way her hand unconsciously found his.

So it was time, he was going to take the plunge, face his fears head on. He trusted Chloe with everything and it was finally time that he let her in on the last secret he had from her. He was in love with Chloe Sullivan and tonight he would tell her.

So tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears

Trust. She didn’t always have issues with it. When he first met her at the age of thirteen she was trusting and driven, adventurous and curious, stubborn and independent. Now, though she still embodied many of those qualities, trust was not one of them.

When he found out she was seeing Oliver a part of him was angry, not because he wanted her, but more because he didn’t want to share her with Oliver. He had already lost one woman in his life to a playboy billionaire and it had only brought heartache.

So he’d tried to intervene, told him not to take her for granted even though he knew he was being hypocritical. He’d never admit it to anyone because the truth hurt, but he’d been taking advantage of Chloe for a long time now.

He wasn’t the friend to her that he once was; his lack of knowledge about her life was proof of it. He wasn’t sure when things had gotten bad, but somehow he had wound up among the many that had damaged her heart and the worst part was, he was still doing it.

Since finding out about her and Oliver, he’s thrown their semi-relationship in her face several times, but she hadn’t even flinched. And so he watched them, studied their interactions for weeks. He saw the feelings brewing beneath the surface.

The feelings that Oliver had clearly already embraced and Chloe was still fighting tooth and nail. She kept him at arm’s length and yet he’d never seen her be closer with anyone. Not even him. In the brightest moments of their friendship they’d still hid things from each other.

But Oliver, he immersed Chloe in everything he was, as did she. The connection they had was undeniable and it made his stomach clench with longing. He missed her. He missed when those secretive little smiles were for him and him alone.

He missed the comforting touch of her hands against his skin, the hugs that she put her whole body into. The playful banter that now was no longer playful just disagreements. He didn’t know how to comfort her any more.

He didn’t know what she wanted to hear or what would light her ears and get her to listen to him. He was lost and he wanted her back in his life. He loved Lois, but he couldn’t live without Chloe. He saw it in her eyes earlier after their meeting with the team.

She was going to leap, join Oliver on the playing field. She was going to grab on to all he had to offer and once she did, he knew she’d be gone forever. There would be no going back. So it was time, he needed to take the dive, man up and face her.

She hadn’t trusted him in a long time. Tonight it was finally time to get that trust back. He wasn’t going to lose her again.

Sick of all the insinceres
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Trust. Since she’d known him it was never his strong suit. Mind you he had good reason. The women Oliver associated with weren’t exactly high class. They were either after his money or his status. Sometimes both. So it was no surprise that after everything they’d been through she’d have to work for his trust.

She betrayed him. It was a mistake though she didn’t realize it at the time. She figured eventually the wounds would heal and they’d be able to work through it. Hell he’d betrayed her once too. Finding out he was Green Arrow was a shock.

She should have realized it, but it had never occurred to her that someone like Oliver would risk his life for the people of Metropolis and Star City. She’d misjudged him and it wasn’t the first time. It had hit her like a ton of bricks knowing they were on separate sides of this war.

And when she reached out blindly grasping for a lifeline, for his trust, he had denied her. She hadn’t understood at the time why, but when she saw him with her she knew and it hurt more than she liked to admit. Chloe Sullivan, your everyday average girl with even more secrets than her.

And yet Oliver trusted Chloe completely. More than he’d ever trusted her. She had intimate knowledge of both his professional and personal life. This tiny woman was a force of nature in Oliver’s life and he treated her as such.

It wasn’t that she could do no wrong in Oliver’s eyes because he knew Chloe had several skeletons locked in her closet; it was that he accepted them and didn’t care. Almost as if he loved her in spite of the darkness within her and vice versa.

She knew of Chloe’s past, of all her insecurities so every chance she got she would give away all of Oliver’s dirty little secrets. A hint here, a breadcrumb there only to find out that she was looking at a woman who already knew everything there was to know about the man he was and the man he used to be.

The amused smirks and mocking looks the petite blonde sent her way were infuriating. Why hadn’t he trusted her like that? And if he had would she have lived up to that trust? In many ways she envied Chloe Sullivan, but there was also a part of her that was thankful Oliver had never given her that much power over him.

If he had, things probably would have ended very differently. She was tired and she missed him. Missed what they had. It wasn’t perfect, but then again these days what was? If they were going to make it out of this war they needed to be on the same side.

They needed to trust each other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend had always been a saying she loved and it was true. She needed to fix things.

He hadn’t trusted her in a long time. Tonight it was finally time to get that trust back. She wasn’t going to lose him again.


  1. I like.

    Though it sounds like it should have a sequel to see what happened the day after.

    Really good seeing the POV from Tess and Clark too.

  2. Joyblue-

    Thanks love! Haha a sequel you say? Hmm I'll have to ponder that *giggles* thanks for reading and reviewing!


  3. Part of me wonders if it was intentional or not, but given the title, the rest of me feels it really couldn't be anything but; I loved the 'West Side Story' element of showing every side to the same story and that we saw things from both Clark's and Tess' perspectives. I really enjoyed this.


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