January 2, 2011

Holiday Tradition

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Title: Holiday Traditions
Rating: PG-13
Author: sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Chloe
Word Count: 1,525
Prompt: “It's Christmas time in Metropolis and Chloe is searching for the perfect gift for Lex.” written for Kitmerlot1213’s birthday
Sequel To: Opposites Attract

Chloe parked her car in the circular driveway, opened the door and pushed it shut with her hip. She glanced up and Braden, Lex’s head of security was at the door. As she headed up the steps to the front door he smiled at her while pulling it open. “Good afternoon Miss Sullivan, welcome home.”

She gave him a wide smile before holding out one of the Styrofoam cups in her hand. “Good afternoon Braden…black coffee two sugars right? And how many times have I asked you to call me Chloe?” He glanced down at the cup and took it with a small smile and a shake of his head.

“You didn't have to do that Miss Sullivan, but thank you.” She sighed as she slid the bag on her wrist slightly higher. “Oh fine, don’t call me Chloe…see if I care.” She gave him a grin before walking over the threshold and turning back quickly to face him.

“Is Lex home? I didn’t see his car.” He nodded. “Yes, he pulled back into the garage, there’s supposed to be snow tonight. Mr. Luthor asked me to put your car back there when you got home.” She waved him off and went to move back towards the door but he held out his hands for the keys.

“I can do it, its fine.” He shook his head as he smiled before speaking. “It’s the least I can do. Call it a thank you for the coffee.” She made a face, but handed him the keys. “You drive a hard bargain.” He chuckled as he moved down the steps.

Chloe turned back around and walked inside the mansion shutting the door firmly behind her. She placed her coffee on the small table near the door while she unbuttoned her coat and hung it on the hook her scarf following shortly after before she grabbed her coffee and made her way down the hallway.

She glanced down at her hand, the diamond glinting in the dim lights of the hallway as she followed the sound of a piano being played. She still couldn’t believe it had been six months since Lex proposed. They’d made their first public appearance not long after that and it had been slightly overwhelming.

Things had eased up in the past six months though and now that the press seemed satisfied that they weren’t having some kind of quickie wedding because she was pregnant or that she was out to get Lex’s money, they’d mostly left them alone.

As she got closer to the study she could hear him playing the dance of the sugarplum fairies from the Nutcracker. She smiled. He must have seen her pull up on the camera, it wasn’t often that he played pieces from the Nutcracker ballet, but with it being her favorite and the fact that it was Christmas Eve, she supposed he decided to make an exception.

Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she turned, the doors from the study were wide open. She gripped the bag tightly in her hand and walked through the doorway. He glanced up from the piano, a grin lighting up his face as he continued to play.

She winked at him as she moved past the piano and towards the tree that they had set up in the corner to the right of the fireplace. She took the neatly wrapped gift out of the bag and placed in gently under the tree. She had spent a long time trying to find the perfect gift for Lex.

This was their first Christmas together as an engaged couple and she had wanted to start a tradition, something that they could do together as the years went on. So she’d made a big deal about them spending Christmas Eve together watching old movies, drinking hot chocolate and opening one gift together.

Lex had arched an eyebrow at her, and she had seen the humor in his eyes at her request, but as always he’d indulged her and agreed to partake in her little Christmas Eve tradition, which was why she’d spent all day searching high and low for the perfect present and right when she had been about to give up, she found it.

The piece ended and Lex glanced over at his fiancé admiring the tree. She looked absolutely breathtaking in the glow of the lights from the tree and the fire. Her cheeks were still flushed from the cold outside, blonde curls haphazardly windblown, warm smile on her lips.

He cleared his throat, causing her to turn her head over her shoulder so she was facing him. “You miss Sullivan are late.” She gave him a cheeky smile as she crooked her finger in his direction beckoning him over to her as she spoke, voice soft. “Late you say…hmm I dunno about that…”

Her voice trailed off as he stood and moved in her direction, arms winding around her waist. “Yes…late. I do believe we were supposed to start our Christmas Eve tradition slightly more than an hour ago.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in pressing a kiss to his chin, then jaw before moving on to his lips.

Lex returned the kiss, sliding a hand up her back as the other came up to cup her cheek. They broke apart when air became an issue and she gave him a cheeky grin. “I was late because I was picking up your Christmas Eve gift!”

Lex let out a small laugh as she pulled him over to the couch they had rearranged so it was near the tree and the fireplace. He sat down and she followed suit. She picked up the present that she had just put under the tree as Lex spoke. “Did you talk to Clark about tomorrow?”

She nodded as she lifted the small present and handed it to him. “Yes, we need to be there around four. Mrs. Kent is making a feast. Thank you again for not minding that we go there.” His face softened slightly as he brushed a finger against her cheek.

“I know how important Clark’s family is to you, plus Martha’s cooking is exquisite. Open the one on the bottom right hand corner.” She arched an eyebrow at him, but took the one he told her to before pulling her legs up and underneath her on the couch.

She motioned towards his gift, excitement in her eyes as she spoke. “Go ahead, you go first.” Lex smiled at her enthusiasm as he went about unwrapping his gift. He might have mocked her earlier when she mentioned Christmas Traditions, but the truth was a part of him was excited that he finally had someone to spend the holidays with…someone who wanted to go tree shopping, decorate, and bake cookies.

All things that seemed so trivial and yet, when he did them with her it made him feel normal…happy, like they were a family, which they officially would be in less than seven months. He pulled the last of the paper off of it and turned the hard square in his hand around.

His eyes widened as he glanced down at the most recent copy of the Warrior Angel comic. His eyes darted up to hers as he opened and closed his mouth several time before talking. “How did you get this? It doesn’t come out for another three months.”

Chloe smirked, “I have my ways…do you like it?” Lex leaned in and placed a quick kiss against her lips, voice low. “I love it…thank you Chloe.” She brushed a thumb under his cheek, half a smile gracing her lips as he tilted his head to the side and kissed her palm.

“Now open yours.” She lifted the package in her hands and shook it causing Lex to shake his head affectionately at her childishness. She ripped open the paper not bothering to take the same care in it that he had. She pushed open the lid of the box and glanced inside.

Chloe smirked and rolled her eyes as she lifted the satin red and black lingerie out of the box. She arched an eyebrow at him, tone reprimanding, but there was a spark of mischief in her eyes. “Mm somehow I think this is more a gift for you then it is for me Mr. Luthor.”

He leaned back and shrugged. “I supposed that depends how you look at it, but I will tell you if you wear it I’ll make it worth your while…” She bit her lip and leaned into him, voice silky. “Oh really…and how pray tell will you do that?”

Her answer came in the form of him standing quickly and hauling her over his shoulder earning a squeal from his bride to be. “I’m more of a show than tell kind of person Chloe…you know that.” She chuckled as he carried her out of the study and towards their bedroom.

She smirked, “But what about our holiday tradition? Movies...hot chocolate…” Lex slapped her ass lightly smirk on his face, “We’re about to make a new one.” And make a new one they did…

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  1. This was a cute Christmas ficlet. Thanks for writing it and sharing it; there's so little Chlex outside Naughty-Seduction. *pouts*


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