January 2, 2011

Unexpected Guests

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Title: Unexpected Guests
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 4,190
Previous Story: Unexpected Trouble

Chloe groaned at the loud buzzing coming from what she could only assume was the door. She nudged Oliver slightly and he grunted before pulling her body against his and mumbling into her hair. “Whoever it is will go away eventually.”

When the buzzing didn’t stop she spoke, irritation in her voice, “Whoever’s at that door better be bleeding to death or I might just kill them.”

He chuckled softly and when she didn’t move he nudged her, “Well you gonna get the door Sidekick? I’m sleeping.”

She kicked him gently and burrowed her head further into the pillow before snorting, “This isn’t my house, plus I’m pregnant. I need more sleep than you do. You get the door.”

He sighed, shifted, and sat up. Oliver glanced down at her, blonde hair spilling across her pillow, black nightgown clinging to her body as the covers were rumbled around her. She was gorgeous. He licked his lips before speaking.

“You know you can only use that excuse for another two months right?”

He saw her lips turn up at the corner, though her eyes never opened, “That’s why I’m getting all my uses out of it now.”

He smirked and shook his head as he got up, tossed on a pair of sweat pants, and made his way to the door. It had been two months since he was released from the hospital and though he wasn’t one hundred and ten percent better, he was smooth sailing at a solid 95.5 percent.

Oliver rubbed a hand over his face, entered the code for the elevator and waited as it slid open. Surprise filled his face before he lifted an eyebrow at the irritated looking young woman.


She barreled out of the elevator, shoving her suitcase against his naked chest. Oliver’s hands caught it with an ‘oomph’ as she spoke.

“You forgot about me.”

“I what--”

“You forgot about me. You were supposed to pick me up at the airport two hours ago…spring break? I’m visiting for the week? Is any of this coming back to you?”

He placed her suitcase on the floor and winced. Mia was right. With everything that had been going on lately he’d forgotten all about her coming to Metropolis for Spring Break. He opened his mouth when there was a groan from behind him.

He turned catching sight of Chloe, tossing her black cotton robe over her nightgown as she made her way down the hall, the hint of a whine in her voice, “I couldn’t get back to sleep. I hope you disposed of whoever decided it was a good idea to wake us up.”

She paused glancing up her eyes widening and a smile forming on her lips, “I take that back…Mia, hey…what are you doing here?”

She closed the distance between them quickly and pulled the younger woman into her arms. Mia chuckled as she returned Chloe’s hug. It had been a while since she’d last seen the petite blonde and though Oliver had told her about his and Chloe’s change in status, Mia hadn’t been back since before they were together.

“I’m doing good. I guess Oliver forgot to mention Spring Break to you too…” She sent a slight glare his way, “Good to know where I fall in the grand scheme of things. “

Oliver sighed; apparently he wasn’t living down his forgetfulness any time soon. Mia was about to ask what they had been up to when she took a minute to glance at Chloe, her mouth dropping open. “Oh my god…you’re…pregnant.”

Chloe paused glancing slowly at Oliver. “You didn’t tell Mia?” He opened and closed his mouth as his hand flew to the back of his head. No he hadn’t told Mia, but that was only because this wasn’t one of those things you told people over the phone.

He had wanted to do it in person so that he could see her reaction and assure her that even though their family was growing it didn’t mean she was any less a part of it. He gave them a sheepish look before his eyes settled on Mia.

“I was going to tell you. I wanted to do it in person, not over the phone…I’m honestly sorry Mia.” She frowned at him before her eyes shifted to Chloe and she gave the older woman half a smile.

“Congratulations…that’s really great.” She bit her lower lip feeling slightly out of place all of a sudden. She cleared her throat and spoke. “You know…I should have called to make sure you weren’t busy. I know how hectic things get…I shouldn’t have expected you to remember my trip. I’m just gonna head out and let you guys go back to sleep. I heard Bart’s in town I’m sure he’ll let me stay with him …it’s not a big deal.”

She looked away from them swallowing hard as she went to lift her bag from the floor. Chloe pursed her lips at the teenager’s words and though Mia was a good liar, Chloe could see the truth that was hidden beneath the surface. Hell she used to do the same thing to protect herself from being hurt.

Oliver’s brows furrowed and he placed his hand on her bag when she went to take it. Chloe shook her head as she reached out placing her palm against the brunettes arm. “Not a chance, you’re stuck with us. We wouldn’t want you staying anywhere else.”

Mia glanced up as she looked at the honesty on Chloe’s face before her eyes slid to Oliver. He glanced at Chloe and smiled at her words. He was lucky to have someone who understood his need to help Mia and make her a part of his family.

“Chloe’s right and it isn’t wrong of you to expect me to remember. I should have and it won’t happen again. I promise.” He gave her a small grin and the tension in her shoulders relaxed as she returned his smile. He took his hand off the bag and opened his arms. She moved in, leaning up and pulling him into a hug.

When she stepped back she smirked, “I missed you, schools not nearly as fun as hanging around the team.” Oliver chuckled. “I don’t imagine it is.” He lifted her bag and carried it towards the couch before following Chloe and Mia towards the kitchen.

Chloe arched an eyebrow at the teenager when she caught her staring. “What?” Mia motioned to stomach and scrunched her nose, “Can I see?” Chloe laughed, pausing and moving her robe aside so Mia could see her protruding stomach.

The brunettes eyes lit up as she moved closer placing a hand against Chloe’s stomach, and Oliver tried to hide his smirk at the hint of excitement in her voice as she spoke. “I can’t believe you guys are having a baby! Does the team know? Do you know if it’s a girl or a boy yet? I think it’s a girl.”

Chloe smiled a hint of mischief in her eyes, “I hope it is…then we can all gang up on Ollie…and we told the team not too long ago, but we don’t know the sex…we want it to be a surprise.” She snickered as her eyes drifted toward Oliver who was leaning against the wall, a warm expression on his face as he watched them.

Chloe’s face softened, voice light. “What are you lookin’ at Romeo?”

Oliver pushed away from the wall and walked across the room. “The most beautiful woman in the world.” Chloe flushed and Mia rolled her eyes, but the smile never left her face as she shifted and plopped down on one of the stools. Oliver wrapped his arms around Chloe kissing her forehead before moving towards the fridge.

“You ladies hungry?”

Mia nodded as Chloe sat down next to her. “Plane food sucks,” she turned her head towards the blonde next to her and raised an eyebrow, “What does baby queen want for breakfast?” Chloe chuckled and covered her mouth as she yawned.


Oliver shook his head, snorting as he pulled out a carton of eggs and some bacon. “Baby Queen does not want coffee, his Mother does…and she’s not getting any. You remember what Emil said. Only two months left…you can do it.”

Chloe’s shoulders slumped, before a sly smirk slipped onto her face and she leaned forward, elbows on the island pressing her cleavage together, Oliver’s eyes briefly slipped down catching sight of cream colored flesh before going back to cracking eggs in a bowl.

His girlfriend was up to something. Chloe cleared her throat and he raised an eyebrow at her as she gave him an innocent look. “If you give me a cup of coffee I’ll let you do that thing you’ve been wanting to do to me…twice…”

Oliver paused, egg in hand as he opened his mouth, a hint of lust blooming in his eyes. “Really?” Mia scrunched her nose in disgust not even wanting to know what it was that Chloe wouldn’t let Oliver do. He shook his head snapping out of his daze and pointed at her with a fork. “You are horrible Professor…that’s just mean. You’re just lucky I love you and that kid enough to think with my big boy brain, or I’d be shoveling coffee down your throat and dragging you to the bedroom.”

Mia held up her hands and cringed, “Too much information” Chloe sent a sympathetic look her way before glancing at Oliver and shrugging, “It was worth a shot. Can you put cheese, peppers, pineapple, and salsa sauce on the eggs?”

Oliver winced, but nodded, “I can, Mia do you want cheese on your eggs?” She nodded, “Yes please.” Her eyes strayed over to Chloe as she took in the soft glow that seemed to come from her before taking in the rest of the apartment.

Things had changed, nothing overly noticeable, but Chloe’s presence was in almost every room of the apartment. Subtle hints thrown carelessly around. Heels strewn places, computer equipment lying around, the fresh scent of some kind of perfume.

As Chloe got up and walked to the fridge to grab drinks Mia glanced at Oliver studying his movements. He seemed relaxed…happy and the thought made her smile. The last time she’d really spent a long period of time with Oliver was when his mentor kidnapped her and after that he’d spent a lot of time questioning the kind of person he was.

She was glad to see he seemed to be past that now. And she was pretty sure it was due to the blonde not even ten feet away. Chloe made her way behind Oliver, juice in hand as she rubbed his back lightly and placed a kiss against the back of his neck before moving towards Mia and the island.

She smiled at the younger woman watching them as she pulled two glances out and poured them some juice. “So, Mia how’s school? Oliver said you’ve been doing exceptionally well.”

The teenager glanced at Oliver’s back a slight flush creeping onto her face, “Oliver’s exaggerating…I mean I'm doing okay, not like amazing or anything.” She shrugged as her hands grasped the cup of juice. Chloe chuckled and took her seat next to Mia again.

“Someone being modest. Ollie said your first semester report card was practically all ‘A’s and your gym teacher thinks you’re amazing.” Chloe smirked as she glanced at Oliver, who was in the process of juggling two pans adding the pineapple, peppers and cheese to her omelet and just cheese in the other.

“What did he say Ollie?”

Oliver tossed a grin over his shoulder before looking back at the pan making sure not to overcook the eggs. “He called her a super star and begged me to convince her to join one of the school’s sports teams so he could have more time with her.”

Mia laughed lightly and nodded, “Coach Hawke is pretty awesome, I’m not really a team player though.” Oliver nodded as he lifted the pan and pushed Chloe’s food onto a plate, adding some salsa sauce to the side before putting the pan down, picking the other one up and sliding Mia’s eggs onto her plate adding some ketchup the way she liked it.

He moved towards the island placing one dish in front of Chloe with a warm smile and then turning to Mia and placing the other dish in front of her, “Breakfast for my girls.” Chloe grinned as she nudged Mia.

“Aww I think he kinda loves us.” Mia chuckled and looked at Oliver, “Is it true…do you love us?” Oliver snorted and moved over towards the stove to toss everything in the sink as he spoke, his tone teasing. “Only because I have to.”

After cleaning the pans, he put them back on the stove tossing in a few eggs for himself and frying up some bacon. Mia and Chloe ate in comfortable silence as Oliver continued cooking, their peaceful moment being brought to an end by a shrill ringing.

Oliver sighed before wiping his hands on a dishtowel and shutting off the stove. He moved over the table in the hall where he’d left his phone and answered it. “Queen…” Chloe watched as his stance changed and he shifted into business mode as he tossed an apologetic look their way and walked into his office, closing the door behind him.

Mia watched him go before turning to Chloe, “So what’s been going on lately? Did I miss a lot?” Chloe laughed lightly, “I’d definitely say you missed a good amount…where should I start…”

Twenty-five minutes later Chloe had debriefed Mia on Zod, the Kandorians, Tess, Watchtower, the Justice Society and Oliver’s stint in the hospital, which she’d already known about. The young brunette sat there mouth hanging open slightly.

“I can’t believe all that happened in just a few months. Thank god everyone’s okay.” Chloe nodded, “You’re telling me. It was touch and go there for a while, but we all made it out battered, but not broken, which is always a plus.”

Mia chuckled and Oliver took that moment to make his way out of his office frown marring his face. Chloe turned concerned eyes on him as he moved back to the stove, put his food on a plate and made his way over to the island dropping a few pieces of bacon on each of their plates.

“You okay?”

He glanced up and nodded brow still furrowed. “Yeah, but unfortunately we’re going to have to post pone our shopping trip. I need to head into the office. With me being out of commission for so long things are a little more upturned then I thought.”

He let out a small sigh as he turned regretful eyes on Chloe, his face softening, “I’m sorry Professor…I know you had your heart set on getting some of those things on your list done.” Mia glanced between them, eyebrow raised. “Shopping?”

Chloe nodded as she turned towards the teenager. “Yeah, we were going to try and get some baby shopping done, but it’s not a big deal.”

Oliver could see the slight disappointment on Chloe’s face and he felt horrible. He knew they’d been planning this for a while. Chloe was just about seven months pregnant and they’d just finished cleaning out one of the guest rooms finally so they could turn it into a nursery.

But with everything that had been going on lately they hadn’t had a chance to prepare for the baby that would be arriving in two months, which was the reason for the shopping trip they’d scheduled for today. He’d taken the day off and everything. And the fact that their kid wasn’t even born yet and he was already disappointing her made his heart clench.

Mia pursed her lips as she noticed the mood in the room shift. She spoke quickly hoping to dispel any negativity that had settled around them, “Chloe and I could go…and maybe you can meet us when you’re done…” her voice trailed off and Chloe perked up, her voice neutral, but Oliver could see her eyes light up.

“You wouldn’t mind doing that?”

Mia grinned, “Are you kidding? This is gonna be super fun…we get to pick out baby clothes and cribs and all kinds of toys. Oh can we get the baby a stuffed pony? Every little girl should have a pony…”

Oliver chuckled as he shook his head. “You do realize it could be a boy right?” Mia smirked at Oliver as she shoveled a forkful of eggs into her mouth before swallowing and speaking. “I stand by what I said.” Oliver gave her a warm smile, before finishing his eggs quickly and heading towards his bedroom to shower and get ready leaving Chloe and Mia to discuss which stores they planned to ransack while he was working.

Twenty minutes later he was showered, dressed and ready to go. Oliver made his way back into the kitchen and glanced between the two females in his life, most of their food gone as they laughed together making a large grin pull at his lips.

He loved that they got a long so well. He didn’t think either of them realized how much that meant to him. He walked towards Chloe placing a kiss on her forehead and squeezing Mia’s arm lightly. “I’m gonna head out. The sooner I deal with whatever’s going on the sooner I can get back. Let’s plan to meet up for a tentative lunch around two-ish?”

They nodded and he lifted his wallet from his pocket, pulling out his black card and placing it between them, with a smirk. “Don’t buy the store.” Mia snatched the card and Chloe chuckled as she pulled him down for a real kiss. He groaned against her lips, before pulling back and mating their foreheads together. His voice whispered as he spoke. “I love you…”

Chloe smiled, “I love you too. Have a good and we’ll see you for lunch.” He nodded as he pulled back glancing between them, “Behave you two and remember no carrying anything heavy. Have them deliver everything.”

Chloe nodded as she stood taking her plate and Mia’s putting them in the sink before turning and waving him off. “We got it, now go.” He nodded and gave them one last wave before disappearing into the elevator. Chloe glanced at Mia and cleared her throat. “I just need to shower and get dressed, why don’t you unpack while I do that?”

“Good idea.” Mia moved to the couch to grab her bag, and followed Chloe down the hall, moving into the guest room that wasn’t empty while Chloe went to shower. She glanced around the room and smiled, it looked like her trip was going to be more eventful then she had originally planned.


Oliver let out a heavy sigh as he stepped into the elevator. He glanced down at his watch and winced. It was after eight and though he had been able to meet up with Chloe and Mia for lunch, he’d had to go straight back to the office afterwards.

He spent the rest of the day in meetings with the board and Tess. Luckily he and Tess were on better terms ever since she saved Chloe and their child so working together on a solution hadn’t been nearly as horrible as it would have been had things between them not been resolved.

The elevator dinged and when the doors slid open and he walked over the threshold he froze, eyes wide as he glanced around the room. The foyer was full of several large bags, and as he took a few hesitant steps towards the living room his mouth dropped open slightly.

He’d never seen so many boxes in his life. It looked like a baby store had thrown up on his living room floor…and most of the furniture. He heard a soft noise and his eyes drifted to the TV, taking in the flickering light before falling on Mia whose head was pillowed on a large stuffed pony as she tossed popcorn into her mouth eyes completely enthralled on whatever she as watching.

Oliver could help the smile that formed on his lips as he cleared his throat. Mia turned her head, glancing up at him before she waved and put a finger to her lips shushing him. He frowned, as he whispered, “Why am I shushing?”

She pointed to the couch where Chloe was fast asleep, head nestled into the pillow of the couch, hands under her chin as her chest and stomach rose and fell gently. His face immediately softened as a light chuckle escaped his lips.

“Did all the shopping wear her out?”

Mia nodded and sat up, “Yeah, we sort of went a little crazy…” her voice trailed off and she sent him a sheepish look. He gave her half a smile and shrugged as he moved towards Chloe, “I don’t care…I’d rather we have more than we need then not enough.”

He bent down and carefully placed his hands under Chloe’s sleeping form lifting her from the couch gently. She scrunched her nose, arms automatically going around his neck and she pried one eye open while yawning. Her voice was groggy when she spoke as she buried her head against his neck. “Mmm my wayward boyfriend finally returns. We missed you.”

He grinned, “I missed you three too. Come on to bed you go.” Mia chuckled and stood shutting off the TV. She knew it was still early, but between her early flight and shopping all day she was exhausted too. She walked over and poked Oliver lightly. “Well your unexpected guest is heading to bed too, I was thinking in the morning maybe we could call Bart and AC see if they’d be willing to help put all this baby stuff together?”

Oliver nodded giving Mia a thankful look, “That sounds like a great idea.” Chloe’s arms tightened around his neck as she turned her head glancing at Mia sleepily. “Thanks for coming shopping with me Mia…and you’re not a guest…you’re family.”

Her voice trailed off as she once again buried her head against Oliver, placing a small kiss on his jaw as she closed her eyes in an attempt to recapture sleep. Warmth filled Mia at Chloe’s words and she was suddenly very glad that Oliver and Chloe were together and having a baby.

Maybe for once in her life she could actually have a real family…as unconventional as it might be, it would probably be the best one she’d ever had. Oliver smiled and nodded, his voice breaking through Mia’s thoughts. “That’s right…so you better brush up on your baby skills Aunt Mia…cause I doubt with our paranoia and luck, we’ll trust anyone outside this family with our little bundle of trouble.”

Mia laughed lightly as she followed Oliver around the boxes and down the hallway. “Will do…” She paused at the guest room door and tilted her head to the side as he stopped and arched an eyebrow at her. “Everything okay?”

She nodded, voice soft. “Yeah, everything is great…thanks again Oliver…you know for everything and…for letting me be a part of your family.” He smiled, shifting slightly and placing a kiss to the top of her head before moving back.

“Thanks for letting me…I know it’s not in your nature to let people in…something you and Chloe seem to have in common,” he gazed down at the woman in his arms who had apparently fallen back asleep, before his eyes returned to Mia. “But you’ll always have family here with us. So don’t ever question that. Now go get some rest cause tomorrow looks like it’s gonna be a full day.”

She grinned, “Oh yeah…you haven’t even seen the stuff in the other guest room yet…have you?” Oliver groaned as Mia laughed with a shrug. He watched her shut the door before walking the rest of the way towards his room, moving inside and placing Chloe gently on the bed.

She shifted curling into the covers and he smiled before stripping down to his boxes, pulling back the covers and pulling her body against his. She mumbled something he couldn’t understand before cuddling against him as he laid one hand flat against her stomach.

Oliver let out a content sigh as he smiled, his hand rubbing where their child grew inside of her. He wished he could have been there with them today, but he’d make sure he was there to help tomorrow. He didn’t want to miss any part of it. As he glanced down on the woman next to him, he couldn’t help the love that overwhelmed him.

Chloe had given him so much already and now she was giving him a family, something he’d wanted for as long as he could remember. He closed his eyes, sucking in a deep breath as he let his body relax into hers. Oliver Queen was going to marry Chloe Sullivan…she just didn’t know it yet.

Unexpected Interruptions


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