March 1, 2011

Unexpected Inturruptions

Banner By: Natasha
Title: Unexpected Inturruptions
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 5,100
Previous Story: Unexpected Guests

Oliver glared at the waiter reading off the specials to Chloe with animated hand gestures and excitement in his voice. His gaze strayed to his girlfriend, her face bright with amusement; glowing as she listened attentively. He let out a frustrated sigh as he leaned back in his seat.

It had been one month since Mia had visited them and helped set up the baby’s nursery and ever since then he’d been trying, unsuccessfully to propose to his very pregnant, very hormonal girlfriend. But alas his efforts had all been in vain because every single plan he’d put into motion so far had been a bust.

Oliver had never been so frustrated in his entire life. Currently he had tried to propose to Chloe three different times already…three. The first one was two weeks after Mia went back to school. She’d gone to Watchtower and he’d taken the day off of work to finish up the nursery.

AC had helped him paint, put together all the rest of the furniture and set everything up the way Chloe had said she wanted it. Once that was done he’d politely kicked AC out, made her favorite dinner, and waited for her to come home. When she finally did, her mood was foul.

Apparently Clark and stopped by Watchtower, made a comment about her weight and then frightfully ran away at her reaction. He had sat there and listened to her curse Clarks name before she burst into tears and cried all over his shirt for close to an hour.

By then dinner was cold and he figured having her remember their engagement day in conjunction with the day that her best friend called her fat probably wasn’t the greatest idea. So he shelved his plans, showed her the baby’s room, which inadvertently made her start crying all over again, but for a completely different reason, and then dragged her to bed.

The second time he planned to propose was one week later. He filled Watchtower with tulips of all shades and colors. Lit candles, a bucket of ice with non alcoholic champagne sitting atop her desk as he nervously fumbled with the box in his pocket.

He had texted Chloe to come to Watchtower ASAP saying that he had some information for the team that he needed her to pick up right away. He waited, already bent on one knee, knowing she was at his apartment with the team.

Not long after the text was sent the doors burst open and as he opened his mouth to start his speech he froze. Standing right inside the door was Bart and Victor. He had frowned asking where Chloe was while the two men chuckled at him.

They said she was tired and sent them to pick up the information and her laptop. He’d groaned and stood as they cackled their stupid heads off. The third time was worse. He was sitting on the glass table in front of her, hands holding hers and in the middle of his speech about how much he loved her when the elevator door to the penthouse burst open and in walked Lois.

She had been freaking out about finding out Clark was the Blur and going on and on completely ignoring the fact that they seemed to be in the middle of something. Oliver had been pissed to say the least and when Chloe went to comfort her cousin he grabbed his jacket and took off to blow off some steam.

A person would think that three failed attempts at a proposal would possibly deter a man from popping the question thinking that maybe it might be a sign of fate, but not Oliver. He knew he and Chloe belonged together he just needed to get them away from all the idiots they were friends with.

Thus attempt number four, dinner at a nice restaurant in downtown Metropolis. Lois and Clark were out for the night. Dinah was in Gotham, Mia was at school, and the team was in Star City. There wasn’t anyone to interrupt his proposal tonight…or so he’d thought.

The waiter’s voice addressing him snapped Oliver from his thoughts. He arched an eyebrow as the young man smiled at him. “Would you like to hear the specials too?!” Oliver pursed his lips his eye twitching. “I’m not exactly deaf…I heard them when you were telling my girlfriend so thanks…I’m good. What you can do is please give us a few more minutes alone like I asked you to do ten minutes ago…and we still don’t have the sparkling apple juice that I ordered.”

The waiter flinched at his abrupt tone, but nodded curtly and moved away from their table. He turned and smiled over at Chloe, opening his mouth to say something, but the look on her face stopped him dead in her tracks.

She had one hand against her stomach, eyebrow arched, lips pursed as she glared at him. He swallowed hard shifting in his seat. He’d seen that glare before, just never directed at him. “Is there a reason you just bit our waiters head off?”

He had the decency to look sheepish as he shifted once again trying to find a position where it didn’t seem like her eyes were trying to invoke Clark’s heat vision to burn the shit out of him. He’d been there done that and bought a post card. Heat vision was not his friend.

“Sorry…I just…” He cleared his throat and she tilted her head giving him that look that said ‘I’m waiting’ “I’ve been trying to talk to you about something for a while now…and we seem to always get interrupted. It’s one of the reasons I brought you here…it’s important.”

Chloe’s face softened, concern edging onto her features as she noticed the tension in his body. She reached a hand across the table and placed it over his larger one. “Are you okay?” His heart warmed at the concern he heard in her voice.

He leaned forward lifting her hand to his lips before bringing it back down to the table, but not letting it go. “Yeah…” He let out a long breath and licked his lips to moisten them. “You know how much I love you…don’t you?”

She squeezed his hand lightly and nodded. “Of course and I love you.” He smiled. “Good to know.” He could feel his heart slamming against his chest and for a minute he wondered if it was possible for her to hear it too. “We’ve known each other for a little over three years now…you Chloe Sullivan are my best friend…my partner…the woman I love more than anything.”

His voice lowered slightly as he leaned in towards her and continued speaking. “There isn’t anyone in the world that’s more important to me than you. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be…on most days you make me happier than I think I deserve to be.”

Chloe bit her bottom lip as tears pooled in her eyes. He was too good to her. She didn’t know how Oliver could ever think that he didn’t deserve her. If anything she was the one who didn’t deserve him. He’d put up with so many of her fears and was still there patiently reassuring her in the end. She opened her mouth, voice emotional as she spoke.

“I’ve never had anyone who’s made me happier…you’re the best man I know Ollie…I--” His deep chuckle cut her off and she frowned as he sighed, affection in his eyes as he spoke. “You need to stop interrupting me…” He shook his head, but she could see the humor on his face.

“As I was saying…in a few weeks you and me, we’re gonna have a family Sidekick…and the one thing I want more than anything is for you--” Chloe gasped eyes wide her hand tightening on his. “Ollie…”

He grinned thinking that she was finally catching on to what he was saying. “Wait I’m almost there just let me--”

“OLIVER!” He blinked startled at her high pitched voice that had drawn the attention of a few tables around them. He frowned at the look of panic on her face. “What’s wrong?” She sucked in a deep breath pulling her hand back from his and pressing it against her stomach.

Her eyes met his and he could see the fear in them. “I think my water just broke…” His body tensed, “But you’re not due for two more weeks….” Chloe glared up at the confusion on Oliver’s face. “Way to state the obvious Oliver.”

He winced at her tone and stood moving over to her and helping her up. She cringed and he could see the wet stain on her dress. He swallowed heavily as he wrapped an arm around her people watching in concern. “I’ve got you…” He guided her towards the door and nodded at the people who moved out of their way.

With one arm around her he dug into his pocket grabbing for his phone and when he finally pulled it out he fumbled slightly almost dropping it and swore. Chloe’s water broke…they were going to have a baby…he was going to be a father. The thought both excited and scared the shit out of him.

She hissed and the sound brought him from his thoughts as he texted Emil telling him he needed to meet them at the hospital before slipping the phone back into his packet and holding her up, shaking his head as a few waiters came over to help them.

Before he could help her out the double doors she paused craning her head back to look at him as her eyes watered, voice quivering slightly. “I’m scared…” Oliver looked down on her and he swallowed the lump in his throat. “Everything’s gonna be fine Chlo…I promise.” She nodded as he led her towards the car praying he was right.


Oliver had just put his phone back into his pocket when Clark and Lois came running down the hallway. He gave them a startled expression as Lois rushed to his side and pulled him into a hug before pushing back determination on her face. “Where is she?”

He glanced over at Clark who shook his hand and he frowned. “I just got off the phone with you like five minutes ago. How did you….oh.” Lois grinned. “We took the Smallville express. Where’s Chloe?” He motioned behind him towards the room.

“Inside with Emil. He asked me to step out of the room for a minute so I thought I’d call everyone and let them know what was going on…” Clark could see the tension in the other man’s shoulders and he felt a small tug at his heart. He hadn’t been very supportive of Chloe and Oliver’s relationship in the past and he wasn’t exactly the nicest person when he’d found out about the baby.

He knew he’d caused Oliver and Chloe quite a bit of grief in the first few months of her pregnancy, but he’d come to see how much his friend cared about the petite blonde and he knew right now more than anything Oliver could use all the support he could get.

He moved over and placed a hand against his back. “What did Dr. Hamilton say?” Oliver gave him a shrug as he started pacing brows furrowed. “Nothing yet…he practically kicked me out of the room like I was some kind of nurse or…or a random person and not the father of our baby…”

Before Clark could say another word there were loud footsteps coming down the hall and when they glanced up their friends stampeding down the hall. Bart grinned. “Heya bossman…I thought I’d pick a few people up before I came.”

A small smile slipped onto Oliver’s face as Mia ran over to him and gave him a hug. He wrapped his arms around her tight as he spoke softly near her ear. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She pulled back and nodded. “Me too.” He turned to the guys and caught sight of a smiling Victor and J’onn.

He arched an eyebrow, “No Dinah and AC?” Victor gave him an apologetic look. “They’re still in Star City. Someone had to hold down the fort.” He nodded. Before he could say anything the door was pulled open and Dr. Hamilton stepped out and stopped in his tracks startled by seeing everyone there.

Oliver swallowed hard, “How is she? What’s going on?” Emil watched him closely and reached out placing a hand against the younger mans shoulder. “Oliver I need you to relax. Right now Chloe needs you to be calm.” A sudden fear shot through Oliver at the tone of Emil’s voice.

Mia and Lois stood beside Oliver frowning as the rest of the team took seats alongside the door listening to the soft tones of their friends anxious voice. “What’s going on Emil…is something wrong?” He pursed his lips and spoke quietly.

“There’s been a complication. I need to bring Chloe in for an emergency cesarean section. She’s experiencing something called Placenta Abruptio…it’s where the placenta separates from its attachment to the uterine wall before the baby’s born.”

The color drained from Oliver’s face as his heart picked up speed. “What does that mean Emil…is the baby okay? Is Chloe okay?” Emil gave him a stern look. “Take a deep breath Oliver I can’t let you go back in there freaking out. Chloe needs to be calm right now. There’s always a risk to the baby in cases like this, but if I can get her into the delivery room and get the baby out everyone should be fine. I’m having the delivery room prepped now.”

Oliver nodded numbly his insides clenching at the thought of anything happening to Chloe or their child. This was supposed to be the happiest day of his life and yet the only thing he was currently feeling was terror. “What should I do?”

Emil motioned to the room behind him before sending a small smile to the worried faces around them. “Just go inside and be with Chloe for right now. You’ll need to scrub up when we get her in for surgery it shouldn’t be any more than ten minutes.”

Lois swallowed heavily. “So soon?” Emil’s gaze drifted to the brunette eyes serious as he spoke calmly. “This isn’t something that can wait.” She nodded understanding the unspoken meaning. Clark’s hand pressed lightly against the small of her back rubbing comforting circles there.

He stepped away from them and down the hallway as Oliver stood there lost in his thoughts. A small hand on his arm made him blink and he glanced down at a worried Mia. “Everything’s going to be should go see Chloe.”

He nodded mutely as he took a deep breath and pushed open the door. When he stepped into the room his eyes fell to the bed where she lay, eyes slightly red-rimmed, appearing small and vulnerable in the hospital bed. He walked over to her and when she glanced up he smiled sitting beside her while taking her hand in his and placing a kiss against it.

“Hey there Sidekick, how you feeling?” Her bottom lip quivered slightly and he could see her trying to be strong as she attempted to keep her voice steady while speaking. “I’m so sorry Ollie…” He frowned watching her closely. “For what?”

She motioned to her stomach rubbing it lightly. “I should have taken better care of myself…relaxed more worked less…” He cut her off with a wave of his hand, voice stern. “Stop it right now. This isn’t your fault. Chloe everything is going to be fine…things like this happen all the time. We have a hospital full of friends and we have Emil here. Everything is going to be okay…”

Her voice was barely a whisper as she spoke. “How do you know?” He leaned forward and brushed a piece of her hair off her face and smiled. “Because…I’m Oliver…” She chuckled lightly as he kissed the top of her head gently and as he was pulling back the door was pushed open an orderly smiling in their direction. “We’re ready for you.”

Oliver swallowed hard and nodded and when he stood a look of panic crossed Chloe’s face. “Where are you going?” He squeezed her hand lightly. “I need to scrub up so I can come into the operating room. I will meet you in there I promise. I love you.”

She nodded and let out a long breath. “I love you too.” He watched as the young man came over to the bed, messed with a few things and then started to push it out of the room. He followed behind them as the guys all smiled at Chloe while Lois leaned over giving her a hug and a few words of encouragement before she was wheeled down the hall Oliver trailing behind her. This was it…the moment he’d been waiting for since she told him she was pregnant. Oliver Queen was finally going to be a father.


He stood by her head, her hand clasped tightly in his as Emil worked diligently over her body. He stood to the side keeping out of the way, but made sure to not leave Chloe’s line of vision. His heart was beating frantically against his chest and he wasn’t exactly sure what was keeping him from throwing up.

He could hear several noises all at once, a slight whirring noise in the background followed by suctioning and then the voices of the doctors in the room. It had been a little over five minutes and when he heard Emil mention something about the head he glanced over and watched as his baby’s head popped free.

His eyes widened as he spoke through the mask, “Oh my god Chloe…I can see the head.” Her eyes darted to him and then towards Emil. Oliver watched as the baby’s nose was suction and cleaned before they finished pulling the baby free.

He let out a small laugh and choked on a sob at the sound of wailing in the room, tears burning at his eyes as Emil smiled over at them. “Congratulations you two…a beautiful baby girl…Oliver do you want to cut the cord?” He glanced down at a crying Chloe and nodded not sure he could actually speak as he took a step forward and did what Emil showed him.

When the cord was cut Emil brought the baby over for Chloe to see. Warmth filled her as she laid eyes on the small bundle in Emil’s arms tears coursing down her cheeks as she spoke voice tired. “She’s perfect…” Oliver nodded as Emil handed her over to the nurse.

Oliver’s hand ran through Chloe’s hair as he pulled his mask down a tear slipping down his cheek as he glanced down on her with affection. “Thank you…thank you for giving me a family.” Chloe smiled and opened her mouth, but before she could say anything the smile fell from her lips and she winced. “Ouch…”

Everything from that point on happened quickly. The room was suddenly full of monitors beeping rapidly around him as Oliver frantically glanced around, voice higher than normal. “What’s going on?” Emil turned around abruptly glancing at the machines and swearing as he moved over to Chloe.

“Chloe can you hear me? It’s Emil…” Her eyes opened and confusion settled on her face before her eyes rolled back as the surgeon to the side spoke quickly and he moved around. “She’s hemorrhaging…she’s already lost over 1000 ml of blood…we’re going to have to operate…he needs to leave.”

Emil sucked in a deep breath as he turned to Oliver, “You need to go…” He shook his head frantically as he tried to move back towards the hospital bed and when he did, his heart slammed into his throat at the sight of blood. He choked on a sob, “I’m not leaving…Chloe…Chloe!”

Emil shook his head and called over his shoulder. “Help me get him out of here now!” Three sets of hands grabbed at him yanking him to the door as the alarms continued to blare, Chloe’s unconscious body lying on the operating table, his daughters wails in the background as he screamed for Chloe.


Clark watched as Lois paced back and forth for about the tenth time and he sighed. “Lois please sit down. Just relax. Emil said it shouldn’t take long they’ll be out soon.” Lois frowned. “I know…I just…she’s my baby cousin.”

He smiled. “I know and she’s gonna be fine.” Bart sat next to Mia as J’onn and Victor talked quietly. Lois blew out a breath and right as she sat down the double doors to the operating room flew open as Oliver was dragged out by two large men.

Everyone stood as Emil spoke trying to calm him down. “I’m sorry Oliver but you can’t be in here….I need to get back, make sure things are okay.” Oliver jerked against the men and they let him go right as Emil disappeared behind the doors.

He slammed his fists against them screaming, jerking at the handles as he cried out. “Damn it…EMIL…EMIL get back here…She needs me…” He slammed a fist against the door one last time, voice hoarse as he slid down in front of it, tears falling freely down his cheeks as he continued speaking. “She needs me…”

He felt like he couldn’t breathe, his chest burned as he tried to block out the last image of her pale body from his head as sobs wracked his body. He could hear someone talking to him, feel hands on his arms, but he couldn’t make out the voice. His ears were ringing and he closed his eyes trying to block out the sounds that seemed to be bombarding him.

Chloe was his everything…there wasn’t anyone in the world like her. She made him a better man…a stronger man. She couldn’t leave him…she was all he had. How would he do this alone? How would he be a father without her?

“Oliver…OLIVER!” He blinked eyes focusing on the people surrounding him as they helped him off the floor, Lois’s voice frantic. “What happened? What’s going on? Oliver damn it!” He opened his mouth, but the only words he was able to get out was a pitiful sounding ‘I need her’ before once again tuning everyone out.

Clark pulled him up and helped him sit down in a chair, but Oliver didn’t notice he just stared forward into nothing, silence surrounding him as tension built up in the small hallway, worry filling each of their friends as they waited with bated breath.


She awoke to the rhythmic sounds of a light beeping and scrunched her nose slightly as she pried her eyes open, the bright glare of florescent lights staring back at her. She squinted and winced as she shifted on the hard bed her head falling to the side.

She froze when her eyes took in the sight of a ragged looking Oliver sprawled out in the small wooden chair beside her. He had one arm resting on her bed and the other resting over the small portable infant crib that they kept the babies in, in the maternity ward.

Her eyes widened slightly a small smile appearing on her lips as she gazed at the small baby through the clear plastic. She really was beautiful. Her eyes traveled up to Oliver’s as she squeezed his hand lightly, he stirred, his eyes opening slowly and when he saw her smiling tiredly at him he jerked awake instantly.

She pressed a finger against her lips and pointed to the baby as he moved forward voice low and emotional. “You’re awake.” She nodded as he brought her hand to his lips. “You Miss Sullivan scared the ever loving shit out of me…do not do it again.” He gave her a reprimanding look, but the light that was usually behind his teasing didn’t reach his eyes. Her face softened as she cupped his cheek. “I’m okay…what happened?”

He swallowed hard. “Something went wrong after they got the baby out…another complication you were hemorrhaging….lost consciousness…” His voice faltered as he looked down at her hand and continued speaking. “They made me leave the room…had a few people escort me out because I refused to leave you…Emil made me so mad…”

She could see how hard it was for him to talk about and she squeezed his hand again, voice soft. “He was doing his job Ollie…” He glanced back up and her and nodded. “I know…but that didn’t make it any better…I almost lost you Chloe.”

She bit her bottom lip as she rubbed a thumb over his hand. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that Ollie…but I’m here and I’m okay…and we have a baby…” Her voice trailed off a smile brightening up her face. His expression softened as he shifted so he could wheel the baby closer to Chloe could get a better look.

“She’s perfect I’ll have you know…I checked. She’s got your nose…and she’s already making herself known. According to the nurses she’s the most popular baby in the nursery…” Chloe chuckled and winced as she pushed herself into a sitting position.

Oliver frowned and helped her. “Be careful…you’ve been in and out for about two days…everyone’s been here checking on you and baby Queen.” He grinned and she held out her arms. “I want to hold her.” He nodded and stood, bending down and gently picking up the sleeping infant.

He held her exactly the way the nurse showed him, terrified that he might drop the small bundle in his arms. He placed her carefully into Chloe’s waiting arms and let out a breath as he watched her smile down at their daughter.

There was awe in her voice as she spoke, tears glistening in her eyes. “I can’t believe we made her…she’s so tiny and you’re right…she’s completely perfect.” His heart filled with warmth as he stared at the sight in front of him. Oliver had never been happier.

Before he could stop himself he spoke words tumbling from his mouth. “Marry me.” Chloe glanced up startled, eyes slightly wide. “What?” He leaned forward and glanced between her and the baby. “I want us to be a family Chloe…a real family. I want you to be my wife…I want to go to bake sales and PTA meetings and school plays…I want us to have a family. You, me, Mia…baby Queen…”

He licked his lips as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the ring. He opened the box and she gasped slightly. He gave her half a smile. “This isn’t close to how I planned it…but after four attempted proposals I figured I’d just go with the flow and blurt it out while you’re confined to bed and we’re alone.”

He watched as realization sparked in her eyes as she tilted her head to the side. “That’s what you’ve been trying to ask me…why you’ve been so weird lately.” He nodded. “Guilty.” Chloe glanced back down at their daughter in her arms and swallowed hard.

A part of her was scared to take that leap…to say yes to Oliver…what was marriage anyway? Just a title…but the other part of her couldn’t help wanting everything that he did. Having a place to call home…being a family in every sense of the word.

She wanted that…and she only wanted it with him. When she met his eyes again, she nodded voice shaky. “Yes.” Oliver opened and closed his mouth several times frozen in his spot before a large grin settled on his features and he stood up and cupped her cheek, capturing her lips with his in a desperate but gentle kiss.

When he pulled back she laughed lightly as he carefully slipped the ring onto her finger so he didn’t disturb their sleeping daughter and sat back down. She pursed her lips as she ran a finger down the baby’s soft she. “She needs a name.” Oliver perked up and nodded. “She definitely does…got any thoughts Sidekick?”

Chloe grinned her eyes lifting to meet his. “Avalon…Ava for short….” A warm smile curved at his lips. “The mysterious paradise island in the Arthurian legends…” Chloe nodded before speaking. “And Ava means breathe of life…god Ollie she’s all ours this…amazing tiny person.”

He leaned forward and stroked their daughter’s head lightly, voice light. “I know…and I like it. Avalon…it’s different…unique just like us. Being stranded on that island gave me a second chance at life…and you gave me yet another chance…the name somehow seems fitting.”

She nodded. “Avalon Queen…” Oliver grinned before glancing behind him. “I should let Emil know you’re awake…and Lois will kill me if I don’t let her know you’re awake. She Clark and Mia are still here.” Chloe nodded and waved him off. “We’re good here. Go, but hurry back.”

He nodded and placed a kiss against her forehead. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” She watched him go and less than five minutes later Lois, Clark and Mia had barreled into the room. Mia gushed over Avalon as Lois told her how she was never allowed to scare them all to death again.

Clark stood awkwardly to the side smile on his face as he watched the women in front of him, relief clear in his eyes. When Lois was done reprimanding Chloe she moved towards Mia and Avalon cooing over her new niece.

Her eyes flew to the door as she heard it open and caught sight of Oliver making his way through the door with Emil. When their eyes met over everyone a brilliant smile broke out onto his face as he mouthed ‘I love you’. It was as if the room went silent everything around her ceasing to exist but him. Chloe smiled and mouthed ‘I love you too’ before finally acknowledging the people around her.

To think that all of this....everything she currently had in her life was because of one night spent with Oliver Queen. She never expected to fall in love again and she certainly hadn’t expected it to be with him. Life had thrown several twists and turns their way, but they beat the odds time and again and Chloe was convinced that as long as she was with Oliver and they handled things as a team…they always would. Sometimes when it came to being happy you just had to go with the flow and expect the unexpected.


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