March 11, 2011

Just Married: Snapshots into the Life of Oliver & Chloe Queen

Title: Territorial
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 575
Prompt: Chlollie, Lemur written for dandiandi22 for the Chlollie Gift Exchange

Oliver sat on a stool at the kitchen island glaring at the fury creature on his wife’s shoulder. When he had first agreed to let Chloe bring the Lemur to Star City with them he hadn’t realized what a nuisance the creature would be.

But as he stared down the tiny monkey opposite him, beady little eyes watching him, tiny paws holding a cracker up to his mouth as he nibbled away, Oliver knew Chloe’s new found pet was mocking him with his stupid little lemur face.

“Oliver…” His wife’s voice knocked him out of his thoughts and his gaze shifted towards Chloe as he let out a distracted ‘hmm’. Amusement danced in her eyes at the glare Oliver was sending to Lenny. “Stop glaring at Lenny…you’re scaring him.”

He let out an undignified grunt and rolled his eyes. “Please the last thing I’m doing is scaring the rodent on your shoulder.” Chloe made a face as Lenny let out a light screech as if to prove he understood what Oliver said right before hugging Chloe’s neck to his body.

She giggled softly, eyes lighting up as she patted the lemur on the head. “Aww Ollie you hurt his feelings. It’s okay Lenny, daddy didn’t mean it.” Oliver snorted and stood up as he pointed at the monkey. “Oh no, I love you Professor but I refuse to lay claim on that evil little…”

Chloe cut his words off. “Oliver…” The warning in her tone was clear and he sighed before grabbing his wallet and keys from the island. “I’ve gotta head to work. Should I pick up food on the way home?” She nodded as she took a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah, I’m working on a new story so I’m gonna be late tonight, which means you’ll have to feed Lenny when you get home.” Oliver groaned lightly as he moved forward to give Chloe a kiss goodbye. Before his lips were able to meet hers a half eaten cracker hit him in the head.

He paused, turned his gaze on the lemur and glared. He could hear Chloe fighting back laughter as he yelled at the small creature. “And this Lenny, if that’s your real name, is why I don’t like you.” He pointed to Chloe. “She’s my wife. Mine…I can kiss her if I want to. You’re way too attached to her and if you don’t cut it out I’m gonna lock you in the closet.”

Lenny made a loud noise, jumped down from Chloe’s shoulder to the island and tossed another cracker at Oliver. He opened his mouth to yell at the stupid animal when another cracker flew at his head followed by two more. He ducked and ran towards the elevator only stopping when he was far enough away that the projectile like crackers could no longer reach him.

He backed into the elevator as he yelled in their direction. “I hate that damn lemur. Just you wait Lenny…Chloe won’t be home to protect you tonight and I’ve been thinking we could use a dog around here…” There were several more loud noises as the elevator closed on a grinning Oliver.

Chloe glanced between the agitated lemur and the elevator her husband had just disappeared behind. She sighed. First Clark and now Oliver it looked like she might have to find a zoo for the feisty man-hating lemur after all. “Come on Lenny…lets go call the Star City Zoo…”

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  1. HAHAHA!!! Sooo funny. The lemur! EPIC. Awesome, girl! (As always.) :>

  2. This is so funny! I know Chloe's sending Lenny to the zoo but the thought of Oliver babysitting him for the night... OMG! I'm guessing it's gonna be battle royal! I can just picture Chloe's reaction when she comes home that night....

    "Chloe stepped out of the elevator and immediately stopped. Her jaw dropped as she surveyed the room, furniture toppled over, food, books and you-name-it all over the floor. Her first thought was "Oh my God, we've been robbed!"....



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