March 10, 2011

Random Conversations (5/6)


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Conversation Four

Conversation Five
‘Random Conversations are Embarrassing’

Chloe sat on the couch, com in her ear and linked up to the laptop that was teetering precariously on her leg as she licked her lips while glancing at the small round truffle in her hand. The smooth white swirls of creamy coconut inside the milk chocolate shell looked to die for.

It had been a long day and Chloe had been waiting to come home, throw on her fleece pajama pants to combat the cold, and indulge in the Godiva that Oliver brought her back from his last trip to Star City a few days ago.

She had just opened her mouth to take her first bite of the delectable chocolate when her com crackled to life in her ear and Oliver’s voice broke through the peaceful silence, startling her causing Chloe to almost drop her truffle on the ground.

“Arrow to Tower, you there?” She glared at the computer before sighing and taking her com off radio silence. Oliver, Dinah and Bart were running through a quick patrol of Metropolis and had been out on the streets without much trouble for the last fifteen minutes. She glanced over the screen and as far as she could tell things were still slow.

“I’m here. Everything okay out there?” She heard what sounded like a scuffle before something hit the pavement his breathing slightly heavy. “Yup…just jumping across rooftops…you know the drill.” She arched an eyebrow as she bit into the chocolate holding in a groan at the rich tasting candy.

“So…what’s up?” He chuckled softly and even with the distorter on she could detect the hint of amusement in his voice as he spoke. “What’s the matter, you busy over there without me Sidekick?” Chloe rolled her eyes as she shifted her laptop so she could stretch her legs.

“No, if you must know I’m eating chocolate.” Oliver grinned as he ran, jumped, and flipped onto another building. “The one’s I brought you back from California.” She nodded even though she knew he couldn’t see her. “Yup. So…did you need something?”

Oliver glanced over the streets as he walked slowly across the large black top of the roof. “I was hanging out with Clark yesterday and we got to talking about all the strange things that have happened to us in the past.” Chloe bit into the chocolate again as she pressed a key on the computer to bring up Dinah and Bart’s location.

“Aww how sweet, I didn’t know you and Clark did the whole sharing is caring thing…good for you.” He ignored her sarcasm, took another running leap to get to a lower half of the structure of the building, and spoke when he landed. “He mentioned something to me about you being on the cheerleading squad in high school.”

Chloe paused with the last bite of chocolate seconds from her mouth, her face draining of color as she winced at the memory of her meteor rock cool aid induced cheerleading stunt and then subsequent strip tease. She groaned, a slight whine in her voice as she spoke. “He didn’t!”

Oliver smirked as he looked both ways before dropping to the street. “Oh, he most definitely did.” Chloe grumbled as she popped the rest of the chocolate into her mouth and leaned back on the couch while glancing at the monitor.

“It looks clear to your left why don’t you head three blocks towards Smith Street and see what’s cooking over there.” Oliver followed her directions as he replied over the com grin still gracing his lips. “Don’t change the subject Sidekick. Why was I never informed of said cheerleading incident?”

Chloe pursed her lips together while she debated answering his question. On one hand talking about that particular incident in her life was slightly embarrassing. On the other hand he probably wouldn’t shut up about it until she did.

“You weren’t told because it was in the past. Plus it was completely out of my control. Some crazy girl who wanted her boyfriend to adore her spiked the Gatorade at football practice with some kind of meteor rock cocktail making everyone who drank it slightly nuts.”

Oliver chuckled as moved forward pulling out his small grappling arrow and shooting it up to the top of the building. He secured it, gave it a slight tug and pulled himself up. She heard the whoosh of wind around him before his voice broke through the silence. “What I would have given to see that.”

She snorted and reached over to the box of chocolates on the table in front of her trying to decide which piece to eat next. “I’ll bet.” He smiled as he replaced his arrow and walked across the roof once again glancing down over the streets.

If it was possible his voice was even lower than before when he spoke again. “Any chance you still have the outfit?” Chloe paused in her movements a tingle shooting down her spine at the unmistakable tone of his voice. Her tongue ran across bottom lip as she inhaled deeply, voice soft.

“I might have tossed it in the back of my closet somewhere.” Oliver licked his lips to moisten them as his throat went dry at her words. Just the thought of Chloe in one of those short skirts bouncing around had the form fitting leather of his pants feeling less comfortable than it was seconds ago.

“Maybe it’s about time you dug it out…I’m thinking Green Arrow could use a cheerleader…” Chloe grinned as she shifted on the couch and placed her laptop on the table in front of her. “Oh really? Does that mean Green Arrow is gonna come crawling through my window at night?”

Oliver stumbled slightly at her words and swore to himself as he paused at the end of the roof and glanced around doing a quick sweep of the street as he spoke. “Do you want him to?” Role playing and costume wearing was never something they had talked about before. She bit her lip and paused before speaking.

“Is that something you’d maybe want to…try?” He noticed the light tone to her voice and recognized the uncertainty in it. His smile was soft even though he knew she couldn’t see his face. “I want to try anything and everything you’re comfortable with…”

He let his voice trail off and he could hear her sharp intake in breath before her quite voice filtered through his com. “I do love how you look in green leather…” Oliver groaned as he ran forward and flipped onto yet another building.

She smirked at his groan and could once again hear him on the move. “Alright that’s settled then…you better go dig out that costume. Is my princess still in her ivory tower?” Chloe laughed lightly as she glanced around the Talon apartment.

“Not exactly.” He frowned slightly as he climbed up to a higher half of the roof. “Where are you then….my place? If you’re at my place I’m gonna take a right on Wagner Street and head home…” Oliver’s voice trailed off and she smiled, warmth filling her chest at his words.

“You can’t just take off while Impulse and Canary are still out there, besides I’m not in Metropolis.” That made him pause as his brows furrowed. “You went back to the Talon? Why?” Chloe rolled her eyes at his questions.

“Uh, because I live here…and we didn’t have plans today…and it’s cold. I sort of wanted to come home, relax…and possibly eat chocolate.” Oliver paused and pursed his lips. “Oh no, is it chocolate craving time already?” He paused and shifted on the roof trying to calculate the days.

“I was sure I had another week…” Chloe shook her head and sighed as the computer beeped. She saw a disturbance up the street from Oliver and was just about to tell him when Canary responded. “I really don’t want to know why you know my cycle…which let me just say is weird. Do you mark it in your calendar too?”

He smirked at the tone of her voice. “Actually I do in large red letters that say ‘no sex for Oliver’. It’s quite sad…but like I said I thought I had another week apparently I’m not as good as I thought I was.” She snorted eyes full of amusement.

“I’ve been trying to tell you that for months, but you reject the fact that you aren’t good at things. It’s like your ears just cease to hear any negative comments about yourself.” He jumped down to a ladder and gripped it tight in his hands humor dancing on his face as he spoke.

“I’m sorry what’d you say? I missed that…” She rolled her eyes before clearing her throat. “Anyway…no you do have another week. I was just in the mood for chocolate.” Oliver grinned. “Well this is good news…have you found the outfit yet?”

She glanced around the room from her spot on the couch. “Uh, no…” A loud puff of air left his throat and she could hear his measured breathing. “Well get on it come on…” She smiled and tilted her head to the side. “Arrow focus on your patrol when we log out I’ll find it.”

He snorted. “You’re on a laptop take it with you…come on Sidekick…your hero wants to play. I wonder how long it would take me to get there if I left right now.” Chloe chuckled. “A long time. What are you gonna do hop roof tops until you get to Smallville?”

Oliver moved to the edge of the roof and glanced at the empty streets. “No, I’d take my bike. I left it in the ally…or better yet I can ask Clark or Bart to run me there…” His voice lowered even more the distorter taking on a sexier tone than usual as a sly grin slid on his face.

“I can tell them it’s an emergency that you need my help with something…” Chloe couldn’t resist teasing her overly confident boyfriend and she smirked slightly recalling their conversation from last week. Her tone was amused when she finally spoke. “Well you know, I don’t actually need you for that.”

Oliver glared at nothing in particular when those words left her mouth knowing exactly what she was referring to. “Really? Seriously Chloe you’re going to give me some kind of debilitating complex. Is that what you want? Do you want to be the woman who brings Oliver Queen to his knees?”

If he had been in front of her he would have seen the wicked grin that settled onto her features. “Hmm, you on your knees is definitely a position we can talk about.” He paused for a second before another soft groan left his lips. “God you’re hot….I’m coming over and by the time I get there you better greet me in that outfit, or…”

His words were cut off as a feminine voice that was very much not Chloe’s came onto the line. “I’m gonna cut you off there since I’m really sure I don’t want to hear the next part of your sentence…but you do realize that your coms are linked up to all of us right?”

Oliver froze on the rooftop and Chloe’s face turned beat red as she lifted the computer, pressed a few buttons and let out a small noise. Yup, when she’d taken her com off radio silence she’d accidentally pushed the button that enabled her to be heard on all the coms links up.

Oliver cleared his throat, “Ah, no I don’t believe we knew that…” Dinah rolled her eyes as she zip tied the mugger’s hands together and dropped him on the ground while speaking. “Go home Arrow…Impulse and I have got it handled for the night…it’s slow.”

Oliver pressed his hand to his ear and sighed before speaking. “Impulse?” Bart smirked. “Yeah bossman?” he scratched the back of his neck and leaned against the edge of the roof top. “Can you drop me off at the Talon?”

The coms went silent as he waited for Bart’s answer. Seconds later his voice crackled to life. “Can I see the cheerleading uniform?” Dinah chuckled as Chloe and Oliver spoke in unison. “NO!”

Conversation Six


  1. I really liked this! I love when Chloe and Oliver get caught. And the "Random Conversations" series definitely falls among my favorites because you write them so real.

  2. Bart's line was the best. I actually broke into laughter. lol :D

  3. Oh, this was wonderful! Great humor that had me laughing mixed in with some serious steaminess.


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