April 24, 2011

Primal Need

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Title: Primal Need
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 5,230
Author’s Note: Where going to say this is Canon with a twist. Spoilers for ‘Dominion’ Chloe did come back with Oliver though.
Dedication: This is for you Mandy for putting up with all my crap and my constant need to be coddled LMAO…Plus all the time I make you sit and plot with me for hours haha

The elevator chimed, doors sliding open slowly. Chloe made her way off the elevator, brows creased, back straight, heels clicking hard on the floor, determination in her stride as she made her way towards the double doors of Watchtower. There was no way this could be happening. She left him alone for less than two hours and he goes and gets himself into some kind of trouble…

This was supposed to be a quick visit to get some things squared away and of course it turned into some kind of huge project. She let out a sigh, trying to ignore the worry in her gut and focus on the task at hand.
She held her palms flat against the doors, pushing into them making them open with a furious whooshing sound.

The sound caught Tess’s attention and she turned away from the monitors in front of her in time to see the tiny powerhouse of a woman making her way over the threshold, a disgruntled look on her face. “I got your message…what the hell is going on?”

Chloe paused when she reached the computer console arching her eyebrow at the red head in front of her, arms crossing over her chest as the crease in her forehead deepened. Tess’s eyes caught the glint of jewelry on her hand and the hint of a smile crossed her face.

“Nice rock.” Chloe’s eyes flickered to her ring softening slightly before looking back up at Tess. “I’m sure you didn’t call me here to discuss Oliver’s taste in jewelry…what’s going on Tess? You said something about the phantom zone?”

She nodded her face turning serious as she glanced back at the monitors. “Yes. Oliver managed to somehow hitch a ride with Clark into the phantom zone…” Chloe frowned as she looked at the files on the screen in front of her, confusion in her voice. “Why was Clark going into the phantom zone in the first place?”

Tess shrugged slightly. “I’ve been away on Luthor Corp business, but when I came back I found Slade on a street corner…the same Slade Clark apparently sent to the phantom zone…and so he decided to make a trip there to see what was going on and now they’re both stuck there.”

She shook her head glaring at the screen as she let out an exasperated sigh. “And of course my husband thought it might be a good idea to just tag along…I swear to god I can’t leave that man alone for five minutes without him getting into some kind of trouble.”

The smirk was back on Tess’s face as she gave Chloe a sideways glance before her fingers started moving across the keyboard again. “I take it married life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?” Chloe shifted her eyes watching the files Tess was accessing on the screen as she spoke; voice soft a small smile playing on her lips.

“Actually married life is a lot better than I thought it could ever be…though I won’t lie and say I wanted to find myself back in Metropolis so soon. But I know Oliver needed to come back for a little bit and we’ve spent enough time apart as it is. No reason to add more by staying in Star City while he’s here…”

Tess nodded. “Understandable.” Chloe shot a hand out and interrupted the other woman’s progress causing the taller woman to raise an eyebrow her direction. “You realize if you’re covering my keyboard I can’t actually do anything to figure out how to get them out of there.”

Chloe nudged the other woman over slightly taking her place in front of the monitors as her fingers moved deftly over the keyboard quicker than usual. “Sorry…you don’t mind if I cut in do you? I think I might have an idea and I just need to check the archived database really quick.”

Tess sent a slight glare Chloe’s way and motioned to the computers. “Oh yes by all means shove me out of the way and take over.” Chloe rolled her eyes as she typed in several passwords and then waited for the archive to pop up as she spoke without looking at Tess.

“You can have your console back as soon as I find what I’m looking for. This isn’t the first time Clark has been stuck in the phantom zone and last time I was able to activate the alien crystal to bring him back. I wasn’t exactly myself when I did it, but I’m pretty sure I kept notes on the process. Do you have the crystal?”

She nodded walking over to her desk and lifting the crystal off of it. “Lois dropped it by. She’s covering for Clark at the Planet. She said she would check in later, to call if I found something.” Chloe nodded. That sounded like her cousin.

She pressed a few more buttons, went into a few more files before she double clicked on the last one in a long series. The files came up on the screen and she grinned. “Got it.” Tess walked over to the petite blonde impressed with how quickly she found what she was looking for and her chest tightened slightly.

It was just something else that Chloe apparently did better than she did. She'd been searching for that information for more than two hours and less than fifteen minutes after Chloe showed up, she already had the answer. “That was quick…”

Chloe nodded and turned her head catching the look on the other woman’s face before she had time to school her expression. Chloe knew when Clark and Oliver brought Tess into the team it was because she hadn’t been there. She also knew that Oliver hadn’t been the nicest person when it came to Watchtower and Tess’s place in it.

She swallowed heavily and shrugged slightly. “Only because I knew where the information was. You would have found it too…learning the database takes time…it’s a process.” Tess smirked slightly as she shifted on her feet and held the crystal out for Chloe. “Not for you.”

Chloe smiled, “Because I created it…you’re an asset to the team Tess…and Watchtower is no longer mine to claim. I gave up that right when I walked out on it and I’m okay with that. Besides I’ll be taking over the mantle in the Star City headquarters…the team is big enough for both of us.”

Tess wouldn’t admit it, but Chloe’s approval made her feel slightly better. She had understood Oliver’s feelings of resentment and anger towards her for taking Chloe’s place when she was gone, but he didn’t seem to hold those same views anymore now that the woman he loved was back in his life.

She smirked, tilting her head slightly, “Is the hallmark moment over? Or should I get the tissues?” Chloe returned her smirk and nodded. “Keep the crystal…I’ll read out what we have to do. We’ll do it together and bring them back…can I count on you?”

Tess straightened slightly, something about the other woman’s voice pulling at her and she nodded. “I’m ready when you are.” Chloe smiled and nodded. “Then let’s do this.”


Chloe and Tess glanced at each other as they stood in the middle of the room with the crystal and its generator in their hands. She arched an eyebrow at the red head and spoke. “You ready?” Tess nodded. They moved together connecting the base to the crystal before they each made their way to opposite sides of the room.

Chloe, with Tess’s help had been able to reprogram the alien supercomputer with a code to automatically start creating a portal to the phantom zone when placed together with the base generator. The blonde stood behind the desk glancing across the room as the crystal started to spin. Tess’s eyes widened as she stood near the mainframe.

They watched as a whirling noise came from the center of the room, the rate of spinning increasing until a bright beam of light flashed through the room. Chloe turned her head bringing up her arms as a whoosh of wind flowed through the room pressure building for several minutes until everything just stopped.

Her heart was slamming against her chest internally praying that it had worked. She took a deep breath and looked over to make sure Tess was okay. The red head was brushing something off her blouse when she glanced up and her eyes caught the sight in front of her.

Tess’s mouth dropped open slightly, eyebrows shooting up as she stared at the men in front of her. Well this was certainly going to be an interesting story. Chloe frowned at her expression and followed her line of vision. She blinked several times before realizing she wasn’t actually seeing things.

Clark was lying in the middle of Watchtower maroon cape beneath him, wearing something akin to an outfit she’d seen in movies about Greek or Roman times with a round shield resting against his chest. But that wasn’t what had caught her attention.

Standing above Clark, two swords drawn, waving and flexing in his hands rhythmically, a menacing look on his face, was Oliver. She sucked in a breath as her gaze started at his head and ran slowly down her husband’s body, taking him in intending to make sure he looked like everything was in one piece, but not able to focus enough with the picture he made.

His blonde hair was matted in sweat and blood a small stream of it falling from a cut on the left hand side of his head and down his cheek to his chin. He wore armor on one of his shoulders, and an armored plate over his naked chest, straps crisscrossing over his back holding it on.

There was some kind of protective gear over his wrists and a pair of ragged looking olive green cargo pants on his legs. She could see the light sheen of sweat on his body as the muscles in his back flexed from the movements of his hands.

She licked her lips eyes clouding over slightly at the primitive picture he made. “Chloe!” She jumped startled by the loud sound of her name, head shooting up and away from Oliver as she cleared her throat and glanced around at the three people staring at her.

Amusement had filled Tess’s face when she noticed the blonde’s far off look while glancing at Oliver. She spoke a hint of humor in her voice. “We were just asking if you were okay…it looked like we lost you there for a minute.”

Chloe sent a glare towards the red head moving around the desk as Clark stood up rubbing the back of his neck. She grinned at Oliver as he slipped the swords into the sleeves on the back of the chest plate. He sent half a smile her way as he tried to swallow the rage that had just been pumping through his veins.

“I take it you saved the day yet again Sidekick?” He opened his arms for her and she moved into them with ease her head tilting back slightly as her hand came up turning his head to get a better look at the gash there. “Mm, I had a little help. Tess called when you guys disappeared.”

He snorted and sent a glance in Tess’s direction. “Of course she did…ratting people out to their spouses is against the rules Tess…” He pouted slightly the hint of a headache creeping up the back of his skull as he winced when Chloe reached up touching the cut on his head. “Owe…”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be such a baby.” He grunted wrapping his arms around her waist. “You try getting thrown into a ring of men and having to fight for you life…” Chloe smirked up at him, voice quiet as she waggled her eyebrows at him trying to lighten the mood. “Sounds hot to me.”

His lip twitched at the corner amusement coloring his face as he chuckled softly his hand falling to cup her cheek. “It would…” She nodded her head in the direction of the door as she spoke. “Come on…let’s get you back to the apartment and patch you up…I’ll only be gone a half hour at most my ass…”

His brows creased as he wrapped an arm around her guiding her towards the door as she pressed a hand against the metal on his chest. “In my defense I was only planning to be gone for a half hour…” She nodded. “Mmhm…”

His frown deepened and he glanced down on her with a pout. “It’s not my fault…its Clark’s fault…” his voice trailed off and Clark let out an indignant sound as he pointed at the other man’s back his powers finally coming back. “He’s lying!” Tess had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at Clark.

Chloe sighed and patted Oliver slightly. “Sure it was…” She held a hand up and waved as she spoke over her shoulder never once faltering in her stride next to Oliver. “Thanks for the help Tess…” Clark stood there frowning as he shook his head. “It’s nice to see you too Chloe…don’t worry I’m fine after you husband almost chopped off my head.”

Tess couldn’t hold in her laughter that time as they heard Oliver’s voice from the hallway saying something about kicking Clark’s ass. He turned to the red head and glared. She held up her hands. “You might want to call your fianc√© and let her know your back. I promised her I’d keep her informed.”

Clark sighed and nodded. “You’re right…but first you’re never going to believe whose running the phantom zone now…”


Chloe wiped the side of his face and he hissed slightly shifting his head to the side. She let out a small sigh. “Stop moving.” His bottom lip jutted out as a he spoke a hint of a whine in his voice. “It hurts.” She rolled her eyes and moved back slightly so she could see him.

“Seriously you’ve had worse cuts then this on a good day…suck it up…” She tilted his head to the side again and he grunted as she finished getting the last of the blood off his head and then bandaged it up quickly. She smiled and took a step back wiping her hands on the towel. “All done, good as new.”

He nodded and pushed himself away from the counter sending a wink her way. “My hero.” Oliver moved towards fridge and pulled out a bottle of water before shutting it. He twisted it open and took a long sip. He paused feeling his wife’s eyes on him and when he turned to find her watching him he arched a questioning eyebrow. “What?”

She shook her head. “Nothing…so Maximus…where are you going to put your new toys?” She motioned towards the swords on his back. Oliver glanced behind him and smiled. “I should probably put them away huh?” She nodded and he motioned for her to follow him down the hall before putting the water down as he made his way towards his training room, Chloe following behind him.

She watched as he moved towards the side of the room and pulled open the cabinet. Her eyes followed the movements of his back as he pulled the swords out before leaning forward and situating them inside the cabinet. She could feel her heart beat pick up speed again as the muscles in his back rippled with each movement of his arms.

Chloe shifted leaning against the wall as she took in his body. She’d always thought he looked like some kind of Greek god…or Adonis…but now, he looked like something straight out of a war movie…hot and primal. It made something stir in the pit of her stomach and she couldn’t help the moan that suddenly left her throat.

Oliver paused, his body tensing slightly at the sound he just heard leave her mouth. He straightened up turning in her direction and taking note of the way her chest rose and fell faster than normal, the smoldering look in her eyes and hardened nipples under her blouse.

His eyes darkened slightly as he took a step forward, voice lower than normal. “What did I miss…” Chloe ran a tongue over her top lip as she spoke. “Do you know how incredible you look in that get up? When I saw you in Watchtower standing over Clark swords in hand…god Ollie…”

He watched her hand drop to her abdomen as he felt his blood start pumping strait to his groin. He shifted on his feet and her eyes darted up as she watched his face cloud over with lust, a predatory glint in his eyes, voice smooth. “Is that so?”

She swallowed hard and nodded as she watched him bend down briefly and grab one of the swords before moving in her direction. She could feel her heart slamming in her chest as a wave of arousal flowed through her body and straight to her core.

Chloe arched an eyebrow as he stalked towards her, waving the sword in diagonal motions, expression intense as he stopped right before her the blade coming to rest just barely against the first button of her blouse, her body unconsciously pressing back against the wall to distance herself from the blade.

She sucked in a sharp breath gasping lightly as adrenalin mixed with excitement rushed through her. He spoke quietly as he met her eyes. “Do you trust me?” She nodded, voice barely a whisper as she spoke. “With my life.” He nodded not expecting anything less from her. She wouldn’t be in his life right now if she didn’t trust him.

He jerked is wrist carefully ripping through the fabric holding together the first button before moving down and ripping the rest with the edge of the blade until her shirt was completely open the black satin half cup bra displaying an ample amount of flesh as he licked his lips.

He trailed the tip of the sword very gently across the top of her bra tilting his head to the side as he saw her rub her legs together slightly. “What’s going through your head right now?” Chloe blinked trying to focus on his words as her body actually arched towards the cool steel against her flesh. She swallowed hard to moisten her throat and when she spoke her voice was slightly hoarse.

“I…I’m thinking about how bad I want you…touch me Ollie…” One corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk as he slid the sword between her breasts and under the material of her bra. He saw her breath in deep and he tilted his head to the side. “Do you want me to stop?”

Chloe glanced up and shook her head. “No…” He nodded and pursed his lips while arching an eyebrow. “Do not move…” She held her body completely still as he yanked the weapon forward slicing through her bra the material hanging loosely as she let out a breath she hadn’t even know she was holding.

The material fell to the side slightly but not enough to bare her breasts entirely to him as he slid the cool metal down her ribs, and stomach to the waist of her skirt. He wasn’t sure he’d ever been this turned on before and that was saying something.

He and Chloe had always been adventurous in their lovemaking, but this was new and the fact that she was comfortable with the dominate side of him made his heart warm. It showed him just how much trust and faith she had in him.

Chloe knew he’d never do anything to hurt her or make her uncomfortable. Everything they shared in and out of the bedroom was always rooted in the love they felt for each other and the honesty they shared. There was no one more accepting than the woman before him, and it only made him love her more.

He nodded his head towards her as the tip of his sword found its way to the side zipper of her skirt. “I love you like this…completely at my mercy…do you know how hot it is watching the person who’s always ordering me around let me have my way with her?”

Chloe felt her stomach muscles coil at his admission and she pressed her hands against the wall as she opened her mouth voice just a little breathless. “How hot?” He smirked pressing the sword into the fabric and tearing it down the side.

“Extremely, move over a little.” He tapped her naked hip with the sword and she shifted over just slightly causing the skirt to fall to the ground and pool at her feet. He pulled the weapon back and stood in front of her taking her in, voice steady as his eyes roamed over her body. “Step out of the skirt.”

Chloe lifted her heeled feet, stepped out of the skirt and kicked it to the side before shrugging off her ripped shirt and bra. The cool air in the training room hit her breasts, nipples tightening as they hardened almost painfully. She was pretty sure the level of her arousal was outrageous especially considering he hadn’t even touched her yet.

It took him a minute to compose himself. It took a huge amount of effort to keep himself from closing the distance between them and taking her right there. “Are you wet Chloe?” She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Oliver took two steps closer to her so there was less than ten feet between them. Brown eyes meeting green as he spoke. “Show me.”

She watched him closely before letting the hand that was resting against her naked stomach slip down to the edge of her panties. His gaze dropped and he watched as she played with the elastic for a minute before sliding her hand into her panties. Her head fell back against the wall as her fingers slid over her slit before dipping two fingers inside of her body.

“Oh god…” He watched her eyes fall shut as her hand moved inside her panties while she moaned. His body was tense and he had to take a deep breath before speaking again. “I said show me Chloe.” She opened her eyes not wanting to move her hand a pleasant ache settling low in her stomach, but lifted it anyway freeing it from her panties, fingers glistening slightly.

She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything the sword clattered to the ground as he moved forward fast and hard, one hand gripping her hip, the other her ass as he lifted her body easily slamming her back against the wall as her small palms gripped the hard muscles of his naked arms startled by the quick movement.

His lips fused to hers roughly as the cool metal of his chest plate pressed against her naked breasts the smooth surface rubbing against her nipples making her dig her nails into his arms. When they finally broke apart they were both breathing heavy as his lips attacked her neck and he thrust his hips against her.

“Ollie…oh god…more…” He grunted the hand on her hip moving up her back as he held her to him and moved away from the wall and towards the bench to the side of the training room. He deposited her on the seat, eyes dark as her hands reached out for his pants. He reached to his side to unbuckle the chest plate when Chloe spoke.

“Don’t…leave it on…” His jaw clenched as he attempted to fight the urge to just turn her over and slam into her repeatedly. He reached out palming her breasts hand cupping and kneading them as he brushed his thumb repeatedly over her hardened nipples.

His hands set her body on fire sending even more moisture pooling between her thighs. She finally managed to get his pants open and he hissed when her hand slid inside gripping his shaft and stroking lightly. With how wound up he was there was no way he was going to last if she kept that up.

He stepped back making her lose her grip and she frowned. “Ollie…” He shook his head as he toed off his shoes while practically tearing his pants off his body. He was like a man possessed. He jutted his head forward. “Get up and kneel on the bench.”

Chloe’s stomach tightened in anticipation as she licked her lips and shifted until she was kneeling on the bench. He tugged on his boxers until he was naked from the waist down as he took a few steps forward fisting himself and stroking very slowly. “All fours.”

Chloe swallowed hard trying not to think about how incredibly sexy it was having him bossing her around. She’d never admit it, but she secretly loved when he took charge and made her do all kinds of kinky things. He was the only man she’d ever been so sexually open with. Who quite literally knew every part of her and it thrilled her.

She pressed her palms down on the hard bench, breasts dangling down slightly as she felt his hand caress her ass. “God I love your ass Sidekick…” She moaned when his finger slipped between her thighs rubbed against the fabric lightly until she was pushing her hips back against his hand.

He pulled it out from between her legs and she whimpered as he gripped the sides of her panties and pulled them down. They hit her knees and she went to move to get them the rest of the way off, but Oliver placed a hand on her hip keeping her still.

“Just leave them.” He stepped forward straddling the bench as the hand on her hip dropped between her thighs. He could feel how wet she was and it made him groan as he positioned himself at her entrance and thrust into her from behind in one sharp forward movement, the metal hitting her back slightly as he sunk into her.

Chloe gripped the side of the bench as her body was propelled forward knees digging into the wood as he stretched her body. He pulled almost all the way out before jerking his hips forward again, hands gripping her hips as he set a fast pace.

Her breasts bounced with each shove of his body against hers as soft mewling moans fell from her body. He leaned forward slightly unhappy with their lack of proximity. No matter how much he fucked her she was always so tight around him, she felt incredible.

He reached beneath her one hand curling lightly around her neck as the other pressed against her stomach lifting her body up until she was kneeling on the bench with her back flat against the metal plate on his chest as he fucked her hard from behind canting his hips against her ass.

“Oh god…yes…yes…Ollie…” His head dipped down lips finding her neck as he sucked the sensitive skin there into his mouth while the hand on her neck slid down and squeezed her breast, kneading the round globe before pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She cried out as she moved her body back into his, a strong pressure building low in her belly as she felt her inner walls flutter slightly. She was so close to coming and when he picked up even more speed she knew he was close too.

Oliver continued manipulating the flesh of her breasts, rolling her nipple in his hand as the palm on her stomach slid down between her legs, thumb rubbing circles over her clit. Chloe’s head fell back against the breast plate as her hips moved of their own accord.

She was breathing heavy, body sweat slicked as she let her husband pound into her relentlessly his name falling from her lips over and over again. Oliver knew she was close and so the next time he thrust into her body he pinched her nipple and clit at the same time causing her to cry out body tensing and shaking in his arms as her inner walls clamped down on him, squeezing and pulsating around his shaft.

He grit his teeth and kept moving drawing out her orgasm. He pushed his finger harder against her clit rubbing faster and Chloe placed a hand over his arm that was around her as she tried to move his hand away from her overly sensitive body, but he ignored her.

Instead he increased the pace of his finger against her clit and held onto her breast for leverage as he fought to hold off his orgasm until she came again. Chloe panted as her body tightened again her muscles spasming as he scraped his nail lightly against her clit making her explode again crying out his name. Oliver slammed into her one more time before letting go and exploding inside of her.

He could feel her leaning back against him and swallowed hard as he tried to catch his breath. He shifted pulling out of her slightly making a small noise leave her throat and as he was moving his legs gave out for just a second but it was enough to make him lose his balance.

He tipped over, his hands still on Chloe taking her with him as he fell on one side of the bench landing flat on his back. Chloe landing on top of him wincing as she hit into the strap across the front of the metal plate. “Ouch.” Oliver made a face as he wrapped in arms around her body, voice soft as he tilted her head so he could see it. “You okay?”

She nodded as they lay in a tangle of metal and clothes. She pushed herself up slightly and glanced dance on him resting with his hands behind his head as he smirked up at her. She arched an eyebrow. “What are you smirking about Romeo?”

He waggled his eyebrows. “My wife has kinky Gladiator fantasies…” Chloe flushed slightly which only made him grin bigger as he continued to tease her. “How’d you like my sword…did I sheath it good enough for you…” She elbowed him in the gut none to gently as she pushed herself up.

He let out a grunt as he sat up watching her as she pulled her panties back up her legs. He frowned. “Hey…come back here I’m not through with you yet…Chloe…” She held an arm across her breasts and turned rolling her eyes at him good naturedly as she smirked.

“Mock all you want Mr. Queen…I was going to invite you into the shower with me, but now I guess you’ll have to wait until I’m done.” He watched her disappear out the door as he pushed himself up, grabbed his boxers and pulled them up his legs while moving in the same direction that she’d just gone.

“Hey wait up…I’m you husband…I always have an open invitation to join your shower…Sidekick?” He sighed as he jogged out of the training room heading after his wife, boxers half on metal chest guards clanging loudly against his chest.

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