April 25, 2011

Wild Card Chapter (4/5)

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Chapter Three: When Good Girls Go bad

Chapter 4
‘Get Naked (I Got A Plan)’

It hadn’t taken long to get from ‘Wild Card’ to his penthouse and now that they were there Oliver was pretty sure he was losing his nerve. Chloe was obviously effected by the meteor rock laced drink and he respected her too much to take advantage of the situation. The only problem was the blonde standing in his living room was eyeing him like he was a juicy piece of meat.

His goal throughout the years had always been getting woman to come home with him so he could get off and now…he had to try and do the opposite which was a concept that was seriously hurting his head. She beckoned him closer and he stepped into the living room hesitantly.

Chloe dropped her purse on the floor and arched an eyebrow as she moved over to him, hips swaying seductively. Oliver swallowed hard as her hands slid up his chest and she gripped the side of his open suit jacket and pulled him towards her while walking backwards.

When they were approaching the couch she spun them around so his back was facing the black leather. Chloe pushed him down and he fell with a slight ‘oomph’ as he glanced up at her, voice quiet while he watched her movements carefully.

“Chloe…I’ve been thinking…it’s late…and maybe we should get some rest and you know…if you want to continue this in the morning I’d be more than willing…” She smirked at him as she made her way towards his stereo, turning it on and casually flipping through his CD’s.

“I fully plan to sleep…as soon as we’re done here, hopefully I’ll be thoroughly tired.” She glanced over her shoulder and winked before slipping in a CD and pressing play. A voice sounded through the speakers, ‘love is like a bomb, bomb..’ as the beginning strings of Def Leopards ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ started playing.

Oliver’s eyes flickered over to the stereo and Chloe smirked. “You know…I didn’t peg you for a classic rock fan…it seems there’s a lot I don’t know about you…” As she spoke her hands drifted down to her belt as she took two steps closer to him.

When the first sound of drums began to play her belt hit the floor and his eyes automatically shot to her face, tongue darting out to lick his lips. “What are you doing?” Her hands slid down her body as she started moving in time to the music, hips swaying back and forth, body curving at different angles as her palms slid over her curves.

“What’s it look like…You’re a smart man Mr. Queen…figure it out.” she turned shifting so her ass was facing him as her body moved the fabric sliding against her voluptuous ass making Oliver harden slightly as she spoke over her shoulder. “Since you’re so interested in strip clubs I thought I’d give you a private dance…”

He knew he should tell her to stop, but he couldn’t get his mouth to cooperate with his brain. She turned again this time her hands sliding to the back of her dress as small fingers gripped the zipper slipping it slowly down. His mouth was dry and when he spoke the only thing he could get out was her name.

“Chloe…” She moaned lightly her head arching back as she let the material of her dress slip off her arms and down bunching at her hips. “Mmm…have I ever told you I love the way you say my name…god the way it slides off your tongue makes me wet…can you imagine how uncomfortable the past few weeks have been?”

He opened his mouth right as she moved forward gripping his shoulder as straddling him. His eyes slid shut as he felt her panty clad center right above the bulge in his jeans. He heard her let out a breathy chuckle as she arched her body against him effectively rubbing herself against his crotch.

Chloe leaned forward hands slid against his chest as she undulated in his lap, hot breath caressing his ear as she spoke. “Tell me how you like it…” His hands flew to her hips as she rotated harder against him arching her body up until her black lace bra was right by his mouth.

She repeated the action several times and his head fell back as he tried to focus on something else…anything else. His large hands clenched on her hips and instead of stopping her movements he urged her on. His pants were getting tighter by the second and just when he thought he might blow his load right there in his pants, she was gone and standing in front of him again.

Chloe smirked hands going to her waist and shoving her dress the rest of the way down giving him a nice view of her ass as she bent slightly forward. He stared at the creamy flesh and swore under his breath. How the hell was he supposed to keep it in his pants?

His thoughts were interrupted by something hitting him in the face. He frowned and when he glanced at his chest his eyes widened slightly as he lifted the lace bra and gulped. If he looked up he was going to see her breasts. Naked, breasts. He paused for a second not wanting to take advantage of the situation in front of him, but not able to temper back the curiosity.

He glanced up and there they were as she twisted and turned her body sliding up and down breasts, moving, nipples hard and god they were gorgeous…perfect and he had to clench his hands into the couch to keep from reaching out and grabbing them.

Chloe could feel heat thrumming through her body consuming her. Pulse racing as she moved placing her hands on Oliver’s knees as she sat on his lap facing away from him and rubbed her ass on his crotch. She could feel him arm against her and she moaned. “You know…for someone who seems turned on you’re awfully quiet….”

She started rotating her ass faster, her words coming out between sucking breaths. “You know the great thing about stripping in the privacy of your own home?” He grunted voice husky. “What’s that?” She placed her hands over his that were on the couch and gripped them as she spoke.

“You’re not limited by the same restrictions…” Her voice trailed off and she pulled his hands off the couch and placed them both her on naked breasts helping him mold his hands around them. When she felt his grip tighten on them she grinned and let her hands fall away as she focused on pushing against his lap.

Oliver could feel her hardened nipples against his palms and he couldn’t help giving her breasts a light squeeze. He blew out a long breath that hit her neck as he spoke in a strained voice. “Chloe…this is a horrible idea…you need to stop…you’re going to hate me in the morning for letting it go this far and I’m not sure what I’ll do if you hate me…just…you gotta stop you’re killing me here…cut me some slack…” Her hips stopped and she lifted her body up, his hands releasing her breasts and he immediately felt the loss of her warmth.

Oliver took several deep breaths trying to calm himself down when the blonde moved forwards and climbed back onto his lap except this time she was facing him. “Is that what your problem is? Why you aren’t enjoying this more? You think I’m going to be all grouchy in the morning?”

He nodded. “Oh I don’t think grouchy is the word…more like colossally angry…” She let out a deep chuckle as her hand gripped her bra from the couch balling it up and shoving it into his pocket before reaching inside his jacket to grab his cell phone.

He frowned, confusion coloring his features as she opened the voice recorder app on his phone. “What are you doing?” She met his eye a hint of mischief in her darkened green orbs as she pressed record and started to lightly rotate her hips on him.

“Hey Ollie…it’s Chloe…I’m sitting here right now waiting for you to grow a pair and fuck me…but you won’t because you’re worried I’m going to regret it in the morning. So I thought I’d give you a little hard,” she paused smirking as she rubbed herself harder against him, “proof that you have my word I won’t regret this in the morning. I’ve been waiting for weeks for this moment…you’re hot…I’m hot…and I guarantee we’re gonna be hot together…now when I shut this off you’re gonna start being a little more proactive in this little game or I’ll have to take matters into my own hands…”

She pushed stop and tossed the phone aside as she leaned in gripping his face and capturing his lips in a heated kiss. It took him a second but one hand came up stroking her naked back as the other laced itself into her hair. He groaned into her mouth his hands moving from her back around to her breasts as he groped her flesh.

Chloe let out a loud moan as her hand slid between them rubbing him through his pants as he pinched her nipple in response. She cried out arched her body back leaving him eye level with one of her nipples. He licked his lip and right as he was moving his head in to take said nipple into his mouth there was a loud buzzing.

They froze both breathing heavy as the buzzing continued frantically. Chloe grunted as she pushed herself off Oliver’s lap and he blinked several times before standing and wincing. He shifted trying to readjust himself as the buzzing continued he swore and made his way over to the monitor.

Lois was in the lobby looking annoyed as her hand went to the buzzer and pushed it again. Oliver hit the intercom button and cleared his throat. “What…what’s going on?” Lois’s head cocked to the side and Chloe heard her cousin’s voice come over the monitor. “I need Chloe…do you know where she is? I lost Clark and I think I found a way to nail this guy…”

Was she kidding him? He pushed the button again and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Chloe shouted. “I’m here Lo’! What did you find?” Oliver ran a hand over his face tuning them out as they continued to speak and he got a hold of himself, his better judgment coming back.

He let out a long breath and when he turned around Chloe was heading towards his elevator. He took three strides catching up with her and gripping her arm. “What are you doing?” She turned and arched an eyebrow at him. “Going to help Lois?” He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You’re practically naked…you might want to get dressed first…here.” He turned towards the hall closet pulling open the door and grabbing a hanger with some dry cleaning on it. He pushed the dress shirt into her hand. “Put this on and I’ll run to my room and grab you some sweats and then we’ll both go and help Lois okay?”

He made sure to keep his eyes on her face as she pulled the shirt off the hanger and shrugged into it, before buttoning it up. Chloe nodded, “Okay.” He gave her a tight smile and started to head down the hallway. “Okay…I’ll be right back.”

It took Oliver less than fifteen minutes to change and grab her a pair of sweats. He was brushing off his shirt his body finally starting to calm down again as he made his way back out to the hallway while speaking. “Okay Chlo…I got the sweats we can…Chloe?”

He glanced around, but the blonde was nowhere in sight. His eyes drifted towards the elevator the gate slightly open. He swore and moved towards the monitor. Lois was gone…and so was Chloe. He let out a long sigh. He glanced around and moved towards the floor in the living room picking up his phone to call his alien friend. Boy was Clark gonna be pissed…


Lois slid out of the cab after handing the driver a wad of cash, Chloe sliding out behind her. They stood on the street staring at the front entrance to ‘Wild Card’. The brunette nudged her cousin and motioned towards the side of the building. Chloe frowned, the dress shirt she wore falling to her mid thighs, as her heels clicked against the concrete.

Her eyes fell on Lois and it was the first time she realized her cousin was no longer wearing the dress she’d had on earlier. Instead she was in a tight black skirt, a corset and thigh high boots. There was a whip hanging off the side of her skirt along with a pair of handcuffs.

She arched an eyebrow and spoke as she caught sight of women standing outside the side door smoking. “What are you wearing Lo’?” Lois glanced down at her attire and rolled her eyes. “Clark and I were kicked out earlier and I needed a disguise to get back in so I snuck in the back and stole some stripper clothes.”

Chloe chuckled. “Nice…so what exactly is the plan?” Lois grinned at one of the girls before she pulled Chloe through the door with her and into the dressing room area, voice low when she spoke. “I need to get into Mandragora’s office and take some pictures and our source said something about some kind of magic liquor…who knows.”

Chloe nodded and they moved around the women getting ready to go on stage. Chloe glanced towards the curtain that led towards the main part of the club. She motioned for Lois to go. “I’ll watch the curtain and make sure no one is coming. You go find what we need so we can get out of here and I can get back to Oliver’s.”

Lois arched an eyebrow and smirked. “What were you doing at Oliver’s?” Chloe glanced down at her body before looking back at Lois with a grin. “I was doing a little private stripping for our favorite leather wearing hero…that you interrupted by the way before anything good could happen…you own me…”

Lois whistled. “Go Chloe! When this is over I’m so buying you a drink for taking my advice and getting yours…” She chuckled before pointing to the office. Lois nodded and moved towards the small office, pulling the door open quietly and making her way inside.

She glanced around snooping through the papers on his desk and then moving down to the drawers. When she pulled the last one open her eyes widened slightly as she found several stacks of papers and photos. She pulled them out and beneath that in the back of the drawer she saw something glowing.

She frowned, reached in and pulled out the bottle of green liquor. Well…that wasn’t good. She was pretty sure that was the same liquor she and Chloe had earlier. Lois slipped the small camera out of her corset and started snapping pictures of the information around her.

That’s when she heard it, the flush of a toilet. She popped her head up from on the behind the desk where she was kneeling right as Mandragora stepped out of the bathroom. He paused and for a minute they just stared at each other and then there was chaos.

He glared and started shouting loud as Lois lifted herself off the floor and ran towards the door as fast as she could in four inch heel boots. Chloe’s eyes widened as Lois flew by her grabbing her arm and yanking her towards the curtain. “Lois what in the world…”

“I might have forgotten to check to see if he was in the room…we need to get out of here…fast…” Stefano burst out of his office phone in hand as he told his guys to cut them off inside the club before he alerted the police to rowdy customers. He glared as the two women disappeared behind the curtain and into his club. It was fine, they wouldn’t get away this time…they’d see exactly what happened when you messed with him and his business…


Oliver was just grabbing his keys when there was a gush of wind and Clark was standing in front of him worry etched into his face. “You saw Lois?” He nodded and Clark raised an eyebrow. “Was she okay?” Oliver pursed his lips and made a face. “Yeah, I mean she seemed okay…she didn’t come up but I ran to get a change of Clothes and Chloe took off with her.”

Clark sighed running a hand down his face. “See this is why I didn’t want her looking into this…I knew something like this would happen…it always does. Lois and Chloe attract trouble like nothing I’ve ever seen…”

Oliver snorted and scratched the back of his neck. “You’re telling me…so where do we go from here?” Clark threw his hands up in the air while giving him a helpless expression. “I have no clue…I can’t believe I lost Lois…it was like one second we were being kicked out of the club and the next she’d disappeared.”

Oliver arched an eyebrow. “Kicked out of the club?” Clark blushed and scratched the back if his neck. “Uh…yeah we sort of…well they frown upon…you know it’s not really important…” His voice trailed off and amusement danced in Oliver's eyes and he walked towards the elevator Clark following behind him as he spoke.

“I see…any clue where we should start looking?” Clark shrugged. “No…but I think we should start with your doorman see if he knows where they went.” Oliver nodded as he pushed the button on the elevator. “Sounds like a plan…let’s go find our girls.” Clark pursed his lips and the elevator jerked to a start.

“Our girls?” Oliver shifted uncomfortably and cleared his throat. “You know…your girlfriend and my…Sidekick obviously…get your head in the game Clark…” The younger man frowned and slipped his hands in his pockets as he glanced down mumbling a ‘sorry’ . Oliver shrugged.

“It’s cool…” Meanwhile the only thing currently going through his head was the thought that when Clark finally saw Chloe and put two and two together he was going to be pissed and probably turn him into some kind of human pretzel. Oliver sighed, he really wasn’t having a good night…


Chloe yelped as she shifted out of the way as one of the bouncers large hands came down slamming into where she’d just been leaning. He grunted glaring in her direction as people in the club scattered to the exits. This night was not exactly going as she had planned. They’d made their way into the club only to find several bouncers waiting for them.

The first one was knocked out cold in the corner of the room, beer sinking into his clothes. The second was currently chasing Lois onto the stage and the third was circling Chloe. She held up a hand and spoke quickly. “If I were you buddy I’d back off…”

He smirked. “Oh yeah…I’m terrified of some tiny ass chick in a t-shirt…” Chloe glared as he made his way towards her. She gripped the stool that was between them, held onto the edge and kicked it directly into him. The guy slammed back hand gripping the stool as he crashed into the bar, pieces of wood flying everywhere as glass shattered.

She winced and bent down so nothing hit her. When she straightened up she ran over towards the stage where Lois was using the pole to swing her body around and slam her feet into the guy knocking him off the stage and into a table, breaking it into several pieces.

Chloe grinned. “Nice…” Lois climbed off the stage and was about to say something when there were loud shouts from the doors. “Metropolis PD…put your hands up where we can see them.” Chloe and Lois glanced at each other before looking towards the cops.

Lois frowned. “I think you guys have the wrong people here…” She took a few steps forward and several guns were cocked causing her to freeze. Chloe sighed. “Well this is a perfect ending to a perfect night…thanks Lois.”

Her cousin scowled as the police officers moved in closer to them before patting them down, pulling their hands behind them and cuffing them. Lois pursed her lips at the cop pulling her towards the door. “Listen buddy what’s it gonna take for you to forget we were here huh? I might have some cash…but you’ll have to put your hand down my shirt to find it…”

Her voice trailed off as the officer gave her a disgruntled look. “Are you trying to bride a police officer?” Chloe was dragged out behind her cousin as Lois answer the cop with a grin. “I don’t know…is it working?” She was shoved into the back of a cop car and she grunted as the door was slammed. She yelled though it. “Guess not…”

Chloe sighed as the officer holding on to her gave her a once over. “What the hell are you wearing?” She frowned sending a glare his way. “A shirt…what are you wearing…” He glared at the petite blonde before shoving her in the car next to her cousin.

Something banged on the top of the car before it jerked to a start. Chloe and Lois exchanged a look before the brunette let out a huff and leaned back against the seat. Chloe studied her annoyed expression and shook her head. Getting arrested defiantly was not going to help their case…she pouted slightly letting out a short breath. Now she’d never get back to Oliver’s place…

Chapter Five: Dazed and Confused



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