August 27, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (1/6)


Title: Radom Conversations: Caught in The Act
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 10,380
Part: 1/6
Author’s Note: A huge thank you goes out to Ihearttvsnark for giving me this idea
Dedication: Random Conversations written for Franica. Thank you so much for all the banners you’ve been making me lately! You’re awesome girl!
Summary: A series of random conversations between Oliver and Chloe set after ‘Warrior’ but before ‘Escape’.

Conversation One
‘Random Conversations with Victor’

His hands gripped her face, mouth closing over hers as he backed her up against the computer console. Her lower back smacked into it and she let out a low yelp. Oliver pulled back, grin on his face. “Sorry Sidekick.”

She shook her head as she yanked him back down to her voice breathy as she pressed another kiss against his lips, “Its fine.” It had been two weeks since the night of the convention. Two weeks since his hands had guided her through the motions of releasing her first arrow not long before those same fingers stroked her to orgasm.

Since then they’d only had sex once and when he’d stopped by fifteen minutes ago, Chloe hadn’t anticipated that number growing. She felt his hands slide down to her ass as he gave it a light squeeze before lifting her up and sitting her on top of the keyboard.

Her heart was beating frantically in her chest as he went about unbuttoning her blouse while placing sucking kisses on her neck. She tilted her head to the side giving him better access as her hand threaded through his hair, voice soft as she spoke between breaths.

“Oliver…there’s so much…work…we don’t…oh god…” He grinned against her skin as he moved back and bent his head pressing a kiss against her cleavage. “We’ll be quick…I’ve got a meeting soon anyway.” She swallowed hard as his fingers left a trail of heat in their wake.

No one had ever created the types of feelings in her that Oliver did. He made her body hum with arousal to the point that she lost rational thought. He moved his body forward leaving a tiny space between them as he spread her legs using his hands to push her skirt up as far as he could in her current position.

Her chest rose and fell quickly, breasts moving as her small hands slid up his shirt covered chest he couldn’t take it anymore. He reached up not bothering to take her bra off instead just pulling the cup down until her right breast was free.

The cool air hit her sensitive skin for less than five seconds before the hot cavern of his mouth closed over her hardened nipple. Chloe’s head flew back as she cried out and bit her lower lip, her hand moving back to his head holding him there.

Oliver twirled his tongue around the small bud in his mouth before sucking hard while wrapping one arm around her back pulling her closer to him. His other hand slid up her thigh lightly grazing her panties making her arch against him. “Ollie…” There was a hint of pleading in her tone and it only egged him on.

He pushed the intrusive fabric aside and sunk two fingers inside of her groaning at the warmth. She was panting and as he started thrusting his fingers in and out of her he released her breast so he could watch her face as her body started moving to increase the pressure of his fingers.

One thing he had learned in the past few weeks was that Chloe was one of the most passionate women he had ever been with. When they had sex she completely let herself go experiencing every second with a fervor that only incited his hunger for her.

Watching her come made him incredibly hot. The sounds from her mouth, expressions on her face. It was all so pure…so honest. He could see exactly what he made her feel and it got him off. Her eyes were heavy lidded and she knew her hips were moving almost erratically the cool air hitting her wet nipple as she moaned begging him for release.

“Oliver…more…harder…yes…” His thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing circles around it as her inner muscles fluttered slightly, letting him know she was close to coming as his mouth once again latching onto her breast, one of her hands reaching out working on getting his belt undone.

Her small palm had just curled around his hardened shaft when they heard it. They paused, their heads frantically shifting towards the monitors as it beeped signaling someone was in the elevator on their way up. Oliver grunted. “Shit.”

He slipped his fingers from inside her body and she whimpered, eyes hazy with lust as he tucked himself back into his pants wincing. She slid off the console pushing her skirt down as she bent over and lifted his suit jacket from the floor pushing it against his chest.

Voice slightly panicked as she heard the elevator in the hallway chime meaning whoever it was, was now on their floor. “Hide!” Oliver grinned reaching out and giving her nipple a light pinch. “Close of shop Sidekick…and get rid of whoever it is fast.”

She fixed the cup of her bra as Oliver ran towards the closet where they kept some of their spare weapons, pulling the doors open and stepping inside before shutting them. Chloe turned away from the door quickly buttoning up her shirt as she rubbed her legs together slightly trying to ease the ache that had been building.

There was a knock on the open door and she whirled around and then smiled. “Victor…hey…what are you doing here?” He chuckled and walked into the room grin on his face. “I got that information you asked for and I figured since I was in town I’d drop it off and say hi.”

She swallowed hard and smiled. “That’s so nice…it’s been a while, how are you?” Victor arched an eyebrow as he glanced at the blonde’s ruffled appearance and flushed face. His eyes dropped to her shirt the buttons askew, bra slightly showing. He arched an eyebrow and pointing towards the offending garment as he spoke.

“Uh…everything okay here? What happened to your shirt?” Chloe glanced down and groaned internally as she let out a light chuckle. “Oh that…” She glanced up and turned slightly to rebutton her shirt the right way as she continued speaking cheeks coloring slightly.

“I was drinking coffee before you came and I spilt some on myself. I was changing my shirt when I heard the elevator and I sort of rushed with the buttoning…you know…not wanting to be caught shirtless…since people tend to stop by every so often.”

Victor smirked and nodded. “Well I’m sure none of us would have minded.” Chloe straightened her shirt and turned back around rolling her eyes at him slightly while grinning. “Mmm I’m sure…so you were saying something about information?”

He nodded and handed her a folder full of papers. “Yup, hear you go…so are you busy? I’m in town until later tonight…how’s about grabbing some lunch?” Chloe took the folder and walked over to her desk placing it down.

“You know that sounds really great…but I’ve got a ton of work…” Victor shook his head as he moved over to her and gripped her shoulders before walking her towards the door. “Nope…I’m not taking no for an answer. It’s not often I’m in town…you spend too much time cooped up in here…we’re going for lunch.”

She paused and bit her lip trying to think quickly. “Okay…just give me a second okay? I’m gonna go grab my sweater…meet you downstairs?” He eyed her suspiciously but nodded after a few seconds. “Okay…really quick…no funny business.”

She nodded and he made his way out of the double doors. When he was no longer in sight Chloe ran to the closet in the back of the room and pulled it open. Oliver was crouching towards the back of the closet bent over slightly, fingers moving on his phones keyboard as Chloe spoke.

“I’m so sorry…he’s insisting I go out to lunch with him…” Oliver nodded and glanced up sending a grin her way. “No worries…I’m on it.” He pressed send and stood up to his full height motioned for Chloe to close the closet. She frowned but shut the door and right as she turned around she caught sight of Victor moving back into the room.

He glanced around for a second before he caught sight of her. “Hey…Chloe I hate to do this, but Oliver needs me over at Queen Industries…rain check on lunch?” Chloe smiled. “Sure just give me a call.” He nodded and sent a smile her way before taking off yet again.

Chloe waited two minutes before pulling open the closet doors revealing a grinning Oliver. He held up his phone shaking it in his hand slightly. “The power of technology…” She chuckled and shook her head as he yanked her forward into the closet with him, a yelp leaving her throat as the door closed halfway behind them…their muffled laugher sounding through Watchtower.

Conversation Two


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