August 30, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (2/6)


Conversation One

Conversation Two
‘Random Conversations with Lois’

Oliver groaned, head leaning against the back of the couch in his apartment. It was days like these where all the hard work and scaling buildings for crazy ass criminals paid off. He lifted his head with a grunt, eyes snapping open, one hand gripping Chloe’s naked ass, clenching on her supple flesh as the other held onto her hip tightly guiding her movements on his lap.

Chloe’s hands gripped his shoulders as she did her best to lift off his body before sliding slowly back down. Her shirt was on the floor, her bra somewhere on the couch next to him, but they’d been in too much of a rush to take off her skirt so it was bunched up at her hips as she rode him.

Her body rocked forward, movements experimental as she clenched her inner muscles making Oliver slam up inside of her. Her nails dug into his shoulders a small ‘oh god’ leaving her throat as she let her legs spread a little further causing him to sink deeper inside her body.

The draft from the open balcony door across the room made her shiver slightly and Oliver ran his hands up and down her back shifting slightly to sit up further and he leaned up pressing a kiss to her throat and then collar bone.

“God Chloe…you’re so damn tight…” She moaned picking up her pace and rotating her hips as she lifted off him a heavy pressure building low in her belly.

“Ollie…oh god…so good…” Her hands slid down to his chest as she pushed her palms against him increasing the pressure and speed of her movements making her breasts bounce in front of his face.

He licked his lips before leaning forward again and capturing a nipple between his teeth gently before sucking on it while wrapping an arm around her body as she arched against him, riding him at an almost frantic pace.

He could feel her tightening around him and he slid a hand between them rubbing his thumb over her clit and seconds later she was crying out, her inner muscles squeezing and pulsating around his shaft. Chloe could feel her whole body tingling as she dropped her sweat slicked body against his trying to catch her breath.

She whimpered slightly when he gripped her hips in both hands hard and propelled his body up thrusting into her several more times before coming inside of her. She could feel the warmth inside her body and then his head was hitting the back of the couch as his hands loosened on her.

Oliver ran a hand over her naked back as he spoke a grin on his face. “That was hot…I’m gonna have to let you be on top more often.” Chloe blushed and kept her head down. That was the first time she’d ever been on top before and when Oliver had urged her to take the lead, she’d been hesitant at first, but he’d helped ease her mind and then after that she had just been too horny to care.

Oliver lifted his head tilting it slightly as he nudged her face up so she was looking at him as he spoke, concern on his face. “Was it okay?”

She grinned pressing a kiss against his lips. “Better than okay…amazing.” He smiled and right as he opened his mouth, the elevator in his apartment chimed.

Their heads whipped around to the hallway and Chloe’s eyes widened as she scrambled off his lap. She winced as her heeled feet hit the ground and she looked for her top as she pulled down her skirt. Chloe found her shirt by the foot of the couch tossed it over her head and started looking for her panties and bra, but couldn’t find either.

There was another chime and she glanced at Oliver and spoke in a hiss. “Are you expecting someone?” He shook his head as he tucked himself back into his pants. “No! Of course not…” They heard heels hitting the floor and then Chloe froze as Lois’s voice sounded through the hallway. “Oliver!”

Panic filled her face as she glanced around before running out onto the balcony and hiding in the corner right as Lois stepped into the living room. She paused and frowned when she saw Oliver sitting on the couch. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

Oliver turned his head and then stood giving her a small smile. “Sorry…I must have been thinking harder than I thought…” He moved into the kitchen away from the living room and arched an eyebrow at her as he opened the fridge. “So…why are you here?”

“I thought I’d stop by see how you were…I haven’t heard from you in a while…” Lois was just about to turn around and follow him when out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of a piece of fabric hanging out of the cushion of his couch. She took a step forward reaching for it and pulling the offending garment out before glowering.

She shook her head disappointment on her face as she walked into the kitchen right as Oliver turned around water in his hand, a relaxed smile gracing his lips. “I’m doing fine, I’ve just been busy.”

Lois glared as she spoke. “Yeah busy screwing random women!”

He frowned “What?”

Lois held up the bra and Oliver pursed his lips. So that was where Chloe’s bra had gone…

“Really Oliver? You know I honestly thought you had grown out of your random slut phase in the past few months.”

He winced. “Lois…it’s not what you think…” She arched an eyebrow at him. “No? Do you have some kind of cross dressing fetish that I don’t know about?”

He sighed. “Look if the only reason you came by was to check on me…though I appreciate it you could have called…I’m sort of busy…”

Lois snorted. “With the sex kitten?” He let out a long breath as he pulled the bra from the brunette’s hands before placing his hands on her shoulders and leading her towards the elevator. “No, with work…I just haven’t had a chance to clean up today which is why it’s still there.”

She shrugged his arms off of her and turned to face him while jabbing him in the chest, face serious. “Look I know you hate the lectures but Oliver…you can do better than some random slut who’s only letting you dip the fountain pen in her ink because she’s trying to climb the social ladder…you’re a great guy and you deserve a great girl.”

Oliver’s face softened for a second. “Thanks Lois…I appreciate that…” He reached forward and shoved her gently into the elevator. She grunted and then frowned as he pulled the gate shut. “Thanks again for stopping by…”

She blinked, “But I…” He waved as the doors slid shut and the elevator jerked to a start.

He walked over towards the monitor pressing several buttons and changed the elevator code as soon as the metal box hit the ground. He walked towards the living room and glanced towards the balcony. “Chloe?” She popped her head in shivering slightly and Oliver moved forward pulling her inside as he shut the door with a frown.

“You’re freezing.” She nodded as he rubbed her arms pulling her into his chest. “Sorry…you’re cousin--” She cut him off voice amused. “Thinks you’re boffing sluts…yes I heard.”

Oliver glanced down at her humor dancing in his eyes. “Did you just say boffing?”

She scrunched her nose.  “So what if I did.”

He chuckled and spoke softly, “You hungry?”

She shook her head. “No…”

He pursed his lips at her quick answer and raised an eyebrow at her. “What’s wrong?” She met his eyes and let out a breath.

“I'm cold…I can’t find my panties and I’m pretty sure I have come running down my inner thigh…” Oliver tried his best not to grin at her pout and he nodded before moving forward and lifting her up over his shoulder.

A startled noise fell from her throat as she spoke. “What are you doing?”

He smiled as he walked down the hallway towards his bedroom. “I have the perfect solution for all your problems…a hot shower…with me….”

Chloe laughed and rolled her eyes. “Somehow you and me, naked in a shower only seems like it would bring more trouble with it…”

Her voice trailed off and Oliver smirked as he gave her ass a sharp slap. “Well then Sidekick…bring on the trouble.”

Conversation Three


  1. love you.

    Also, the line about cross-dressing fetishes? Priceless irony.

    This was quite entertaining. I assume all these interruptions are meant to lead up to the decision to 'escape' for a weekend? :)

  2. @the-bluesuede

    Haha, I love you too. ;) And yup, you got it in one. These all lead up to why they plan to take off in escape. Glad you caught that. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  3. LOL of course Lois would burst in on them and then accuse Ollie of sleeping with random slutty girls. She cracks me up! Fantastic Cori :D

  4. @nienna87 Haha, yes it's very Lois! I'm so glad you enjoyed this conversation! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! <3


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