September 3, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (3/6)


Conversation Two

Conversation Three
‘Random Conversations with Carter’

Chloe let out a short breath as Oliver followed behind her towards her desk a slight whine to his voice as he spoke. “Chloee…I only have forty-five minutes before I have to be back at the office….”

She nodded as she stacked a few of the papers to the side of her desk. “Meeting?”

He frowned, but nodded even though she wasn’t looking at him as he plopped down in her desk chair. “Yeah…” He could see that she was distracted and he pursed his lips and decided to take matters into his own hands. He reached forward, gripping her hips and spun her around.

The force of the motion made her ass hit her desk as she blinked a startled expression on her face when she glanced at Oliver. He smiled reaching forward and taking the rest of the folders from her hand and tossing them aside as he spoke.

“I’m happy you’ve got such an amazing work ethic Sidekick, but it’s time to take a break…and I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” He waggled his eyebrows and she gave him half a smile.


He shook his head pushing her back until she was sitting on the edge of the desk. “Nope…don’t want to hear it…don’t care. It’s time for some sex.” He rolled the chair forward pushing his hands up her legs spreading them as he pushed her skirt up with it. He placed a hand on her stomach pushing her down until she was laying on her back a frown on her face.

“Oliver what are you…” Her voice trailed off when she felt his lips press against her inner thigh sending a shiver up her spine. He trailed his fingers to the elastic of her panties and pulled them down slowly. Chloe’s heart was beating frantically as her eyes stayed on his head that was bent between her legs.

He shifted sliding the lace all the way down before grinning as he held her panties in his hand and then tossed them over his shoulder, the scrap of lace landing on the floor in front of the double doors. Chloe swallowed hard and when Oliver looked back down her legs were clenched tightly together.

He arched an eyebrow and met her eyes as he pushed the chair right up to the edge of the desk and gently pried her legs open lifting them to his shoulders as he bent forward. Apprehension and a hint of anticipation shot through her as she reached out placing a hand against his head stopping him.

He tilted his head so he could glance up at her confusion on his face as he spoke, thumbs massaging her inner thighs distracting her slightly. “What’s wrong?”

She opened and closed her mouth one and then twice before she spoke, voice slightly strained “You don’t…I mean…I thought we were going to have sex…”

Oliver blinked at the uncertainly filling her face and he pursed his lips. He had known from the beginning that Chloe wasn't as versed in sex as he was, but he also knew that she was willing to try new things he just hadn't realized this was one of those new things for her.

He spoke, voice soft. “Are you uncomfortable?”

She bit her bottom lip and shook her head. “No…I just…it’s not something I’m used to…the guys I’ve been with…well it was never something they wanted to do.” She felt a slight flush cover her cheeks and he pressed another kiss on her upper thigh causing her to suck in a deep breath as he spoke a cocky grin on his face.

“Well you’re in luck because you’re with someone now who thoroughly enjoys it….” She gave him half a smile but he could still see the tension in her body as he leaned down and spoke between placing small sucking kisses against each of her thighs. “Chloe relax….it’s me you’re in good hands.”

She took a deep breath as she felt one of his fingers slide up and down her slit, her body arched forward slightly seeking out his touch. Oliver grinned when he heard her moan and he pushed two fingers inside of her groaning at how warm her body was.

She could feel him thrusting his fingers in and out of her, a heavy pressure building in her lower belly as she lifted her hips lightly to increase the pressure of his hand. Seconds later she felt his tongue sliding over her slit as he moved his hands and used his fingers to spread her.

“Oh god…”

He grinned against her as he darted his tongue out flicking it against her clit before sucking the hardened nub into his mouth. A wave of pleasure shot through her body shooting straight to her core as she arched up beneath him one of his hands gripping her thigh as the other continued to move inside of her.

“Ollie…fuck…” He could already feel her inner walls fluttering and he moaned at how responsive she was to his ministrations and knowing he would be the first person to make her come like this boosted his ego several notches.

Her arousal coated his fingers and mouth as he quickened his pace, her moans and whimpers becoming shorter more erratic and that’s when he heard the chime of the elevator. She must have heard it to because she mumbled. “Oh god not now….”

They heard footsteps and he shifted pulling his fingers out from her body causing her to let out a whimper. Oliver pulled her legs off his shoulders placing them on the floor before he helped pulled her into a sitting position. She pushed her skirt down breathing still heavy as the orgasm she’d been so close to slowly slipped away.

Oliver had just finished tugging at his pants before deciding it was useless and just rolling the chair closer to the desk when Carter walked through the door. He glanced to his side and Caught sight of a frowning Oliver and an uncomfortable looking Chloe.

He arched an eyebrow and she smiled. “Carter…hey…how are you?”

He glanced between them a grin sliding onto his features. “I’m doing pretty well…and you?”

She nodded. “I suppose I can’t complain…what can I do for you?”

Carter cleared his throat and motioned towards the folder he had in his hand. “I was hoping maybe I could convince you to look into a few more people for me…if you’re not busy that is.” Chloe slid off the desk and paused wincing slightly as her legs shifting put pressure on her sensitive clit. “Uh…sure…I can definitely do that for you…not a problem.”

He nodded and glanced over towards Oliver. “Green jeans…”

The blonde man grunted eyeing Carter with irritation. “Big bird…”

Carter pursed his lips for a second amusement dancing in his eyes as he addressed the young man in front of him. “Nice to know you aren't too cocky to take a person’s advice…looks like that’s working out for you….”

Oliver straightened in his seat and cleared his throat avoiding Chloe’s gaze as she turned towards him at Carters words. He spoke quickly glaring towards the older man. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Carter nodded and walked over handing the folder to Chloe before turning and heading back towards the double doors. He paused and turned, his gaze holding Oliver’s. “Sure you don’t…oh and,” he nodded towards the floor where Chloe’s lace panties lay, amusement on his face, “You might want to pick those up before anyone else stops by…or else I’m pretty sure your little secret will be blown.”

Chloe’s eyes widened her face turning red as she bit her lip in mortification. “Oh my god…”

He chuckled and sent a wave their way. “Thanks again for the help Chloe…you two kids have fun…” He walked out of the double doors smirk on his face leaving two gaping blondes in his wake.

Chloe’s head whipped around towards Oliver her voice holding a hint of panic. “He knows…Ollie he knows about us!”

Oliver rolled his eyes and waved a hand in the direction of the door. “Don’t worry about big bird…he isn’t going to say anything…come back over here.”

She moved in his direction brows furrowed and he pulled her so she was once again sitting on the desk in front of him. “How about you let me finish what I started…” His eyes gleamed with mischief and she smirked before a thought occurred to her. She tiled her head to the side her hand cupping his cheek lightly as he kissed her palm.

“What did Carter mean when he said at least you weren’t too cocky to take advice? Advice about what?” Oliver stared up at her with one of those deer caught in headlights expressions.

“Uhh…” Sometimes he really did hate Carter Hall...

Conversation Four


  1. So...I love this story. It's steamy (yay smut!) but also funny and you've inserted little mini moments that indicate/illuminate the underlying feelings going on with Chlollie.

    Also, I love you. Just saying.

  2. @watchtowerchloe Aw, thanks doll. I'm so glad you're enjoying this little interlude.

    Smut is always good, as is funny so yay. And just in case you were wondering, I totally love you too! <3

  3. I love Carter-Ollie interaction, they are awesome! And in this situation, and his comments abut advice... Just wonderful...

  4. I love Carter-Ollie interaction, they are awesome! And in this situation, and his comments abut advice... Just wonderful...


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