February 14, 2011

You're My Home

Title: You’re My Home
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Spoilers: Set after ‘Beacon’
Pairing: Clark/Lois
Word Count: 870
Song: “One in a Million” by Bosson from Ziva21

You're one in a million
You're once in a lifetime
You made me discover all the stars above us

I've been looking for that special one
And I've been searching for someone to give my love
And when I thought that all the hope was gone
You smile, there you were and I was gone

Clark shifted pulling the blanket tighter around them when he felt Lois shiver slightly against his side. He tilted his head and watched as his fiancé twisted the side to the telescope she’d gotten him last year as she zoomed in on a small cluster of stars in front of them.

His Mom, Chloe and Oliver had all gone home yesterday just in time for him and Lois to spend their first Valentine’s Day alone together as an engaged couple. He and Oliver had spent the last three days brainstorming Valentine’s Day ideas to surprise their respective woman with, but in the end Lois had been the one to surprise him.

He had come home earlier in the day to find the table set and her cooking dinner for them. Clark had been planning to take her out to a nice restaurant, but since she had gone through all the trouble of cooking he didn’t bother bringing it up.

Instead he helped where he could and they laughed and talked just like a normal couple. It was nice and as he sat at the counter and watched her making her way around the kitchen, it was almost as if he’d seen his future flash before his eyes.

He could see their life, full of dinner’s and quite moments…maybe even having a kid or two…being a family. For so long Clark had thought his future rested with Lana Lang…but honestly as much as he’d never forget his first love…she was not the woman he was meant to spend forever with.

Lana was never able to accept the side of him that Lois treated like a little quark. Oh you’re a strange visitor from outer space? Cool…are you gonna eat the rest of that steak? Lois was one in a million. He grinned when a poke of cool metal against his arm knocked him out of his thoughts.

He glanced at his fiancé and she arched an eyebrow in his direction. “You zoning out on me Smallville?” He shook his head and tightened the arm that was wrapped around her. “No, just thinking…I’m a pretty lucky guy…”

Lois smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek as she rested her head against his chest, the blanket soft against her side as she shifted on the ground and glanced at the blinking lights around them. “Sorry about burning dinner.” Clark chuckled and she felt her head bounce at the movement. “It’s my fault…I think I might have distracted you.”

She grinned as her hands danced up his chest toward his chin. “You certainly did…but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining…though next time we might want to make sure the stoves off…can you imagine having to explain to your Mom how we burnt down the kitchen?”

Clark winced but there was humor in his eyes as he turned his face to gaze at the brunette by his side. “That would certainly be an awkward conversation…maybe we could blame it on someone else?” He gave her a hopeful look and Lois smirked, mischief in her eyes.

“We can blame it on Chloe and Oliver…it seems like something they would do. We’re way more responsible…” Clark nodded while trying to hide his smile. “Yes of course we are…but why were Chloe and Oliver having sex in our kitchen?”

Lois gave him a thoughtful look and shrugged. “I dunno…why does anyone have sex in the kitchen? They got bored…seems like a good enough reason for me.” He laughed lightly and pressed a kiss against her lips before tucking her further under his arm.

Silence settled between them as Lois rubbed his stomach lightly, as she studied the darkened sky. She could see why he loved this so much…why being close to the stars or as close as he could get might be appealing. Her voice was quite when she spoke, a hint of wonder in her it.

“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit the stars…find your planet…I mean if it was still there?” Clark shrugged. “Sometimes…but the truth is I belong here…this is my home.” He turned his head slightly gazing down on her. “You’re my home…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…I’m not sure I can remember what it’s like to live without you…and I don’t want to find out.”

She tightened her arms around him and nodded. “You won’t…I’m not going anywhere.” He lifted a hand to her hair caressing it lightly. “And neither am I…” Silence once again settled between them, the sound of crickets and the light gusts of wind filling the night air between them.

Lois placed a light kiss against Clark’s jaw, voice barely a whisper as she rested her head under his chin. “Happy Valentine’s Day Smallville…” He grinned warmth filling his chest as he stared at a particularly bright star in the sky. “Happy Valentine’s Day Lo’…”

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